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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2011 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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i'm. feeling tension as nails fights to strip colonel gadhafi forces a violent well the alliance is accused of forcing an acim levy instant drawn on empty. israel's flow of cheap gas is drying up egypt wants to rethink a key energy deal that's thought to benefit only the jewish state in the barge family. and a lack of emotional support is blamed for russia's record breaking figures of suicides among teenagers.
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this is r t live from moscow with marina joshua welcome as nato tells the world to prepare for a post get off the air a coalition bombs continue to blitz still leaving capitol petrol queues snakes through tripoli with fuel in short supply a scenario made worse as tankers become a regular target for airstrikes artie's wary of financial records on civilians caught up in a brutal conflict. it may have some of the largest oil reserves on the planet but these days leave is also god some of the longest queues at his pastoral stations thing to national sanctions imposed on the battled colonels regime and not include a few and. that nato is targeting ten caloric if suspected the fuel might be used by gadhafi is military forces with roads closed factories at the start and foreign workers long since gone from the war stricken country is facing its worst energy crisis ever the new realities ordinarily when drivers now spend vast amounts of
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time queuing for few months ago this. country people have been lining up to fill up their cars even days at this line is a little difficult to make the gas station the analyst here is given only a marker is a universe just student and has volunteers here to help organize the process she stamps a few russian boots which allow individuals thirty five liters a week she believes it's a great idea to have women on the station is. that women have too many things to do they don't fight each other world queuing and never should enjoy the year is now in new so we're able to serve up to nine hundred cars and again the building of. this line is long but others are ruben longer petrol still cheaper than water here just a few cents for a litter it's just that is often in short supply. if there is no few we have to
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lose our cars and return reentry appears it could be days. women only gas stations is one of many innovations supposed to ease people's lives in a country in cares there are also special plans for ambulances and police cars. on the needle surrounded us but we should move on. we try to do our best to help people get by if we give up we'll die here a lot of those seeking to oust colonel gadhafi may have been hoping the hardships will incite people to rise up against their leader but instead it only seems to be fueling people's hatred towards with the feel is western imperialism need to need to damaged our city destroyed our life they told us they want to save people is that the way to seize the people tell me that this is just a crime. while the warring sides try to find
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a way out of months of devastating conflict ordinary people looking for a way to just leave the everyday lives dreaming of all times when these. would be with a distant memory. tripoli. as nato attacks continue former u.s. congresswoman and presidential candidates in z a mckinney isn't a fact finding mission to libya to see for herself how tripoli copes with the onslaught she claims that washington is telling half truths to its people. i understood that what i was hearing from the u.s. press was laden with propaganda of course we know that the pentagon has something called perception management and so they are in the business of utilizing the mighty wurlitzer which is the their propaganda and they do use that to affect the way people think about what they're doing and that's exactly
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what is that happening here and maybe with nato as i think that we come here with a delegation of journalists so that we could understand the truth and then tell the truth to the people yesterday alpha university was hit which was formerly known as nasser university and i visited a hospital there was one patient who could not tell his story. because he was still in shock there were patients there who had moves that looked like they came from very specialized weapons and so the issue of exactly what weapons are being used here is also of great importance and i was able to speak with a person in the united states who is a politically raney a specialist a former g.o.p. this is. more a sliver of war a laboratory and she told me that if there was a metallic taste of the dust in our mouths then more
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than likely it was the privy raney and so i did a brief survey of those with me because one day there were eighty nine blasts and yes the response that i got was that there was a metallic taste of course i have had this taste as well. israel's long established energy agreement with egypt could soon go up in flames the original gas deal was set up by president mubarak but now post revolution cairo is demanding that the terms are really go here as artie's polls the reports israel's options are fast running out. israel cannot be choosy in picking its energy resources it is few of its own and most of its neighbors are not willing to shave theirs which is why it's so seeing secure imagery is a hot issue in the middle east when ever we can get it over with. and for the last six years israelis have been getting a lot of it from egypt and under water pipeline pumps natural gas from the egyptian
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city of elevation to the israeli port of ashkelon. but the revolution in egypt supported by the united states is backfiring on israel the interim cairo government says it's not obliged to sell gas to israel and is pushing to be negotiate the agreement i give her rewinds for several each option papers from israel he says the deal was always unpopular among egyptians to give. these. smart. people the egyptian public prosecutor has since ordered an investigation into the deal former president hosni mubarak contributes sons are accused of having personally benefited from it which doesn't surprise you also have put ski who set up the natural gas system in israel he was against the deal from the start not least because it was signed between israel and the east mediterranean gas company which is registered offshore and has no assets in egypt it was obvious. in his
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which were the cost in the arab world and it was also very obvious that one if the president is not. is not going to rule egypt then of course the whole contract is not worth the paper it's written on the east mediterranean gas company declined our request for an interview egypt's natural gas supplies about forty to fifty percent of the electricity power stations in israel it can be replaced by the fuels but they're more expensive and do it here which is why boys are right is blogging fanatically online he writes about green issues and says the alternative options that israel has to the egyptian supplies are not that attractive getting high price. a lot of. the folks that would be. cool. planting trying will call those
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who want much more than we could. call station in place and working. if no agreement of cairo is reached television is going to have to function without natural gas for a year and so israelis are stepping up efforts to develop gas wells now being discovered offshore but these two remain a source of dispute between israel and lebanon as beirut claims that there's either way the gas issue is likely to keep heating up or r.t. television. what an hour to live from moscow here's a quick taste of what's still had in the program disappearance without a trace the pentagon admits it doesn't now where more than six billion dollars for iraq has gone. plus with russia having you rate of teen suicide we took a look at why drives hundreds of young people every year to take their own lives. before that in japan six more workers engaged in the cleanup of the facility
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al been exposed to dangerously high radiation levels bringing the total number of victims to eight scans as traces of highly toxic elements were detected in c. and groundwater at a nuclear plant radioactive strontium believed to cause cancer and leukemia has been found at concentrations two hundred times the safe limit a massive earthquake that hit japan three months ago because radiation leaks from fukushima damaged reactors scientists now fear that some levels of contamination are higher than those following the church novel catastrophe. well we're already seeing articles in tokyo where how to article these are radioactive particles really small better than a day under your air in tokyo and all throughout the fukushima prefecture and interestingly we're also seeing them on the west coast of the united states so airborne radiation lodges in your lungs your g.i. tract is certainly in japan and on the west coast the the oceans are still becoming
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more were contaminated not less and i think over the next year or so you'll see the big fish in the salmon. because this will work its way up the food chain i think you'll see more and more radiation being detected in the top of the food chain fish as well. woods hole from a research institute has said that the percentage otieno now is ten times more contaminated then was the the ocean and well the seas near chernobyl at the peak of the action so the ocean you're worse now than ever. and if you miss something we're covering on air catch it online at r.t. dot com always more stories there for you to explore here's a taste of. the pentagon as the world rattled as a proposes that the u.s. response to cyber attacks with a military force. and a russian man sets out to prove that disability is no obstacle as he covers eleven
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thousand kilometers in a cross country travel his electric dog much more in his journey at r.t. dot com plus two more of our eye catching videos and all you tube channel. is. the official g.o.p. convention giuliani phone on called talk from the. video. oh geez mind. omissions for you know in the palm of your.
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machine on the dot com. it's the largest staff of funds in national history and that's why american auditor say about six point six billion dollars of aid money for rog that's disappeared the pentagon is closing the books on a reconstruction program and the war torn country but still cannot account for the missing cash a former bush administration official and author of the book america's failure in iraq michael o'brien claims the money was lost under general with the traffickers watch. all of this stuff was going on while david petraeus was the commander of the multinational security transition command in iraq werman sticky you know for no five and this is the same period of time that one hundred ninety thousand a k forty seven zero nine millimeter pistol pistols purchased by the us government for the iraqi army national police disappeared i also want to say that i had
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a personal friend i will mention his name who was a very senior u.s. american finance and budget official during this period of time and he told me that when david petraeus was there there was a no accountability at all for american money and that david petraeus continued to spend the iraqi money six months after the c.p.a. the coalition provisional authority had been shut down in june of zero four. moscow is concerned with washington's reluctance to consider proposals for a joint anti-missile defense system in europe the u.s. and nato claimed the proposal could sand off a potential attack from iran however russia is worried the plans could pose a threat to national security. the phase adoptive approach to missile defense is broken up into two parts number one and number two where the. interceptors the plus one interceptors. are on line from phases three and four
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where the higher speed interceptors will be brought online and our analysis shows if the system is reconfigured a little bit but it will have some ability against russian i.c.b.m. so there is some. legitimate concern from from the russian side us to be technical ability in principle of the system being able to intercept. even neither the first phases nor the second phase is really an ability against rogue state i.c.b.m. anybody who can make. a list of missiles can also put decoys on the missile on to overcome the defenses and we won't be getting anything extra by going to the higher potency interceptors a block or two interceptors which are due to come online after twenty eighteen so. the first two phases nor the second two phases will have much inherent ability.
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against. the rogue state threats. in here more from dr use of bot and fifteen minutes time here on our team before that though let's take a look at what else is making headlines around the world and seven republican presidential candidates have gathered for the first debate of the twenty twelve campaign president hopes it's criticizing president obama over his hand raised around the economy and health care reform as well as these policies in afghanistan . in libya however critics say the candidates focused too much on obama's fault rather than their own policies the first primary elections do not take place. the un has found that unemployment in gaza over forty five percent was among the highest in the world in the late twenty's hand the report shows an ongoing crisis in the strip with continuing effects from israel's blockade and pows in gaza in two thousand and six after an israeli soldier was snatched by
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a group of militants the restrictions were tightened a year later when a mosque one elections ousting rival fatah from the territory. the international monetary fund is shortlisted two candidates to become its new managing director a french finance minister for his team of guard and mexican central bank chief justin carstens will fight it out for the top job this follows the resignation of former chief dominic strauss kahn who was arrested on sexual assault charges and allegation he denies the i.m.f. will make a decision by the end of june. next week sees the trial in of sand show former tunisian president ben ali who fled to saudi arabia in january following mass protest against his twenty three year rule yassir faces several charges including conspiring against the state voluntary manslaughter and drug trafficking he has slammed the trial as a masquerade. now russia suffers one of the highest rates of teen suicide in the world according to recent school polls ways to commit suicide was one of the most
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popular internet searches amongst teenagers are jesus on a boy girl looks at what drives young people to take their own lives. just days before final exams the t.v. crew was reporting and students gearing up for the adult lives that lee had of them the teachers pointed to believe that brightest student who it seemed had her future figured out which way should play station i want to become a journalist because it's a very interesting and creative profession which they can toss to the wash for me this yet but instead of a school living celebration police classmates gathering like a funeral something she may not be the best she and everything and hank herself. have been getting ready for the example we believe that was the one who was a hardest of all of her note of math problems and she was very modest and she wanted to graduate isn't a great student. in many countries this trask's exams in late december and early
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june sees peaks in the number of children taking their own lives but in russia it's a year round problem roughly one and a half thousand children and teenagers kill themselves every year it's much higher than the average scene in the united states and. the problem is so out of hand that when i was in filming the president's about it i found it hard to believe the figures are truly frightening every year thousands children make attempts on their lives this is the girls are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide it is still boys who by a long way actually succeed in killing themselves. eagar is different he's trying to take his life three times the latest the time just six months ago. i just had enough i was tired of fighting with my mom my girlfriend left me i was fed up with starting a constant seeing the streets and hearing. i just want everything and i want peace
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what's driving the problem in russia is what experts call a low emotional literacy psychological or psychiatric help is underdeveloped and not easily available. there is the stigma. committed in the state of emotional distress which over time. even if parents notice that many would rather ignore them and to take their kid to a psychologist or psychiatrist which actually added to that continuing social and economic shift the commute harder for parents to provide for their children and leaving little time for talking and listening this morning meant is that we cater to children who fall and victim to adult bars says alcoholism drug abuse prostitution and i want to go as can drive a child to take his or her own life but in the santror of this overly wicked figures there was one that seems policy broadening almost commonplace yet it
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represents what aspart say is the main reason why russia is leading europe in the number of sides about us and difference. hearing now cries. artsy. quality later we enter a world of hills hills an adrenaline and a region that can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. one stream cascading from mountain slopes view is mismo much. of this beauty brings down the speed of more than two hundred kilometers of the each step along. what's our special report in just over an hour here on r.t. and in just a few minutes we explore russia's concerns about washington and nato supplant missile defense network in europe but for the other will take
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a look what's happening in the world of business with yulia. hello that's right time for your business update good to have a company russia has resumed electricity supplies to better routes apology and ready to enter rather has reported a resumed all power transmission after the troubled country promised to pay the fifty million dollars owed by the fifth of july although going to rule says the transit countries supplies to the ports of countries were not affected. but then there was the still facing one of the steepest economic crises in decades inflation is spiraling out of control and is expected to reach forty percent this year alone but russia and its c.i.s. neighbors have come to the rescue with a we've been followed the head of the eurasian enterprises fund explains who risk contributing what. the fund now has eight on the how billion dollars slightly more than eight about how billion dollars six countries in questions are
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remaining kazakhstan kyrgyzstan russia and turkey can start russia in seven point five billion dollars to cover some spot in one billion dollars other countries have also contributed but smaller amounts every law firm is key to the contributors to the funds in the proportion and which the contributor to the front which means that if you look at the total structure of the fund russia has provided the board eighty percent of the total and this means that russian contribution will be about peterson what is important to explain is that we actually do not have these amount of money and the way the fund works is countries have made the initial contribution of ten percent cash so ten percent of eight point five e.'s eight hundred fifty million dollars all for this initial contribution the first appear regions of the fund the first loans which the fund is giving to its member countries have been funded including a part of the bill that was flown once we use this initial contribution would go to
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the member countries requesting that they provide more cash within the limits of eight point five billion dollars. and greece's economy continues to plummet as ratings agency standard and poor's got its credit rating from b. to triple c. making it the worst in the world the agency says there's a significantly higher likelihood of one or more do falls as the risks for the likely restructuring continue to grow and so see how this has affected the markets asian stocks opened lower but turned positive after china announced stronger than expected industrial out the figures that it could finish up more than a percent on the hexane was basically unchanged. chinese data is also giving a lift to well with branch trading at one hundred nineteen dollars a barrel and at ninety seven dollars the market is also if that terminates the patience saudi arabia will pump more courage after failing to clinch an output boost by opec. markets in europe are up in early trade with banks and mine is
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leading gains investors appear to be shaking off that downgrade of bruce's credit rating but it says more than one percent higher than c. is a bit behind under one hundred percent. and here in russia is a similar story of both the r.t.s. and the bias of the percent and some have a look at some of the individual show moves here we're buying is higher announcing profits for the doubled in the first five months of the year and as you majors will see gains as oil prices inch higher coking coal producer spots is down after a recent strong run. rushes the markets are in for a subdued couple of weeks but it seems shushing go for a couple believes fertilizer stocks could see some interest. if you think. six months perspective probably afford fertilizer soroka. i think there is enough. and they capitalists to essentially. even hire the global burger on this
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positive the fundamentals of the companies are strong so if i were to select one so that probably because of the for choices our current and world credit. and another functional as a producer for sagrera has confirmed plans for initial public offering and london and company received go ahead from the country spectral service for financial markets to offer up to twenty one percent of its total share kept old potential valuation has not been disclosed but initial reports that full size grow it's seeking upward of five hundred million dollars. i said for now you're up to dave get more for us more website or t dot com slash business and join me in less than one.
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for the. face to face. a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r t. the for. more used to.


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