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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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streets. you're watching artsy at three thirty pm on scout time these are our top stories atrocity on punished polder soldiers are cleared over the killing of innocent civilians including children in afghanistan four years ago due to lack of evidence . russia says it's not going to negotiate exact his departure and can no longer take nato its promises about upholding un resolutions at face value. and prosecutors in moscow filed official charges against the prime suspect in the
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case of murdered russian journalists on the course they say they have enough evidence for a conviction. of the uprising and president sergei bug ops will be laid to rest later today following his death last weekend but how will the passing a fact his small nation archie has been speaking to its foreign minister. several days after the uprising presidents are best to wait because she remains in mourning well contemplating its political future with me today is the cause in foreign minister maxime to be in jail and stick them in jail president bush led a positive for the last six years during that time the country's independence was recognized by several countries including russia apostles who managed to avoid conflict with georgia in two thousand and eight during the war itself a state what can you see the efforts made by circling back up through these
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revolutionary events it was very smart all rooms. put your finger. thanks to all of them also use air force times to use personal to. many of significance i foresaw the government of all possible or implements again the rightly so most of those achievements true in the time or his. presidency or the chief of the franks a lot of his personal and professional gorgeous personal time president bush was seen as a step allies in fact you're doing these three times no he's gone are people feeling uncertain path ahead. one of the most achievements during his presidency is that in creating a stable political system in the process so.
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i don't feel freer about the future so what comes next for applies here following the passing of its president who will continue working on those projects they will start somewhere to give the new president but. most of the why for all those who continue to the. on the line before from a war we established in the past we're both of us is international status what do you want your country to be for the way chris limburger was very supportive to a crawl chips in luxembourg thanks to his support on the phones to use personal reference we succeeded for a march in central that's going to cause an all woman this will recognize the cozier very simply columns or from. today we finish a project. which we. started together with criticism by their sheer numbers so
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that to say that he didn't see the final hole came from the republic will form the lord's will recover. the republic or cause a respect which would promote equality sions and. prime minister of republic one or two already expressed it's called the once social way and we're going to continue working in pacific region as well as we want to start with chris of them the palestinian authorities prepared to take a move of a statement from the united nations is uprising considering doing the same we consider most of the ways to the chief international political for good throws significant obstacles in police and law i was from conference by european union the united states and i want to know. your all will be
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complaining in latin america and central america and pacific region in central asia everywhere we go every way we try we will try to achieve some agreement with those countries too. we couldn't as a policy or two step was diplomatic relations there was always a very straight and strong american position against governments of those countries not to recognize our policy in other words we on the wider international political and diplomatic for our. school we are not conformed by actual georgian employers we are confronted by american diplomacy diplomacy which is very much for us and for me why is such
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a huge country like united states and so actively opposing the case oh for a commission or. the georgian president mikhail saakashvili maintains uprising is still part of georgia how does that make you feel people in georgia in government and your feel they may say whatever they are. saying that the policies part of georgia is equal the same but georgia is still part of russia since for sure inheritance. obligations of the former soviet union. this is a realistic way to say that are causing spoke to georgia everybody knows the legal historical the moral. grounds for all independence we became an independent country from georgia before collapse of soviet union so speaking of our president mean parts of georgia in this morning time is completely
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ridiculous and even more is pretty close that the. state can see visual supported by hard politicians in the western world. when a standard the sure to retore integrity of georgia which is very much a bit employ montra in the. international force that tutorials are were children was recognized in violation of international law that's why we have this point ten years long conflict. how did the war itself the city in two thousand and eight influence uprising its relations with georgia a more relations deteriorate it's very much up toward georgia and these relations into rating every single day. for twenty years already we haven't received any positive signal from georgia in reverse we get. a military. provocation is kidnapping of our people we have. continued.
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blocking of all possible access for what i say to international markets so they can say whatever they want they could claim whatever they want but the reality is different do you see any chance the georgian government would step the pause in the prevalence in the future since when neighboring such country which is which is very much to test for reality we always can explain expect a lot of problems on the border right no talk rather you know how to. respond to a challenge it was going to look like georgia but rather more hope to provide a chill on. the situation and go this for going on the border with georgia will improve after the establishment for the functional transfer controllable
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border between up causing it the problem of georgian government to accept all causes and dependent on the most importance and i want to repeat the words of president bush who said that many times the most important thing is that we recognize ourselves we have to come from we have more legitimacy and we can see this come from them jordan. many times as long as you were here when i was even sort of the city of georgia your question its legitimacy as a country says they don't control the territory with which they claim. it is up to going to interrupt a live coverage here on r t president medvedev giving a news conference with his talian of prime counterpart silvio berlusconi let's listen in. ok president medvedev is on his second visit this year to italy in fact the two countries are celebrating the year
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of russia and italy and vice versa russia and italy have a very strong partnership we're just waiting to hear if we have some translation in english of what's being said there looks like the two presidents and prime minister also waiting for translators to get to work. i just want to listen in for one second. it would. be. like. you know you could see the live pictures here of president medvedev and silvio berlusconi during a news conference we don't have the english translation we are waiting trying to get it from from there in rome. more than an anniversary and now we're
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going to be holding this trilateral meeting with the vice president of the united states of america mr joe biden we've already had a meeting amongst ourselves. and we've examined the international issues before us so we met just a few days ago when france anyway and during that time of course we just custer the main issues that concern the international scenario right now but i don't wish to anticipate what he's going to say i would like for dimitri himself to inform you of what he would like to say. i'll start one statement by congratulating him on behalf of the russian federation for all of my colleagues here russian journalists. on vacation or one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the fusion of legally i would call
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a geisha. enjoys taking part vent. because italy he's very close or. and we maintain very good very close relationship will it indeed i'd like to express my admiration for. the parade that we have witnessed was there a favorite band typically talent i would say. because they represent all the what we saw of the armed forces and the way they present their armed forces and the parade is somewhat different from our way of presenting and that was very interesting very exciting and i guess the delegations are the heads of delegations also enjoyed the parade generally speaking i believe that all festivals all for all the stupid piers have to demonstrate the consultation of all forces and could
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demonstrate they're really telling people. i looking forward to the future with great confidence with george because one hundred fifty years is a long term little he has been living as a single united states during all these long years and once again our congratulations were just discussed with silver some. gentle we discussed the fact that. relations are at the bus station this year we expect a continued growth of trade turnover bilateral trade there are many interesting projects in the pipeline and we discussed them briefly also even though obviously we have and i'm sure that these projects will multiply of course we couldn't fail to discuss foreign policy issues recently in france we discussed in
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detail all the major issues and difficulties that exist in the world and primarily. in the north of africa and today we changed our impressions of the process of settlement this is under way the situation in libya you know russia's position on this score and who we would like to do all we can to help to resolve this problem. through negotiations rather than military means and in the final analysis we believe that the fate of the state has to be decided by the libyan people themselves but this is a very difficult thing to do and the indications we receive now. show that the process is going very in a difficult way i hope that in a trilateral for me with the participation of the president vice president biden we can discuss the situation in the least and in libya. anyway but this is.
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not a single knowledge and there are many other issues that we have to change views and information we need to adjust positions as claims development and we have to be frank and that for specter i'd like to thank you for giving us this opportunity i never disregard of the trinity to see the meter or american friends who have much in common. and many issues that we. have close positions but there are some issues where we disagree and the therefore we need to further consultations one of such subjects to hasten the b.m.p. in will see europe anyway thanks once again still there for offering based format and will discuss all the topics of concern i'm sure to us and once again my best
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congratulations and wish this is a very beautiful day and very nice weather although the focus was from a different thank you. very. bright one i like to thank you very much to a tree. for your attendance here for your very trite words and also for your friendship for the friendship with which. far i'd like to point out that this is the time culture in russia and it's also been claimed of russian culture in educating i'd like to also point out that we are precious for commercial foreigner and we aspire to be in a short period of time to become number three if a certain racial partner in russia are meeting with dmitri have always been a very positive indicator and almost always. we tend to be moving along the same line so we have the same approach to wishers i think this is this is something
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that derives from our similar background and often times that an international says things we really do find ourselves to be our lives to be other just human said so once again kind of native matriarch like to thank all the russian friends that spend here you're always very well come. in our beautiful garden most beautiful country thank you. right wrapping up their press conference between president medvedev and prime minister silvio berlusconi the talks that they had happened just after the two wants a grand military parade attended by dozens of top cast italy is celebrating the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of its unification and this is president medvedev second official visit to the country since the beginning of the year i'll have more on that visit for you at the top of the hour and let's cross now to the sports desk
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where you know neil is standing by. great to have you with us this is sports today i'm you know me these are some of the stories we're covering this hour. return of the king example after windsor all opposed prefer presidential race in the midst of a corruption scandal. net gain maria sharapova progresses into the semifinals not ruling doris doubts after being in the only female among the world's the highest paid player. on hitting its stride the world's fastest man you seen baltic's top honors at the golden spike one hundred meters event making it to interrupt this. now is an action packed it fit for headquarters on the web coleman aiding in her
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being once again elected president for the fourth straight time and it's seventy five who was the only candidates after mohamed bin hammam withdrew from the running at the weekend good story been a mom was subsequently suspended on corruption charges being shown scottish football association tried to postpone the election over allegations qatar bought the rights to the twenty twenty two world cup but in the end only seventeen members and. and supported in motion blotted out take charge of world football's governing body on call twenty. earlier in the day blatter a nonstarter world cup host countries would not be chosen by a vote of all two hundred eight member states that is opposed to the twenty four man board which previously this isn't. going to get more in the future the organization of the world cup will be decided by if he feels congress. committee will provide assurances it will make no recommendations only
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a list and the congress will decide on the venue who brings us to tennis or emery or sharapova remains on course to lift the only grand slam title that saluted her to take the russian into the semifinals out after dominating andrea petkovic from start to finish her twenty four year old couldn't have asked for a better start as she would be opening set to love german packet which i did for a little better and this is everything i'm not really enough charges to read trap of. winning streaks but it was paper which was run of three before reaching double digits six love six against the finals. there are a few games in the beginning that went to juice and that in a night out in. even the first so six zero three zero cleared it for quite a bit of time because it was a long games in just did really well and now there's important points in the first
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thing now is the difference in in the beginning and. good of up and down. there will be no four seats in the last four for the first time in a dozen years in the women's side after not leading. the fourth seeded belorussian never finding the proper rhythm. seven five six two. heard out to the men's side all of the draw with the top four players in the world will do pottle in the semifinals novak djokovic turned roger federer had already set up their semifinal battle on choose day while today taught. her to use the clinical display to be twice from the off robin that will support her when spain itself london himself into a classroom on the murray the fourth ranked stock was the last progress after seeing all three hours of time different want to challenge also in the streets. so has a big weekend ahead sun she shouldn't have any problem paying for her extended stay
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in any prison hotel that she desires that twenty four year old finding herself in the forbes top fifty of the world's highest paid up twenty ten she's the sole woman of this new russian ranking twenty nine having earned a total of twenty four point two million dollars last year that is one spot little new york basketball star mary stottlemyre who recently signed a deal worth two hundred million dollars tiger woods meanwhile holds on to the top earning spot with a total of seventy five million in twenty ten n.b.a. megastars kobe bryant on the chains are catching up to the golfer though having cashed in fifty three million respect. talking of james his miami side have struck first in the n.b.a. run final state rallying back from a slow start to see a dallas in the best of seven series opener to a way down the king combining for forty six points exactly. tired all ninety to
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eighty four the final score dallas his lowest total of the playoffs jerk of its team pressed against the losing eye for. tallying twenty seven points a three ball in game two cities in miami later today. it feels good you know because it's the first game and we play well as a team will be a lot of work to do. so you know we come in with the same i said on thursday and looking forward to this challenge once again you know doesn't front it was so it was one of the books you know we're excited about this game. we prepare for game two and it was the ways we can get better. brings us to athletics three same poultice claims his second win as many appearances this season jamaican sprinter dominating the golden spike meet in the czech republic the world record holder chose not to compete in the two hundred meters focusing solely on the one hundredth run despite a slow start full time find his rhythm by the final heat beating this season's fos
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this month steve mullings into second to prove he still that guy to touch full copy nine point nine seconds the same time as his winning mark goulding gallivant in rome last week. and finally rushes republic of dagestan has been the jewel of the country's martial arts scene for years now with freestyle wrestling far and away the number one sports the area nearest limping champions boding well ahead of next year's london games has run cost reports. wrestlers from the star have always been some of the top producers of silverware for russia over the years locals have provided dozens of illiterate medalists including hundreds of world and european championships trophy winners but first if you words about this time the republican russia's north caucasus that you study is the country's souder most region on the coast of the caspian sea bordering i did it by john in georgia it's also the country's most multi-ethnic area where
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fourteen languages are considered native with the russian one uniting over thirty different cultures and nationalities a local legend has it that when allies nessun ger was handing out languages there was a severe snowstorm in dagestan causing him to dump all he had left when the weather sets old people came out of their homes and each settlement spoke a different purpose than the darkest done is wonderful and unique and we are proud of our country our history and our culture we are a multi-ethnic republic with more than thirty peoples living together at a comparatively small territory we have a glorious history and we are looking into the future however it's not just to the agents and beauty that make this region stands out in russia combat sports especially freestyle wrestling seems to be the republic's forte and the locals themselves will probably tell you that it's in their blood you know what it does to people live and breathe wrestling indicted start it's a way of life and sometimes even the many of it douglas done has always helped russia step up from seventeenth or eighteenth place to second or third just take
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a look at the olympic games to distance russia adds a good start in particular is that true world sensor for developing a freestyle wrestling over the years this region has produced forty one the world and eleven olympic champion so the holding of the world cup here in moscow offer the very first time is a true recognition of the major d'agostini contribution to this board and advancement of wrestling in dagestan and russia as a whole doesn't simply rest on the local sheer enthusiasm and international program . old fights and win has been launched in russia with the sports global promotion being just one of the objectives but it's about is that the fight and win program has been a key plan of action at the wrestling federation of russia since two thousand and six it was initiated by senator suleyman karim of who chairs the federations board of trustees we have presented a plan of action up to the year two thousand and twenty to vladimir putin a wrestler said a meeting in a training session with him and he highly value added the results of the program
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then use that risk in events in dagestan are usually back to the rafters there are always people sitting even in the aisles and plenty more outside begging to get in and that's because people of the just on no they're risking and it doesn't matter whether the athletes from russia cuba iran or hungary a good performance will always be here this fact alone makes this small republic a perfect candidate for future grand wrestling events from on koester of artsy russia's republic of dagestan. thought as i leave the sport for i'll see you very shortly in just under an hour's time but now it's the world rather see you shortly . hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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