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the imam firms each of the three billion dollar bailout fund but it's fear of only a line the pockets of former president mubarak supporters egypt and teenage run the country. are gradually gamble america's college we risk find a just one of five will land a job leaving the rest to struggle with deep down in desperation. plus as an international crew of three for paris to blast off in a few hours will meet the man behind the latest mission into orbit. business this could sell its fifty percent stake. to state run in a bid to save its cooperation deal with russia's largest oil producer. and other
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stories in our business bulletin about twenty minutes from the. question are you going to live from moscow nine am here on marina josh welcome to the program international bankers have agreed to rescue the ailing egyptian economy for months after a blacklisting former president mubarak's regime kyra was reeling from the revolution that toppled the leader but the military that once propped up his rule is still running the country polis leader reports and fears the cash will be swallowed up by the same old players. as if the international monetary fund doesn't have enough on its plate it's agreed to loan three billion dollars to cairo and move critics say is absurd this is a bribe with this trying to give to the regime lest the new one lest it
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turns against the west but climbers insisting the money will help stabilize the country's finances especially now with more pike on and the country going through a transitional period but observers say it's the same screen with only slightly different marketing these agreements are being made with conditions transitional governments and least transitional governments have make it coming primarily out of some figures of the old regime they composed primarily because from your regime for example samir radwan the finance minister in egypt has been negotiating this law and was a mubarak appointee obama's promise in cairo a billion dollars more in loan guarantees and on top of that another billion indeed cancellation of french president nicolas sarkozy is committed to g eight to providing up to ten billion dollars in direct aid it's a commitment the west says it's making to help egypt get back on their feet united states and the west are trying to reduce the damage caused by the
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revolutions v our. considerable financial contributions. economy and the perfect ways through the i.m.f. which is heavily influenced by the united states for. many many years the i.m.f. has been considered as an warm of american foreign economic policies this. is unstable. would could be considered is a waste of money on something that is very shaky what's more it comes with particular strings attached. and that the deal could in fact spell trouble for the leaders of egypt. and the little body in worse trouble. a country. so we.
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were equilibration the regime no way. but most egyptians fear was that the money will get used up long before it reaches the pockets believing it's likely to be only a small elite as well as international banks who benefit from the loans the last time the i.m.f. injected a large amount of money into egypt was twenty years ago but since then the number of rejections of living below just two thousand is a day doubled in february this year the i.m.f. praised the will probably sound fiscal management in egypt as far as libya waned it feeds the outlook for the economy remains stable but just days later mubarak was ousted and tripoli was engulfed in and he did duffy demonstrations so it's no surprise of many say the best of the i am it rates the country the closer the country is to having a revolution highlighting just how wrong the organization from the point of c.r.t. to level of often more and the impact of the i.m.f.
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and outs and the strains they are trying to pull in countries economies have fourteen dot com plenty when else is there for you finance watchers tell us how using money as medicine won't help your of the troubles widing the people of egypt or tunisia the details are on our website right now. at the i.m.f. the tension a stretch to struggling economies around the world but also to troubles the whole mess to take over since its former boss had to quit over sex crime claims that everyone's happy about a european will be lined up as has always been the case and there are growing voices that someone from the brics countries or brazil russia india china and south africa should have a go. u.s. is a failed economy the euro zone has failed and the brics nations have been realizing for quite some time now that are failing anglo american british and other euro interests a war at the most support on this global dictatorship that is extremely consequential implications and the entire international financial system you know then why should
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they be continuing to prop up the global recovery because if you go to the very bare bones of the global economy other groups are the backbone that's exactly what the i.m.f. is one big looming station but i think in the short run i think even they realize that some of their success some of their economic growth does to at least a degree hinge upon you know western western interests because as we know there are some of the largest creditor nations in the world i think eventually it's in their best interest to completely break the chains off of this situation and perhaps start their own i.m.f. type fund which better serves their interests but i think in the short run i think they simply can't do it things are just too fragile there claymore on the way including the american students going from diploma to the dell. be the money lead the great job or start a great company or i'm going to be seriously in the hole. qualified but with quite health as america's rising unemployment rate leaves screenings with massive loans
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and nothing to pay them off with. welcome to a little bit of the you know why it was an issue not a cause mourning facility like the one. we tracked the final preflight preparations of three space crew and learn what led them to become obsessed with getting into orbit. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world syria's interior minister is promising a strong response after reports that one hundred twenty policemen to work killed an upcoming battle in the north of the country state t.v. reports the officers came under attack at a talon near the turkish border while responding to reza. calls for protection from armed groups government forces are trying to quell the month long protest against president asif rule which is left over twelve hundred people dead. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says yemen's government should use the absence of its president for
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a peaceful transition of power president saleh flew to saudi arabia for treatment after being wounded in a rocket attack on his power as u.s. officials say he has forty percent burns and is suffering with a collapsed long endured of going protests to try and force the president to step down. bunky moodiness formally put himself forward for a second term in charge of the united nations there's a strong chance he'll secure and other five year term since no other candidates have put their names in the hat mr ban has held the post since two thousand and seven and is already being publicly supported by france and china diplomats expect he's real action by the end of the month. health inspectors are struggling to locate the source of germany's deadly e. coli outbreak weeks after infections began after mistakenly suggesting that spanish cucumbers were likely to blame german authorities then focused on bean sprouts but
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so far labs tests and samples from the organic farm are coming back negative it's how many patients so far as claimed twenty two lives. america's recovery is still far on the horizon something not helped by unemployment creeping back up to over nine percent in may recruitment at its lowest for eight months and that's bad news for those completing college the summer reports are reports on the graduates who forked out for their future a good face a little back for their investment. america is home to the world's most expensive and prestigious universities yet paying for them has created a nation where. majority sign on to lifetime payments of loans probably of like sixty thousand dollars student. over like ninety thousand easy. yes i make you nervous yes that makes me terrified every american graduate is launching into a dwindling job market saddled with at least twenty four thousand dollars in student
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debt the that really led to great charter start a great company are going to be seriously in the hole according to the economic policy institute the us economy currently has one job for every five applicants meanwhile business for bankruptcy attorney and ninety littman is surging half of his clients are unemployed degree holders drowning in debt anyone going to college essentially is gambling once again from an investor's point of view right now the way the dollar is the way inflation is going and the way the job market is a college education just isn't there and not a good return on your money even economics professors on the inside like richard wolfe say enslaving students to banks is a disaster for america's economic viability the future of any country in the world economy these days depends first and foremost on the quality and the quantity of skilled trained young workers and the major institutions that produce that the
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colleges and universities you're pricing them out of being able to do that today by their own mind no longer serves as a guaranteed passport to prosperity for america in the meantime the number of foreigners studying at u.s. colleges and universities has reached record highs according to latest statistics nearly seven hundred thousand international students flown in from all over the world to study in america and the majority are transplanting from america's economic competitor according to the institute of international educate. chinese students studying in the states surged thirty percent in two thousand and nine most foreign families reportedly bypassed financial aid and pay full tuition since nine hundred seventy s. the cost of u.s. colleges and universities has reportedly increased more than nine hundred percent
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while household income rose just one hundred fifty percent what you're seeing is american universities particularly the elite are happier to have foreigners who tend to pay their own way because they come from the very top of those societies and they will forgo the americans who can afford it much in the way anyway according to the pew research center fifty seven percent of americans say college is not worth the price but with a widening workforce of untrained and an educated many wonder what the u.s. economy will eventually be worth bring up morton i.r.t. new york now woring parallels being drawn between president obama's politics towards iran of those of george bush's moves in iraq award winning writer seymour hersh has been following developments for years and next hour he tells r t why it can only lead to death and. if the fear is based on the notion that you know that
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some are iran has the bomb or is going to get a bomb soon that's ridiculous because every bit of evidence they have from their own intelligence community. the people who are bieber go but no there's no weapons there and we've known that for years we've been looking for years after years after years we support of stations program that's designed to stop the punishment is. aimed at stopping the iranians from doing something we know we know they're not doing to me an. analogy between what they're doing with obama's doing with iran is very close to what bush and dick cheney the vice president ben did to iraq that is they they want to punish their. to make a case against iraq i didn't like the politics. so we made a case about nuclear weapons. and in a few minutes on r.t. this argosy stormed its testing of grandmothers a lot of russian woman is going with her son's death by raising children through
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sargant mother a spot now she must prove herself in court. wealthy british. time to. go to. market. why no one should really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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the pain of losing a child is something no parent wants to bear now a russian woman skipping her late son's legacy alive by using his frozen sperm and started mothers but she's battling the courts and society's attitude to be recognized as a guardian off her for baby grandchildren are she's a boy who explains. it was only after fifty seven that the moron just to the true meaning. having her hands full an accomplished scientist a wife of three decades and also a devoted mother now of these roles kept her as busy as she is now her tragedy she became a grandmother only after she'd lost everything else because you know the death of
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my son created a hole in my life that i will never close but the birth of my grandchildren certainly provide some solace is god's gift to me the march son died of cancer three years ago the before his first chemotherapy session doctors conserve his sperm the health of surrogate mothers she sets of twins are brought into the world . the march has been left her her scientific career was going hold yet lamar says they're all trifles compared to do bereavement brought to god by her son's death. and flow of which is fed by grief but it's love none the less three years ago i couldn't imagine myself even smiling let alone laughing or singing songs for the little ones pulled me out of this abyss of despair. but her large family support lamar says she has no financial a parental concerns about raising her grandchildren
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a main problem now is the reluctance of the russian state to recognize her as the martyr of these children and her deceased son as their father. her maher has taken the issue to court with a ruling expected and once the lord believes the law is in their side be absolutely . according to russian law there are no limits on who can become an hearing through the use of surrogates motherhood's of course cases like this one are still very unusual in russia that's why some are destruction overseas or courts officials may be confused and refuse to register children but the law is definitely in our a fever. that mara is the third woman in russia. who used the sperm of her deceased son to continue the family's lineage yet whether it is due to her age or the sheer number of children involved her story a good many russians questioning the aphex of this kind of parenting that you would . take to sides employing mechanics ultimately lead to this very ambiguous
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situation we can really tell the difference between a son and a grandson there are so many orphans in russia so she wanted to be a mother she could have easily realized her maternal instincts i think ultimately it's a very selfish drive to pass through genes no matter what. the camara couldn't care less about societal attitudes too much suffering for the loss of your own with some persuaded her that there is no such thing as too many grandchildren russian law has no age cap for people who are willing to adopt children the only cabinet is that a potential parent could be at least sixteen years older than the child in law muskies this age difference is almost sixty years just doesn't sit easily in a country where most people become parents before they turned thirty they were raising even two kids in more than a handful of the boycott artsy. then a few hours three men will be propelled into work from the remote baikonur
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cosmodrome in castle stand a russian an american and a japanese astronaut have now completed their intense training i just learned the france has been finding out what drives them to the file for and here. it's go time for the crew of expedition twenty eight to the international space station in the final days and hours leading to blastoff it's all come down to one thing for the team quarantine a home mark of any space program. welcome to. you know why is there not a cause for new. questions we have to chance to work out with a chance to explain that. to a great way to get ready to go fly into space. that's right. shooting pool. working out. and playing with their custom made space suits in a fight to retain muscle mass for the six months in zero gravity physical exercise
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occupies a surprising amount of time and it's difficult such. a doctor want to defy new advances in medicine using outer space vall called wanted to follow in his father alexander's footsteps as a cosmonaut but it was a secret senior only found out by flipping through applicant files. and they were i saw a person file with the names to give but it didn't even dawn on me until i flipped the cover page and saw his picture that's my phone completely shocked and dumbfounded i genuinely never expected this to happen i felt very proud but it gave way to worry because i know the space travel was very dangerous i knew i would worry whenever he saw space trips. for mike fossum as an american boy growing up in texas watching the moon landing paved his way to the stars and i remember you know watching that and just my mind just exploding it was some few months later through
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the schools we had a program where you could buy very simple little paperback books and i got to work on the first moon landing and i remember sitting in my bed reading this we're just history about it and i was twelve years old at the time when i pulled out a pen and i wrote inside the cover of this book you know now i've witnessed all of the things that took place in here and someday i too will reach for the stars at the time he never expected it would be the cosmos the russian space agency would be helping to take him there with a nasa about to wind up its space shuttle program ross cosmos may offer the only way to space now for astronauts but parts or us it also offers one of the most expensive four day vacations many of them have ever taken it costs thousands of dollars to view a launch in kazakstan but dozens have shown up to do it alexander. unit chef left russia for new jersey seventeen years ago wasn't going to miss out on like it's almost like rock it's authority just like. there's
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a sword you can see where there's a road so it's really cool experience back in quarantine the crews don't get to see their bucket yet they're separated from loved ones by blacks waiting just hours pretty adventurous and finally began lindsey france r t baikonur cosmodrome has it's now well next let's get across the latest business news with kareena. americans of business here and hearty thanks for joining me b.p. is taking steps to sell its fifty percent stake in russian venture saying state run ross net the move could help the british oil majors save its landmark cooperation deal with russia's largest oil producer these khans weeks after b.p. failed to buy out its russian partners who blocked the deal with ross have to say take a b.p. is unlikely to be enthusiastic about being hot own by rival rosneft but while the
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state of the sale could help b.p. improve its financial may also be a blow to the company's well output. because of its policy making in the new russia is very similar to what it was in the old soviet union a study by a research group at the institute for economic policy says in both cases growing state expenses are balanced but extra oil revenues but as from business news your magazine explains it's just. a far. in the beginning you need the states through a big push where you spend heavily on infrastructure that was promised turning you put some money in the system but then once you get this sort of green shoots of free and price then the state needs to step back and nurture business and that's not state spending that's about tax credits and labor code so bureaucracy cutting it down red tape in my view. is a station hours transitioning out of the state spending and it needs to nurture business and it's not very good at it it's
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a definite still thinks in terms of the big push you know just put more money in economy and i said well that will lead to will be more inflation and more imports so we want to give you any growth just cause or economic problems russia's border is seen as part of the nurturing brics countries together with brazil india china and south africa that's growth is considerably slower other members one of my analysts is that russia is fundamentally similar to european countries. the russian budget planes two billion dollars for every one dollar increase in the price of oil so this makes russia cash rich it means it can subsidize things and that's why the economy is going to four point five percent or maybe slightly upwards moving forward russia is not a china india to be first group an emerging market i call it the european bric it is a brick economy but it's far more mature from a more developed and it's the middle class bric fifty percent of middle income
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families in east central europe total region find themselves in russia. cyclical markets for prices slightly lower as worries over the u.s. recovery other score the expectations of reigning demand for energy light sweet is trading at around ninety dollars a barrel and brands as around one hundred fourteen dollars in asian markets are trading makes this a rebound for tokyo electric power and gains for to yoda are supporting the japanese index but hong kong is giving up ground after a three day weekend investors are catching up to losses inspired by weaker than expected us to abstain at the end of last week. here in moscow the trading session will kick off in about an hour's time we're well let's look at monday's closing figures that you see the odds here is gaining a moderate point four percent lies exposed up just a notch well the economic fallout on friday's jobs report in the u.s. is still weighing heavily on the global markets alexander complete cut from
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relations capital believes there are no drivers to change the sets. it depends on what will happen in states you pose for instance all the key in this is the united states and the support levels right now and if they will not break the support level so we can be patched stronger and taken into account the shrinking of liquidity in terms of the activity of trading i think that we will be going with some confusion and we will go there and not a lot of ideas and the market why why rush actually there are no ideas way to search for it now we had such a strong well that's why we will the range go around it seems to me so far as earthquake and tsunami forced a number of concerts to reshape the nuclear plants as far reaching as germany. and italy by the end of two thousand and twenty two but joe rich well the. evidence
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tells us that in one nine hundred sixty there were three billion people in the world today there are nearly seven billion and we're moving rapidly toward nine billion by the middle of this century as we make that continued growth in population and world economies like those in japan and india are catching up and we're going to see me saying a tripling in world energy consumption over the next forty or fifty years at the very time when our climate scientists are telling us that we must tell carbon emissions by eighty percent triple energy consumption reduce carbon by eighty percent how do you do that there's only one major expandable clean energy technology now available to countries and that's nuclear power and this is precisely the reasoning that has is maintaining that commitment to nuclear power and all nations that are engaged in responsible rational debate about it and germany is the exception. i've got a full interview with john rich in our spotlight program later today here. that's
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all for now but i'll be back with more about twenty five states. in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph brin straight university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a mouse. drawn all the main risk issues
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that there is a ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are working for the produce aside and only five percent. of the gender mean the independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume which is what the food and drug administration looks at there is a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if the transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population i don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states or our legislatures throughout the world we vote all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what could be more important than deciding on the permanent genetic future of life on earth.


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