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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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wealthy british style it's not on. target. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on our team. could have you with us is our desire to live here moscow top stories this hour a major u.s. bank allegedly loses a billion dollar investment from libya's sovereign wealth funds goldman sachs is one of the bank's claim for the recent economic crisis be the financial woes of the american and libyan people in the same but. we want in libya nato helicopters have hit their first targets attacking colonel gadhafi forces near the port city of brega russia's foreign minister slammed the coalition's actually say it's a signal to ground operations in the country. which
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is the regime for more than a day and destroyed an ammunition depo in central russia has been put out as to the occasional explosions and the number injured in the incident is nearing ninety. and hundreds of people dogs through the jefferson memorial in washington d.c. claiming that upholding their first amendment rights similar action last week that the five arrests. claudie back to recap our top stories in about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime this promise is the latest edition of moscow with insider tips on how to fit in a relaxing spell amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. hello
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and welcome in this week's health of most crowds you're out exploring how to relieve stress and the cast your mind body and soul in a busy thriving city sun is shining so take a deep breath as we discover what's exciting remedies and treatments a person capital has to offer. woman day city living pollution noise traffic too much causing stressful jobs extreme temperatures the list seems to go on it's easy to see why hundreds of thousands of muscovites next task take to the city's parks and gardens every possible chance ok it might not be the countryside but it does prove that people strive for green trees fresh air and relaxation even though the russian capital is far greener than most think men and women of all ages still search for the latest treatments and cures. is located in the east of
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moscow to get office tennis of therapies visit by hundreds of patients every week the services on offer here don't fit in the realm of conventional medicine this is cutting their appeal for example treatments is the method of using glass or plastic cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum the chinese have been doing this since ancient times by using the inside gloss and the bamboo cups strange set to work. we provide not only medical treatments but also help to keep our body turned and healthy the rhythm of everyday life is washed nowadays and there are a lot of stressful situation. so it's very important to look after you how easy to prevent a disease then took your rights. now it's my turn to take to the medical room i've been asked if i'm scared of injections fortunately i am not it has left me slightly worried. by this sense of office various treatments regarding stress relief and
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a picture is one of them specifically. the puncher is used to treat assman addictions arthritis depression anxiety blood pressure disorder and problems of the digestive system it's one therapy science does support. but i do admit it did hurt it typically incorporating traditional chinese medicine the manipulation of the needles on certain poles points all areas of the body a sense of provide stress relief and provides good health for that about you but i just feel a little bit of human compassion. if it also recently announced that he wants moscow to become a medical decision in europe with places like this like texans in the capital one
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of only two like it in the world seems that things might be slowly living that way but treated in the rich colors of the service is said to give you a complete overhaul of your current condition on the particular potential problem areas you might have in the future want to know more or the let's meet this week's guest. ducked out of the mara wasn't very nice to look to me and tell me about the clinic here in the sky the clinic knocked on our live chat center it was a passion project of mine created. after i created the multi-car lecture to original wanted in monaco where i live where i reside the reason i came to moscow was one i love the country i love the city but moreover about twenty percent of all of my clients who come to my clinic in wallach zero are russian or russian speaking so there was a very big demand. a lot of check what exactly is this like chick is is
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a method that i created based on over twenty years of experience to do a complete check up of the entire body but not a check up in a standard method work when it was an electrocardiogram i take your weight and take your posts but those are important parameters but they don't save lives and they certainly don't detect disease and so i we created a method whereby we find things before they're detected by other standard methods for example early stages of cancer for example since i've opened in monaco and i have detected nine cases of pancreatic cancer and five of them are still alive. search successfully operated because they didn't even know they had it meaning that if you find things are early enough breast cancer prostate cancer primarily cardiovascular disease so i would heart disease which is the number one killer on the planet and you find them early enough that you can address the issue treat because i look patients and live happily for regular lifespan so it's not just telling somebody stop smoking stop drinking alcohol more grievance will take
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exercise and common sense it's much more than not it is much more than that but everything you've just outlined is the essence of what i have to tell people the power that i have and i can show them on the scan i scan them from head to toe through a complete blood test and when you can show someone why they have to stop smoking why they have to stop drinking why they have to exercise why they have to modify their diet they can see this and that's a powerful motivator for example people have a difficult time smoking as we all know it's difficult when once addicted but if you can show them the emphysema the destruction of the lung tissue it's time to start sometimes quite early. i'd say seven out of ten quit on the spot interesting so you've got your sensory monitor must go elsewhere i think yes i will the third center is in italy the north of italy near modern a that's being constructed now that should open in october the fourth center is earmarked for the emirates probably about abu dhabi or dubai most likely dubai despite the the negative press
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that it's received it's still the place for doing commerce if one goes to the emirates so that's under study right now it's nothing sign but it looks like it's well on its way and they were considering london as well tell all my friends and family that you have to take care of all of the north and that is that it's me you know you grab you're looking for projects in the answer yes thank you very much and . if you can't afford a private v.i.p. clinic thirty's can you find in the russian capital. there b.c. treatments the use of medical leeches tiny creatures might look disgusting to many . but their value for human health qualities i think applied around the world for thousands of years they use as a means to produce blood clotting to relieve pressure in the fanes and resupplied and reconstructive surgery to stimulate blood circulation there are several clinics in moscow offering leaks therapy just make sure that the leeches they use are specially bred medical species like in this health center here.
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leeches are credit special factories they are fed with the serum of kabul it from there they are distributed to the root to purpose all medical leeches are nonreversible postcode. might be a haven for smokers and at the same time a problem for health conscious people although there are both smoking and nonsmoking areas in many public places a completely nonsmoking policy is still something new capitals restaurants and cafes there are only a few in the city like the sparkle alcott just located have been happening the time area from the island for a full list of known smoking causes an ether rees in moscow check our facebook page to read to be to be dot facebook dot com forward slash so parents. have a card or even the name sounds of the spend you should be good for you this vegetarian cafe situated in one of the peach response of most scared she secretly or clean
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puns translates to in english those fasting on special diets and healthy lifestyle followers of the past two years is to cafe has been certainly creating this stuff in the capital. weaving on and time for shopping we've arrived at the crocus city shopping mall and our journey out of the city is well worth it. maybe still has everything health minded customer needs. jacuzzis whirlpools oils aroma therapy massage you name it with some russians or additions in mind i'm here to buy some natural products when in rome as they say having lived in russia for six years with a guest sense of the country's various traditions and from overseas with garlic or honey references to the institution that is the russian now strix all velika as they call the russian there are essential parts of the process used for stroking
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massaging and beating the said to improve circulation release stress muscle and joint aches and even improve but have a list of. ten year time only around fifty remain in muster today down from over one hundred in the mid twentieth century builtin eighteen zero eight so the new ski is not only the oldest class house in the city and so grand the rich is its interior and it stands by many as the summer of past houses it does look like something out of a film set with huge holes tall ceilings marble staircase is an exquisite gold frisco's and statues. so it's off with my clothes and i pick up my felt hat and how all looks like a soviet kitchen table cloth but twigs in hands it's into the sewer i carry this is how to really stress to russian way. so davis was the one
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curing effects of value rituals have long been known but it's also a perfect place to look after yourself to relax and to there not only your body but mind as well things like at. the hospital he said to him pray circulation is some a fresh brunches they use and smell of cut grass branches the have been dried and the most and in hot water are used it's important that the bush is or has leaves so they don't that's when he's essentially doesn't feel too bad now for the final shocking treatment. up to school to have a free reign to fish because it brings. up the ball when he runs the beach and when but strays or in council tenants in
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their pieces i can punch a small humourous munchkin's mindset healthy in the bank and ask for anything more using modern capital i put out on the secret was to say something to help us think ah ah . there are killing innocents here oh i see the face of course and that's never am said. mom a song from the school still with me i think of it every day. i feel the flash fire
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from the memories. i assume i saw a long time serious crime. i was afraid. i was ashamed that i didn't. i was ashamed that i hadn't been a hero why. i got my legs. in the mine. where i wanted to be our knowledge of our ports. but i believe what i was growing up was all i think. that i was a good soldier. but now most older on the other side and i think i'm just a good. leader than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization. thomas
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discovers flight makes antarctica so special and attractive for many life in antarctica. and the. expedition to the bottom of the earth are two. stories this hour nancy a major u.s. bank eventually loses a billion dollar investment from libya's wealth goldman sachs is one of the banks blamed for the recent economic crisis putting the time. woes of the american and libyan people in the same place. meanwhile in libya nato helicopters have hit their first targets attacking colonel gadhafi forces near the port city of brega russia's foreign minister slammed the coalition's action saying it's a signal that ground operations in the country are looming. a huge fire which has been raging for more than a day and destroyed in ammunition in central russia has been put out there is still
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occasional explosions and the number injured in the incident is nearing ninety. and hundreds of people gone through the jefferson memorial in washington d.c. claiming they are holding their first amendment rights and civil action last week led to five arrests. for full coverage of our top stories coming your way in just fifteen minutes from now with me now though it's time to dive into the world of sport kate and news of a successful night for russia and european football. hello and thank you for joining me and these are the headlines. the trick here among public trying to score three times as russia come back to beat armenia three one and home turf in a crunch near zero twenty twelve qualifying. while making history china's not only becomes the first asian player to win a grand slam after a straight set when have
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a chance this year only in the french open final. rounds and not a phrase marcos one charlie claims his maiden moto g.p. poling catalonia after braving death threats to spanish for. the first football and russia have ended their five months when the streak after coming from behind to win three want to gain star mania in their group the european qualifiers in some petersburg got the go ahead urged his side to score early goals in this picture but it was armenia brooch to open after twenty five minutes early citing home and showed which guilty of some promising last ditch defending however russia responded within less than a minute despite the goalkeeper stipends strike was correctly deemed to have crossed the line and almost an hour ago on the top of call would be the offside trap jeanette is second and put rusher in the lead. then after seventy three minutes chelsea fullback really should go home side a penalty added chink stepped up julie complete his hatrick in clinical style to
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give russia a resigning victory which was also that first of the year. while friday four were lucky coach guus hiddink saw his turkey side draw one one with belgium in brussels in a battle for second place in group play and the slightly fortunate to have taken a point the home team took the lead after just four minutes of the jimmy. equalized for sitting side midway through the first off however with the fifteen minutes left belgium golden chance to play in victory merton's was brought down by our two and. but axel with so blazed over on the spot turkey to stay third in the group a point behind belgium the game in hand. however germany are seven points clear in group a they maintain that perfect record of the
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children over austria also in that group kazakstan be as a by john to want to see stay seven points ahead at the top of group c. pleasing estonia three now are slovenia second in the faroe islands to know france stay in charge of group d. can't just match it the point is well arranged through a second. bosnia the premier league in the other game in that group. only group sweden piece last moldova for wanting to tighten their grip on second place six points behind another lindsey sun readers are still without a point in the table after losing to finland and croatia at least prepare for tomorrow when the georgia replied six inch dimes managed to in their first three points to the high when i believe you idea. i mean war fever has launched a match fixing investigation into argentina's recent four one defeat to nigeria in lagos is the highest profile matches in a wave of recent suspicious international friendly results wednesday's game attracted unusual betting patterns and to penalties i refereed it he tried to
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ensure the first to see nigeria go to no luck the second was given to argentina in the eight minutes of stoppage time for handball even though video replays clearly showed no offense was committed match took place on the same day fee for president sepp blatter launched his zero tolerance campaign against corruption. well former argentina coach diego maradona has hit back if he first came corruption willing that world governing body as long as it is run by dinosaurs the fifty year old also blasted last week's reelection of sepp blatter is president maradona says never kicked a football stadium criticism comes as maradona arrived in. to sign a reported two year deal with local also and while loving his new team the football legend was plastic but the game's prospects and confidence station. more impressive that he will stay until their one hundred five to one hundred and ten
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years old i hope they will resign him but don't be under any illusions that they will many people agree with me that many things are not clear in football these days and it's not something people who watch football deserve the situation will be to say well thought was wrong but people do not understand football when you have so much power you can do so many stupid things i just had a few thousand. tennis now a gnarly has become the first asian player to lift a trophy it's a grand slam event after the chinese beat last year's winner francesca schiavone in the women's final at the french open li held her now to take a comfortable six sport forty lead in just over an hour but steven battle for a way back into the match yesterday italian took the next three games to put herself into a second set lead however when the server that you're going to crumble in the tie break is sitting it to love and so the match gnarly fell flat on her back to celebrate the historic victory and new status of national heroine to go one better
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than the defeats to kim clijsters in the history and open final earlier this year it was only ninety's fist title and her first on a play received twenty nine year old into a career high ranking of world number four on monday. you are roger federer says playing against rafael nadal is the men's french open final that he wanted the swiss set up the clash by ending novak djokovic is forty three game unbeaten run the pressure was on djokovic before the semifinal had started the serbian new victory would see him replaced in the dark as the world number one and he found himself a second down our frederick to the opener on a tie break. in the second the momentum was misled or he raced to a four one lead before closing out the set six three. thirteen had never lost a grand slam match from a to set lead although he had a fight on his hands and dropped a bitch to the next six three and a light fading it looked like the serbian was going to claw his way back he traded
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blows with frederick in a dramatic fourth set which went all the way to another tie break but thank you so much point five he's eighteen face and djokovic is magnificent run and set at the final hold middle. of the field. somewhat of a bigger one the tournament which is not the case you know sort of so we're still over there to. be won and i'm looking forward to the match as rafa which is against much of a rival you know for. all those years you know since i became world number one of remember playing in miami for the first times of this is obviously not a big match to me always seems like rafa needs to be in a french open for him to make it special and. i got the match i was good i guess i was hoping for it was a great tournament it was the best five months of my life in my career it's i can't complain is there for a incredible period you had to end somewhere you know it's coming unfortunately it
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came in the moment it was a big match today but look you know this is sport. people are working hard well they don't have a better a four seed andy murray in three sets but it was a hard fought contest mari showing some of the best of all round plate despite his faltering ankle back to his versatility still wasn't enough to start and are going into his sixth final in paris exchanging breaks but the spanish king of play added that little extra that mattered most to finally try and six four seven five six four in a gritty three hours and seventeen minutes and. times out you always have the edge. of the moments but another thing that's true i was all the time with this court in my favor so i was. all that had
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thrown in the first set in the second so there was the beginning another brick so all the time he never was. break for him no one. still very close cause. you know your own feel like a plug for one. it was it was called jones of the first. quote. and that's g. b. there's a surprise rider on the sunday's castling grand prix and i thought marco simoncelli trains a bunch of positions for the first time in the top echelon that i'll take in sport former champion cases that are not dominated by practices had to settle for second place a great reigning world champion who barely runs out rounding off the grove local favorite dani pedrosa isn't taking part in the spine of the still recovering from surgery fracture in his right shoulder at the french grand prix last month paul supersymmetry was involved in that controversial crash which prompted the spate of
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death threats from spanish bonds however the italian seems to be unfocused. maybe a bit i didn't experience gives a good position because a k.z. was. very fast for you know every session more faster than me and those. first part of the qualifying to be we had some problem with we disappeared and in the last part we found a good supply. golf now in sweden alexander noren still leads the wales open by a single shot of the high winds help produce a dramatic day of third round action at celtic manor landing champion graeme mcdowell had the biggest fall fought double bogeys in his eighty one and saw him drop from second to a share of thirty third place eleven strokes off the lead and equally his worst ever round on the european tour but scandinavian golfers lead the way sweden's peter hansen is joint second after recovering to early bogeys it was good to speak
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to under sixty nine he's tied at seven under with denmark and his hansen sixty six was the best round of the day almost hitting an albatross of the eighteenth. overnight the good rallied from three bogeys with four birdies back nine to go back to the top level par seventy one and a one straight lead going into the final round. and finally it's worth having another look at steve stricker is holding on in the second round at the morial tournament in ohio the american followed up his first round of sixty eight the sixty seven and this sweet six iron shot pass three eight for the poor fly one hundred eighty eight yards and right into the cup it was the second time in his career the hole and helped him to a three shot lead as well as a new car. and that's often the sports their skill.
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wealthy british style the sun. sometimes that's right.


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