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in ski hotels. in the region country club so boring sure to find this piece of the first earth look oh sure can pinsky swiss or chill clothes in the hold built in let me let's go golden couple boutique hotel. the week's top stories from the hot seat and former general radko blockage calls the genocide charges against him and the monstrous possibly of fines that extraditing him to the hague is not the fast track into the e.u. did it have hope for. missile helicopters overall into libya as a sky as a nato aims to break months of deadlock it's sparking fears that a ground invasion may already be in the works in. spain and blames of curlin for pushing it to the brink of balance why approach early accusing it of starting the deadly e. coli outbreak investigators are now homing in on a german restaurant. with
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r.t. as we highlight the week's stories that made headlines i'm a rule research a welcome to the program now serbia has asked the hague to question the former general about it she was accused of genocide as a potential witness and their own investigation into what happened in the balkan this conflict let it shift here to the war crimes court for the first time this week calling the charges against him monstrous and up not just the former bosnian serb army chief has been indicted on i love doing other stuff war crimes including the murder of eight thousand muslims outstretched and it's up next police hearing will take place now in a month child been on the run for sixteen years and was arrested in serbia just over a week ago his extradition was touted by the e.u. as a key objective of the countries of membership but as artie's caterina. reports the
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e.u. dream doesn't appear to be any closer. still waiting for the green light service arrests an extradition of former bosnian serb army chief on luggage was one of the key conditions for a chance to get one foot in the european union's door a potential membership could mean billions of dollars worth of grant aid and for struggling serbia it's a lifeline but what two official belgrade is a step closer to the e.u. is actually no step at all and they go security issues this is very big news this is a very courageous decision by the serbian president this is one additional step for the answer gratian of serbia into the european union one day is really i know go there so that is your. other steps remain to be taken your right to say to the rest of the political chief of croatian serbs gurn had d.h. is still in hiding electro legislation with engagement in regional cooperation with
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neighbors preserving president gore's targets there is no task too challenging to take on in the quest for e.u. membership. in the next few weeks. this is crystal clear that serbia is a fool for getting all the patients a lot of patients prepared to jump through yet another year of hope most wonder if the list of conditions were ever and so now we have gotten harder each one of the serb leaders from the sort of crying i am so worn for a show and then all of course some of the officers are also talking about the fact that. serbia has to recognize the fact the recognize the from province of course civil before it can really get into the e.u. so for somebody else is talking about the fact that serbia is very corrupt really as long as the trees in power. and his party the list of demands will be endless
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so is the union stoning and opening its doors to serbia are its condition simply a way of angling for more control in the region i think there are very few illusions people in serbia the thing that there will not be a great deal many important conditions and probably won't be as important as the establishment's of relations with cost of all will the whole point about making new conditions probably won't stop recently still serbia hopes its copper ation will be rewarded and continues to beat a path to the e.u. or the officers of the e.u. delegation to serbia proudly display the flags of all of their member states and serbia really wants to join the group but the list of conditions for possible accession seems to be neverending and for official belgrade membership this is always visible and always out of reach catherine r r t belgrade serbia.
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balkans export market glasses draws parallels between the hague tribunal and guantanamo bay with us a danger of the emotion of winning out over. but the tribunal doesn't need him to. actually engage with his own defense to trial you'll need. to be sitting there for symbolic reasons he's sitting there the odium of the world is focused on him all the accusations are the wall of noise is against it because this tribunal you should remember is not a court it is a tribunals with all the dubious ad hoc quasi legal procedures that that involves it's the one time in most of europe where people are held for years without trial waiting for trial when their when their word is known in advance in fact is even worse than the guantanamo bay of europe because at least they're in the ground some of the judges know what the rules are at the hague tribunal this can report the rules are worked out as they go along and always at the expense of the serbs. but elsewhere the killing of civilians is going punished as we report
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later this hour here are two polish soldiers have been cleared over the killing of innocent afghans including children due to a lack of evidence to support a war crimes case also. just a few days left before a glass stuff in the soyuz is headed to the launch pad for final preparations here at the back of our cars went down. with r.t. live from moscow now it's been an eventful week in libya with nato intensifying its controversial bombing campaign the coalition voting to extend its intervention in the north african country now the un accuses a colonel qadhafi of war crimes would have the rebels are guilty of similar abuses . france are deployed low flying combat helicopters to the country the move has brought operations closer to the ground complete concerns over an imminent land based offensive and as russia's foreign minister pushing the boundaries of the un
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that mandate in libya may lead to future resolutions of them losing their impact. and we expressed our opinion over this escalation of the military operation we think what's happening is a shift towards a ground operation this would be very regretful because the violations of the security council resolution already taking place i'm old enough to think about the gadgets used towards us decisions. but nato had hoped for a quick fire result in libya but that never happened and he. says that means it could only lead to plan b. but bombing of the regime into submission. if the us is getting worse for the west in libya i think when they first thought they could kind of swoop in two months ago and basically bomb the country into the move into democracy they thought this was going to be quite a quick process where they could basically keep their hound you know keep a bit of a distance hold ones into libya get rid of gadhafi and then everything will be all
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right no obviously that isn't the case and the introduction of these new bunker busting forms from the apache helicopters are inevitably going to make this is you could bring about a billion casualties in libya and i think also reek of desperation maybe making a lot of noise and for a lot of very expensive bombs over the last couple of months but actually they've done very little well they've ripped the democratic initiative from the libyan people and taken it into the hands of a small elite of western leaders. powers nato is intervention in libya drags on without breakthrough colonel gadhafi is tactics have taken a dark turn his loyalists have begun using cluster bombs these are bound weapons that dispersed and many mines which stay active for decades as artie's and so forth reports it's embarrassing for spain because the supply traces back to them people other countries been banging the anti war drum for years. just one strike it cost
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the bomb can spread thousands of smaller explosives over wide areas either into populated areas if they were in misrata recently they always guarantee civilian deaths all of the many reasons more than one hundred countries have fans their production and markings on the shells found in the libyan city belong to a spanish company in school hours and there were arms that one twenty s that are prohibited that were purchased by the last three that were used against the residential areas in these other and they were produced by a spanish company and financed by spanish banks it is how did the forces come to acquire spanish made arms in two thousand and seven hours and made the most of the lifting of arms against libya as the tripoli regime fell back into favor with the west. spanish company won a contract to supply get out these forces with their cluster missions until two
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thousand and eight when spain signed up to the international convention banning their use. with libya now once again the enemy spain is part of nato finds itself fighting a regime that it itself helped to arm and the trail goes back much further the spanish banks which provided the financial firepower to instill laws and to make their deadly weapons of war who want to sabrina's lean forward use this as kind of a way to illustrate what the interest between a bank. civilians are conflicts without legislation the means of direct connection between civilian deaths the weapon produces and the banks that finance them and their food to the banks customers bernsen looks really transparent about what they are using the savings savers money for so it's not easy to find a recent report by spanish and. revealed that as many as fourteen banks in stay
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with funding weapons produces the v.a. is the spanish bank this being most active in financing producers of controversial weapons and it's exactly this kind of large scale financing they complain is now trying to rein in pushing for the development of all right first policies to ensure the banks are held accountable many of the banks named in the investigation are now coming forward to say their policies on funding arms production are to change with or without legislation but until that happens in the murky world of arms production wall is a profitable business sarah firth artsy iterates. a military court in warsaw has cleared for seven nato soldiers of an attack on an afghan village which killed several civilians including children four years ago the charges were dismissed over a lack of evidence soldiers blamed faulty weapons but afghans insists there's no excuse for innocent deaths. civilians killed and nato soldiers go
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free the same old story in afghanistan the threats and for a moment to be different polish soldiers were put on trial for deaths including a pregnant woman and a child. on the sixteenth of august two thousand and seven water shells that were fired by polish troops hit the afghan villages. as a result six people were killed and three were severely wounded but the soldiers were cleared of all charges one of the accused told r.t. it's all been a big mistake we didn't see because. we were accidents the sidespin was because. it was. something. we thought a grenade mell functioned taliban target by five hundred metres claims
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a shit ski but prosecutors alleged it was revenge for a roadside bomb which killed another polish soldier earlier in the day experts say it's unlikely anything could go so catastrophic leigh wrong this is not a logical. or could not make such a serious error with such a large distance the question is did it is safe and fire themselves or did they receive this command from above but there is no doubt they were shooting at the village not the nearby hills the defendant commanders ordered the attack and these should be the one standing trial back to the conflict continues civilian deaths from nato bombing or inevitable and will only rise and of the longer the war goes on and the war situation is so the answer is i think quite simple to withdraw troops from afghanistan beginning of any process of the opposition of this country because their troops western troops doesn't bring stability. it's done just the
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opposite as the death toll goes up on both saw its support from the mission. a majority in europe say opinion polls now think the conflicts going in the wrong direction. this was already unpopular in the e.u. there's the hundred billion euro because while services are being called. the sides of our boys coming back in coffins is even worse leaving with this the civilians on punished the weakens the case sustain afghanistan even the afghan president's turning against nato after the latest fourteen civilians were killed how many cause delivered his strongest words yet giving a final warning and threatening war if it happens again don't you push your party. with r.t. live from moscow now we look at the lingering effect of a serving of the front line in just a few minutes here r.t. american veterans who return from conflicts around the world to hear how they're
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handling the post trauma that's now lighting their lives. in the closing in on the mastermind a chechen fugitive is charged with murdering top russian human rights journalist anna politkovskaya which could help police discover who ordered the killing. now in germany restaurants are being investigated as the possible source of a deadly e. coli outbreak in europe germany had claimed spanish cucumbers that contained a mutated form with a variant of bacteria which is so far killed nineteen people. now reports on how the accusation is costing spain here. some cucumbers kill that much is clear and it's also become apparent that although germany blamed spain as the source of the code it's not that's costing innocent spanish fruit and vegetable export is around two hundred million euros a week and it will but all the obvious statement sure an absolute responsibility
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what is happening today is a check made to the spanish vegetable and fruit industry. calling the european health watchdog discredited russia says it had no choice but to all three thousand vegetable imports from the entire european union a reaction brussels called disproportionate. our colleagues from the european commission say russia's decision goes against the spirit of the w.c. oh frankly i don't know about that but the cucumbers the people of aden that's not the kind of thing that raises your spirit. it's a very delicate time for the spanish economy which is teetering on the edge of needing an e.u. bailout this is decidedly not a good moment for one hundred fifty thousand tons of produce to go unsold. because. all.
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cannot all cynics say all this is just the media whipping up its latest health hysteria in two thousand and five the united nations warned the world that bird flu could kill up to one hundred fifty million people in reality seven years until the end of two thousand and ten saw three hundred three people die more recently swine flu was the killer encouraged by pharmaceutical companies to european countries spend billions of dollars on unnecessary vaccines probably will see soon behind all of this. orange pharmaceutical industry like they did with the swine flu they have something to protect people against. screen. across europe all these health scares adversely affected economies this looks no different and germany's baseless accusations may be what finally pushes spain into
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bailout territory spain will now seek reparations from the relevance or storage sees it. after its prime minister criticize the european commission for not supporting the country enough particularly after the infection was proven not to have come from spanish cucumbers spain has a tightened task ahead of its repairing its reputation as a reliable exports or a freesat in vegetables all over the you position essential to its ailing economy nor at its hour to brussels. where you can post your thoughts on the stories we're covering just by heading to our t.v. dot com news and analysis updated every minute here's what's their future stop right now smartphone careless and with confidentiality millions trust their devices with private data but one firm says it can look at the treasure trove and selling your info for fifty feet. and the devastating blow to several if you would use an essential russian republic and i mean disaster the night sky details and video
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are dot com. also this week russian prosecutors charged with murdering a prominent russian journalist of course in two thousand and six officials say they have enough evidence to prove the thirty seven year old has pulled the trigger to use or peter out of a report on how police are one step closer to finding out who ordered the killing. this is the man investigators say fired the shots which killed anna politkovskaya. mood of had been the subject of a wide ranging manhunt after spending years on the run in belgium he was arrested by police in his home village in chechnya on tuesday and later charged with a murder. the rest was carried out with the help of belgian police who had been hiding for several years we've been in constant contact with them and it was this
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cooperation that helped us capture the suspect belgian police triggered the manhunt and marc rudolph was forced to leave the country investigators are currently questioning him in connection with the murder of anna politkovskaya mahmood of two brothers along with a former police officer who were acquitted of the murder in two thousand and nine cutin lack of evidence but the russian supreme court no verdict and ordered the investigation reopened. son told me the family hopes this arrest will bring them closer to finding out who killed his mother of course it's a very important step but we have to wait and see if. it will be proved but even that is not enough we have no clue who the mastermind of the murder is nor the organizers it's a significant part of the journey but it's certainly not the end and internationally renowned journalist anna politkovskaya was shot dead in october two thousand and six as she returned home she was famous for her investigative work particularly reports into human rights abuses former colleagues believe that due to the close
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family ties of those accused of the murder there will always be some unknowns surrounding the crime as honestly as the point of it's hard to tell how many people are involved we have the three movement of brothers and their uncle he's a criminal boss and could easily be the mastermind of the murder could relatives especially chechens are unlikely to testify against one of. the bullet cause kyra murder isn't the only high profile case to see a recent breakthrough journalist nina or beyond of the things that. along with the conviction of the killers of freelance journalist understand the border and human rights lawyer stanislav michael of charlotte these type of murders to get solved in today's russia this is definitely a landmark victory in the slides against impunity and journalist murders not just strongly but also for the rights defenders lawyers. and we see that as there is significant step forward. mood of currently in moscow where
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his lawyers are preparing his defense while for the family and friends have been a part of their long wait for justice continues peace rollover r.t. moscow. you are watching the weekly here are to see how they are greeted like a true heroes with patriotic fanfare cheers on the hope of a new beginning for thousands of u.s. troops coming home from war the transition to civilian life is painfully haunted by traumatic memories is more important about a former soldier who shared her struggle. if that take you to the very much into the infinite world of literature ventures this twenty eight year old ex marine an american who abandoned her weapon for written words to tell a story she says is kept censored from u.s. citizens even though people may know that it affects us i don't think that they understand the weight. of the call that it takes us and seeing the facts or.
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the literal facts of the bodies that were made. jessica could dels memoir of shade it black details a traumatic and human account of war in two thousand and four spent eight months in iraq collecting cataloging bagging and boxing the bodies of dead marines at the mortuary affairs unit and experience no u.s. president who's declared war has ever endured if it was a result of an explosion there could be several body cases so sometimes that would require us to you know crawl under a truck or call in the trucks or just as you mentioned. you know you want to. watch this that you can get back to the families who dealt pieced fallen soldiers back together after receiving body that filled with limbs it's difficult to look at but you have to look at that because you happen to you know put them in their
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respective body bags or send them to the fact that family nearly four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have returned from iraq in caskets more than fifteen hundred flown in from america's other war in afghanistan that was a marine and i think that there for the millions who do make it home alive and many like adults are tourment it by memories post-traumatic stress disorder depression and substance abuse i couldn't leave my apartment you know i didn't have friends i didn't pop to anybody and i suffer from flashbacks and nightmares and i liked. it is a process that i had a really hard to make sense of it more than six years later i tell says she still searching for reasons to justify the damage and death caused by the u.s. war in iraq as a marine she did what she was told as a civilian she questions why u.s. leaders glorify soldiers as heroes but neglect to speak about the consequences of their service i don't know that the government respects the trends because if there
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is the fact that i don't think that they would send us to these places. to carry out what they're asking of us. i don't think that their respect that's there if you like of. declaring war is the prerogative of politicians over the decades us wars have resulted in a reported twenty three million american veterans many left struggling to adjust to life following the battle a shift from fighting enemies to fighting demons or enough forty nine r.t. new york. twenty five minutes past the hour now here in moscow let's get to some of today's world news in print for you and we now are crossed over and check out these live pictures right here on r.t. israeli security forces have reportedly opened fire pro palestinian protesters on
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the syrian front here killed at least four people injured ten demonstrators stormed the border while marking the forty fourth anniversary of the nine hundred sixty seven middle east war soldiers on high alert in anticipation of possible border breaching protests and a military spokesman said they did fire warning shots it comes a few weeks after violence erupted on israel's borders with syria lebanon and gaza leaving at least thirteen dead and one hundred wounded again these are live pictures right here of the syrian israeli border it appears for the meantime that everything is a form of military control. a bomb has blown up a passenger bus in northern pakistan killing six people and wounding eleven others it's the word of the explosives were detonated by remote controlled i want you to admit it the bombing but the most recent attacks have been claimed by the taliban in revenge for the death of osama bin laden. a
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version of the tried and tested soyuz spacecraft has just been towed into position it's really could last off in the next few days it will carry three crew members to the international space station for a six month mission on board mankind's most remote outpost parties only difference is that the eye can or cosmodrome for us. the twenty eighth expedition to the international space station blast off in just under three days from here at the baikonur cosmodrome so far everything is run according to plan very smooth indeed we've got three people heading up into space from here russian cosmonauts sergei volkov japanese astronaut such food and american astronaut mike fossum and with us is mike fossum son he's going to give us a little inside story as to how he spent living and preparing for a space exploration with an astronaut what is it like actually living with an astronaut day in and day out he's just a normal guy you know we were just talking a minute ago about how he seems like
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a nice guy and he really is is really down to earth and i feel like a lot of these guys are they're just they're just due to managed to get this job and i was going to space it's going to what are the things you notice about your dad may comes back from a trip up there where you know he's kind of a macho man and so you know he likes to think that he's going to be ok when he comes back but we'll see because you know they're really weak when they come back will be up there for six months and his muscles will be going to be weak so we'll see if he if you take that wheelchair like so many of the other astronauts do or not thank you so much for talking. all right guys this rocket is being put into position to hold steady upright for the next three days until launch until then we'll be keeping a close eye on the operations seeing how everything is going to make sure that it is smooth sailing for blastoff on june eighth. right there we have a special interview coming up for you in just a few minutes after the week's headlines you're watching the weekly.
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they live not only next to the border of the gulf of egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they're responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones. they are ready to.


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