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but can they loan a show at the real headlines with none of them or say we're going to live in washington d.c. now if they all take a look at leon panetta and how he'll handle being the new secretary of defense i'll speak with a journalist who was brutally arrested in wisconsin for filming to police and we'll find out if one for hackers really are f.b.i. informants but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has as decided to spend their time on well missing the more important stories.
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we've been doing a lot of media bashing for their relentless coverage of the wiener gate scandal and bashing that is well deserved but it's a little odd when you see those same people that have been covering it nonstop and treating it like real news suddenly act like they're above it all here's rachel maddow on david letterman last night. if he resigns it is something in the fact that people are demanding that he resign while other people who have confessed to much worse things in terms of sex scandals are not being forced to resign or are having in getting the resignations call for that makes it news but him screwing up his marriage in itself i think is more gossip than news. you know i actually have a soft spot for rachel maddow i like her i think she's a good journalist i think she's incredibly intelligent but when it comes to this leader rats she's been one of the worst offenders and we don't call it gossip after
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you've been covering this incessantly ad taking up the majority of your show you go through all the details talk to the congressman and get to the bottom of the story . will you tell me in your own words what has happened here. well i don't know for sure it seems like what happened was someone somehow got access to my twitter account and tweeted a joke because you haven't answered a question about whether the photo is you or not you realize that now everybody thinks the photo is you and so where there's smoke there's fire there must be a real scandal here you must've been doing something creepy here congressman anthony weiner. of new york democrat congressman welcome to our consequence on other. so. you know why don't we talk about something that's going on that's not being covered by the mainstream media at all and the by that i mean coverage not a village not one single mention if you just days ago we spoke with david house on this program who has had his electronic devices seized when crossing the border
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into the u.s. without a warrant that's something he's now suing the department of justice for but don't forget the house is also a friend and supporter of bradley manning so i asked house and i spoke to him if he had been subpoenaed by the government regarding this grand jury investigation that's being built in virginia against wiki leaks and here's what he had to say but i have had some recent contact from the u.s. government so i have a meeting with my lawyers to morrow and i'll be able to make a more robust statement after i get to that meeting with my lawyers so. there are some very big developments happening in and around boston later this week that will media. well guess what turns out the david house did get a subpoena today salon's. glenn greenwald excuse me posted both the subpoena and the accompanying legal documents online and according to greenwald manning's ex-boyfriend tyler watkins and not a head injury cryptography expert at princeton have also received subpoenas so there's more evidence of a growing case that's being built against this whistle blowing organization what
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are the charges what laws could possibly apply you know we've heard whispers of the espionage act being invoked but let's just remember something here julie the song he's an american is not an american where he weeks has no address so how far could the government go to get their way that's what the mainstream media isn't covering those are the questions that they aren't asking and it's not like this is some no name case they are well aware of who joined us on just don't remember this little frenzy award his arrest because he's wanted in connection with. allegations of a sexual nature allegations to do with the rape and sexual so. we start off with a fox news alert julian assange now jailed in london on charges. sexual misconduct in sweden pictures from monday when julian assange the founder of wiki leaks being rebuked.
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his lawyers have maintained that he denies all of these allegations of the sex crimes in sweden and that they have found the entire swedish legal process to be very unusual rick. yes there in lies the problem if it has to do with sex or infidelity or rape allegations or winter breaks then the mainstream media is all over it but this brings up questions about government transparency or morality in the rule of law the value of truth that's where the mainstream media always seems to me. now there's a lot of big news today when it comes to the wars that america is waging a brought to the u.s. has reportedly been stepping up air strikes in yemen over the last few weeks with drones and fighter jets on an attempt to keep al qaeda in the arabian peninsula from gaining any ground as for now president saleh has left the country after being injured in an attack and the war against libya has been seeing some of the heaviest bombing in the last few days while allied arab nations have all been meeting up
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with davi to discuss a post gadhafi libya although gadhafi remains defiant and continues to respond by shelling was rather than off much a lot of you who initially wanted a u.s. invasion of iraq now says that u.s. troops must go even though it's top u.s. officials including robert gates of admitted that they actually hope the rock asks for a continued presence past the withdrawal deadline at the end of this year and as we wait for president obama to make an announcement about exactly what a troop withdrawal in afghanistan is going to look like robert gates continues to tell nato that there is no rush for an exit that's a lot of wars a lot of quagmires if you will that we're stuck at all the more reason to talk about how leon panetta is going to handle them once he takes over so the current director of the cia was on capitol hill today answering questions before the senate about how he would handle the role of the secretary of defense if confirmed and that if is pretty much an absolute he's expected to be confirmed easily so will he be able to be any different than his predecessors in handling america's war machine
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or discuss this with me is the tenet colonel anthony shaffer senior fellow at the center for advanced defense studies and still serving as a reserve tenet colonel tony thanks so much for being here tonight reading starters why do you think that obama chose leon panetta he was a bit of an outsider i guess you could say from the entire military intelligence world up until two thousand and nine when he took over the cia thought let me answer to porch first the clear objective is cutting i brought with me. army times a benefit cut specs i mean that's there's a lot of things to be cutting so clearly that's going to be his job i was talking to a general or do former four star retired four star talks about the fact that his mission there is going to be to go through and eliminate a lot of programs and the concern by a lot of the folks i talked to is will he pick the right ones do we go back to a. environment where we don't have the right technology the right troops for the right missions or will he pick the right ones and as yet to be determined the one thing about panetta which has been proven and i think has been widely reported most
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of my my sources told me it was true he pushed president obama regarding the raid on bin laden he was very upfront and pushing on that so with that said one of his jobs going to be to cut he seems to appear to have morphed into someone who actually is as actually very willing to do what's military message militarily distressed and necessary to do to accomplish their mission i'm just curious that's of course on everyone's saying he's going to mean he's going to slash the budget unlike robert gates who maybe was just saying all of this symbolically panetta means business yes but how it's been actually going to be accepted when he locks the doors there at the pentagon i'm just wondering how much of the the backdoor scheming is going to be going on with people going around his back trying to talk to congress obviously lobbyists trying to push their programs and how much they actually comes down to this one man well secretary gates even announced certain cuts he would approve but he has to get congress to go along with them and i think that's going to be the issue here everybody on the hill is be totally blunt on this
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everybody has cut programs and everybody everybody who has major equities will be looking at me protecting their programs after thirty five all these other programs and so he will have to manage that process and so as he goes in he's going to have to identify all these equities very quickly and then start determining how to go about the ways and means process of politics he's the to understand politics he serves the chief of staff for so the question becomes who does he pick to go under him this is going to be a major shake up a lot of the folks who are still. in the pentagon came out of the bush white house so i think it's going to be another round of who stays with him so you power our positions. under undersecretary for foreign oil policy she may stay or go it's that who stays and goes all determine how the sick how we move forward regarding the cutbacks so i think there's not going to be a lot of politics involved and we even saw it with with robert gates right before he left because initially he acted like he was going to be a champion of these defense cuts and then he did a little bit of backtracking and that's something that john mccain happens to be
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absolutely loving right now it seems like john mccain is kind of shaking in his booth at the idea that someone new is coming in who might have this record of cutting and we even have a clip here of what john mccain had to say earlier let's take a look at that. gates has been sounding the alarm against misguided and excessive reductions in defense spending that cut into. i could not agree with you more defense spending is not what is sinking this country into a fiscal crisis and if the congress and the president act on that flawed assumption they will create a situation that is truly an affordable and decline of u.s. military power. you know i think that a lot of americans are starting to disagree with that notion that defense spending has nothing to do with america's fiscal crisis there's a new pew research poll actually out there and you know what i mean obviously public opinion they often one one thing or say that they want cuts then they don't
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want medicare or any of their domestic programs cut but when it comes to the opinion they think the defense spending is or excuse me that the wars are more to blame for our deficit than our medicare or social security or those programs that they hold so dear why do i was in a meeting yesterday with a conservative group where one of the conservative members actually stood up and said he would be good to have a trillion dollars we just spent on iraq available to us now so the truth is we have spent a heck of a lot of money that you can't get back and we need to look at what could be reduced now you and i've talked about before are opposed to the special operations special operations or for the most part very inexpensive compared to large land armies which occupy huge territories right now we're talking about five hundred thousand dollars per person per year in afghanistan so every person you see there that's five hundred thousand dollars and what has been the net effect nothing positive so we've got to look very hard at we're all these things are going and what we're
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actually achieving out but the thing is they've been at it so far at least in the hearing today he was deflecting everything to obama to petraeus to gates who is saying let these guys decide when it comes to the drawdown in afghanistan he was kind of you know kept his hands clean of it as if you know if this isn't my mess i'm just entering let them answer all the heavy questions here but i took question again obviously when you have a massive land army when you have one hundred thousand troops on the ground in afghanistan that is a huge drain. on your bank account but then there are all these black projects and we talk about these projects aren't these projects some of the ones that these national ops units use and we talk about these stealth copters we have no idea how much that's got caught i mean that in both worlds there's huge redundancy this is one of those little. secrets pentagon is not talking about everything you see in the real world that is the white budget you could probably guess that there's some peril to it some other dark place which people don't want to talk about this is been a problem with a lot of the programs the pentagon has redundancy huge redundancy when i was there in zero five i was working on
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a project for the navy that was being done on the black side at the same time it's like you know why we doing this are partly so this is one of the areas which needs to be lost murder on secondly strategy he i think is correct and leaving the strategy and troop numbers of that strategy to the generals i think this is been one of the problems i don't believe for a minute that german crystal had a fair shot at winning in afghanistan because the decision on the numbers were political not based on operation would you say leave it to the generals do you think that that means that general petraeus is still going to have a lot of fact or you know a lot of sway over here even though he's now going to be in the cia we're just going to see more trounce rights more of these national you know observations and these raids i mean instantly already we're seeing today that apparently we've been launching more drones and more air strikes in yemen for the last couple of weeks and that's something that's been going on completely under the radar and for now any number of reasons i think has been necessary i don't necessarily agree with the drone strikes but i understand what's going on there we're talking about a country slipping into chaos where we know there's a credible threat with that said we have the strategy there that they're just
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bombing away as fast as they can afford somebody who isn't friendly takes over and suddenly that's not allowed anymore and the way i'm seeing it on a slate is yes they're trying right now to keep those who are trying to take power you stabilize until some other central power of some sort which i think is to determine actual power can there possibly be well and this is were we have to work with the saudis this is the saudis backyard we always tend to forget that when there's people there who live there you know so i trust in the canadians you know. the saudis and the yemenis are all there together and this is where we have to work very closely with them regarding a regional solution this is where the arabs need to be here helping arabs imagine that and i think this is where the arab spring has some level of potential by the fact you have to have the arabs really work to resolve their own issues it's not our job now our job is to defend equities related to the fact that we don't want al qaeda to be launching attacks against us or our allies in europe so it's a fine line we have to walk here so i understand the drone strikes in the state why they're doing to keep the stabilized at same time we have to be encouraging
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a very clear diplomatic process which resolves some in some form the path forward for the central government of yemen and i think of course you know there's always the problem first of all i've heard from many people that often the threat of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is. completely overstated that it's really not as dangerous or as big of a threat in the u.s. as we think it is and so fine but in a way strike away the militants that you think are in the region but this is still a country that is torn up by civil war there are a number of factions that are involved and so if you just want anti-american sentiment to continue to rise there whatever the central government may being event it's not to look at forty miles away i agree with that and i think we tend to forget this is another tribal area yemen like afghanistan and pakistan are all very tribal and this is where again we need to figure out the targets really are al qaeda which are not and figure out how to bring a government back in place and this is is what i've been critical of the drone strikes in pakistan we have too often gone after someone and killed him but in the process killed five going to since this is what we can do and this is why i'm
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a big proponent of going in physically boots on the ground at least actual operations guys and stepping away from drones and drones you think we need special ops prize in yemen you think we need more than pakistan you think we might need them in libya as well i think when we have to apply force we have to be a lot more considerate of how we apply force don't forget that's why they decided to do the raid on bin ladin that way they could have done a drone strike in a time but for better or for worse the raid want down. you had boots on the ground they grabbed earth killed a guy that needed to grab them and came out and there was very little collateral damage so it's better than to have fewer or less collateral damage i guess but i guess at the at the expense of violating all kinds of international laws when it comes to nation sovereignty or everybody violates everybody saw i was sort of no big deal i don't know if they're not saying is not a big deal but i'm saying if the drone strike is not a violation of sovereignty i don't know what is at least if you're a violent sovereignty with boots on the ground the theory would be inspiration in yemen you're going in with someone else or with the permission of the festival government don't forget that yemen is allowing us to do
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a lot of stuff on their behalf so this is one of those areas very sure that something is going on and a lot of right we can fix cables right there something that i want to get to you here which is that one of the things when it comes to cutting defense spending of course there are these pet projects the weapons systems that we're talking about but we also are talking about veterans' benefits or talking about health care for us that is going to be a huge cost that it's only going to increase especially once these troops start coming home and i'm just wondering does anybody have the guts to actually tackle that we've heard admiral mullen say before that well if you look at this four hundred billion dollars in cuts that the obama administration wants i say we actually start making some cuts towards the veterans benefits and the pay before we go after any of these force structures but i mean what's the what's the better thing to do do we need more for structures and more weapons or you take care of people that actually fought for your country and you know risk their lives that are now damaged because of it. politicians are promised we would not have a post vietnam type environment i think most of us were hoping for a post world war two environment where people came back and started small
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businesses but as we've seen with the economy is just across the bridge so this is something the obama administration has to figure out rapidly is how do you encourage small business growth and not encumber them to the point where they can survive i think they have a more and frankly is wrong he's got to consider the fact that we do have huge programs which could be a lot more efficient and you need to to look at what we need to achieve operationally and then. put the money towards that we have not clearly defined that we don't have the i would call we call it i think a grand strategy we're kind of just making it up as we go to libya being a perfect example of that. and i was on the hill talking to one of the staffers about libya today be actually asked me what would you do well first off i define what you get because so we've got to do that across the board we've got to figure out why what is the department think is rolling i have a really good objective i say that we just get rid of all the weapons programs if you say that in the black budget we already have one to match it well not always but the idea would be if you think your i was going to bring that up though i can't
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hear anybody ever talk i know sure it's the black budget it's a secret but it seems ludicrous to me that we have politicians that try to look you in the face pretend like they're being on is that they care about the deficit they care about this country's fiscal crisis and yet they know that there is this entirely secret operation that all americans are paying for but nobody wants to touch touch it or talk about it and we need to and that's something that mr panetta is going to deal with very very clearly and concisely you benefit issues we've got to be very can very conscience of what we've asked these folks to do a good friend of mine had one of his son's friends lose both lose both legs this week and afghanistan you can't get the legs back you've got to consider what that means to that family and to the folks who are that they want to live with there for the rest of the lives with that said the same time we have to maintain a posture which is adequate one of the things that i talk about in your staff is so i'm so sorry you know we're getting our lunch eaten every day by foreign nations and we have no policy in your country talking about bringing back an old antiquated cold war force on force you know massive retaliation policy that really horrible
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idea that i totally forgot we were going to talk about cyber warfare and i got carried away that's all the time we have unfortunately but just another excuse if they're saying that we can retaliate we can shoot missiles at you if you attack our you know our our agreed but we don't even know who knows where these hikers are coming and that's the big problem here tony thank you so much for joining us q. . now there's still much more to come tonight and tell you that the fore. people who find themselves getting arrested for filming cops on the job and i want you to see one journalist who was brutally arrested for just that was right. we are right.
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and. we have got the. safe get ready because of freedom. you guys welcome michel ancel on the obama shelf please pardon our guests not to sound the topics now i want to hear audience has gotten you seem to video responses are the twitter profile of the questions that please host on you tube every monday and on thursday the show long response is a. big. for. instance. from. flint.
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michigan. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life complete you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . here's a video that should make everyone pause independent reporters were arrested at the wisconsin state capitol building while they were filming protesters.
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was. now despite being waved in by the officer on for they telling him that they were with the press the situation seemed to turn for the worse just minutes later and that you have now been charged with disorderly conduct with a court date set for june seventeenth so what happened and what kind of precedent does this set of police start going out for the press joining me to discuss this is one of these journalists and may feel who is also a documentary filmmaker sam thanks so much for joining us tonight can you first of all baucus through exactly what happened from the moment you entered the building or whatever you know interaction you may have had with the police officer up until the moment where the two of you were being arrested. shared greeting thanks for
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having me on. so on monday. there is a large parade around the wisconsin state capitol more than a thousand people turned up despite the fact that it was monday at noon to ninety degrees and many people decided to go in monday marked the first state supreme court hearings. to hear about scott walker's controversial but you're paired bill and the legality of how that was passed so i went into the state capital to do my job which is to this day was to go in and see what was going on i need to cover the supreme court hearing in in part if possible but generally just you know i had been filming earlier i'd been filming that the the march around the capitol and walked into the state capitol there was a police officer who was already clearly escalated from the moment that i walked in and it's really hard to say why he was already so escalated when. i walked in my
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first interaction with this officer corcoran was for him to twenty his arms on me physically grabbing me and i said i'm with the press so i said hello hello i'm with the press. i was carrying my camera had my microphone in tripod and you know and he let me through the allison about a guy says who is working with me this day he also need passed and then he went after alex i said no she's with me he initially let her through and then we were in the capital she continued to stay back to film his treatment of the citizens that were also working in the building it seemed like a smart thing to do their work at that moment lots of other people with cameras and . there's that that seemed like a very important thing to do to just have some presence there i went into the rotunda where it was lively but not nearly as lively as it had been in months past
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and heard it heard a lot of commotion behind me i turned around and that's when i saw that alex was in fact being dragged away in handcuffs you know this is something that we keep saying cross the country although only in three states so far it's actually technically illegal to film the police we've learned more and more the police don't like it when you actually catch some of their actions on camera but i want to also bring up a point here do you think that it really matters whether you are with the press or not because i think they enter days world when everybody has a camera phone or a flip phone with video on it when everybody has access to the internet is there still need to be a distinction between what a journalist is what a citizen journalist is shouldn't everybody have the right to document the same things it is an excellent point it's an excellent point earlier this day on monday i went into the capitol press room to obtain a press pass because in the months past sometimes there had been difficulties
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getting into the building and with the press pass i have been able to get in much faster than average citizens but i think it's an excellent we did you raised shouldn't we all have the right to document the things that are happening around us of course we should you know since my arrest there have been you know light e-mail inbox is literally been overflowing with people remarking about. the brutality against journalists and a point that i like to to make and to think about and to engage in conversation is that don't we all deserve protection and we shouldn't expect to be not brutalized just because we're carrying a camera you ask the question of do i think that it may have made a difference that i was press i think yeah in this case i. i feel that it's impossible for me not to feel like i was targeted. and this officer. didn't
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want to be filmed and it was really clear i mean in the video i'm not sure if you had a chance to look at it or if we could show our viewers but there's a very there is a very. a very key point when i say i'm with the press he's dragging alex away in handcuffs he's holding her i said i'm with the tress and he said well you can go to. which made me made me think that oh so to be with the press to be a member of the press is that. a warrant for him to arrest me i mean does that mean that ok now i'm in a higher risk of being detained. and i think that any any journalist anyone who has an interest in documenting the things that are happening around him should be totally concerned about this and feel a little bit of outrage yeah well i'm with you very i'm feeling outraged and i'm just wondering too because you know when these when we first saw protests in wisconsin when governor walker first put this bill of there was
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a lot of media coverage from all across the country about this story now obviously some of that has died down but clearly the battle there is still being fought so have we seen a lot of we'll have a couple seconds lot of other cases of police roughing people up or arresting any other journalists. well it's interesting because on monday the number of arrests that we had on monday topped the number of arrests in february and march combined as i understand so is my concern but this is actually a new way that police are going to treat journalists and or demonstrators at the capitol and i hope that this isn't going to be a trend that lasts because the people who sponsored are not quieting down they are continuing to resist i mean the things that scott walker wants to do here you know people are saying that he is he is it's a death sentence i've got to wrap up on far because we have to hit this break thank you so much for sharing your story and i hope that this is in a way that we see more and more of thanks.


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