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com hotel mccombs seventy shamar hotel on the south. rim result. of its home a calm riviera hotel in the town cintra hotel the calm. the main suspect in the murder of russian journalist dunlop what it calls the guy is arrested in chechnya years on the run is now being questioned in moscow. the european court of human rights rejects accusations that russia's prosecution of jailed ex oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky was driven by politics. and serbia turns down a general right a lot of his appeal against extradition to the international criminal tribunals on charges of genocide during the bosnian war. most serbs believe that luggage won't
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get a fair trial in the hague which they accuse of being biased against their country got the details from belgrade just a few months. every room obo can see this is our see life from moscow our top story album i believe to have fired the shot that killed russian journalist anna politkovskaya has been arrested in chechnya spoke to some order of has been on the run for four years i will caucus as correspondent within a quarter of a house that he tells. the main suspect in the killing of on the political staff was detained i don't want to use the early morning at his praise house in of the czech republic so far we have very little information but it is already known that he has arrived in moscow for further questioning. he was hiding in belgium since
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two thousand and eight and many have already lost hope of finding him just like. the rest was carried out with the help of belgian police had been hiding for several years we've been in constant contact with them and it was this cooperation that helped us capture the suspect belgian please. triggered the man who was forced to leave the country. gators are currently questioning him in connection with the murder. meanwhile his nowhere who also defended one of his brothers who were believed to be involved in the killing of the journalist sounds that he hopes to prove those innocence of the crime meanwhile the brothers of bruce dahmer have been charged with conspiring to kill the journalist and generally two thousand in the line of the main suspects were found not guilty as the rush to supreme court revoke the rulings on the police investigated human rights violations and she was killed to answer the door of her apartment in downtown moscow on october the seventh two
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thousand and six she worked for a moscow nova guys and her murder at that time sparked a very strong international reaction and after years of the investigation process it is still not yet known who exactly. meanwhile after the latest news political skies brothers but it is too early to celebrate a major breakthrough and the investigation he says he believes that doesn't really know who exactly did the killing. well there have been similar but as like those of human rights activist obviously one journalist on most of the above bit of both of all successful prosecutions of journalists. believes the arrest of the stomach of is a notable sign cases like this. this is definitely a landmark victory into fights against impunity in russian journalist
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murders not just journalists but also human rights defenders lawyers. and we see that as a very significant step forward having said that. from my conversation with the north because it and. the way that i call the excel from the c.e.o. and from the soft money have me both to. do their work there is evidence that. there may be other accomplices in this in this crime so we continue to call on the investigative committee and the prosecutor no corey this involved show to to complete the investigation and to have all the perpetrators in the dark. when i was a journalist. giving her a take on the latest developments in the case on the political sky or. the european
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court of human rights has ruled russia's prosecution of formal oil of. course he was not specifically motivated the charges in its trials but did however find that his rights were violated during his arrest in two thousand and three all the acts head of oil giant you calls on once russia's richest man is currently in jail for investments i'm not evolving let's get the latest while we're going to test the theory of this to say what exactly did the european have to say today. well in the decision of the european court of human rights of a big check to the appeal of qatar and his lawyer schooling me that the prosecution had been politically motivated the court cited the lack of incontestable proof basically which means that the a lawyer so got of course he had failed to provide sufficient solid evidence to back. these claims has to be said though that in two thousand and three when he was arrested kind of course he had been financing opposition political parties now
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according to chronicles he and his supporters it was because of his political side that he was arrested in the first place and of course the prosecution had denied these allegations from the very start now aside from having head of one of the biggest oil companies the acclaims of this political maneuvering has really made this story quite captivating but as of today the european court of human rights had dismissed these claims and had to put the matter to rest now on another issue kind of course he had also gone to the fourth claiming his rights have been violated this is the regard to be detained without justification prior to investigation and trial as well as the conditions in which he was held claiming that they were crimes as well as unsanitary well on these counts the court had agreed with a full scale and they had ordered the moscow court to pay a fine of a twenty four thousand euros is equal to thirty five thousand dollars in damages to her called the moscow court had reacted to that and said that they would appeal this ruling should they find grounds to do so and of course is this just comes
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a day of the people can ski funding for parole in a mosque a portal monday how's that been a ruling on that yet yeah that's right on monday had a close he did a file for a parole an appeal for parole and the court asked today a knowledge of they had received it and that they will be reviewing it just to give the background when he was arrested in two thousand and three since then he has been convicted twice and of putting the a such as this together he was scheduled he is scheduled to be released in twenty sixteen and according to his lawyers he has every right to appeal for parole to a request for this now the moscow court has said that they will try to come up with a decision as swiftly as possible and we are expecting that in about two weeks' time the cases of many times they tell us he says i'll see you there reporting from the state for us will this get a bit more reaction now on the whole the kospi case into tibet iris the editor in chief of business new year of my. which covers country from the former soviet union and that's of being with us here at missouri now this latest ruling by the european
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court because a surprise yes maybe it's better to say i mean given all the noise surrounding it that there is a very real possibility that they would have ruled that he was a political prisoner and i would've seriously complicated russia's relations internationally and also undermined their authority domestically so the fact that they come out. saying it's not us is it is a bit of a surprise and how do you feel that the business community here in russia reacted to that i think the business community is very particular view on how to close the case and i think it will be one of relief in so much as they ruled that he was a political prisoner then the situation would become complicated it would be grounds for what it was going to look before his release and also he would be eligible for the return of the ucas diskworld company and we're talking something here on the order of ninety billion dollars that's
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a fifth of russia's entire currency reserves or you know a fifth of the economy and i don't see the kremlin actually doing that and then that leads you straight into a clash you know with the rest of europe such as following on from that how do you feel that this ruling is actually going to affect the business climate here in russia in a sense i mean not completely but it close definitely line under a stage in the holocaust saga and. european court has not ruled that he's a political prisoner then the situation becomes clearer as i say i mean it could have been a diplomatic train wreck happy who he was when he gets into this fight russian government would then be in a position where it would have to ignore the european union it would have to do things like the council of europe signatories to treaties that its them signed and this would lead to a direct. ashen a significant worsening of its relationships with the rest of europe and that's all be avoided so for the business community then you know life goes on and things are
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international relations but of course this isn't the end of the story is it biting in a hospital for parole as we were just saying do you think that he's going to be successful in that this time i'm fairly certain he won't be i mean you have to consider that it's only recently been convicted him on the second charges and he's going to spend more time in prison so in that sense it's a bit of a strange times to be asking for parole and you know both sides are playing a bit of a show here that they put certain charges that kids are in jail for longer at the same time he keeps his name in the news and has those whatever it is in this case is asking for parole that will most certainly be refused in the story as well and consequently the saga will continue for the foreseeable future. that essentially put a business in europe magazine many back atcha. now russia's chief prosecutor has been ordered to pay close attention to the investigation into the death of
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surrogate magnitsky a lawyer for u.k. based hedge funds who died in prison if you want to comes from president medvedev magnitsky died neighbor of two thousand and nine in the last go while awaiting trial on charges of tights for his family and colleagues that claim he was abused in prison and deliberately did not medical help state prosecutors recently cleared a police officer of causing death in custody because they felt no proof but a prison doctor. let's cross over to serbia now well court has rejected the extradition appeal of europe's most wanted war crime suspects full of holes in the serb general which is charged with watering the massacre of muslims in ninety ninety five prosecutors say they'll now push for him to be shipped off to the hague soon else civil. war. rocco marches appeal has been refused by the special criminal court where he's being held right
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now and the only procedural step that remains is for the justice minister to sign the extradition letters and as soon as that happens you will be on the first plane out balance wards of the hague's war crimes tribunal war the my c.t.y. no appeal can be lodged on his behalf and despite the fact his lawyer did ask for an independent medical checkup or law they say that because the courts made it clear to him does not actually mean he is fit to stand trial and all his lawyers and his family say that if he's extradited he won't live to see the trial for serbia catching article martin was one of the top conditions for a potential entrance into the european union and as a result of course access to billions of dollars worth of grant money the people of this country have already voiced their protest and it's not just in this country as well as having them. asif protest rally here in belgrade on sunday there was also
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meeting a protest in today's posner and herzegovina in a town called by me a little cross that was a thousand strong rally there the biggest one to be held in support of awful lot of outside serbia of course rallies like these are expected to be continued and that is why perhaps the officials do want to extradite him as quickly as possible all the people we managed to speak to to say that despite the fact the hague war crimes tribunal or the i c t y as it's known has been established as a legal tool for dealing with crimes committed throughout the balkan wars of the nineteen nineties not many people here in serbia believe that in their specific cases they hague tribunal is an objective tool they see it more is a political one not a legal one because for them it seems that the courts are biased against serbia bringing justice to thousands of victims that's one self-proclaimed success of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and it's ready to deliver
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some more serbia to extradite former bosnian serb army chief that cannot reach. he's accused of crimes against humanity and origin in one thousand nine hundred five massacre in the village of city but he needs. despite living on the run for sixteen years and having suffered two strokes the sixty nine year old general has been deemed fit enough to stand trial and that one person we have spoken to police he will get a fair trial there surely a lot of evidence to back up the serbs distrust of the i c t y so what do the people here based their judgment on a lot of people here in serbia are skeptical about the some of the practices of the . record for instance because slobodan milosevic in prison with all the can be. yes war criminals there are generally a knowledge that as a war criminals here in serbia. commanders
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have actually been acquitted after. their fourth witnesses or after the tribunals simply concluded that there was not enough evidence had originally isn't but only means the only example take current constable prime minister question touching has been accused by the council of europe of being in charge of an organ trafficking group and still remains in his post in general nasser or h. was known among serb residents of the district severing its are after the vampire for allegedly cutting the throats of thousands of civilians he walked free cleared of all charges and from a military leader separate how you live each accused of mass murders during the balkan war of the one nine hundred ninety s. enter politics having also avoided justice. this many suggest is
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a very clear indicator that the hague tribunal is being used as a political tool not a legal one protocol impose or throw off the corner in prison or to learn is it justice or something else or it's just events that happened in the balkans with a question of law geopolitics or someone else's interests i believe that's all the former yugoslavia of victims going to be if we let ourselves be involved in a war in the twentieth century for the third time for the sake of foreign interests and no one emerged as a winner of the balkan crisis was created much earlier has long been unfolding before our eyes and it has nothing to do with law or justice and the law this tribunal is going to provide a cover for it europe's lady justice is accused of turning a blind eye just release opinions and has been for some time i'm not at all surprised because we're. in the us a lot of conflict resulted in the western media including the british media was far
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from objective and will understand why the serbian people demonstrated against the rest of the world. because they live across them to the fact that the western media always gave serbia a bad name during the conflict and i've seen for myself a war crime involved at a place called blood which was completely ignored by the media. because photographic evidence of the massacre of. civilians in the town serbia's ministry of justice is called the ministry of truth seeping up the markets off the trial will have to little to change what a lot of serbs believe that it stands for new. catherine as r r t belgrade serbia. or the death in shepparton nine hundred ninety five are the principal charges against but it spits serb
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a canadian film director and screenwriter. says the information the hague tribunal has about what happened may not be reliable. but number eight thousand is often cited as a member certainly it's a. fact the number of eight thousand is actually the number of those was more than . it was in the only part of the ride where you throw in some breakthrough into whose work number of those soldiers were very brutal while the rest were. killed in battle some of them from land mines and a number of them were captured and killed or it is a work crime. question of over there the more you sort readership especially because they take care of your own in its search more. for the servants of genocide it was as a mean. man called russian agreements. grain but are. the
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reward for information and that's part of where the builder is. well hundred thousand muslims moderate or the power of groups and the simple math was there in the two point five minutes of your room. and they were the tables were poor and pretty much you can't possibly personally or freeze this vision or. well that was film director and screenwriter about as good a ski talking to the hague's case against him not it. not sound for attempts to organize talks between the libyan government and the opposition russia is taking a mediating role in the cold face foreign minister said again after all said no one especially the eggs he stepped the original un resolution should stand in the way
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of any possible compromise. well nato is not holding back in its onslaught bunker buster bombs from the u.k. have arrived at an italian air base where pilots will fly missions over libyan targets britain's ministry of defense says it will also deploy apache attack helicopters but journalist patrick hayes from spite online magazine told r.t. that even with the alliance readying its bunker busters libya might still be a hard nut to crack. the situation getting worse for the west in libya i think when they first thought they could kind of swoop in two months ago and basically bomb the country into the move into democracy they thought this was going to be quite a quick process where they could basically keep their hand you know keep a bit of a distance hold bombs into libya get rid of gadhafi and then everything will be all right now obviously that isn't the case and the introduction of these bunker busting forms in the apache helicopters are inevitably going to make this is
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universe they could bring about severe civilian casualties in libya and i think also reek of desperation maybe making a lot of noise and for a lot of very expensive bombs over the last couple of months without so you have done very little else they've ripped the democratic initiative from the libyan people and taken it into the hands of a small elite of western leaders soon as the no fly zone was implemented as soon as the decision was made by cameron by celko the by obama to intervene in what was effectively a civil war to basically just for our side the whole idea of national sovereignty and say we're going to intervene on behalf of the libyan people the poor helpless libyan people you can't say there are matters into their own hands then really it was a very slippery slope from the offsets for the no no fly zone to bombing to potentially ground troops it's very hard to predict what's going to happen but by no means should that be ruled out it could happen and it could happen very soon
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they're desperate to try and end this conflict and they don't really know how to do it so i think they're going to throw everything at it and see what sticks. now if you want to see any of our stories again to switch on a computer just log on to our dot com go find everything there waiting for you including american news articles and most of the alerts from visits to terror threats and straights. find out why some say it's a case of big brother spreading panic among the public. i am special foster villages the orphaned children are being created across russia to bring us to those arrived at the program. on our sometimes. russia is pushing hard for a joint european missile defense system with spearheaded by the u.s. passed the alliance has been slow to take any concrete steps meanwhile a new agreement will see u.s. fighter jets deployed in poland as guard america's planned defense shield says
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about salami close to russia's borders and has repeatedly called for a joint system but washington wants to separate missile shield the head of the state duma start affairs committee called a chill explains what the two sides need to do to avoid a new arms race. number one is not to kick in a practical steps immediately in order to create a future global currency missile system number two is. legally binding agreements on the purposes of the future system and to reassure the american or of the need to seize the real north. and to create these legally binding document please not a difficult task in case we really do not intend to threaten each other in numbers through forests used to store critical corporation on each ear for information on
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launchers on other potential threats and to introduce certain elements school food joint. command on the future integrated system nobody believes that we will ever have a joint bottom could be pushed to simulate in your sleep over to brick is supposed to have certain elements. you need for actions in an emergency situation and this is what we can start practicing immediately from now that's where the news is this hour here on r.t. our next all the latest business. thanks alice welcome to business our team is described in the german press as the energy equivalent of the fall of the burn war over the next decade germany plans to phase out all of its nuclear power over public concern about its safety but as artie's
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daniel was to explains the move is as much symbolic as it is economic. even before the fukushima accident germans were among the most resistant to nuclear power in the european union we saw people chaining themselves to railway tracks to stop nuclear fuel getting through in the country which means that only four of seventy nuclear facilities are actually working at the moment these remaining ones planned to be shut down in a decade one analyst told me they could actually shut down theoretically nuclear facilities to morrow the trouble is there's nothing to replace it germany has one of the biggest renewable power facilities in the in the european union in fact in the world with the government offering financial incentives for people to go green even green experts will admit that they don't have the capacity to fill germany's needs which means that many people are saying really the only realistic alternative is to turn to russia and russian gas already supplies of germany's needs
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ignored stream pipeline which is being built from last to germany will increase those supplies it should also give a boost to russia's south stream project last week business r.t. reported how the european union and its energy commissioner caused doubts on the south stream project a presentation by guess probably last week but with this new do more rising from germany as a result of this announcement we do expect more possibilities for the south stream project in the coming years. second at the markets now also with commodity prices are on the rise as think europe is moving closer to a solution to its sovereign debt woes helped to prop up the euro against the dollar therefore always seeing right there was light sweet just below one hundred three dollars per barrel bread's above one hundred seventy dollars a barrel. equities u.s.
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stocks did the kickoff the week after a long weekend on a positive note all those the. howard lost a bit of the initial steam now as disappointing consumer confidence that is causing investors to be cautious dow and nasdaq up home for say. european stocks are also rising on new calls germany could make concessions on a new aid package for greece easing concerns over euro zone debt the dax is rallying one point six percent this. year moscow tuesday exertion is very artsy as m i six gained a hefty one point three percent to end that's a peculiar free of a kind values take a look at some of the individual share movers on the my sex world majors are among the main gain is a mid higher crude prices new coral they're up five call to said this is as dead or missing newspaper writes the company has spent one point eight billion dollars in the first quarter on the mysterious acquisition projects we have to find out which
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ones burbank has also up by this posted by strong first quarter results profits are russia's the biggest lender doubled to three point one billion dollars that's not in the spec but expectations. russian energy giant t.n. k.b.p.s. looking to strengthen its positions in asia the companies of course in the in talks to acquire the vietnamese assets of conoco phillips for one hospital dollars last year to be paid almost two billion dollars for b.p.'s gas assets in vietnam conoco phillips is selling overseas that serves to pay off debt incurred during rapid expansion before the financial crisis. and truck maker says there will be back in profit this year that's after the company posted a reduced net loss of twenty seven million dollars for last year sales and twenty ten were up twenty percent on improvements come as predicted will accelerate during the current financial. so for now we will be back in fifteen minutes time with
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plenty more headlines next not.


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