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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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and yesterday americans celebrated and remember those who fought for our country they will take a closer look at a specific group of female veterans and they really get the respect of his or will speak with one of them after the break. let's not forget that we sat in a parked car right here. i think. well. we never got the look says the keep things safe get ready because our freedom.
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h.r. been here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. new web site with twenty four seven live stream news times what to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited free high quality videos for download. stories you never saw mainstream news. so. the political. posts aren't. just stand. by guys welcome to shellings tell the obama show. we've heard what our guests have
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to say on the topic now i want to hear you just go on to the video on our twitter for part of the question that we post on you tube every monday and on first day of the show long responses please let your voice be. heard it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight we go to pat robertson all right wing loony preacher has a habit of saying stupid comments on his t.v. show the seven hundred club apparently paris really tired of being called a bigot for all busy embarrassingly hateful rhetoric towards his law so i first want to play you a very short clip of how he began his little rant i was letting you know if you oppose muslims what is said well you're a bigot right it's a terrible bigotry i wonder what will people who oppose the nazis with
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a big it's. theirs are first hand out as to why you recall the big eight you just compared being a muslim to being a nazi hello do you still have any app to brain cells working in your mind do you realize the two are not comparable the pal wasn't done of his rants against muslims oh no he was just getting started why can't we speak out against this situation that is until all dominating us and imposing surreal and making us all part of the universal kill of fleet that's the goal of some of these people why's that. so where do we start here not everyone in the muslim world is out to impose sharia law the cross the world they're not all trying to form a giant muslim caliphate believe me i think pat's been watching a little too much glenn beck because since the arab spring began glenn isn't pushing the caliphate theory pretty hard but back to pat i'm sorry but a sane person can't simply state that the muslim population is just like the nazis yes there are some muslims that are extremist we also have christians here in the
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us who are also experienced when you just made broad statements like that pat that's why people call you a bigot and others call you stupid and crazy so maybe it's time for you to retire stop spreading islamophobia all in the name of ratings and donations and that's why pat robertson is tonight's tool time winner. yesterday president obama participated in the morial day ceremonies here in washington d.c. to remember those who have served our country he also laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery to honor those who have died but what about those who come back alive and scarred from war are these as they say a tradition that tells us about one group of veterans who are often overlooked the females. i am first there are heroes the millions of us soldiers that have been marched off to war under government whim then on their return abandoned souls they come home and see the truth about what they've been asked to do and i think this current glorification of the troops can't hide the reality of what happens when
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these young kids who are men and come home and they are the real truth telling us it is often an unexpected truth many u.s. war veterans come from simple places like this one often not the best off neighborhoods some are following your dream others are lured in by promises of a better life but there are also those that sometimes join the military because they don't have any other economic choice and what many people don't realize is that american women can also fall into that category. women like chiquita a mother of two homeless to see both her children lost in a custody battle she served america for three years and was tell you that in the medium in you know it's going to be so glamorous the money is not as great as they say is going to be any more than what i make it. and laying it out is kind of you know difficult in a glimmer of hope amidst a daily fight for survival she's in the process of moving into this temporary home
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provided by a local shelter to chiquita america's wars are not worth keeping because a lot of lives were lost for no reason in the beginning it was weapons of mass destruction that there was no weapons of mass destruction and so. a lot of lives could have been saved a lot of people could still be here women make up fourteen percent of america's armed forces officially banned from direct combat increasingly end up in it playing a more active role in american warfare then ever before more than two hundred thirty thousand women have served in iraq and afghanistan in the last. he hears a few welcome mat sets to receive them on which are all veterans like chiquita suffer neglect and physical disability others are tour mentored by demons like jessica goodell who spent eight months in iraq collecting and sending home the bodies of fallen marines i can leave my apartment you know i don't have friends
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that are plenty of money. and a lot of it you can't deal with. you know until it seems he or she that alcoholism drug abuse and depression are widespread post-traumatic stress disorder affects the overwhelming majority of today's veterans there are some estimates of hundreds of thousands i actually think it's much more than that in my opinion anyone who stepped foot inside of iraq or afghanistan somewhere around ninety percent of them of suffering from p.t.s.d. do you think that if chelsea clinton if alexandra pelosi had there on your legs blown off or that it would be doing more for the veterans do you think there would be different treatments. of course there would instead there are an estimated one hundred thousand veterans homeless on any given night one third to one fifth of the homeless population in america
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a minority or female five percent they often keep their plight to themselves the military's seems to have a very. what they call a tough mentality. and we've been taught at least what i was taught was that. what we experienced we should keep it to ourselves and that it's no one else's problem and that we need to bear it but how much is too much obama has vowed to eliminate federal homelessness by twelve fifteen but i don't see him doing any more than. to be honest anything but an end to wars would be a band-aid on a wound that requires are turning to stop bleeding as they see churkin are archie gary indiana. so what was memorial day like yesterday for the more than two hundred fifty thousand women who have served in iraq and afghanistan for they get the respect they deserve are they stuck in the shadows a number of u.s.
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lawmakers are pushing for a change right now to the combat exclusion policy to include women to allow them technically to fight in combat you have to ask if it's the attitudes more than the policies that really need to change to discuss this with me is genevieve chase founder and executive director of american women veterans genevieve thanks so much for coming back on the show now i just want to ask you from your personal experience yesterday it was a memorial day do you feel as a woman as a veteran that you get the same type of respect the same type of acknowledgment do you get the same handshakes and the same looks from people do they really say thank you the same way as your male counterparts it's difficult because a lot of people don't look at us all the time and think about for better and so what we really need to do in it and in a way is get the message out there that we are better and so i was in teaneck new jersey doing a press conference about you know the combat exclusion policy and we were driving through fort lee new jersey and in part of the v.f.w.
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post they had a large sign that had a quote that specifically addressed the men who've served to include you know photos in quotes about men who served and there wasn't anything anywhere except a small poster of rosie the riveter where they said thank you for the women who supported the men in world war two so you know. images like that don't really don't why just wonder you know when it comes to changing attitudes to people realizing that women are very much a part of war these days make up fourteen percent. of the army do you think that it's more the men that you actually serve or is that have these different attitudes or is it the people that are so far removed from our wars that don't really know what their makeup looks like i think it's a little bit of both i ever encountered that i've worked with him. with females or women have some sort of skewed ideas and perceptions but for the men who have you know they've seen both sides of it just like you do with any any soldier sort of
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a male or female you may work with somebody who just isn't a good soldier and it may be male and it could be male or female but oftentimes we get a lot of support even in the organization from men who have served alongside women who are very supportive and then the general public the biggest issue is that people just don't know they don't understand the capacity with which we serve you know i was just recently asked if i was allowed to carry a weapon while i was deployed and if i was issued the same weapon that the men i mean those types of things that make it public perception and understanding make it very difficult in the combat exclusion policy is part of that because people assume that because the law states the policy states that we're not allowed to combat that we aren't actually serving in combat so on our facebook page on our website we started we created sort of a moral to the women who fall and. killed in action every week and that's helping to sort of educate the american public about the fact that these women are dying while they're serving overseas when i think it's interesting you say that some people don't even know are you allowed to carry a weapon or not but i think that
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a lot of people probably don't know what it means with the combat exclusion policy means you aren't able to have the same kind of training you aren't able to have the same amount of advancement to be in some of the higher ranks in the military so let's talk about the combat exclusion policy you were on the show earlier this year in january when a panel had actually recommended that it be changed that women be included and yesterday you were at a press conference with a number of senators there who are pushing for it but what's that momentum really looking like it's still a couple of different issues so women in combat versus women in combat arms specialties like special forces or the infantry or navy seals and direct clued in and directly engage the enemy there's still that sort of issues and i wonder if that's why they just haven't done anything to change it at this point because the reality of the situation is. women have been in combat for the last decade in both iraq and afghanistan there are women in combat involving i who are working in potentially very dangerous ok situations so that policy we really want to see
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revised to at least reflect at the very least reflect what is already been happening for the last decade you know jim was right on single team six and women to be you know. if you think about that there were women in that compound so would they have been able to would it have been different if there had been women with to talk to the wives of the women that were there i don't know it's an interesting question i think you know i think. maybe the would be a little bit of change too i wonder do you think that it should be left to congress after all these people sitting here in washington d.c. that are the policy makers to make those decisions or should it be the commander on the ground or is the commander on the ground may be the one that's going to have i think it limits the commanders on the ground it limits the commanders from being able to pick the best people for the job so if you have a team of medics who are supposed to set a medic out to a remote combat outpost to an infantry unit and all you have or your best medic is
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a female and you can't send her what are you going to do that you might need a medic so you're going to sort of magic and it's probably going to be that have happened time and time again we hear from women all the time who said this is the situation i was then and this is what happened so and you know people are like well the physical part of it maybe they get into all these debates the seals flew it in helicopters as army compounds you know. helicopter i mean i can shoot better than row so you've also you know i mean the debate the debates are dated and everybody knows this from mcchrystal to portray us to the current section of the navy to the secretary of defense everybody coming and we need to make sure it happens if congress doesn't work together with the department of defense to make this happen then we'll see something like what happened to it where it went through the courts. and it was pushed oh this is this is it's over here well it's definitely overdue i especially if you consider the fact that our national security is something that's constantly used as an excuse to push so so many things that
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often will you know infringe upon our rights will violate the constitution i met here when we just talk about some basic equality and some respect that's not being given to thank you so much for joining us tonight. i don't go anywhere there's still much more to come tonight after recent al-jazeera port shows proof of boots on the ground in libya and i give you my two cents on the progression of this unofficial war and all raise a glass into nights happy hour t.v.'s gets hacked and to the country's most notorious extremist groups go head to head at arlington national cemetery stick around for all that after the break. we. heard.
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we haven't got the. ready because of freedom. hey guys welcome to show and tell me about a show we've heard our guests have to say on the topic now i want to hear. just go on to you tube this video response i want to twitter first part of the question that we've posted on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is. your book.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you give them something else here's some other part of it and realized everything you thought you were going to charge was a big. night i'd like to bring you an update from libya recent story from al-jazeera as tony burke leaves revealed six westerners on the front lines working with rebel forces take a look at this clip from burley's report which help is on evidence for the first time it was a light boots on the ground here a group of foreigners possibly put seen liaising with the feeling to it could be to
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facilitate forthcoming helicopter attacks the men left hurriedly when they spotted us. now as you can see this group shows five of six westerners are been wearing cotton arab scarves and tan colored clothing the other man was unarmed was wearing a pink t. shirt with has led a lot of people to speculate that he might be an intelligence officer while we have yet to officially identify who these six westerners are associated with it is the most recent sign or its recent finding of western armed forces on the ground british press a report in the past on the special air service serving a spotter's for nato warplanes even details how members of m i c. sixer meeting with rebel forces in benghazi over whenever the press asked the ministry of defense about special forces on the ground in libya the ministry spokeswoman denied any knowledge of it so why is this a big deal oh how about because when the un security council passed a resolution months ago it specifically excluded a quote foreign occupation force of any form on any part of libyan territory even
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president obama said that no matter what there will be no boots on the ground i also want to be clear about what we will love your. united states is not going to deploy ground troops into libya. and we are not going to use force to go beyond that they will decide to go. now frankly i am not even that surprise of the nato coalition including the u.s. the u.k. france but they've gone against the original guidelines of the u.n. resolution i've expressed my criticism about this unofficial war in libya since day one since the day that obama decided to get the u.s. involved in another war unilaterally without house in congress where there was no immediate threat to the united states a k. illegally and let's remember that there's been no clear mission no end goal in sight we thought at first it was supposed to be a humanitarian intervention no boots on the ground only last a few weeks it was asked the nation at times on that offer you know selling weapons
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to the rebels and all that's changed the sixty day mark for congressional approval is come and gone and i'm still waiting for lawmakers to take a vote to put some pressure on there's been a clear mission creep from the start here and president obama and the u.n. have been shifting their objectives right before everyone's eyes so i say it's time to stop playing games call a spade a spade or in this case call the war a war. ok it's tuesday i keep thinking that it's monday but we had a long weekend and joining me for our tuesday segment of happy hour tonight is our g producer jenny churchill and jim hansen retired special operations master
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sergeant and military blogger at black five dot net thanks for joining me everybody hope you guys had a good weekend. obama was golfing obama was actually at arlington national cemetery less week celebrating loreal day i was out having fun and party we get so terrible i mean i don't know yet it was allowed to go all but all right we'll wait let's look into the boy here so this is memorial day it's a day that most americans probably forget that they really should be thankful for the people who do serve in armed forces but the westboro baptist church decided to get in on the fun and of course go protest because they always like to protest because they think that america's acceptance of homosexuality is why our entire country is going down and therefore the killing of american troops is justified but this time i had counter protesters and it was the k.k.k. take a look. this is my. i'm
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a veteran i spent nine years in the military i've got brothers and sisters in the summit. and i think that it's an absolute but they sure would be good for people. were just you in support of the troops. you know it's a sad day when somebody makes the k.k.k. look like the normal ones in this situation that's what it's gotten till i just i find it to be one of the craziest things ever that people were walking by thanks gary. k.k.k. your set up standing citizens where is my old fashioned hellfire and brimstone guy with some lightning so he could we get the k.k.k. and the westboro losers together and. just give. them a day they love the troops just not the black let's. get more on what i thought was really interesting too is that the westboro baptist people think that the k.k.k.
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is deplorable and they were quoted as saying all types of things about how what they do is against the bible and i just thought it was really funny and they're sending their protesting soldiers. racism is it ok to the westboro baptist homophobia totally a dead soldier desecrate in their graves god hates fred phelps and those idiots all right let's move on to another story this one is a little bit more serious but you know we are in the longest war in american history and war in afghanistan and there have been a number of moments lately when civilians have been killed in afghanistan and so following that president karzai decided to make this announcement. could no longer tolerate these attacks on their homes and that. will be forced if you do not come to understand we. negotiated solution to this that is the
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prevention of. homes that are going to go which will be forced to take unilateral action industry jobs. i mean i think there's a lot you could probably say about how many cars i write to somebody at the u.s. profit if you look at wiki leaks cables our diplomats think that he's on antidepressants and he's doing drugs all the time but the l.a. times decides to maybe delve into any of those stories they just say well western officials saw this as a merely symbolic move and we really because it has to be always symbolic is that just because i mean karzai said it worries him because any time anybody who's the leader of a country where we're an occupying force says that maybe they don't want his raiding homes and i just want to pretend like it's symbolic cannot really a real request. jim also the comic is playing domestic politics let's be perfectly frank the only times right about that you know everything we've done has been negotiated with them when stanley mcchrystal took over the rules of engagement were tightened to make sure that we were just bombarding homes and killing civilians
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which we were indiscriminately but it happened we take that as took over and nothing to do all of those rules and general mcchrystal out the window well i think that's really sad thing here is that we're supposed to be there fighting for freedom and democracy for the afghan people yet when the president of those people comes out and says this is not ok this is an issue it's kind of a choke nobody takes it i mean does that not bother you that's oh it's tremendous it's tremendously bad visually but the reality on the ground is that any time we have hit an afghan home in the past several years it was because someone was doing something horrendously bad there it's not. really it's not like reading moderation very sad really sad but let's get to something more fun because i feel like we're just going to get in a long debate here this is supposed to be happy hour god damn it so let's talk about some hack attacks that happened over the weekend first of all representative anthony wiener. his twitter account got hacked and somebody then the.
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post had a fixer of his underneath his underwear now he's claiming that that's how i think this is so funny it's so juvenile but it's just so hilarious i mean i think that we've all kind of gotten through all the with wiener gate and just trying to figure out who the players are you know who's to blame and i think the best part is that in your breitbart again is right in the thick of things like master. i swear you think if that's andrew breitbart crotch. i've seen andrew breitbart structure that's not that's not it not also was informed by your standards of practice committee that's all i'm allowed to say wieners wieners. ok well the other person they got is the. scuse me web site because last week we critique to their frontline documentary on weekly leaks and it turns out that somebody actually went after them and put two bugs still alive in new zealand i like that one but i think
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i like the winner better when he gets a. more money since he was dead than any artist since oh so i think it's brilliant so either you probably use a new z. we're going to see his next album coming out next year i think is the on the first i haven't heard that before oh yeah i think he's in new zealand with elvis is kind of the soldiers killed the hobbit with peter jackson as well. i can't wait to hear two parts talking about maybe. the hobbit by tupac and. the people you know p.b.s. even knew who to talk so i think that i really got to. juggle you know it was so you know i think for joining me tonight that there are a night show things for you to get make you come back tomorrow alec sites offering progress is going to be here for tomorrow's installment happy hour but in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's show any other nights you can always catch you tube dot com watch the ownership because the interviews as well as the show in its entirety that we have
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that is out of most of the. martin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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