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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2011 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the main suspect in the murder of russian journalist on the port of call of skye is arrested in chechnya of the years on the run. the european court of human rights rejects accusations that russia's prosecution of a jailed exile will tycoon mikhail hogan called ski was driven by politics. and serbia rejects a general run came languages of pale again say extradition to the international criminal tribunals on charges of genocide jury in the balls. up the march will most likely be extradited in the next twenty four hours but no
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one here in serbia believes he will be able to get a fair trial all the details from belgrade just a few moments. a very warm welcome to you this is all to live from moscow breaking news this hour the man believed to have followed the shots that killed russian journalist anna politkovskaya has been arrested in chechnya some spoke of has been on the wrong for four years well let's cross examine of we give you a little the latest on this for us exult what do we know about the details of this arrest all the man in question is if thirty eight year although the nature of the church now actually belongs to the mother would her family. would have brothers earlier tried on charges of acting as a complex as to the motor on the political script they were and where they back in
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two thousand and nine soon after wards. the case was time to the supreme court and the supreme court actually overturned the verdict it's time to case back to the investigators and soon afterwards the person in question was was put on russia's most wanted list now he was a fugitive for a number of years it was believed that he was hiding in balad up until two thousand and eight and he was arrested these very morning in the republic. now his defense lawyers that. his client is innocent he actually is our best response was about to turn himself off to police because it was actually one number of years that he was somehow implicated in this primary window it was never our last that he was the actual killer the person who pulled the trigger never the last
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of it if continues to maintain his innocence and he's expressed hold that has the time soon it will finally clear of the matter is how to build clear his name of these allegations on a solo but only still means to be resolved in this case what's been the family's reaction to it all while there in the number of issues to be resolved in this case the earlier trial that was held in two thousand and eight and that led to an acquittal verdict in two thousand and nine was criticized for well sort of a week abbott in space back then investigators were at use of using a lot of circumstantial evidence that failed to persuade the jury and. investigators still have a lot to do to make sure that they have solid case and piece time around now the family on the political. side through its lawyer. even though
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even despite the arrest of the suspect the suspect who killed a person please. i wasn't allowed to kill her off on a political scare they believe that these these these doesn't do much for the i rather loosen up the case as far as they believe that it will only be sold one the monster minds are arrested one big people who ordered this crime who prayed for this murder brought to books and so far as of now there are no versions voiced by investigators who may be behind these very high profile murder now if the facts agency just a couple of minutes ago managed to get in touch with her off on the. stand he again reiterated this point that the family holds that not only the executioner is all. about the actual masterminds standing behind his prime will be brought to justice
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now ask what its time line be investigation for this case has been extended until september so it is likely that the good will have to wait at least a couple of months before any new trial begins. many thanks for the update on the teasels on the boy days of the latest in the political sky case many facts. now the european court of human rights is a ruled russia's prosecution of formal oil magnate kosky was not politically motivated the judge's instructions did however find that his rights were violated cheering his arrest in two thousand and three when the yanks hold of the oil as you call them once russia's richest man is currently in jail for a bezel months on money laundering the latest from our correspondent tess all sylvia tessa how did the european court explain its ruling in this high profile case. will get as you have to be
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a european court of human rights did which took place by thought it was for years that the small city should was politically motivated will be cited. a lot of incontestable proof basically the lawyers the protocols they were not able to provide the sufficient proof the support sufficient evidence of these claims to back up these claims that it has to be said though that when he was arrested in two thousand and three he was financing opposition political parties and upward into other calls me and his supporters it was because of his political staff that he was arrested in the first place now as of today though the european court of human rights again has injected those plans and has they got to rest for the time being now on the other point though that difficulty has brought to the court he was claiming that his rights have been byways with regard to his pretrial detention where he was detained without sufficient justification as well as the visions of the unsanitary conditions with the list up to now on those points the court had agreed with her post yet they had ordered the i'm also put to pay twenty four
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thousand euros or thirty five thousand dollars in damages however the of moscow court said that they will appeal this ruling should they find themselves to do so so the these two points are the latest from the european court of human rights of course such as this one who just comes the day of the whole book called ski a file for her role in the moscow court on monday plagiarism but. that's right we're out as of today be a moscow court has acknowledged that they had received this request and they are reviewing it and it has to be said again that this isn't the first time that he has applied or requested for parole he had done so in two thousand and eight whether that was rejected but to give a background since two thousand and three he was convicted twice and he is scheduled to be released in the twenty sixteen how his lawyers had said that he has every right to a secret world at this point having served more than half of his sentence already you know courting to the court they will be reviewing this and it will try to come up with a response as swiftly as possible and we can expect this in about two weeks time if
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indeed kind of calls he will be given this parole ok all of these tests are female reporting for most they many times about. so they had few. you on the program best friends of the food and wars on american soldiers witnessed years of bloodshed in cruelty tells all t. the stories that was censored from us this is that it's. just a serbian the court has rejected the extradition appeal of europe's most wanted war crime suspects for mobiles in general rather have not it is challenged we will during the massacre of muslims in ninety to ninety five prosecutors say. they have to be stripped off to the hague as soon as possible wolf for more on this cross to of course but i think a lot of the who's in belgrade or sort of movements. be it pill has been rejects love this expect now. well really pretty much nothing but an
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extradition of course there procedural steps that remain to be followed is that the justice minister has to sign the extradition request that was granted by the judges here in the special court where my beach has been ever since his arrest and as soon as that is done he would be put on the first plane abound to lourdes the hague and no appeals basically doesn't have any more chances of an appeal despite the fact that his lawyer did file for an independent medical examination saying that the medical exam provided by the court was not objective and that his health condition is so poor that he will not be able to stand trial or even live to see his trial if and when years transported to the hague but we do know that despite the fact that official belgrade has hailed the arrest the brother in law vision of course has welcomed it as well as your various european officials because of course for serbia catching article modish was one of the top conditions for
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a potential entrance into the european and as a result of course access to billions of dollars worth of grant money for the people here in serbia. but the rest of it from what it is a betrayal because for them despite the fact he is a general and he did participate in the war he's a national hero not a criminal. or a tacit most public opinion and. people better believe that he'll get a fair trial one sees in the hague. well the people we managed to speak to do say that despite the fact the hague war crimes tribunals or the i c t y as it's known has been established as a legal tool for dealing with crimes committed throughout the balkan wars of the one nine hundred ninety s. not many people here in serbia believe that in their specific cases the hague tribunal is an objective tool they see it more is a political one not a legal one because for them it seems that the courts are biased against serbia and
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this of course is supported by some evidence you have people like that on the last of it out of a crowd it's now up a lot of it and various other bosnian generals are guerrilla leaders across liberation army members all of those who either of voided a trial altogether or were completely acquitted of all charges by that same tribunal so for the people here in serbia extraditing wattage to the hague will mean he will not get a fair trial. bringing justice to thousands of victims that's one self-proclaimed success of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and it's ready to deliver some more serbia prepares to extradite former bosnian serb army chief that's going live each day he's accused of crimes against humanity and order in the one nine hundred ninety five massacre in the village of city but he needs. despite living on the run for sixteen years and having suffered
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two strokes the sixty nine year old general has been deemed fit enough to stand trial and that one person we have spoken to police will get a fair trial there certainly a lot of evidence to back up the serbs distrust of the i c t y so what do the people here based their judgment on a lot of people here in serbia are skeptical about the some of the practices of the high tribunal in some of its record for instance because slobodan milosevic died in prison without the conviction then son with torrijos war criminals that are generally knowledged as a war criminals here in serbia but i deny from course of all like some muslim commanders have actually been acquitted after. their thoughts witnesses or after the tribunals simply concluded that there was not enough evidence karajan
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there isn't but only means the only example take current cost of a prime minister. has been accused by the council of europe of being in charge of an organ trafficking group and still remains in his post but in general nasser or h. was known among serb residents of the district it's tipping it's a vampire for allegedly cutting the throats of thousands of civilians he walked free cleared of all charges and former military leaders several high level of each accused of mass murders during the balkan war of the one nine hundred ninety s. enter politics i think also of what it justice. this many suggest is a very clear indicator that the hague tribunal is being used as a political tool not a legal one part of it was a part of the common cause of your trouble or is it justice or something else events that happened in the balkans with the question of law. geopolitics or
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someone else's interests i believe that all the peoples of former yugoslavia of victims very briefly let ourselves be involved in a war in the twentieth century for the sign for the sake of foreign interests and no one emerged as a winner of the balkan crisis was created much earlier which is long been unfolding before our eyes and it has nothing to do with law or justice and the law this tribunals is going to provide a cover for it europe state justice is accused of turning a blind eye just release opinions and has been for some time i'm not at all surprised because when the law of conflict was added it the western media including the british media was far from object to. well understand why the serbian people demonstrated against the rest of my luggage because they live across them to the fact that the western media always gave serbia a bad name during the conflict and the o.c.
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in for myself a war crime in bosnia at a place called grod which was completely ignored by the media virtually got photographic evidence of the massacre of. civilians in the town serbia's ministry of justice is called the ministry of truth shipping up from the beach after a trial will have to little to change what a lot of serbs believe that it stands for you. catherine as you have r r t l great serbia. they greeted like a true hero paycheck found there's cheers handshakes and the hate of a new beginning but thousands of u.s. troops coming home from war transition to civilian life is a painful one wanted by traumatic memories are made up one night at one former soldier who shared her struggle. yes thank you thank you very much into the infinite world of literature and here's this twenty eight year old ex
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marine an american who abandoned her weapon four written words to tell a story she says is kept censored from u.s. citizens he will people may know that it affects us i don't think that they understand the way. the toll that it takes us and seeing the facts or. the literal facts of the dead bodies that were made i couldn't figure out why why are we going to redoing again why are we why are we doing this you know and it was this person's life or things jessica could bell's memoir she did black details a traumatic and human account of war in two thousand and four gudel spent eight months in iraq collecting cataloging bagging and boxee the bodies of dead marines at the mortuary affairs unit and experience no u.s. president who's declared war has ever endured if it was
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a result of or an explosion there could be several cases so sometimes that would require us to you know call under a truck or call in the trucks or. just as you mentioned. you know you want to. watch this that you can get it back to the families goodell pieced fallen soldiers back together after receiving body bags filled with limbs on one occasion a bag she processed was carrying only the heads of her comrades we didn't know what we were seeing when we had opened up the bag we didn't know what was in the bag. when we had gotten that particular body back so when we had under the you know as soon as you call that the clap and you see this head suv mediately not look away i mean it's difficult to look at but you have to look at that because you have to you know put them in their respective body bags or send them to their. but the family nearly four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have returned from iraq in caskets more than fifteen hundred flown in from
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america's other war in afghanistan that was a marine right there for the millions who do make it home alive many like a joe or twenty by memories post traumatic stress disorder depression and substance abuse i can't leave my heart you know i don't have friends and talk to anybody. and a lot of it you can't deal with. you know until it's nice suffer from flashbacks and nightmares and i i couldn't process that i had a really hard to make sense of it more than six years later patel says she's still searching for reasons to justify the damage and death caused by the u.s. war in iraq as a marine she did what she was told as a civilian she questions why you were sleepers glorified soldiers as heroes but neglect to speak about the consequences of their service i don't know that the
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government respects the trends because there is a fact that i don't think that they would send us to these places. to carry out what they're asking of us so i don't think that their respect is there from the get go. declaring war is the prerogative of politicians over the decades us wars have resulted in a reported twenty three million american veterans many left struggling to adjust to life following the battle a shift from fighting enemies to fighting demons or in a fortnight or r.t. new york. but if you want to see any of the stories that we're covering again what's on your computer and not on r.t. dot com you'll find everything there waiting for you anytime you like including americans are getting the edge of the alerts this is the terror threat sense traits to the phones find out why some case of big brother spreading panic among the
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public. lands special foster villages fall off and children are being created across russia to break up in yesterday's deprived of a program called love we have more. russia is pushing hard for a joint european missile defense system with a taste spearheaded by the u.s. park the alliance has been slow to take any concrete steps he had at the state duma's foreign affairs committee because that chart explains what the two sides need to avoid a new arms race and number one is not to take any practical steps immediately in order to create a future global to missile system number two is. make a legally binding agreements on purposes of the future system and to reassure the of the american or of the nato system real north. russia and
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so to create these legally binding document is not a difficult task in case we really do not intend to threaten each other in numbers three or forest used to store a critical call on each ear for information on the launchers or other potential serious and introduce. the certain. elements call for a joint command on the future integrated ground to missile system nobody believes we will ever have a joint bottom could be pushed. rick you supposed to have certain elements roll real good cord to meet. you in an emergency situation and this is what we can start. immediately from. our critical some of the news making world headlines at this hour and over in yemen at the u.n.
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human rights office says fifty people killed in demonstrations in the city of ties since monday reports say hundreds more have been injured meanwhile intense fighting has resumed in the capital sanaa between tribal groups and forces loyal to president ending a cease fire agreement the president refuses to step down despite three months of violent clashes it gives his longtime. president hamid karzai says he will no longer allow nato airstrikes on afghan homes because of the number of civilian casualties it comes as three days after and those who attack killed fourteen women and children karzai says nato was on its final warning but didn't give any details about what would happen if nato didn't change tactics the alliance says the air strikes are a crucial weapon in the war against the taliban. elite u.s. government report claims haitian authorities significantly exaggerated the death
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toll from last year's earthquake the document alleges quoted figures of three hundred thousand to six times higher than it should have been he has received two billion dollars in aid from international organizations and governments passed it says it needs another eleven billion for reconstruction. time now to cross a very to this is desk all the latest which may show up next. hour and a warm welcome to business starting now it's described in the german press as the energy equivalence of the fall of the berlin wall over the next decade germany plans to phase out all its nuclear power over public concern about its safety but as artie's than your bush explains the movie is as much symbolic as it is economic . even before the fukushima accident germans were among the most resistant to nuclear power in the european union we saw people chaining themselves to railway
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tracks to stop nuclear fuel getting through in the country which means that only four of seventy nuclear facilities are actually working at the moment these remaining ones planned to be shut down in a decade one analyst told me they could actually shut down theoretically nuclear facilities to morrow the trouble is there's nothing to replace it germany has one of the biggest renewable power facilities in the in the european union in fact in the world with the government offering financial incentives for people to go green but even green experts will admit that they don't have the capacity to fuel germany's needs which means that many people are saying really the only realistic alternative is to turn to russia and russian gas really supplies a third of germany's needs ignored stream pipeline which is being built from russia germany will increase those supplies it should also give a boost to russia's stream project last week business r.t.
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reported how the european union and its energy commission are caused doubts on the south stream project at the presentation by guest probably last week but with these new do more arising from germany as a result of this announcement we do expect a more possibilities for the south stream project in the coming years. so you are good in markets now we start with commodities oil prices are on the rise there's fresh hope that europe is moving closer to a solution to its sovereign debt woes helped to prop up the euro against the dog like sweetness trading at about one hundred two dollars a barrel brant is worth more knowledge and then sixty. six look at stock markets now start with europe european stocks are rising on of course germany could make concessions on a new aid package for grew. easing concerns over eurozone debt vacs is a rallying around two percent almost there footsie is also on the right point eight
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percent out after the long holiday weekend slipping below six thousand points this still positive. here in moscow the obvious a nice example yawn well pretty significant gains this second some individual movers on the nice legs now and while majors are among the main gain is in that high crude prices a loop world more than one percent almost two percent there was never a point six percent so burbank shares are also up supported by strong first quarter results profits of russia's biggest lender doubled to three point one billion dollars above this expectation. also in brief russian energy giant u.k. b.p. is looking to strengthen its positions in asia the company is reportedly in talks to acquire the vietnamese assets of conoco phillips for one and a half billion dollars last year the paid almost two billion dollars for b.p.'s gas assets in vietnam however phillips is going overseas assets to pay off debts
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incurred during rapid expansion before the financial crisis. global wheat prices have dropped the most enormous free weeks that's after russia lifted its export ban imposed last year as the country copes with the worst drought in a century the weather this year in russia has been more favorable so far at least for farmers however we have jumped almost eighteen percent in the past year as floods damaged crops in canada and australia. russia has banned the import of german and spanish vegetables following a deadly outbreak of the e-coli in europe that banned covered vegetables including tomatoes cumbers and salad however the sanction may be applied to all european countries in this situation doesn't improve. we while spain went on the defensive saying there's no proof that the e-coli outbreak has been caused by spanish
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vegetables official reports claim the deadly strain has already killed up to fourteen people in germany inmate three hundred serious new york. business will be back in around fifteen minutes time with an update the headlines are next with their list don't go away. you come. to. me.
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the. russians would be so much brighter if you knew about some from first impressions some. people for instance on t.v. dot com. twenty years ago in the largest country in the us or today's it's a. must have been the cubans to teach began in germany. where did it take bill. if. he is he used to.


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