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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2011 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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expedition to the bottom of the earth. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. welcome back to you with our team live from moscow our top stories now as nato fights to strip colonel gadhafi of vital oil libya is on the brink of its worst ever fuel crisis people on the ground can play in the battle against libyan leaders harming innocent civilians the. israels and clover the cheap gas is drying up with egypt pushing for a rethink on a key energy deal sealed under the previous regime shake up was prompted by allegations the agreement only benefits the jewish state and the mubarak.
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excessive amounts of highly toxic strong links with cancer around leukemia we take detected rather in waters around japan's fukushima nuclear plant scientists also warn that levels of contamination are even in the higher than those reported following the china mobile catastrophe. well as nato attacks continue in libya former u.s. congresswoman and a presidential candidate cynthia mckinney is in the country to see how tripoli copes with the onslaught she expressed doubts about nato as methods and her interview is coming up right now. former congresswoman and u.s. presidential candidates sooth them a key has been in libya working with a non-governmental fact finding mission for ten days already she's here at private expense as are the other members of her team to establish real evidence based facts on the reality of life in tripoli and made mates of bombardments and civil war she
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joins me now thank you very much cynthia thank you for having me well why is fact finding necessary in tripoli i can't remember who it was that said that truth is the first casualty of war but we in the united states are very well aware that the our country went to war against iraq and encouraged the entire world to go to war with it against iraq nine hundred thirty five times the bush administration lied to the american people in the international community about the reasons for going into iraq and then after the deed was done we had our deputy secretary of defense say well you know we were in a room and we were just trying to figure out which law of the american people would buy so we settled upon weapons of mass destruction and just like that the
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international community was drawn into a war that has completely decimated destroyed an entire country the country of iraq so now when our government says that they have a responsibility to bomb people in order to save them i think it's important for the american people to understand what the truth is you've mentioned iraq so you do think leaving could be like second iraq. what i think is a libya could become somalia one in the reaction of people to. the possibility of foreign ground troops here i don't think that is going to be anything that is welcome by anything anyone other than the libyan major allies who are called the rebels who have been
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here for a while already so what have you seen what concerns me is that we have reports that depleted uranium is being used we know that there are the missiles that are coming down the bunker buster bombs that are being used depleted uranium is being used here then everything that we see in brief is contaminated one of these reports come from actually a member of parliament in the united kingdom was the first person who mentioned the possible nato use of depleted uranium that i am aware of and at since that time i have spoken with some experts science scientists who are familiar with the telltale signs of depleted uranium use one is how the particulate matter tastes in your mouth if there is
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a metallic taste and of course since i've been here in the been a lot lot of bombings i have asked around about the metallic taste one of the persons that i brought with me is an attorney and i asked him he specifically said yes. that he had a metallic taste in his mouth i've not spoken to libyan scientists who have officially confirmed that but of course if we look at nato and their choice of weaponry we know that nato is used to clean. you raney aware in eastern europe they've used it in afghanistan they're probably using it in pakistan and why would they not use it here what will your conclusions be my conclusions will be merely the truth as i see it and of course i just have spoken with. diem of political science at the university also known as nasser university
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where two other tory m.p.'s were bombed now why is nato bombing universities why of a bombing compounds where people gathered to express their joy and love and concern for their leader i don't know why nato is choosing these targets but these are civilian targets and when civilian targets are bombed we have criminal activity oscillating starring in tripoli yes we've also been to a hospital and there we were able to speak with people and see their wounds now i was able to see the wounds of the people and they looked very similar to the wounds of the. experience dime weapons that's a dis inner metallic. weapon that was used in
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gaza now we've heard this massive providing this from a distance what kind of a fact i'll be having on the civilian population this is another aspect of the nato operation and i'd like to stress this idea of collective punishment because of course we've heard of collective punishment in the context of israel and its treatment of palestinians but what we are seeing here is a kind of collective punishment as well where nato is preventing. shipments of fuel and food and medicine to come in. there have been efforts to actually get medicine into the country that have been denied by nato of course you it is impossible to go on any street and miss the huge queue of sometimes three and four d. of cars that go on for and on and on and on as they queue up to
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get gasoline from the service station this is a nato policy and this is also a policy of collective punishment this is targeting the civilian population and whenever you target a civilian population you're committing a crime you've been able to speak to people like us yes i have spoken to people and the one question that they asked me over and over and over again is why that is the question why and so when i go back to the states i'm going to try and ask that question why why is this happening certainly it is not for humanitarian reasons because what is being caused by nato is a humanitarian catastrophe what could be the goal of a strategy do you think what we have to do if we really want to understand the
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motivations of u.s. policy we have to go back to what ray mcgovern who is a former cia analyst had to say and he described u.s. policy is being driven by all i and l. now once all i in l. . i for israel eldest just sticks and so he described the logistics as those logistics that were needed by the neo cons to carry out their policies on behalf of israel and if we look at the behavior of the nato allies in libya the so-called rebels what we see is they open up a central bank so that means that of course the banking system that is independent here in tripoli in being that is a that banking system will be tied to the international banking system they also
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have concluded agreements with israel now one of those agreements one of those agreements is to provide a base for israel in libya nato secretary general rasmussen told us he just a while ago they're only hitting targets of military value that no absolutely not a university military value certainly the murder of. his son and grandbabies is not of military value i went to that house i saw the swing set the who's ball said that to the journalists there and there was nothing of military value there is just. innocent people does that mean restlessness military people are telling half truths i think there's nothing of the truth which we're seeing here seems
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a bit personal now would make you know my watch i can only repeat what the nato leaders have said and they have said the. colonel gadhafi is a legitimate target this murder and i don't think that there's anywhere. that murder is permitted this is targeted assassination this is extrajudicial killing. this goes against international law international humanitarian law international human rights law every aspect of the law and so now it has nato become a murder machine a targeted assassination this could have you know there are targeting well i don't know what he knows. he probably knows far more than you and i. and he planned to meet him well if that were to be made available to me i would
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probably take advantage of that and my last question if gadhafi leaves and it looks like he will have to know my watch what will he leave behind well i think that's a question that is more appropriate for the people of libya i know that i am here on a fact finding mission and soley to understand the truth to transmit the truth . as i see it because the international press largely are not telling the international community the truth thank you very much. for being with us. wealthy british scientists some time to look for.
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video on demand all season long fuel costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call to come. more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it up and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean combs discovers what makes sense arctic air is so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is the closest and the sun's. expedition to the bottom of the earth are seems. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images.
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from the streets of canada. corporations rule the day. the headlines on our t.v. and nato flights to. libya is on the brink of a fuel crisis people on the ground complain the battle against the libyan leader is harming innocent civilians the much and israel's a flow of cheap gas is drying up with egypt pushing for a rethink on a key energy deal sealed under the previous regime the shake up was prompted by allegations the agreement only benefits the jewish state mubarak's family. and excessive amounts of the highly toxic strong link with cancer and leukemia detected in waters around the compounds at fukushima nuclear plant scientists also warn that
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levels of contamination are even a higher than those recorded following the china mobile detention for. those are the headlines in our times there were the spores and seems a roof job in russia is hanging by a thread he has been told hysterics. tonight where he's going to get the. pressure is on the details. now that banks are watching the sport and these are the headlines rain or be sacked eric boston route well it's kind of the ultimatum by chechen leader runs on could be a. plus cristiano ronaldo promises he'll stay at real madrid among real receipts of this city. and smiling again through the williams returns to action after
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a long layoff she prepares to defend the wimbledon crown. terek call it says he's shocked by the club's threat he will be sacked his side don't win tonight they are third from bottom in the russian premier league and travel to who had just above them call it a ride less than five months ago on an eighteen month deal but in a statement on the club's website terry president and chechen leader ramzan kadyrov says that saying has never seen so hopeless and it's all it will be sacked if he does not get three points this evening the statement goes on to say he did all that is unhappy with the dutchman's approach to be adding instead of rolling up his sleeves he thinks about bars and discards but in other games receiving manager has got a mighty face now it seems any player rushed off rubin and detained in our moscow cross in a dark place called i spot moscow there and to banter with. but inside clearly while legally is tedious sky welcome second place angie angie new signing by hugh
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jackman won't be playing in tonight's game although to watch the twenty four year old midfielder signed joins us here yesterday on a four year deal start training with angie until july. so scar with a chance to put a bit of daylight between themselves and angie and to whet the appetite ahead of tonight's action that's a quick look back at all the goals that flew in last friday including tears scars dribbling of terror it is. live
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i. place in full and russia football captain on that i shot in admits that scene had not been playing well but insists they still have a great chance of qualifying for next summer's european championships the awesome with failure was speaking at a charity event in siberia following russia's recent go a stroll with cameroon in a friendly. fix the suits everyone wants to qualify for europe twenty two well first of all the players do and of course i will chance because ukraine in poland a close to russia and we will work hard to achieve this but let's wait until september and october frankly we're not playing you know best at the moment but we're still among the leaders of the group tough questions with message not only ireland and head and the police at the european finals will be decided in these matches. but elsewhere christianity in our day says he is staying at reality ending
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speculation of the big money transfer to manchester city of portugal ford told a spanish radio station i am not going i give you my word today i would sign for another ten years with reale matric however when asked about tomorrow the twenty six year old was less committal adding no one knows the future of a player last season or now they say the spanish league record before two goals reale finished second for gas alone for a third straight year. i thought we won sebastian vettel meanwhile has been training with the new york red bull soccer team and their former arsenal starting area on rape the side are currently top of major league soccer's eastern conference in no small thanks one raise being bang it's seven goals from eleven matches but despite his magic touch he is still delighted with battles help on the training pitch and boss f one star popped in after coming second at the canadian ground preying on ray hopes his appearance will inspire the players to win some silverware . that's all you want you want to win and i was
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a junior we didn't win anything yet so you know it is going to bring us a bit of luck to win something and the course you know we're being successful. we're trying to follow the example you guys just come over here and see what they do is the first time i actually had. an idea with the professional players and on the field it's amazing you know it's so. things that you probably don't see from the outside but. compared to me obviously just the whole before. there is just one left before wimbledon starts next week russian of it is one of the over had a great run last year reaching the final in london and is among the stars competing at least spawn this afternoon where she will face britain's watson and world number three saying it's vital preparation for the grand slam this is an important tournament you always want to play a few matches before you you having to the grand slams especially since we didn't
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have a long break after french open then i didn't get the chance to play any other tournament on the grass so. i will definitely take this week is a good preparation and also playing serena williams it is her first tournament since damaging a ligament in her foot after celebrating her for the last year but injury in turn led to blood clots on her lung but she has made a full recovery and so her sister venus when her a clean game against andrea petkovic yesterday is serious turn today against. the former world number one can't like to get back on course. i want to play roland garos. things quite work out. maybe i can try to play another. i don't usually play a warm up tournaments before wimbledon. also because i can't complain about it here so maybe i can. probably smart for me to play
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a world tour and where better to play them and he's going to play here before. the half way decent results. now i talking stanley cup finals will go right down to the wire boston beat vancouver thought i think monday to tie the best of seven series at three pace meaning wednesday's game and bank will be a dramatic winner takes all the candidates are off for their first championship title while the bruins are hoping to end a thank you nine year title is right you know this is it's a great feeling we've got of her and tonight we came to play and it's coming down the one game and and this is what we dream of and you know kids playing street hockey again and you know you're in game seven so we're going to go up there and and we're going to lay it on the line like they are happy and. there's nothing we can do about it we've already turned the page on that and we're going back and we've got this create opportunity in front of our fans behind us and we're going to
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make the best. of thought only the ground n.b.a. champions the dallas mavericks have enjoyed it jubilant homecoming after beating miami to claim the title for the first time a touchdown in dallas and after a water gun salute they would greeted by hundreds of fans only mark a band of walked off the plane first followed by finals m.v.p. . i know details of a celebration parade have been revealed but the band has pledged himself as the city of dallas as a. budget. generous man all the support we've got more likes are. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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white stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is mesmerizing. but this beauty brings deaths at a speed of more than four hundred kilometers.


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