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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2011 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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three. three. three. three. three blown in video for your media drug free meal john darche dot com. it without time look to the main stories we're covering for. atrocity unpunished polish soldiers clear the killing of innocent civilians including children afghanistan four years ago due to lack of evidence. the un accuses libyan a political forces on both sides of the fence of committing war crimes amid nato decision to prolong its military action for another three months. and
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rising prices and an energy deficit constant shadow over the european union as germany takes its first steps to get rid of the. catch up with a unique take on scandals in the financial world now because the report. so the. biggest issues get invoiced place to face with the news maker. max kaiser this is the kaiser report on this show we're trying to instigate as well as follow the global insurrection against banker occupation few countries are moving up the scale of outrage from indifference the key word this week is indignation not outrage and decapitation but we're getting there stacey tell me
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more next no wonder you're the leader of this global insurrection against banker occupation because nobody does that indignity did face better than you i'm the king of self-righteous indignation let's see the case for a special occasion stays i just can't draw the line that's a special occasions only the people of greece of moved you see from indifference somebody is going to go over them in spain of course now they're saying asking themselves why why why are we letting the global bankers do the d.s. chaos. well you know some might have thought it was hyperbole to call it banker occupation but check out this first headline max greece shocking new bailout conditions mean the end of national sovereignty yes apparently the big news from greece this week that is in order for the country to qualify for future bailouts
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they are going to actually have to hand over to outside authorities the function of collecting taxes. well as we've been saying. from the beginning the objective of the outside forces that being the i.m.f. which is controlled by the us which is controlled by wall street is to simply grab all of greece's assets for pennies on the dollar and to mix the entire country of theories and that they should forego their sovereignty and their independence now they're just one more ride on disneyland congratulations grace you're now in significant and your entire five thousand year history just got flushed down the toilet well those leading the charge include bankers and politicians from the netherlands and other also the germans so it takes me to this next headline the states secret giveaway to european banks and as reuters says file under
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things you never knew the fed did during the financial crisis an eighty billion dollar loan scheme known as st omo which was so obscure that even barney frank had no idea it existed when he required the fed to turn over its lending data and the dodd frank bill so it turns out that the fed was making loans extremely cheap loans of as little as point zero one percent. when at the fed's main bank window they were charging point five percent but most of these loans went to credit suisse forty five billion dollars and deutsche bank which is now being bailed out on the backs of the greeks but the fact is that these banks who are now occupying greece would not even be alive if it were not for the rearming in the region you know the read giving of of ammunition of weapons to these banks by the u.s. taxpayer who is backing the fed ultimately that's right the money comes from the u.s.
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taxpayer yeah that's right so if you start by the way fifty million unemployed they can't i see that in america they go to hospitals they don't know that the price of medicines are so high they're substituting like penicillin they're substituting with cheddar cheese you go for blood transfusion and they stick marshmallow fluff they don't have enough money to give you medicines to support this global scale that's why people around the world are rising rising up but the other point here is that ok we're being told that the whole financial system is going to collapse if we don't bail out the way to the bank forcing the greeks to hand over the rest of their children's and their futures and all of this stuff but why doesn't the fed just open up this s. t. almost a saint omo window at point zero one percent loan to greece said that great right why just for deutsche bank and credit suisse and soc gen and b.m.p. perry about why only those banks because as we've explained it these are the new jim crow laws it's a form of discrimination if you're greek you're in the equivalent of being black in
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america before the civil rights movements you have the back of the bus if you're greek in this environment you're treated like a second class citizen as jim crow laws financial jim crow laws using interest rates but i also think that this tarp will be known in the future as the smoot hawley tariff of this great depression you know many say that the some holy tariff which was a huge tariff that america placed on. imported goods. in order to deal with the great depression in fact it caused a deep spiral it caused the crisis to get worse and i think you'll see that all these bank bailouts has become a matter of principle that they no matter what have to bail out these banks and we see despite the evidence spite the death spirals the death spirals the rising up of people around the world they just refuse to back down from this losing bet those are not bailouts of ransom money but a ransom and according to the propaganda coming out of the posts ago they don't
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appease terrorists and the terrorist threats of the banks every single day so we're talking about banker occupation and again you know here's some more proof that the bankers are occupying us from the the entire infrastructure of our economies and our political systems accusations of treason in the greek parliament so minister mr khamenei knows stood up and alleged that the prime minister george popping j.-o. was guilty of treason and he said that members of the prime minister's team presided over the sale of one point three billion dollars worth of credit default swap contracts on or around december of two thousand and nine shortly after coming to power so those one point three billion in credit default swaps would now be worth twenty seven billion euros which would miraculously pay off most of these debts or at least continue allow greece to continue operating without needing to
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borrow money from the i.m.f. for the next two years but no apparently george prop and sold these one point three billion in credit default swaps that the. bank of public banking arm of the greek government that they own and they had bought for the in the previous few months they say he sold it to a group of friends for forty million dollars profit these group of greek oligarchs are now sitting on twenty seven billion dollars george papa. handed to him that's right it's a clear case of charity and treason that's why we say on the show there should be regime change in greece and that means regime change i don't i don't know how to sugarcoat it i mean you go down there to the assembly of the parliament wherever there's george opera draco idiot is living and you pull him out and you get rid of them because you committed treason in committed treason he committed tyranny so what are you going to do about it going to get drunk on his own like you do every other day or are you going to that's right you want to be part of this the land
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well so these one point three billion dollars in credit default swaps which are insurance against the default of greece. ok he sold them to these private investors in december of two thousand and nine at the same time that he went to the i.m.f. and told them they were going to need one hundred ten billion euro bailout so he sold this to these people at the same time he knew that greece was about to default and those credit default swaps would be worth a whole lot more and in fact at the same time he was in the press saying people are naked short selling our sovereign debt and this is bad law but at the same time the central bank of greece quite curiously decided to change the legal settlement period for shorting government bonds from three days to ten days this have the stones little effect of aiding naked short sellers who were able to keep their positions against greek national debt open longer that's driving down the price of the country's bonds spiking its heels and pumping up the price of greek c.d.'s so i
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was involved from three distinct occasions during this whole period of financial terrorism that is now resulting in the loss of greek sovereignty well it's a it's a pincer movement it's a movement that would make its financial war that would make general patton happy he would be impressed with this he would think that this pincer movement he went at it from all sides and somebody he knows made twenty seven billion dollars well i mean as we've been saying all along stacy. the country of greece is not bankrupt the i.m.f. is bankrupt george proper grace is bankrupt who knows what money he owes some casino or some drug lord somewhere kind of truck cavities god willing to sell us for it and country for a few quid it's twenty seven billion dollars and the people of greece are demanded back the victims of bernie made off are able to go to the the people who benefited from his scheme and take their money back so why don't the people of greek say give
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us back that twenty seven billion dollars that was sold to you fraudulently they are owed twenty seven billion dollars papa darius knows where the money is there sounds like papa doc doesn't he's another one of these over you know fly by night dictators comes in ransacked the country and sales off somewhere where there's crack whores of his cocaine but it's not just europe that is occupied by banks it's also the united states headline reads max why a hedge fund comprised of junior congressional democrats should outperform the market by nine percent well according to a new study called abnormal returns from common stock investments of members of the u.s. house of representatives apparently congressman outperformed the market by nine percent because we know why they're allowed to insider trading that's right but they're beaten by senators who outperform the market by twelve percent. they do that with insider information for example they use the case of the ruling that bill frist
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announced i think was in two thousand and five when he said they they wouldn't be seeking a fine against these companies well we knew because the market on these companies skyrocketed the week or two before and of course it was all the senators who have a decision to make power to make the authority to make the laws right and buzzy krohn guard was buying nine eleven airline puts two weeks before nine eleven that's news and so on the record so the people in washington trade on inside information and that's clear in the record and nobody can come on the show and refute that actually the congressman outperformed the market by six percent it's the democratic ones that outperform by nine percent republicans only outperformed by three percent it's three democratic republican horan backs the democrats are one who are also promised that they don't make more money i think the reason they're only being the market by single digits is that probably most of the money they make us in an offshore accounts in off balance sheet accounts you don't even see it was speaking of offshore this is my final headline here max the mysterious fund allows congress
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to spend freely despite earmark ban so the defense bill that just passed the house of representatives includes a backdoor fund that lets individual members of congress funnel millions of dollars into projects of their choosing so the fungus called the mission force enhanced mint transfer of funds and roughly one billion dollars has been transferred out of this to congressman's local pet projects and kickbacks including from steve palazzo republican of mississippi party candidate and but it allows them this the secret slush fund allows them to pretend we're fiscal conservatives go through us you people in your little patriot hats. they don't like to obey any of the laws so they just create ways to of. boy complying with any law but they need people to break the law to put them in prison because that's where the majority of their profits come from ultimately is running the prison july complex so they running this double
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edged sword where they don't obey the law but they have to enforce the laws and everyone else to supply the president complex so they can make the money to get themselves reelected well i think it just goes back to the beginning of the episode as well that it's a global insurrection against banker occupation were occupied by bankers no matter where you look you see bankers all right stacy ever thanks so much for being on the house report thank you max don't go away and much more coming your way so stay right there.
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well i'm going back to the kaiser a part time now to go to kill a taco gonzalo layer of the thirteen sick planning group gonzalo welcome back to the kaiser report it's a pleasure as always being on your show thank you for having me all right sometimes on america first let's talk about europe grays and ireland are in that spirals thanks to the i.m.f. and e.c.b. imposed financial collapse and now looks like greece will have to allow outside agencies to start collecting their taxes your thoughts we've got so many problems in europe that it's just pathetic ok as you said at the i.m.f. and the e.c.b.
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are talking about actually taking over of the sovereign responsibility of greece starting to collect taxes which is absurd now you have a christine like raj who's going to take over as the i.m.f. it seems like a lock the americans are going to support her christine legarde is not a disinterested economic players she not only was is she a close and longstanding friendship with the united states and american politicians she is going to be bucking for the french presidency in two thousand and seventeen after and he lost her clothes use the term expires or second term expires and so she is going to be fulfilling her duties at the i.m.f. from a political perspective not from a purely economic perspective so she's going to do what i mean extra's khan was doing and the many stars khan was not this wonderful guy basically he was just throwing money at the problem and doing bailout after bailout as opposed to the hard haircuts that have to be made i mean we have to restructure these debt. but
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still the way that the european countries are going to be able to get out of this hole that they're it because the central planners are not restructuring that's they're simply foisting more debt onto the bonfire of debt so these countries simply fall no you know they shouldn't use default should we negotiate and cake haircuts and do what you normally do in a sensible debt restructuring situation i mean if you have a creditor who recognises that the money that they are owed is not going to be paid back in seoul but the smart thing is for the creditor to sit down to the negotiating table and restructure these debts but not to close the debt or to the wall to default i mean what's the point of that doesn't help anybody and hurts everybody yeah but who is going to negotiate on behalf of greece papa grouses in with a nail of a banking size further got no government representation they've got nobody at the table representing the people of great so they're just being sold down the river and what happens is the assets are being transferred to these bankers for pennies
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on the dollar so that's their intention all along so they'll get to go say for them this is just in fault or regimes i'm going to receive things that a lot of america during some of the situation the people rose up and they kicked the palms out so the greek people get proper price of the car the greeks are going to default if the greek should kick them to the curb and so sure the irish as a matter of fact i mean if we're going to start doing regime change we should just just start doing it across the european continent because all these people are in bed together and all of them are don't have the best interests of the people at heart they have the best interests of the banking system will shipman and the political establishment heart that's the problem yeah so again the analogy with latin america obviously they're unfairly and another lot american countries like argentina famously what well known there what happens when you've got the bankers and politicians coming together to create a fusion of interests of the club the crowds and they literally just run away with any of the money that's left. so why doesn't why don't the greek people understand
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that they are on the verge of having their entire wealth complicated from them by christine legarde and the other clapping rats who are circling like vultures whether they've got a strap on or not they're going to be down there doing damage well actually i think that the greek people do recognise this i mean yesterday there was a protest of about one hundred thousand people and there have been you know old protested spain and i guess that there was going to start being protests in in ireland as well people recognise that they're being screwed by their own leadership and i think that that's the problem you have a leadership a european leadership that is completely disconnected from the people there is the leadership class in europe that wants european integration but you have the great mass of people who do not want it and so you have this situation where this discontinuity between the leadership class and the and the people and it's going to continue it's going to get worse all right imagine the word integration there so
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let's talk about that for a second in other words what the folks in europe the bankers in europe want they want to be able to administer all of the european countries from a central central bank because that's been missing so far they are in the euro project they don't really have the ability to on the fiscal side of things collect taxes on behalf of the e.c.b. are a some kind of central bank so presumably this is the beginning of the bureaucrats in europe creating some kind of european wide taxing authority so you have two issues you have on the one hand the f.s.f. the european financial stability facility which is the european allies mechanism to issue bonds and that has been trying to take over the bond emitting mechanism of the peripheral countries and on the other hand now it seems as if the e.c.b. or the european finance ministry is trying to take over the ability of. the individual nations to collect. axes in their own countries so yeah you have this
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centralization the issue becomes of course whether the people of east countries will stand still for this my bet is they will not and my bet is that the peripheral countries will be the first to bold and it would seem reasonable that greece would be the first because it's the weakest and if it goes back to the drachma or creates the new drama if you will and instantly devaluates the rock now you know twenty percent in the first day and maybe say sixty to seventy five percent in the first five weeks what would happen of course would be what happened to iceland which is they suffered short term pain but over the next year or two they recovered and i think that that would become the poster child for greece exiting the euro and if reese exits the euro i think that other countries i'm looking at you ireland portugal spain they're going to start to think themselves hey you know if the greeks did it and it wasn't so bad why don't we do it and i think that's what's going to happen and i thought i think comment on there i had that calm. was
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attached to a story on this great saga and one of the commenters that well lot of the green light all these outside interests by all of their assets were cast and then re nationalize them. i think that well it could happen i mean you know and in argentina they do that every other week and to tell you the truth i don't think that greece is going to be in the euro zone very long i think that's the bottom like issue and i think that every bet from a financial standpoint should be greeks are going to exit the euro zone that's the only solution to this problem and whoever is the new i.m.f. head you know it doesn't really matter because they're going to continue with the same isn't which is bailing out and kicking the can down the road but at the end of the day you're going to have to pay this bill and this bill is calling going to come to you one way or the other it is two hundred twenty seven billion dollars and the greeks do not have that money somebody said oh well maybe they could nationalize all the greeks. gold was the quick gold in total is about one hundred
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twelve tons so you're talking about five billion dollars you know add up you know all the other assets they could possibly liquidate and you're talking maybe thirty billion dollars total tops thirty billion dollars against two hundred twenty seven billion dollars if that's a that's still you know about ten percent that that doesn't make anybody better so i think at the end of the day either they renegotiate and if they are unwilling to renegotiate as it is seeming increasingly clear especially because christine legarde was one of the people who was instrumental in in the best of three a court of keeping the the. capitalization of the banks in place she doesn't want to renegotiate because she recognizes that if they renegotiate and the banks take a hit the banks will be insolvent and she's not allowed that for the french banking system alone the german banking system so they're going to play hardball with the greeks and that is just going to push them further off the cliff and eventually
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they're going to just quit the euro and it is going to be worse for the european financial system if that happens because then potentially the greeks would simply repudiate all the debt or worse or that which is the same which is convert all that debt into new drachmas and then instantly devalued the drama the french and the german finance show an economic and political interest have to sit down with the greeks with the irish and with the spaniards and they have to renegotiate they have to renegotiate now while they still can because later when the first of these countries exits the euro and they're at their world does not end you know the other countries are going to get the idea that hey why don't we leave the euro and they're going to exit the euro and it's going to be worse for the french and german banks and it will precipitate a crisis which will be worse than the two thousand and eight crisis so gonzalo as part of the things that planning group you advise clients on the same. places to
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live for economic freedom as well as for environmental and political safety again for those who live in america there is such a thing as called environmental risk and i know it's not recognized by your media there but it's actually real now what about europe based on what you are see happening now is it safe to stay in europe no no no not not from a financial point of view i think that everybody's going to take a big hit in the near term future i want and i'm talking about the next twelve months on the outside because of this euro zone mess that we're having i think that the currency of choice would be just a sprain i think that because there is going to be a flight to safety especially as the first of the weak euro zone countries leads the euro and i think that from a financial perspective the europeans are going to panic and they're start they're going to start taking the screws in order to save their situation and i think that that's going to accelerate the flight to safety ok now you're noted to be in the
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camp of the hyper inflation yeah one of the deluded souls yes that's me. i know i did not say that but i'm going to you know. i think we're on the same page there but what about the u.s. dollar in this scenario that's an interesting question i think yeah if there's a flight from the euro i think inevitably there's going to be a lot of sight to the treasury bonds and the america of the u.s. dollar and i think potentially that could be a good thing a little bit of spending the day of reckoning and so far as the dollar's uncertain but as the saying says spawning the day of reckoning doesn't mean that you're ending the day of reckoning it's becoming the same and i think that as huey two ends now. and the economic indicators do not improve as they will not improve as they have not improved after six hundred billion dollars worth of money printing over the last eight months but there's going to be a return to more treasury purchases by the federal reserve because the problem with
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the u.s. deficit is the treasury department does not have enough buyers for all this debt that it's issuing i mean there simply aren't enough buyers and every other major player china japan and europe they're all exit in treasuries for different reasons i mean the europeans because they have problems of their own to the japanese because they have problems of their own the chinese because they're very afraid of the dollar and treasury bonds so there aren't enough buyers for the issuance that the treasury has on deck which is over the next twelve months i think they get something like one point five trillion or something like that if they're really matter i mean a hundred billion here or there it doesn't really matter it's over a trillion and a half dollars alright gonzalo in their own personal i own in them rogers cap i would take the euro over that dollar but we can talk about that on another time thanks again for being once again on the kaiser report it's a pleasure as always thank you for having me all right now is going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey however i thank my
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guests gonzalo and there are going to send me an e-mail please do so and cries a report on r t v are you until next time this is max kaiser thing by. going to.
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