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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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each began a journey. where did it take them. to . bring you the latest in science and technology from. the future covered. just join the silver watch this is our t.v. life here in moscow top stories. a major u.s. bank allegedly loses a billion dollar investment from libya's sovereign wealth fund goldman sachs is one of the banks blamed for the recent economic crisis putting the financial worries of the american living people in the same guns. in libya nato helicopters have hit the first targets attacking colonel gadhafi forces near the port city of brega russia's foreign minister slammed the coalition's actions say it's a signal ground operations in the country. a huge fire which has been raging for
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more than a day and destroyed an ammunition depot in central russia has been put out there are still occasionally explosions and the number injured in the incident is nearing ninety. also reporting this hour hundreds of people don't see the jefferson memorial in washington d.c. claiming to holding their first amendment rights similar action last week led to by the arrests. attempting to take a moment with more news in the thirty minutes from now in the meantime it's an interview show spotlights has relations war between russia and america post elegant all been his guests discuss what this could mean a day to day life and not just in the world of politics. hello again and welcome to spotlight play until we show our team i'll be you know
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when today we'll speak about one of the most important issues international relations u.s. russia. russia is a bit too and says a double e.t.l. now has a vital support from you that it can strengthen ties even more washington as every other new these are issues starting this autumn russians will be able to get three year visa but what else do people and businesses want from moscow and washington will be other director of the institute for democracy and cooperation and then you can be going on and the president and c.e.o. of the u.s. russia business council at a round. despite some political spats between moscow and washington the two you are getting closer to the u.s. has agreed to help lay the welcome mat for russia at the w t o. russian travelers and business. dissipating the introduction of the extended every year
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american visas to get iran with no easy times. hello ed hello underneath thank you very much for being with us on the show and first of all i wanted to to hear you comment on something that we hear through the grapevine these days about michael mcfaul after probably moving to moscow as the new american ambassador should we expect something from him from this and how problem is it won't you say. well it's a rumor i think she really. but maybe we can speculate on the basis of the rumor. michael mcfaul is. someone who is known to be close to president obama he is a scholar on that russia is an expert field he's worked very closely with the members
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of the ministration spent some time also working with people on capitol hill so i think he something that this is true and assuming that he is confirmed. then i think he would be a very good representative and in no way reflects negatively on colonel bass or master marley who has the highest reputation here in russia i know and also in the united states and we would hope i would hope that this is true that he would remain in some form or another involved with. with the u.s. russia relations in an official capacity or an unofficial one either way and. is one of the main architects of the new bama procedure was russia when i messed around. with the video and i put a we happened to be on the plane together but mike for hope you used to greet you good things. he wanted to sleep i said no no you have to share with me
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a glass of champagne at least it's good. yeah really unfortunate for an american to say to to to meet and he revealed i want to play. a team that wants a special letter from president obama to president made ready. to he told me that he was the daughter over this phrase riseth here he wrote that for biden at least right here that he was very active and she was very supportive to the poor with bill frist said. actually here was i think the rector of carnegie. endowment here in moscow i'm going to is it true that the speculation that that they decided to to send a new investigator are after generally. became a hero of that wiki leaks well. i think this is these things are nothing to write
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something right something i don't think so by the way some other owners in washington and new york that night but not for his living there administration and returning back to stanford. but there's also the rumor but now it is nor realistic might be that he really going to be. a very and russia because otherwise might be he put. you know i don't know. but traditionally you country keep your tenure ship in university for longer than for some years and might be there was an option either to go back to stanford or to get a promotion and take him the promotion and i would agree with you that it's generally is a very good master and doing a really good job in one of his latest statements is
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a matter of fact made russians very happy he said that probably we are very close to green are now three years these are for americans and for russians going to the united states do you think that there if we decide really to to to to be able to grant three year visas from people that this is a real step to these are free regime well can we imagine that these are free with united states well to go back to work you said earlier now it was officially announced that the overall summit on that with may get a visit there. that there will be some agreement on visas they're working out they didn't give a time for when it would actually be adopted but yes the visa free visa three year visas multiple entry for business from interests and twelve months for officials which is a huge step forward. you know what's that's that's progress enough that makes it considerably easier for people to do business or for people to come
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visit russia or in the other direction. i think it's probably too soon to talk about a visa free regime this is progress very substantial progress and i think. it . symbolizes the progress that we've made under the the new relationship the reset if you will and really on the other hand the swiss speaking about its. easing easing the visa regime will be ended and last year was a record a rejection. i mean visas to russians i have information that early this spring seventy percent of the russian students applications were rejected so the states how does this add up to two to turkey the president talking about i got free travel and the embassies that are rejecting and i realize you can turn in three
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applications. it's very strange because you know recently i read. a very interesting article concerning. the level of unemployment in universe and practically no economy is at the same level as prior to crisis but now fewer people are producing the tomorrow and as they produced earlier then that's why it's a problem what to do with the people undergone some proposals was the proposal that not good americans must is all this restrict. it's a limitation you know to bring the new tourists to create new industries and to make people busier our little boys and students experience the same kind of course we'll get to getting visas to grow sure. maybe i could answer that here we have to ask to begin the foreign ministry. and then we can as you can. see that
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in prior years very large numbers of russians have gone to the us students on temporary work visas and they work in seasonal resorts iras where there is a shortage or had been a shortage of of labor service personnel during certain peak seasons and the summer is one of them. so if this seventy percent reduction may be off of a very high base for that particular category of visa i don't know i'm not familiar with it. there very has never been the same kind of flow in the other direction and and in part because russia doesn't offer a temporary work regime for american students. and in part because it's very expensive to come to russia on a student budget. very light blue or the combination of both both and visa itself of course is this is a good continues to be
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a very strange city for us the most the most expensive so i don't think you did it all wrong there are still look no i don't think it's the brink that's it's number three according to the ratings by a number three it used to be number one and is that what you know if you're tourists in the heat of london that's not going to go kill yeah you know someone who the funny thing is that the russian crewmate when we first hear the most who's the most expensive it was like oh that's that's a great achievement we were the first in space and we'll expect with the first the blues the expensive things hundred. is there a well actually ted has said that that this three year visa is very good in itself i mean n.p.t. said something like enough is enough but i saw what what what i know your point of view do you think we can we can expect a visa free regime with the states in our lifetime because because i think i feel
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that that we are moving to a visa free will show begins no good can we expect to say what is the i think another shop around no sorry i'm socially a relation is we're closer here because you know if we solve the problem with europeans and i believe it will be a pave the way for a visit for him with the united states might be some time. in the long run one where you surplus to misting because because of the tradition in our relations or because we because of the present state of relations. you know i don't i we have to wait for the outcome of the elections in both countries might be might be there is a kind of. suspicious approach on bill for the american public and orders the whole of the russia. or answer it's based on the number of
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people who receive visas who come to the united states and overstayed their visa and it's it's not directed at russia and there are other countries that also. have a higher rejection rate and it's because of the history of losing so many people of us through our status it's very easy to come to the u.s. so easy to find work here and it's a very open culture through to immigrants so that when someone shows up it's not it's if it's relatively easy to become integrated and not already got some twelve million illegal residents it's things are changing you know i wanted to mention here that's because this is the program of immigration there is the problem of unemployed money. for the what those discussions were to do with the mexican border say underneath me a good idea and direct to the institute for democracy incarceration and bad road and the president and c.e.o. of the u.s. russian business spotlight it will be that should lead to
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a short break stay with them though. and one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph minster at university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a mouse. on all the main risk issues prosthetic and ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are verkin for the produces side and only five percent. reading again you mean the independent. there is not a lot of science that says transgenic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is
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a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if a trench genic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population you don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states or legislatures out there will devote all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what can be more important when deciding on the feminine genetic future of life on earth. are. hungry for the full sleep we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. welcome back to the spotlight i'm older not even just a reminder my guests in the studio today are and really can we get i know that rex
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you are the institute for democracy incorporation and add to the row now the president and c.e.o. of the u.s. for russia business council gentlemen we've started talking about these as and this is a pretty new issue in russian relations to the. visa facilitation probably even moving to a visa free regime that presidents respective countries that talks about it in france recently no i want to change the subject and talk about something very symbolic something very historic and russian very cruel ations the jackson vatican really told journalists who interview people like yours that the general asked one of the jackson very congreve and the and the only one you know would ever be lifted into the answer the answer is never i think so but i'll still ask the question maybe i'll use something else add. a year very disappointed because it will be left of. christmas and when you. come one is never going.
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to mistake that we may see that. lifted within. a day but but soon and maybe that's by the end of this year the administration has made it very clear this administration which is the third administration consecutive leave it is that his pledge to remove jacksonville record making efforts necessary to get congress to do that i think that this year it will do so it has publicly said that it supports it and when vice president biden was here in moscow in march he said that he personally would be leading the administration's efforts in congress to get it lifted. and it's both because that war is no longer relevant it's an anachronism and i think out of respect for our own legal traditions we should remove laws for the books that are no longer valid but also because it has
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a very will have or would have a very material impact on american business interests. when russia gets into the w.t. you know if we haven't lifted it we could be told that we fully mean joining the media and having the this was true it was in stark. sure from having the most favored nation status of all the other members of the w t o but it would mean that we the united states would not be able to extend that to russia because of really russia would have no obligation to extend m.f. and status to us if it chose not to you go thermonuclear studio engineer we been talking about the jackson relic remains very think you were you one of the various you said that there let's leave it to the americans because because it's in their interest first of all their money now is it's not as discriminated today it's the american business discriminated the how you do you think this is the reason why they finally want to have that i think as a representative of american business community. in
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a way american russian business community here was absolutely correct of course or from drowning to your american companies would like to work in russia market under similar well as european or asian comp and i understand so of course it's but i don't think i can say that this is only their interest or our interest it's received. it of. the interest of both countries i think the to repeal this amendment and know that you know there were hundreds of six but i think because all presidents are suspending every year the. owner of this certify compliance yes but this is a rather symbolic you don't know if can have a symbolic effect it will show that our countries are moving in the right direction
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and. a word that came from from the real in every. way the rumor we heard maybe not even rude it's a fact that the g eight wants the talks on the russian entry into the job we do you know. pleated by the end of this year how good are the chances that is going to have it will you think. well i'm an optimist by profession. so i'm going to say that i think is a very good chance that it will be done. by the end of the year the russians are saying that they think that their vision complete their their package or their negotiations by july. they met on. tuesday and have decided now that there be another meeting of the working group on july twenty third so will be looking forward to that should be a day when russia would be able to say well we've comply i'm not such an optimist that i think that will be the case i think it's going to it's going to go into them
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before but it's a question of russia doing some things that it has to do it has to harmonize its customs schedules with the other members of the customs union which it still hasn't done and with the international customs code and there are many many lines of customs code that have yet to be fully harmonized it also has to clarify for the members of the working group what its own internal procedures are for addressing disagreements or misunderstandings or go or simply ambiguity is in the in the custom adjudication of customs cases that's the that's the russian side it's a result of having announced the customs union when negotiations had already gotten very far ahead so can it be done yes another issue though and it should be clear there are some outstanding. disagreements or outstanding areas involving
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intellectual property rights sanitary fetus sanitary standards in crippen. trade related investment measures and other things and that it's clear everybody wants russia into their b.t.o. and both president obama said it when he was sitting next to president b. . even though we want the man but that doesn't mean that we are not pushing hard to make sure that russia complies fully with the standards of the day and it intends to force we just mentioned it a number of particles to to to to to finalizing the talks of russia's special to don't we feel good many russians are sure that the main obstacle is judea is going through and really. georgia is an obstacle but. i think verster knobs are a bit. disappointed to the behavior of georgian government because they are putting not economic problems but political problems as
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a precondition for. agreeing to. russia's joining of double up to. try to include a lot of ones that might be we can join you one would have a concept of georgia because the charter of the appeal gives an opportunity if only one country is again you can ignore. what you think. this is my next question is the obstacle will be i don't like this people who washington to convince georgia to to stop the right issue through. my. understanding of the u.s. position is that. the session is by. by consensus and it is unanimous. well i still think that it's possible but we'll see for you
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but you know that it is possible if only one country is again you can join overlook you at least i read that. i know that. i think either of these are images as they were the interpretation. of those of the american dream and which governs that for sr. you know it's it's up to russia and georgia to come to some understanding. of the swiss have appointed someone as a as a mediator and we hope to with that some sort of. arrangements can can be made president obama said there will be he personally or was said by his advisor that president obama was very much involved in these discussions so you have the we have an interest we see. we want russia in a very insecure and and we may have some influence with with with the georgian government but it would be a mistake i think to assume that you know we just clicked our fingers and made what
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we asked for i don't think that's true the russian foreign minister said that russia is this advantage today because because we are following the w t o rules but we're not getting the advantages because we're not yet members maybe and really maybe we should start following the rules until after we become members oh yes i think that was. is that was you know that. certainly is not me that was the reason to worry here if you remember once. let's join the. three countries to give the customs union. because i remember the journalist well the clarke meeting would push and he said listen we are negotiating for seventeen years we have. sick and tired of these negotiations that's why my dear we need to advance our
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cooperation with our neighbors and solve our own problems and lived alone or at least might be there is a necessity for other partners who are ripe. to be more positive in a sense of russia's social and celebrity or we were when i said are we waiting for the relations actions that can be said now does that mean that you gentlemen think that that that the upcoming elections both in russia and in the united states are not going to really influence influence the the relations between the countries very short yes or no. range depending on the outcome yes yes it will be hard on playing a. serious partner you thing. it's true and the trend is strong i think the last year or so the mid-term elections i just made the comment
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independently of what we've grown when in the us there is no alternative to this research poll with. i mean i think we've achieved considerable progress on the research and we've signed the new start agreement that's that's of if it were only for that i would say that this is been a great success other things like. the the the northern corridor for resupplying other nato efforts in afghanistan very significant very important with that change i don't think so but some other parts of the relationship probably could general thank you thank you very much just a reminder that my guest on the show today we're going to need treatment young director of the institute for democracy incorporation and edward road the president and c.e.o. of the u.s. russia business cards that's it for now spotlight moving back with more for their comments on what's going on in and outside russia and so game player i've seen him say kate. thank you.
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