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some of the world's largest banks being accused of becoming america's biggest long lords so as the foreclosure crisis goes from bad to worse in areas of the west and banks are accused of skirting their duties is the growing great american divide between the house and the have nots. as mainstream media focuses on dominic strauss kahn sexual assault charges we're looking toward the future of the i.m.f. as countries call for an end to the legacy of european leadership. now drones may be a symbol of america's undeclared wars overseas with the capability for the u.s. to kill and spy on people with a remote push of a button but our merican is becoming the next victims of this virtual reality. they
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say there's strength in numbers and it's certainly the case in the nation's capital as a flash mob steps up to the man at the jefferson memorial all in the name of free speech will sit down with adam koch cash he's host of adam vs the man and organizer of this dance dance revolution. good evening it's monday june sixth i'm lauren this are coming to you from here in washington d.c. and you're watching our t.v. so where is the united states heading it's a question everybody seems to be trying to gauge that answer depends on who you ask a recent rasmussen poll for example shows sixty one percent of the political class of voters believe the country is heading in the right direction but when you ask name stream voters seventy eight percent of them disagree. and if you want to see
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an example of what mainstream voters navy experiencing their political elites are not i want to take you to los angeles now this is where tenants are living in squalor and one of the world's largest banks is being accused of being a slum lord it's a journey german rather banking giant deutsche bank in this case but our t.v. shows us how it's just part of a nationwide crisis roach in paris stations cracks in the walls walls growth nouns of trash these are just some of a deplorable conditions that low income families in los angeles are dealing with. at night i have bugs crawling on my arms and on my face and the mice make noise at night and make me lose a lot of sleep make you. dress a garcia is angry over the slum conditions that she and other ranchers have to endure as a result of the ongoing for a closure crisis empty houses have become a sanctuary for squatters and drug dealers foreclose apartment buildings have
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fallen into disrepair as the owners ignore their tenants needs many of those owners the world's biggest banks people coming in here in tears saying that this is a nightmare that they can't sleep. it's affecting their work from l.a. to a walkie to cleveland cities across america are having a tough time getting banks to maintain foreclosed properties one of the biggest culprits maybe torture bank a recent congressional report on the financial crisis could germany's leading bank among the top four banks contributing to america's mortgage mess deutsche bank has proposed on thousands of properties in los angeles and now the city is suing to mend it a bank step up and be a landlord we visited several of the daughter foreclosure properties but tenants were fearful of talking on camera or showing us their apartments. this window has been boarded up as local delinquents have wreaked havoc on this building over the
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last several months it was foreclosed on by toit's bank the notice of eviction is still on the window now this is one of hundreds of buildings which has been foreclosed on over the last several years by george bank which is obviously still in ruins now there is still one tenant living in this rundown building but he can't rely on the bank to fix anything a situation that would likely not be tolerated back home in germany this is not germany however and the bank has passed on the blame claiming they are only a trustee on the mortgage an excuse that does not sit well communities seen their american dream shattered especially after deutsche bank reported three billion dollars in profit just for the first three months of this year and now you've got these big banks are selling our securities to god knows where and nobody cares about the people at the other end ryan bell is a pastor and a community organizer he sees the collapse of the city's neighborhoods on
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a daily basis he believes the foreclosure crisis and the inability to keep x. accountable amounts to a betrayal of the average working american since the height of just one who had nothing european country with their nice homes with swimming pools and i'm getting bit by bit. under pressure from u.s. cities which a bank has begun to repair some of their properties but without much of the announcer of an efficiency but with so many homes still at risk of foreclosure it may be too little too slowly too late in los angeles and i'm wondering the r t. joining me now for more on this topic is timothy he is professor of international economic law at chapman university thanks so much for being with us now before we get into kind of the economic nitty gritty i just i'm curious you know often the debate in this country is framed as republicans versus democrats but
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do you think that is becoming less important than the divide between the haves and the have nots in the united states. i think that is an interesting way to look at it there is a remarkable amount of consensus degree of consensus between republican and democratic elected officials one wouldn't know it by hearing the disagreements let's say on budget issues but the recent budget disputes that almost shut down the federal government were over one hundred thirty nine billion dollars in cuts in a budget that's three to four trillion dollars a year it's it's actually not a huge difference between the two parties and they found consensus as it were i think some of the polls that you've already cited do suggest that there is a big disconnect between the political classes in the united states and the average american who who has not done well both during the recession in this recovery and joblessness is one thing you can point to you know the unemployment rate is nine
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point one percent for americans meanwhile you see corporations that post record profits is the c.e.o. pay go up astronomically and then you see a case like we just saw on that story where americans that are tenants are unable to get their landlord to get rid of bed bugs because their landlord is a bank owned property that is saying it's not our responsibility so kind of again you see the banks kind of get a free pass and just average americans get hurt by this so my question to you is who has been helped by the government more and the recession has it been the haves with the bailouts for a ball straight for example or the have nots because i mean you could argue on the other hand about is that you know a g for example how pensions that you know average americans would have lost entirely if that wasn't about so who do you think really has had been rescued more of the haves and have nots the haves by far and away the federal reserve has thrown several trillion dollars at the largest financial institutions in this country
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through low interest loans but also throughout great purchases of financial last. it's from these large financial institutions and then of course there's the troubled asset relief program which is the federal government's the treasury department's response to the to the financial crisis and you look at all the stimulus for main street combined and it's really just a small fraction of the kind of support that wall street has gotten throughout this crisis we're looking at the most top heavy distribution of wealth and income since before the one nine hundred twenty s. perhaps since the gilded age of the eighty ninety s. and most americans are feeling this pinch you mentioned the fischel unemployment rate is nine point one percent the labor department also measures a wider unemployment underemployment situation which brings in part time workers who would like to get full time work with benefits and are not able to do it brings in discouraged workers who have been unemployed for
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a long time and have given up looking for jobs when you look at the wider unemployment and underemployment figures we're talking about one out of five americans are in that classification and those who haven't lost their jobs of course are certainly worried that they could be losing their jobs. with just another slowdown in the economy so that people then my question for you is that you know we heard that president obama's economic council faith that it is the private sector his job now to take over and create jobs do you buy that is that if ingenuous to say when when the united states government bailed out banks poured money into quantitative easing which thankfully has stayed with bank do you buy that but no and certainly there's a degree for congress in that most americans will feel in their gut that the federal government has come to the rescue for the day but when it comes to creating jobs the federal government's position at this point is that all they can do is give tax incentives for bit for business to hire but that the government will not
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take the lead in creating public jobs programs but in that case the government can do well. i think we should be looking at with the government during the one nine hundred thirty s. during the great depression you know the one nine hundred thirty s. was a decade where we had economic growth but it just wasn't fast enough to soak up the huge numbers of unemployed americans and during that decade the federal government had a civilian conservation corps which employed several million young americans to clear underbrush in the nation's parks and forests they had a works projects administration which again employed millions of adult americans including ronald reagan's father and the work projects administration built roads and bridges and hospitals and airports look wordy airport in new york the triborough bridge and this generation really ever since ronald reagan was president has been this bipartisan consensus that the federal government should not have any problem jobs programs and i don't think it's just a congress that i think is foolish and counterproductive to the efficiency of
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a private sector economy i knew certainly here a lot of talk about the private sector but you don't see the political will for anything even remotely looking like what you're talking about that you think could be a solution i want to thank you know for telling us about here on our team that was kind of have me professor of international economic law at chapman university now while the mainstream media today is focusing on don't extract hons court appearance in a manhattan court that the former head of the international monetary fund of course he was there to put in an innocent plea in the sexual assault of a hotel maid but we're more concerned with what is going to happen to the leadership of the i.m.f. many including the largest emerging economies argue the downfall of d.f.a. should be the end of the legacy of european leaders at the bank r.t. their inability to have more though. it's a change they don't believe in with the former i.m.f. director dominic straws can out of the financial picture they're going to use looking for a suitable replacement and while the current financial situation in europe may
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suggest a new approach is needed to solve the problems by looks of it the i.m.f. will go in the other direction the weight of tradition and also the fact that there has been a long standing between the united states and europe the u.s. will have the world bank and europe has the fund i'm sure the europeans would convince or leading thinkers on the matter that at this juncture you still need someone familiar with the problems. the runner up is the french finance minister christine lagarde and while europeans heal her as one of the strongest economists in the euro zone some remain skeptical about her progress and christine lagarde complex. i think the short run i would expect. more of the same as long as they can sustain us you know greece may be on the edge of default and perhaps even leaving europe so they may not be able to meet but the
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trend is for them to continue to try greece's debt just want to fight spain and portugal are too far ahead and soon to find themselves in a very salacious nation. numbers and asking why must there be you know the help and what happened to promises of fresh faces some at first seem to have very short memories i think that if christine guys get the job i think it will be a betrayal of the i.m.f. . if you remember dominic strauss kahn only a few months ago had said that that there should be a change in the global order specially since india and china over the last four years have been the world's largest economies and it's india and china that have. the world out of the economic slump that it has been in the last few years one of the world's most powerful organizations the international monetary fund has the cowardly terrorists who countries but to plunge them into despair take russia for
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example some say they're going to zation played a crucial role in bringing the default of nine hundred ninety eight which left thousands of people and just brit i remember when the soviet union broke up and and the rest of the g seven prescribed it could not make it by student new russia and it was completely disastrous this complete. of the of the russian economy appetite completely destroyed russia in several ways and i think that's what the i.m.f. has done in several other economies building our greece and as you will be allowed for portugal italy and spain are also on the cards sex scandals broken pledges deepening debt as europe attempts to untangle itself from its fiscal chaos it seems clear that a new approach is vital to stay afloat but the international monetary fund seems to focus more on keeping rising economies out of the picture than in solving the many problems it now faces in r.t. ever more on the i.m.f.
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after d s k earlier i spoke with rush joshi he is founder and president of many capital incorporated now i asked him why it's not just brics countries that are calling for a major change at the i.m.f. it's western analysts such as the economist and the op ed page of the washington post i asked if western analysts are really looking for the brics to have more power or if this is about something else that. what all this amounts to is this you know the us is a failed economy but the eurozone has failed and the brics nations have been realizing for quite some time now that are failing a moammar and british and other euro interests while at the most support this global dictatorship that is extremely consequential implications and the entire international financial system you know then why should they be continuing to prop up the global recovery because if you go to the very bare bones of the global economy the brits are the backbone you know they're though the true engine for
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production and even a growth and long term growth potential and at the same time here you very lazing that you have the same dons the international mafia fund you know getting to do all the third world looting and the brics have absolutely zero say state or share in any of this because that's exactly what the i.m.f. if one big winning station you know i have even a remote they continue to participate in this organization is beyond me so why did the brand name really you know ratchet up their role and i am happy it went something else be a better way to go. oh that's a that's a good point you know for the brits only have fourteen to fifteen percent of the voting or opinion share in the i.m.f. but i think in the short run i think you know they realize that some of their success some of their economic growth does to at least a degree hinge upon you know western. western interests because as we know there are some of the largest creditor nations it in the world which is why i think you know i found it interesting how last month you had indian prime minister one of the
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on scene come out and say you know the i.m.f. needs serious reforms we need bretton woods reforms the brics nations deserve a stronger say or stating what happens and it almost immediately a day after probably got a call from geithner or someone he backtracked on his previous statement and said that you know transitions like this take time. and we can basically expect the status quo going for that's roscoe she founder and president of many capital incorporated now drones have been a subject of discussion of contention they become really the symbol of america's undisclosed wars killing civilians sparking protests and countries such as talk is done and in pakistan they've increased at a quick clip compared to past year as at least one hundred eighteen drone strikes occurred last year compared to fifty or so in two thousand and nine and that's just according to media reports we don't really know the firm numbers from the government released them jones are a growing business for defense contractors as they come out with smaller cheaper versions and the pentagon invest more in this technology and right here in the u.s.
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many fear the expansion of spy drones and u.s. air space mean a fear of u.s. drones coming home artie's guy and she can though is going to tell us why. so that when u.s. drone hit the house of this young man in pakistan he lost an eye both legs and three family members. these people are demanding the cia be held responsible for the deaths of their loved ones but to no avail with the use of drones comes a lack of accountability those are being operated by somebody at a command center in langley virginia they're watching it on video on a video screen they're pressing the button they're deciding who lives and who dies and then they go off for a weekend where they have barbecues in their suburban virginia and suburban maryland homes and who pays the price the people who are the victims of the attack is there accountability none whatsoever drones have become the symbol of america's undeclared wars wars that seem to have no state well legal boundaries we've opened
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up a new realm of warfare a new round of breaking international and domestic law. used think pakistan yemen and elsewhere they have killed scores of civilians the former chief counterinsurgency strategist for the u.s. state department has estimated the drone attacks killed fifty non targeted persons for each intended target one of the things the united states kind of pretends is that we are morally superior we are better just able to judge what is good for other people and therefore we are entitled to inflict our judgment on them and that we presume they will be grateful to us for it but that is not what happens ever and it's not what's happening in yemen it's not what's happening in pakistan they are furiously enraged with us washington is looking to increase the funding food room development by seven times over the next ten years a large part of that will go through the worst on on surveillance drones the u.s.
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has for years been using them in another of its undeclared wars against drug traffickers in mexico the mexican government allows us. spy planes this spy public discontent there's a lot of concern that the use of these drones by the us government has more to do with u.s. control over mexican territory erik's will be going out to the drug lords and winning the drug war while issues of international law and sovereignty trigger little interest among americans the prospect of having surveillance drones spying all across the us itself surely the us you asked police agencies are asking for drones for domestic surveillance raising alarm among those who think that could be the end of american freedoms especially when you look at constitutional activities like free speech activities are going to be hovering over crowds that are merely maybe protesting the war protesting some are governmental act and they'll be chilling free speech should roll be equipped with some sort of weapon so some
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people are saying lasers will be able to only should who are advocating against the government they've already been used in some instances in the united states and in two thousand and seven protesters in washington d.c. noticed small objects falling over here that look like dragonflies turned out they were robo flies but what about a printed on a surveillance devices as america continues developing this play station mentality to killing at intelligence gathering in pakistan people leave in fear that it may be time they could become a target in some ways deadly video game and maybe theory but you last hear that with the rapid expansion of spy drones over their own territory they could one day wake up in an alternate police state i'm going to check our reporting from our to our team. now a lot of reports about the expansion of spy drone use domestically but currently according to reports the f.a.a. which regulates this is relatively tight and restrictive on the use of drones domestically but that's expected to change by two thousand and thirteen and those
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rules are expected to be expanded dramatically so that it becomes much easier for all law enforcement to use these drones flying a four hundred degrees at four hundred feet rather which a virtually in can't see and i asked earlier radio host alex jones if he sees this as a problem here's what he had to say. well it is a problem and they're already doing it in texas florida you name it the local police are they just call it testing so as long as it's testing in research under federal grants they do it there are drones in last six years all over houston drones. in the state police have right here where i live i've i've seen a police trunk fly by my house and a week later saw on the news that they had been testing it one night i got home late at night saw another small brown fly by at three in the morning from working late and a few weeks later indeed they were testing a drowned going back eight years ago they tethered over most us cities in one hundred thousand feet giant homeland security blanch that are out of the sight of
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most people but with telescopes folks have picked them up there on me and with a solar power on the top of propeller driven and it's a lot cheaper than satellites and they're also using the cold war spy satellites admittedly now as to surveil the american people local police are getting access to that to harass farmers and people that build a barn on authorized in this once for nation but really this is a terminator style skynet ant but it's not machine from the future running it it's the pentagon and mit and others in the seventies wrote about by two thousand and twelve funny that they projected that if they wanted to have almost the entire military system the tanks the soldiers all of it could be things like swards battle robots they've been using for six years at least of the eight year war in iraq and so this this takes the human element out for now it's humans piloting them like it's
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a video game killing people and it's ok to kill fifty innocent for every person they claim is a terrorist their own sovereign nation so it's a global government skynet and that's why they're trying to convert the entire military over to drones and robots that was going on with us every. alex jones on that now maybe you have seen adam kind of catch the host of adam versus the man broadcasting here on our team america his show that seven just a lot of the news or maybe you've seen him at the jefferson memorial dancing yes dancing in protest of a recent court ruling that banned it and after getting arrested last weekend for exercising what he considers his freedom of expression he helped organize a larger group over the weekend to make the point again and this time there were no wrath he's here with the studio to tell us all about it for more and joining us now is adam cash well you know it's almost deeper than freedom of expression even when the government says in a place you are entirely legally entitled to be that you can't dance because it's
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not disturbing anybody to say that the government has somehow the right to impose some legal definition of dancing which by the way doesn't exist and say that they have the right to regulate your own control of your own body and then body slam you troth you knew you in the ribs if they don't like your dancing it's pretty absurd so let me ask you this because you don't even let me get a questionnaire. was this victory this weekend i mean as a larger turnout there were no arrests your arrested the previous weekend what do you think changed was a right it's a small symbolic victory in another itself changing the president or changing the law in this case really isn't that significant but the fact that because last weekend five of us stood up in the face of what the police were doing they were actually twenty was there who want to dance only five of us who did two got arrested for swain and then the other three were civil well we're going to dance and see what happens and we got what you saw the video there the incident of police brutality but this time we had fifty come in saying we're going to stand up to this
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we're going to put up with this and we're going to assert our rights and we are engaged in civil disobedience and say if with peaceful noncompliance to the orders of these officers to what they want to do we are we are going to assert our rights to get arrested there i'm older it because the risk. so many of us and that was a thing that was what really demonstrated not only that did we reveal that the true nature of the police force in this country is that it doesn't exist to keep you safe from terrorists or from criminals or even to provide for the public safety or anything like that those are sort of ex post facto justification for the real purpose of the police force which is to raise revenue for the government to control population but what we demonstrated this past saturday june fourth the anniversary of ted and square incidentally is that if enough americans stand together to good as good people peacefully disobeying bad laws we can assert our rights and that's what we did but in the past i mean there's been large protests and people have been arrested on mass you know or are taken away or detained so i mean you think i
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cannot press that they got after your video went viral of your arrest i think might have had something to do with it but i'm going to speculate as to you know what goes on in the minds of police officers i think they were very careful because they knew at that point the whole world was watching and literally dancing with us and this is the cool thing about those of us who are arrested the five of us are so we can make in a simple stance a wall we're going to back into it again we inspired people in thirty four cities in twenty two states and in america to hold solidarity events and civil disobedience of local and in ordinances some simply dance and solitary solidarity and there were solidarity events in twenty seven different countries when you heard of this on a show last week we only had six that we knew of and we found over the weekend we missed all these others so we're going to be covering that tonight on the show we've got a new world map of all the places where this obedience parties were held in solidarity with us if you care that audience you need to watch out and show to see that is that we're not going to fall over time for the full rundown right here but i want to ask you you know you said that this isn't about changing a law and you know and i we've seen lots of protests that haven't gone as far as to
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actually like result in changing of the law or putting that kind of pressure on at least that i've seen in the united states in recent years i haven't really seen much of that so what really is the goal what's next well i think this is where the american people file or so to put our feet down literally because you can't do anything about the debt or the deficit. you can't vote for the constitution to be restored you can demand in protest for politicians and the police state to start respecting your rights but when it we come to the wall and there's nothing else we can do at least we can dance and say we're going to come together and it brought people from from so many different political ideologies to us who will dance for our rights they will stand up here and i think there's there are a lot of good things come out of this because there are a lot more unjust laws that need to be disobeyed what next they're going to be very we're going to be dancing someone asked where are you going to be you know what i don't even a lot of you want to ask the revolution a lot of people have been asking you know what what's next out of this you know civil disobedience is now an international movement starting with ants and the surest way to kill a movement and by the way fox news as it begins has been well fox news actually
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calls on the new dance civil disobedience from fox news call this a national grassroots movement of fox said it must be true that i think dr wright is yours but the surest way to kill the movement is to try to control it and we're making sure that this is really a leaderless movement and people are able to give voice to this as they see fit we just hope that people are inspired by what we're doing so the next thing that i'm working on that i'm organizing or calling for people to do in an act of resistance is something really simple and much more symbolic and that is to simply wear black on independence day and we're calling it take back independence day because if you think everything is hunky dory in america who are your red white and blue and celebrate the illusions of the freedoms that we pretend to enjoy in america but if you want to do something about get it back let's start a conversation about that be the one guy of your event wearing black and tell people why what you would do to make america better is why you are black every day when you do your sound system knowledge to johnny cash i guess all right thanks that was that of our thousand nine hundred eighty adam vs the man broadcast at seven pm not.


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