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margy. that time for look at the headlines now. stepping up the pressure on libya the annoyance chief calls for more war efforts of its members maybe intensified nato airstrikes on the travel meanwhile moscow insists a peaceful solution is clearly not off the talks the rival sides. russia puts the brakes on efforts by countries wanting to take action against syria present kremlin says could lead to military intervention bosco isn't looking to draw for solutions when it would put pressure on the syrian regime. america's prisons are
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on the five thirty three injecting death row inmates in the drug design for killing animals human rights groups say the chemical has a more prominent test it could be painful torturing prisoners to. the next meets a possible candidate for next year's french presidential election far right in the arena penn is banking on the influx of immigrants who take it something she says is being exacerbated by a country's actions in libya. when i'm president of first round victory in france's presidential elections next year she says the front is on the verge of revolution i don't know what tactics to expect nicolas sarkozy to use it once he would in power. but no i don't think there is a risk person a sincere and advance he's or her own ideas there is no reason to warry the
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greatest danger in connection with nicolas sarkozy so he may again do what he did in two thousand and seven explain you made a number of extremely tough statements regarding the threats regulation of immigration process and european protectionism so those statements will remain what they are just verbiage after all during his four years in office and another nine years at the head of the security system he was interior minister before he became president it was strictly speaking nothing as i repeatedly some tell him about words and weekends from time to time the finds time to delude themselves that may exist on we'll carry out his promises but in actual fact he made good not a single promise he was throwing around during his two thousand and seven campaign what effect will stress cause the rest have on the french elections circus means that stress can is really a symbol of some sort of symbol of universal. symbol of
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hysterical liberalism and in this sense he was indeed an eye on the massive crimes of the human point of view considering what he's like the fact that he has been neutralized cannot destroy the thing is that in consequence nicolas sarkozy automatically given a goldwater suggested we can this is due to the fact that the electorates of stillman extracts can and they can last sarkozy are in part identical because prices are up holding the same grand ideas so women have complained about sexual assault by the extras called before. it's a rest but the french media refuse to investigate what does that say to you. yes there does exist a problem of falling public morality in my part i imagine the citizens of france to recover their regained the french must become exacting again and must say after all that five ministers resigned in the course of one year over a conflict of interests mr long mr mr frederic mitterrand him you
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are speaking about been forced into resignation five ministers doing one and six who deserve to be kept on is too much for want government more about i'm not forgetting that it was nicolas sarkozy you pointed dominique strauss kahn france's minister. doing so in full knowledge of the krycek remarks with regard to khan's womanizer. he took the risk of east coast candles candle light it was so much the whole of france us how many people refused to vote in french elections and how much of the vote you expect. so this depends on the elections not just of nations amount to twenty percent sixty significance you must be sat at the high offices in france i rotated between persons who never fulfilled and promises so at a certain moment the french simply got tired of the phenomena existing in western countries today is about economic power being preferred
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a long list of powers so why should the range go somewhere to vote for their rulers it's clear that their rulers of how this country is run by their economic power this is why in order to make them. you also have to explain to them that politics should seize the initiative. and finally from us is not a democracy time we stopped telling ourselves very tales of one millions of frenchmen are in no way represented the national assembly usually council about fifteen and twenty percent of. the communist party at the same as deputies is going to have just five percent of us vote. every five feels that he's anything he is a natural abstains from elections affirmative action for. hearing from those that mean there are thousands of them to day all the enterprises. signed a charter for squatters harming people from other cultures or any different origin
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which means that a frenchman a poor frenchman with his french group will end up behind others of course i believe it's a gross violation of the republican principles of get reality on my part i believe in minds which over the color of the skin is the origins that person who really deserves it will get the job to agree that some should take the job is due to his or her color of their skin origin or face is an absolute contradiction of the basic values of france it means if you're a foreigner you have a chance of a women's and a french citizen they haven't. a major french enterprise issued a statement because duran. personally all other conditions being equal i can phone calling a person a home and. so as a result of friends are discriminated in their own country this is a world turned upside down what's the consequences if immigration reforms continues record levels. of all immigration is used to lower wages you see the labor market
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is something which speaks for itself it's about demand and supply it also allows foreign citizens to come to our country and work of us making salaries go down as a laborer that has been used for the thirty years so there are more than five million people in france can it be that a law permits another two hundred thousand people a year to enter the country with five million unemployed and these jobless people are just forced to do whatever they can to survive and some survive the state which obviously loves the deficit grow such i believe that immigration as it is now is sheer nonsense and i believe that the current situation is actually related to our colonial history and not to me putin was quite right saying in about twenty years to become a colony of its own former colony as a matter of fact we are witnessing something over avenged by the group of beatles
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since franz is mate feel guilty by saying you are scoundrels colonizers and slavers so you have no right to hinder in any way to come to france the french have put up with mass immigration and today they are aware that this mass is immigration is fraught with huge problems of state financing self-consciousness and living in. hear them talk any of these young men just hate phones now that they have gained independence one may think they will be developing their own countries by demonstrating a better without it. what you think about its leader think thousands of north africans are frauds through italy recently. italians use the system they use and they use the european union so they know you're an illegal regularized by any country of the e.u. and with least documents cage or any other country of the a vote a say no problem at all about eighty percent of the nations want to go to france
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i'll give them talk humans i would like that they will leave and that is exactly what they did for a regularized illegals and they all came to france should remain. free movement within the e.u. as is now being discussed here in the european parliament outcome is it will be tragic it will be an additional immigration it is obvious it will be a signal for a massive immigration more particularly a very much as it was useless for nick last sarkozy to sing and dance and go and get all the world television to say come and see i will take a moment back to the border which does not exist now they will have the possibility to come and settle as they want and france but they are a considerable number we know they are very poor people who wants more so than has been the most attractive country and all will be up to her to face this inflow of immigration with the consequences going with it in terms of conflicts once more of
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living together people cannot carry out. prince government said the libyan war would take months what do you expect to happen. because firstly you are completely outside international law which is stop talking nonsense it is no longer at all in erik's pollution and say we are in a mission to bring down a man and regime and in order to do so we bomb we send helicopters and tomorrow previously we will send an army on the ground so it's no longer it's all about humanitarian issues it's about a civil war in which we take one side and even in a tribal war which but captivity is not about business unless you consider france as other countries has to muddle again in the internal affairs of faces of that country you will not get out of this war get bogged down in this one and in addition i ready to take bans unfortunately sat ones that there are will come up to kadar is only an islamist regime and probably one of the hardest islam is as we
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know well that the dissidents the rebels are going to guard i mean the majority infiltrated by all acts to harvest from all wars of recent times for lawyers all suing sarkozy for war crimes on behalf of libyans who have lost children due to french bombing to support them that's in the south for france is the big country and this is not liked by the leaves that is not politically correct you do not say it people do not know at all that hundreds of thousands of civilians are under nature's evolves that's it nobody no use i won't get out the sun lie i have no friendship i never met him he's not my friend i have nothing in common with him so when he sons his wife and he's three babies because i killed by strikes from nato only private house nobody said a word just as if these new bin babies were not restrained with you would take from both of the wives even four from the girl says today the year is death certificate
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is just waiting to be signed it. means that those who built this currency wrong and they took with them are the people and the major failure at the economic and social level of all that six the year is going to die i think it should be better to anticipate their statuses rather than suffer from this data which will be otherwise a real economic and social chaos but they have told us the euro will bring growth and a lawyer and rates purchasing power loving us to counterbalance the power of the dollar and the story of the year is saying it is the weakest in the world and design is bankrupt almost germany is just that it's scrapping its nuclear plans three or four french people are against nuclear energy what will you do with nuclear and see if you become president. i think it's impossible to do without nuclear energy today in france i mean given the importance of this energy for our national independence so eventually the objective is to invest in the research so as to try and find
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alternative energy sources we cannot consider getting out of nuclear energy by twenty twenty two twenty twenty five as this germany which actually has been preparing the started a long time. and head of the national front thank you for speaking with all three. motion would be soo much brighter than if you knew about songs from phones to the pressure. from stunts on t.v. don't come.
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from. used today volunteers once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from china operations room today. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from.
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the future. stepping up the pressure on libya the alliance chief calls for more war efforts from its members and that intensified nato airstrikes on the capitol. hill insists peaceful solution is the only option to talks with the rival sides. russia puts the brakes on efforts by countries want to take action against syria and the kremlin says could lead to a libya style military intervention was looking resolutions at the. pressure on the syrian. america's prisons are the three injecting death row inmates with a drug designed for killing animals rights groups
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a chemical weapon testing could be painfully tall tree pieces to play. catch up on the world of sports with the union and the european football season isn't it just ten thousand in the books already out. there that's all it's finished by already liverpool they are making deals. big money signing they have just gone in just a second. good to have you with us this is sports to be here on twenty four hour r t let's take a look at some of the stories we're bringing this. king of clay goes green rafael nadal begins his grass court season ozzie finished last weekend's french open the clay with victory. counting john the one year to go mark will be european
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football championships in ukraine and poland is marked in kiev. churning japanese russian motor sports lover show off their skills in an event dedicated to just bikes on cars in the muscle beach. or let's get the ball rolling with tennis for reaming french open champion rafael nadal taken to the new summer season with ease the world victorious in his first outing since some this porous final meeting must to edin in straight sets this is how he did it nidal becoming the second player to qualify for november's a.t.p. world tour finals after prevailing over a trillion qualifier six four six four victory means the spaniard has accumulated enough i thought djokovic the best of the past events for now though the top ranking that i would like nothing better than to add a second title at queen's rather stepanek is next. i.
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on the murray meanwhile hasn't played on grass since last year's wimbledon semifinals the scot though showing little rust beatings up in a rain and truck. three was leaving three one in the opener when the per were forced to call the time much into rain is a belgian opponent to take the second set but the world before wouldn't give the underdog any further openings six three five seven six three the final score yankel to sort of pick up next to two thousand and nine champion right. i talking on the stanley cup decider between boston unfun coover sits all square two games apiece tim thomas recording a should i for the bruins crush that this isn't a new buy for thirty eight saves and all for the informed that nine year with the two person star studded twins once again unable to the dent in time to the france british henrik dunhill combining for just two points in that series was far more
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for the home card could serve the minutes well with both teams not the two wins away from the title series news talk to one of the pregame five on friday. and things could hardly be better for the red sox in a baseball diamond bust and once again getting the better off their arch rivals new york leapfrogging the yankees for their place in the east in the process david ortiz making a three nothing for it could be ellsbury increase the visitors lead six zero the red sox determined to get their seventh win from eight over the rivals did just that j.d. drew putting an exclamation point gain to run homer eleven six red sox how would eventually finish works. football on one of europe's most sought after goalkeepers manuel neuer finally completed his move from shelf to byron munich the german international undergoing a medical earlier waving stage to finalize the deal neuer signed an eighteen
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million euro come from last week he's no cheat to spend five years in munich the move comes after weeks of speculation in him with chester. jordan henderson from some toulon the reds initial offer of twenty six million dollars for the twenty year old midfielder rejected did you read up on street thought to be around thirty two million david ng dog is now expected to move the office it's rich. the euro two thousand and twelve football championships in poland and ukraine kick off a year from now i've joined a cult dawn clock on veiled in kiev to life on the chance to keep track of the upcoming spectacle but twenty twelve is going to be a leap year so the clock was displaying three hundred sixty six days to go however the tournaments still officially begins on june eighth the final of the competition will then take place in kiev on the first of july concern has been raised about the
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haste of construction in ukraine some buildings including me a little bit stadium where the final will be still a distance from completion however yesterday i u f a delegation stated their diets had been pulled by the. all right so time taken down and the tournament and also in the twenty twelve olympic games the latest moment of note occurring with the unveiling of the atlantic torch in london significant sold over to be eighty centimeter tall symbol the torch includes eight thousand holes one for each participant in next summer's games triangular shape represents the three times the couple will have hosted the olympics haven't done so previously in one thousand eight hundred forty eight organizing committee chairman sebastian coe joined by the who's who of british athletics in some countries including a limp dick champions jonathan edwards and nice. i think the torch represents so many different things to so many different people for me it is fundamentally the
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countdown to a great celebration but a countdown to showcase is great personal stories great personal achievement community based achievement around the length and breadth of countries the opportunity for the games to literally go to people's bank kills them. head into the crease where india have gone about their business a no nonsense fashion in their test series with the west indies the world champions after seeing off the host by seven wickets on the web and stay the windies while the story brightly were in hand kirk edwards especially lively but career best figures were in one for one indian bowler legspinner mishra absolutely running riot with the ball helping himself to four wickets when just thirty one runs the west indies finishing up their innings on two hundred forty four nine. india would lose shikar down early on but after that it was all one way tourist traffic top scorer kohli a joy to watch his stroke filled eighty one seeing balls blasted all over the place
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seven boundaries and all for the middle order my. compliment of towards the end by twenty six from sheer rush raina including the winning runs india taken by seven wickets with much three down for the special on sunday. and basketball russia have unveiled are extended line up for next week's european championships two players will still need to be cut though giving head coach sokol all speak plenty of food for thought with the tournament last approaching. them just before we leave for poland we'll have another chris conference where we'll announce the final lineup for european championships now and sixteen plays at our disposal trying to get it and preparing for the upcoming tournament no doubt all of them are wood who represents the russia the european championships but only fourteen of them will go to poland now huge lot of welterweight boxing takes place on july twenty third in
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las vegas w b a title holder amir khan and i.d.f. champions of judah collide in the squared circle for a unification bite can he is the big favorite performer undisputed welterweight champion of the world judah he is not short of confidence. this is going to be a g. a come true for me to become the sixth time champ three different weight classes. going to world titles in one year this is going to be beautiful man i know this is a tough fight against and i mean i a good job. but we all quit tricky so. one many will tiles and i don't think this is time and i did we fine for the w.b. and i.b.s. tyo. you know i think i have i don't think he can take the title off me all right that brings us finally to motor sports where enthusiasts have been flocking to the moscow region to show off their rights at the japan car fest adrenaline pottstown some two wheels just some of the action wallowing the crowds
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guns or skiing are ports. a full array of japanese more sport technology on display and in action in the moscow region sporty was sort of sort of shining the custom build turbo charge group monsters sharing the stage with their older and less powerful stupid pantries any car was a goal for the fans as long as it was manufactured in japan the organizers steered in a new direction this year by allowing bikes to take center stage and rule free on the second and final day of the event plenty of stick for the riders on the sole name of the with a showcase doubling as a stage for the moscow stunt right caught the riders demonstrating an impeccable sense of balance. roman gus and yan finding creative ways to stay in the saddle after rising up for a weili those efforts impressive enough to earn a third place finish moroccan cards another rider seemingly more comfortable on one wheeled into the stunt man's performance earning him runner up status when all was
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said and done you're either holding it called proved to be the most nimble and very of the riders hanging in the balance for a while after a tough angle on the circle we each member of the soprano in charge trio impressed in his own way verhoeven of would rule the podium after showcasing his race and then agree that i started off doing can like skating snowboarding as well as jumping on a trampoline my father then put me on a bike and i did quite well i later learned that both my parents were bikes in a young believes so riding on two wheels is in my blood the participants now have just under a month to come up with new gravity defying tricks to impress the crowd and even degrees those wheel bearings for the next event in the capital on july third so a tribute to one country's motoring technology and plenty of thrills and spills for those using the buns of gorski r t anyone catch me do not stuff is all yours for fair weather is coming up and just i think harry is here with all the
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