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fair in a jingo istic way instead well with her employers she says it n.b.c. and she was banished she sat in the outfield for a long time so you know it's really something to consider as far as what are the questions that should be asked and what they indicate but the real question i want to ask our critics is this is it anti-american to question these things or anti-american not to leave you with that and i'm going to do it for our show for more on the stories we cover go to our t. dot com slash usa check out our you tube page it's you tube dot com slash our team america and follow me on twitter at lauren lyster and stay tuned to our team for much more news analysis and political opinion coming up right here shortly.
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this is the kaiser report covering the global insurrection against banks occupation for a months we've been telling you that the globe is on fire from people in the streets looking for some scalps i noticed down there in athens they actually put up a few misses so good things yet to come stacey herbert tell us more yes max the raging greeks have staged the biggest protest yet and that seen in this headline giago thieves hustlers bankers so giago of course is the global insurrection
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against banker occupation and at the weekend's protests in athens the article says that amidst a sea of splayed hands waved at the parliament building apparently an offensive gesture for greeks one demonstrator raised the placard reading bravo yemen whose president underwent surgery in saudi arabia for injuries suffered in a rocket attack on his palace and then another drew comparisons with rallies earlier this year in central cairo when which ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak from tahrir square to sing kala square we support you well this is what the back. sincere and this is something that we knew would happen that the various protests around the world are becoming whole joined commingled conjoined so that you've got the folks of north africa in the middle east joining forces with the people in europe and they're communicating with each other so these social
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networking revolution that we saw in tunisia and egypt using social networking sites in the globalized technological infrastructure is going global and this poses a problem for those trying to manage this revolution from taking place well yes and we've talked about the red state blue state concept where they defy the population into two and then try to pity them against each other and this is clearly not working that we've had this anti islam campaign that hate the arabs and they and the muslim people don't you know unite with them but we're seeing over and over again including in the next headline senate page fired for anti harper protests so this young woman was yet to pop held up as you can see in this picture stop harper sign she walked out onto the floor of parliament in canada and was promptly arrested but she released a statement saying that this country needs
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a canadian version of an arab spring a flowering of popular movements that demonstrate their real power to change things lies not with harper but in the hands of the people when we act together in our streets neighborhoods and workplaces ok so now the global insurrection against banks struck a patient has now skipped over into north america so now it's in canada and now it's in europe in athens in dublin and all over in pockets of resistance it's in north africa it's in the middle east now i as i've been predicting it will be in the united states last because the price of gas in the u.s. is still cheap and that's been the main way for. the powers that be to manipulate and to keep the locals and the natives quiescent is to keep the price of gas as cheap as possible but as the dollar collapses as part of this global insurrection against banks or occupation the price of gas and energy is going up and in the us
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my prediction is that once gas goes over six dollars a gallon we'll see the first full scale riot in a major city against the banks stores in america let's talk about some other people failing to rise up britain's bet on lottery to save the day camelot the u.k. national lottery operator has celebrated record sales at a time when the revenues of most lotteries globally are static or declining its success suggest people are increasingly clinging to the eternal hope of winning a fortunate not stare it easy so they talk about their sales have jumped to a level last seen in september two thousand and eight when lehman brothers collapsed that's right volatility and chaos always favors those who are perpetuating the volatility and the chaos. as we know there were many bets made on the nine eleven events weeks before the nine eleven events taking advantage of the chaos we know that people in greece are making bets in the credit default swap market on the collapse of greece before the collapse of greece because they know
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that the chaos increases the value of the options in fact the options pricing volatility formula that is the bull work that generates much of the trading activity and the six hundred trillion dollars in derivatives around the world is based on this concept of pricing volatility and in my opinion this goes back to the one nine hundred seventy s. when listed options first began trading this is the beginning of the end for libertarianism as we see the result of allowing bankers with unlimited funds taking zero risk because whenever they get bailed out every time there was money shaking the globe to death for a few nickels that fall out in the form of their one hundred forty billion dollar bonuses per annum down there on wall street but this sign is also that we are indeed living in a casino gulag state when all else fails they only have the lottery left oh the lottery is always the last resort for those who are on their last dollar and as the
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economy around the world collapses those who find themselves down to their last dollar and i call the willy wonka effect they will take that last dollar and buy a lottery ticket well speaking of dollars u.s. trade deficit widened in march on price here oil that doesn't sound very good but in fact u.s. companies in march sold the most goods and services overseas in nearly two decades so the weaker dollar is being credited for that but a big jump in oil prices pushed america's trade deficit higher so the trade deficit actually rose six percent to forty eight point two billion dollars according to the commerce department which is the republicans do they attacked china. but two thirds of the trade deficit comes from the price of oil well we've explained this on this show many times the lower dollar will boost exports but it will increase the cost of the importation of the wrong commodities that go into your exports like oil much
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more than you're going to realize on the cost of french all on your exports hence the greater trade imbalance the fact that nobody communicators to the average american is shambolic so they did say that excluding oil imports the deficit narrowed the lower value of the dollar is helping exports but they're in a spiral because as their global empire and the reserve currency all of these commodities are placed priced in dollars it's the mathematics of insanity yeah sure we increase our exports but we're losing money at the end of the day it's like this new i.p.o. going public group they lose money on every sale but they're going to make it up on volume they promise as they go public for a twenty billion or so valuation as has been described it's a guaranteed failure ponzi scheme within five years the company won't exist anymore and yet ponzi schemes are valuable in america but well speaking of insane
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mathematics a quote from the article reads still economists expect the fast rise in exports will boost growth in the april june quarter even with high oil prices that's because the government adjust for inflation when calculating the nation's gross domestic product so america though there are numbers will report that actually despite our trade deficit we're a booming economy because we don't count oil prices but they will change the way they calculate growth well they already don't count rising oil prices or home prices in inflation numbers so the inflation numbers you deduct from your g.d.p. so if they need to they will read just again. to make it look like something that it's not which is a viable growing economy this is something that the u.s. government does very well they statistically lie and so you know in a casino gulag see the casino has that precise little algorithm that when they need
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to let somebody win at the slot machine and so they continue in this cycle of spirals of debts and bad behavior well here is saudi prince i'll lead. being interviewed and he's asked about the price of oil and is that too high. a beer we want the price to be to seventy not only to the west but also they had also just they don't want us to go and find i thought it was really the higher price or it goes the more you have incentive to go and find out and that's really out in this coincides with in the interest of the price of oil and seventy eight which is a prize good for for consumers and producers a great example of that you see you know mentality they know that there's a sweet spot where americans will continue to bankrupt themselves by buying oil that's killing their economy and their ecology simultaneously in the casino gulag model is a good reference point you know because see no economics you know they get that
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perfect that perfect mix of winning percentages from the slot machines alcohol and oxygen and they adjust the level of oxygen and the alcohol in the drinks and the winning percentages at the slot machines to keep people in a maximum state of loss of money loss and those are just three of the factors that go into the algorithms that drive because sina now these people drive the u.s. economy they know by keeping gas in a certain price they can continue to put policies in place that are part of the prison industrial complex and the pentagon and the militarization of the economy and totally ignore the fact that at the end of the day folks are going bankrupt and they're eating mud pies like the folks they screwed in haiti that's right. and of course speaking of fox news which is the one pushing the republican agenda of it's china causing our trade deficit not crisis florida justice rich man will do no time for killing two tourists in exchange for cash restitution to their families so this goes with the saudi prince who own seven
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percent of fox news and we see that more and more shariah law seems to be we know it's being demonized and in fact it's outlawed in florida i think they're passing laws about that but it's reserved for rich people and for banks they get zero percent interest rates they don't have to pay any usurious fees or or interest rates and they get to escape justice by paying off somebody whether it's blackwater or this man a millionaire playboy who killed two british tourists in florida when his one hundred fifty thousand dollars porsche jumped occur will not go to jail despite the fact that he fled the scene and lied to police officers about who is behind the wheel during the accident instead he will pay cash restitution to the victim's family settling a civil suit on condition that he not go to prison so the banks are living they select the version of shariah law in a state like florida where the republican sock puppets like the minister who burned
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the qur'an in florida to rally the stupid people to vote for more republicans who deregulate the banking industry to allow the people in the banks stores to live like a modified version of shariah law. that's right and then finally we have speaking of one of the richest men in the world we have a new top one hundred rich list max bitcoin top one hundred rich list from third of june two thousand and eleven here's a little video i made of the top one hundred as you can see it's there all anonymous this is fantastic this is the new forbes fortune list there's no these are the coin fortunes and noticed yesterday. all numbers is pure anonymous and this is the biggest story of this decade going forward is the transition from the old way of doing business around the world to the bitcoin way of doing business which is purely anonymous and this is the great achievement of the global insurrection
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against banker occupation bitcoin is the currency of the resistance stacey herbert thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you so go away much more coming away so stay right there. the official. called touch from the.
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video. she's mine. and. now in the palm of your. mission. critical three. three three. three. b.o.c. for your media project c.e.o. don carty time to time.
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welcome back to the report's time now to go to sweden and talk with rick. founder of the pirate party rick and i pronouncing that correctly your name fairly correct it's rick how can actually it's come maybe a night but yeah i mean you're all right rick. you know recently written in declaration of war you called for the formation of an internet liberation army tell us about it yeah i tend to agree with the sentiments there's this there's not in most there's lots of activism going on right now and there's this philosophical question about who's really police and who's crook right know what we're seeing is a struggle over power over information who's guarding. what people can access who is determining what knowledge can be accessed by whom and i think this is going to be
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a creative defining high for the next decades to come all right let's talk a little bit about the swedish pirate party so this is a national political party with representation in the swedish political body as i understand it correct and how did you get that to that point and just to clarify the name platform or manifesto obviously this pirate party is addressing the imbalances and inequities in copyright and intellectual property laws correct does right the market was founded on gender your first two thousand and six and in just three and a half years we managed to grow enough to get into the european parliament and we have two seats there today we go we were the third largest party by membership at our peak and also in the polls. that's quite quite significant indicator of what the next decade is going to be about it's going to be about privacy it's going to be about the right to share it's going to be the right to
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access information culture knowledge. first and foremost i think there's ancient regime that's going to try to clamp down on this to preserve the status quo and to use this revolting against us and they did. the polling booths election day so. there is a youth movement this has been compared many times to the to the ascent of the green movement when the green parties are are world wide and i see many many parallels right there is a parallel certainly in terms of the environment if you will of intellectual property and it took a step back and to put this in context on a broader perspective the idea of the manifesto behind the pirate party is that all intellectual property originates from something called the public domain all ideas all reconfiguring of ideas all works of creation whether it's books movies television arctic cetera they all originate in some way
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from the commonly own public domain they then have a very limited period of monopoly value protected under copyright law afterwards time all these works of art and creativity should return to the public domain so the question is do you agree with that characterization number one and number two is there any period of time that the pirate party would support that would be that period a limited monopoly value for intellectual property or is that completely out of the out of the manifest up i think you're nailing it here the what we're seeing is that the copyright monopoly come completely out of hand and when it's being reviewed by independent experts eyes and academia as opposed to conduct party corporate lobby and so we're seeing the optimum monopoly terms very ditto you know one perhaps seven or nine years which is way short of done today's lifetime for seventy years
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we need to ask ourselves why does the copyright monopoly for that matter the patent monopoly exist and it's said to be an incentive to create. but all it when you go there and say that it's an incentive to create more if you have done some things are sensible it doesn't justify why current term is life plus another seventy years because no one third to my knowledge has kept writing books after they are dead and buried so it's at least seven years too long. when you look at it it's justifiably much too long so we're sort of putting a stake in the ground and estimating shortening five years from today to publication might be a good start just see how that fares on the other hand you also have this issue with a corporate monopoly has crept into our private communications it well it was a distribution one awfully sorry it was a commercial monopoly and
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a commercial monopoly only for some reason the publishers imagined this when i'll probably also applies to just to house honest joe the monopoly should dress itself in police uniforms and perform dawn raids on a citizens and does not what it's there for you can't criminalize something about two hundred fifty million europeans are doing on a weekly basis it doesn't work that way you see the lawyers at the old publishing houses saying because since the law is not work walking in lockstep with technology obviously the technology is broken and needs to fix be fixed with the assistance of the lore wears very much the rest of the population is saying well since the lower the technology doesn't walk in lockstep anymore obviously the law is broken and need to be fixed with the help of their quality all right i want to talk about that disconnect between the technology and the law in
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a second but i want to go back to phrase you use there the optional monopoly value as being your estimates were by some estimates between let's call it between seven and nine years so in other words if you take an artist like an elvis presley who borrowed heavily if not cloned many of the blues artists in america back in the one nine hundred fifty s. in repackaged and material that was already there came before him and launched a successful career as rock n roll which was just. a re putting a new beat to the existing blues material that was already extent throughout the south in america so for a period of time the i was presently artist capitalized fantastically on this repackaging of ideas that he pulled from the public domain that were not his ideas and then at some point it makes sense to allow the copyright to expire to allow
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those ideas to return to the public domain so that somebody else can use them and what you're saying is that because they let their on the books for a lifetime plus seventy years it's it isn't thanks stifling creativity which at the end of the day is actually stifling the economy the copyright lobby is arguing. longer copyright is good for creativity what we're seeing is the exact opposite real artists did not wait for permission to create justice you're saying imagine how many elvis presley's we haven't had because of this monopoly right and you know there is an instinct to copy certainly within every human cell is contained d.n.a. that spans its entire life on this planet seeking to reproduce itself through sexual reproduction in the case of human beings there is nothing at the cellular level and instinct to copy and reproduce so again by thwarting the very instinct of
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humanity you are effectively giving humanity a collective look bonnie let me tell you just how hard wired we are to copy there's this tradition of when you're drinking coffee or tea you're sort of extending your your little finger a little bit you know i'm sick i'm sure you all seen no one when we got cups we do a little bit like this and there was a researcher trying to find where does that come from. and this was tracked way back into england sixteen hundreds and point. people people just kept doing it ever since for pretty much no reason just because everybody else was doing it and it turns out well this comes from as in royal nobility circles the time you had a lot of unprotected six and one of the first symptoms of syphilis is that your finger start to stiffen. that's just how hard wired we are to copy right so
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this what we call in the technology space a meme which is really the intellectual equivalent of a gene has the same prerequisite and mandate to copy itself so we've got a couple of minutes left here i want to talk about a bit of the the relationship with the technology and the law so the big debate is which which is more important or which came first is it the technology or the law well clearly the those who argued for a copyright going all the way back to let's say the constitution united states i believe it's article seventeen were thomas jefferson was debating at that time that there should be no it's a logical property rights at all because it's in it's a net negative to the to the economy but you can lobby freely and without diminishing your own it was argued quite well all right so where works so it was so now because of the copyright extension laws we have what lawrence lessig calls
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perpetual copyright and you have the state of copyright law being it clearly without a shadow of a doubt anyone who's really looked into the legal statutes and the history of this there's no way that they could possibly come out of this thinking that the law is being respected in the spirit of how the law was generated originally so folks like n.p.a. the motion picture association of america they're recording industry association of america they're basically changing a lot to suit their very narrow interests but that be experienced of what is obviously imply inferred and talked about in the constitution and one needs to remember here is that it's the job of every industry lobby to try to change the law to better suit their industry they're trying to tweak society to get on top of everybody else especially i guess the lobbyist job. the people i blame for this other politicians whose job it is. to see things for what they are and look at it
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in a bigger perspective and see ok these guys are asking for what's the costs to society and politicians have failed miserably at doing that particular job and it did arrive. but actually it is a right and fifteen fifty seven in it with queen mary you go first also known as bloody mary who was trying to clamp down on the pretty press as it allowed knowledge to roam free without control of the crown of the church at a time you don't you won't see this in the corporate history as described by the corporate lobby but it was originally an instrument to crackdown on expression or speech on free speech rick we were out of time actually i write to talk about bitcoins because even now since you have put all of your savings into bitcoin i have to bring on again to talk to you about that before we go i didn't want to ask you one thing nato has declared war on anonymous the group that's out there
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fighting the good fight for intellectual property are we going to see armed combat between hackers file sharers extent or a verse of the hollywood copyright cartels authority of going to war is it going to escalate i think of the conflict is definitely escalating what i think is interesting is that the united states and israel have already hijacked your a.t.m. centrifuges in iran and what nato is essentially saying is that iran would be justified in having an armed conflict back so if they want to open the door of it i think they're going to find it swings both ways thanks so much for being on the kaiser report and a lot of back on again soon thank you for having me on the show just right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser reply with me max kaiser and stacy herbert and i want to thank my guests rick thought we know if you want to send me an e-mail please this guy's a report r t t v are you in the next time this is my kind of thing by al.
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