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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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with mike's conjure the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report. live from moscow where it's four thirty pm you're watching r t with me and the somali russia and nato have opened have opened an open channel rather for talks but there are still fundamental points in which i have trouble seeing eye to eye on how to handle libya and syria through to missile defense the hurdles are very clear to see if that might change any time soon we're joined live by nato secretary general mr anders fogh rasmussen thank you very much for joining us here on r.t.e. it's much appreciated i want to get straight to our first question the u.k. and france want a u.n.
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security council resolution condemning the syrian government and your opinion are we heading for libya two point zero here. you know i would like to stress that nato has no intention whatsoever to intervene in syria. at the same time lots of critics expect that that could be the case if we see a resolution russell saying that the fact that it's even being debated is going to cause more violence in syria. there might be some kind of intervention do you think not if the u.n. goes had it goes ahead rather and approves that resolution. once again let me stress that we have no intention to intervene in syria having said that i share the international condemnation of the brutal attacks against the civilian population in syria the only way forward is to accommodate the legitimate
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aspirations of the syrian people let's look at the arc of an entry strategy into libya it could be said that you were dragged into this rustling to regime change have you accidently gone to war in libya definitely not on the contrary we considered this very carefully we laid out certain conditions that should be fulfilled before we took action and the decisive factor was that the united nations richard roth correct me if our army but also to the u.n. resolution was laid out for a no fly zone and lots of people would consider what's happening in libya to be much more than a no fly zone. actually the u.n. security council resolution goes beyond a no fly zone cording to the un security council resolution we are mandated to protect the civilian population in libya taking all necessary measures and that's
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exactly what we're doing. now all the necessary measures if i might speak of what our admiral pollo has legitimize strikes on any command center in the libya i just want to clarify for some of our viewers who have seen homes bombs they've seen civilian buildings blown to pieces those that three in a car on a phone or in a hospital on a phone constitute a command center for your purposes when you say. i would like to stress that we are not targeting individuals we hate. military. targets. and of course command and control centers can be used to plan and organize attacks against civilians show commander control centers are legitimate military targets that's what i'd like to read a question to you that was written to us by one of our viewers on facebook a dingy who's from paris france wants to know why nato is bombing metropolitan
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areas in libya and civilians are being killed what do you say to. we do all we can to avoid civilian casualties we are in libya to protect civilians against attacks and this is the reason why our commanders are very very careful in identifying legitimate military targets. the t.s.a. has asked us to mediate in libya they sent an envoy and as mikhail margelov arrived intensified bombing of libya why is that. there's no link between the two events we appreciate all attempts to find a political solution to the crisis in libya because obviously there is no military solution so really we need a political process having said that i still think that's
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a strong military pressure under going after the regime will facilitate a fruitful political process mr rangel of yesterday in fact stated and you just mentioning that that the military conflict doesn't have to be there means that it could be resolved peacefully he's stating that he believes that both the rebels and the regime forces are ready to negotiate but they both say that war is not the way out of this conflict so why are you still bombing libya with this information coming from the russian envoy that both sides are are ready to talk. we are continuing our gratian because we still see the gadhafi regime attacking each own population and it's absolutely outrageous and. has mandated an operation to protect civilians and we will continue our operation as long as the regime still attacks on people you know with their russian defense minister sort of called
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yesterday and he believes that troops on the ground in libya are now a possibility do you think there will be troops under your command in the future. we have no intention to put troops on the ground in libya what if the data doesn't back down. well i do believe that the combination of a strong military pressure and a reinforced political pressure will eventually lead to the collapse of the regime it may happen tomorrow it may take some weeks but we will stay committed until we have fulfilled three very clear military objectives firstly a complete end to all attacks against civilians secondly a withdrawal of gadhafi military forces and paramilitary forces to their parents and certainly immediate and on hindered humanitarian access to the people in need so we will continue our until these are met. post-war
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libya seems premature it doesn't it given our william hague and hence seeing stating that nato as he sees it will be there until after christmas this of course are all despite a ninety day deadline why do you think they'll leave the libyan people at peace. well i'm not going to guess about any time frame. what i can say is that we are prepared to stay committed as long as it takes to fully implement the u.n. mandate and that is to protect the civilian population against any attack what about the civilians that are being attacked in syria in germany in bahrain. yeah of course that's a legitimate question the difference is in libya we are operating on the basis of a un mandate and was strong support from contras in the region actually
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a number of countries in the region contribute actively to operations for these reasons we are in libya. what do you say to critics who aren't convinced that nato is and goal is to protect civilians and that in fact is a regime change. we have been very open about our military objectives. to compete in two attacks against civilians withdrawal of gadhafi forces and humanitarian access these are all military objectives and we will continue until they are met. in parallel there is a political track. fine farai the international community. recently the group including the russian president called on afi to leave power. and. these two tracks are separate a military price track and a political track but having said that i think it's hard to imagine
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a complete end to attacks against civilians in libya as long as gadhafi remains in power i'd like to move on to missile defense in europe if i may defense minister sort of called also said yesterday that he's been largely ignored by you in your plans for a.m.d. over europe of course you won't accept that but the facts they certainly at this stage speak for themselves don't they. no russia is definitely not ignored on the contrary we have invited russia to cooperate on defense the fact is that nato has decided to develop an n.h.l. based missile defense system because we want to protect our populations against. some who but we would or. cooperates with our secretary standing up we are faced with file tax from who from russia. we are faced with a common threat and this is the reason why we would like to see two independent
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missile defense systems a russian system and a nato system corporator for instance by exchanging data the whole system would become much more effective that way to the benefit of the russian population and population nato countries you do understand that a thousand a little bit of a contradiction there you talk about joint trust about a mutual threat and then about separate systems but i want one system between nato and russia to be acceptable to protect both sides from any kind of threat because i don't think at the end of the day. the russian government and the russian people would accept to be subject to a common commitment. i think. the russian nation has such would insist on having control of each own missile defense system and this is the reason why the most realistic approach would be to have two independent
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systems but with a common purpose but this is particularly our populations now mr rasmussen has been proposing a joint european defense system which is. and i think the best way to join efforts would be to true independent systems corporate there with the aim to protect the russian people as well as people in nato conference russell constantly claims that nato care guarantee. that its interests will be protected why can't nato ensuite these guarantees the best guarantee whatsoever would be to engage in close cooperation because close cooperation between russia and nato would clearly demonstrate that our missile defense is really a defense and it's not aimed at russia. let's face it. we do not
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consider russia threat to nato and nato does not constitute a threat to russia so let's join efforts let us cooperate but russia sees it our as they can't go forward on promises why put you guarantee russia on paper that a missile defense system would not be directed towards them. you have a very easy to guarantee that because we do not we don't have any intention to attack russia not whatsoever but the pace guarantee russia could get would be to engage in a close cooperation and for instance establish a common joint center where we could exchange data that would clearly demonstrate that this system is not aimed at russia. mr rasmussen the facts might demonstrate otherwise thank you very much for taking the time out to be in line with us from brussels it's very much appreciated hope to see you again. so ok well
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that was our interview with anders fogh rasmussen let's take a look back after sort pray with the head not stay with us here in our space. in one thousand nine hundred two dr ralph minster of the university of pennsylvania said what if i can take the gene responsible for growth in human beings and put it into a mouse. gone all the main risk issues what's next is that ninety five percent of all competent scientists in these fields are broken for the producers side and only five percent. read again i mean the independent. there is not a lot of science that says train genic fish is unhealthy for people to consume
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which is what the food and drug administration looks at there's a lot of concern about the environmental impacts if it transgenic fish escapes what kind of horrible impact will it have on the rest of the fish population we don't know what this might do to us or our children or our children's children in our congress here in the united states legislatures out there will be voted on all these different laws tax laws and corporate laws what could be more important than deciding on the feminine genetic future of life on earth. party's top stories nato challenges its members to be more active in the aerial bombardments of colonel gadhafi forces brought so what's trying to mediate a ceasefire between the libyan leader and the rappel sides both sides want to nonmilitary play out. moscow rejects of un resolution against syria warning it
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could be a prelude to an aggressive libya style in terms. but the u.k. and france are committed to putting more pressure on to moscow in response to its crackdown on protesters. and the use of an animal drug to execute death row inmates in the new grass marks an outcry from human rights groups experts say the medicine could actually be torturing people to death. is next. thanks and he said this is. priceless some of the lines preparations and goals when you had a one of them with rafael nadal and then beating their respective opponents and that at the end you'll watch at queen's. counting down begins the one year to go milestone before the one since well the european football championships in ukraine and poland the small in here. and make sure you are in should we investigate who is
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responsible for taking care of russian athletes will suffer from health problems during their sports korea's. let's begin stateside where the stanley cup final between boston and vancouver say it's all square at two games apiece now team thomas recording a shout out for the bruins as they crushed the visiting comics by four thirty eight saves the middle of a youthful goalie with vancouver a star studded said dean claims once again i'm able to put it down through the tanks to fans brothers hand recount danielle combining for just two points in the series so far however the home crowd could take down axwell with both teams now two wins away from the title of the series moves back to canada for game five on friday . you don't get to where you are without going through adversity whether it's in the past years whether it's through the seasons that's how you grow and when you've been through a lot of different things you're capable of of learning from those things and growing from those things and that's what i'd like to attribute this to is that
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we've been through some tough times where there's been a playoff for even generally she's and you know we have our ups and downs and we're going to battle through those moments and when you when you do that you certainly become a better team. and things could hardly get better bosses baseball side they are at sox once again it's a day off rivals new york in vienna prodding the yankees the first place in the east and the pro says they were tees making it three nothing before jacob aylesbury praised the visit as an eight to six zero here boston determined to get seventh way in front eights over new york this year and they did just that j.d. drew putting an exclamation mark on the game with a sarong eleven to six red sox how it would eventually finish in the big apple. now reigning french open champion rafael nadal has taken to the grass season with these the world number one victorious in his past outings and sunday's are long girls final dates in matthew abdullah in straight sets wins the doll becoming the
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second plates of qualify for november as a to be world to finals up to prevailing over the australian qualifier six four six four victory means the spaniard has and enough ranking points to try and noble which the best of the best events now though the top ranked modahl would like nothing better than to have a second title at a rather extra cost nick his next challenger. and the mari meanwhile has played on grass since last year's wimbledon semifinals scott though showing little signs of ross beating savia malise in the rain interrupted clash he was leading three one in the open though where the match was stopped due to rain his belgian opponent did take a second serve the world number four wouldn't give the underdog any openings six three five seven six three the final score in this one. next for the two thousand and nine. football and one of europe's most sought after goalkeepers
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model neuer has finally completed his move from childhood to buy in munich germany international on the go and made to go. undergo a medical on wednesday to finalize the deal though it cost eighteen million euros it's now due to spend five years in the move comes after weeks of speculation the manchester united's. meanwhile liverpool have snapped up rising star joe don't have the son from sunderland the reds initial offer of twenty six million photos of its way to old midfielder had been rejected with being you agreed upon fees thought to be around thirty two million david margolick is now expected to move to be opposite direction. and burns phil jones has turned down the chance to join hands or some a town filled her. adding to our travels man united instead a nineteen year old holding a magical at old trafford also on wednesday the move will cost the champions almost twenty eight million dollars they'll get
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a player has been tipped to eventually replace the aging rio ferdinand's. and the euro why did twelve football championships in poland and ukraine kick off a year from now a giant countdown clock on veiled in kiev allows fans to keep track of the upcoming spectacle starts so when seats well will be a leap year solid it was displaying three hundred sixty six days to go however the tournaments still officially begins on june eighth the final will then take place in kiev on the first of july concern has been raised about the haste of construction in ukraine some buildings including the olympic stadium still a distance from complication but very frustrated on wednesday there are doubts have been quelled doubts. in basketball russia have unveiled their extended lineup for next week's european women's championships two players will still need to be though giving head coach ready sokolowski plenty of food for thought going to the meant
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fast approaching. is that just before we leave for poland we'll have another press conference where will announce the final line up for european championships no one of sixteen players it's no disposal who are trying to get it and are preparing for the upcoming tournament no doubt all of them are worth the route presenting russia the european championships only fourteen of them will go to poland meanwhile a huge night of well the way boxing takes place on july twenty third in las vegas w.v. titleholder i'm going to come on and i'll be of champions of judah collide in the square so go for a unification valve's kong is big favorite got four more undisputed welterweight champion judah isn't a shot of confidence. this is going to come true for me to become the sixty. three didn't we classes. going to world titles in one year this is going to be beautiful man i know this is a top fight against our judah and i'm going to. go queer tricky so.
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many world tiles but i don't think this is time. before any for the w.b. and i b f tyo. you know i think. i don't think you can take the towel off me. i thought exam has been a soft last twelve months for tyson gay but it looks as if the one hundred metres specialist is finally reaching its top level again its one hundred year old record at a blistering nine point seven nine second run last week and is now looking forward to meeting the same bolt in august a man he's had to play second fiddle to for some time. second best. rock in excel before nor read my full potential and right now knows me from and so . right now you know. i will. happily sit out and i'm cool with part of the known american i don't want to be second best. and finally over the last couple of years insurance for sports man and
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women has become a hot topic here in russia following a number of high profile incidents our correspondents are sick and poor fred caught up with one of the country's top sports lawyers to save changes are being made to try and protect the khorasan russia's top athletes. but you know what service life was turned upside down in november two thousand and nine she suffered horrific injuries for no fault of their own have collided with another slid even a mistake an official who allowed her slip to run a red light but one point she teaches might lose her leg at a physical injuries was not the only battle that she had to overcome and organizational necropolis there have been problems with ensuring our sportsmen and women for instance the insurance policy could cause just a few rubles at the key supreme court so she was insured under insurance policy which would only pay out if you thousand in case of being jury after just a few days of treatment your insurance funds had already drained you. as eventual
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bill run into hundreds of thousands of euros however there was a happy ending as a media campaign brought up points of a nation i had medical costs were eventually paid scott told us case also had a positive effect for future russian sportsmen who were seriously injured in january of this year italian would call announced in a meeting would let you know fourteen but all athletes traveling abroad will now be insured for three hundred thousand euros this may be all well and good for a top sportsman but one of russia's top sports lawyers says children are being put off going into sports. kids are afraid of ending up in the same situation as are in the sports over and are therefore being who are going into sports sports or was held by the amount of media coverage which helped to raise the money she needed however serious injuries happen more often but no one knows about them and there is no system in place to help them one of the most dangerous sports is gymnastics keeps the stress from just put on one's body and the dangers of landing russia's
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brightest star you mustafina could have had a fledgling career ended just a couple of months ago when she suffered crew should nearly going to damage however she's well on her way to recovery however china sang learn wasn't so lucky she broke her neck in one thousand nine hundred eight not competing at the goodwill games the incident left her confined to a wheelchair and she is now fighting a one point eight billion dollar lawsuit against the likes of ted turner who founded the games to the likes of a.o.l. time warner who own the games for the chinese linda community failed to help arrives. while on one hand our top athletes are struggling to win gold medals a great number of athletes just because we don't have a good insurance system having difficulties to find a job and to make a living let alone those head injuries. rushes to trying to make sure that the situation the picture that he got sober will never cross up again so galaxy of his
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call for free medical care for line for all athletes what steps are also being made to help sportsmen develop a career once they retire there is still plenty of it needs to be done but at least it seems the russians are finally moving in the right direction richard bump off we don't see moscow. as a finale so we'll be back with the news headlines right after the hour stay with our. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party. we'll
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