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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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libyans in the capital tripoli rage at the nato bombing campaign which they say is robbing them of both their safety and their fuel supply. all of us on the east where members of the shanghai cooperation organization including russia are getting ready to review ten years of collaboration and draw up a blueprint for the future from the closet capital i'm tassler so you're join me in a few minutes for the details. political turmoil in yemen is no obstacle for the u.s. to bomb the country as washington is looking to expand its wrong war there join me down for more in just a few minutes. international
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news and comment live from our studios here in central moscow this is. nato airstrikes in advancing rebel forces are tightening the noose around colonel gadhafi stronghold tripoli civilians in the capital live in constant fear of being killed a petrol shortage is making their lives even more difficult matters actions aimed at protecting civilians have succeeded only in stoking people's anger there as reports. it's may have some of the largest oil reserves on the planet but these days labor is also god some of the longest queues at his pastoral stations the international sanctions imposed on the colonel's regime do not include a few and. that nature is targeting. if this passes the fuel might be used by gadhafi as military forces with roads closed factories at a stop and foreign workers long since gone from the war stricken country is facing its worst energy crisis ever the new realities. ordinarily been drivers now spend
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vast amounts of time queuing for a few months ago this became a common theme here maybe in the rich country people have been lining up to fill up their cars even days but this line is a little different compared to the gas station at the end of life here is human only america is a university student and has volunteered here to help organize the process she stamps a few russian books which allow individuals thirty five liters a week she believes it's a great idea to have women on the station whose. women have too many things to do they don't fight each other world cueing and never shoot into the year is nothing new so we're able to serve up to nine hundred cars were de facto lot of. this line is long but others are even longer petrol still cheaper than water here just a few cents for litter it's just that is often in short supply. if there is no few
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we have to give our cars and return wintry appears that could be days. when only gas stations is one of many innovations supposed to ease people's lives in a country in cares there are also special problems for ambulances and police cars. for the needle surrounded us but we should move on we try to do our best to help people get by if we give up will die. of those seeking to oust colonel gadhafi may have been hoping the hardships will incite people to rise up against their leader but instead it only seems to be fueling people's hatred towards what they feel is western imperialists men need to nato damaged our city destroyed our life they told us they want to save people is that the way to save the people tell me this is just a crime. while the war in size try to find
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a way. out of months of devastating conflict ordinary people are looking for a way to just leave the every day lives dreaming about times when night man would be with a distant memory. tripoli. violence is also raging still in syria forcing the u.s. to renew its calls on damascus to halt its crackdown on protests with the white house strongly condemning president assad's actions government troops are said to be pushing rebel forces further from the northern town of sugar after taking full control of the area vance's sent another wave of civilians fleeing towards the turkish border according to human rights groups at least fourteen hundred people have been killed since the beginning of the crackdown in mid march and some ten thousand meanwhile britain france are pushing for a draft u.n. resolution but russia and china who oppose any attempts to intervene in the syrian conflict have said they won't back the move investigative journalist says the u.s.
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is using the opportunity to weaken the regime. well it appears that both russia and china are going to show that there will be no u.n. security council resolution but even i think even if even if one would have been passed i don't think would have much credibility you see but the problem is is that the those who support the syrian regime and the syrian government can point to. a very simple fact that is there be many un resolutions for the middle east and they've always been ignored when they apply to israel's and also other people say well yes today it will be this resolution but to have any impact tomorrow they will strengthen and the day after that will be even stronger so you'll get an incremental move towards some kind of military intervention so people i think are very very suspicious of the reasoning behind the resolution if it falls in the same way as it did in iraq that is foreign intervention destroying the country then you can see it plunging into a. into a kind of civil war that we saw in lebanon but on
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a much bigger scale pitting christian against muslim and allowing gays and so on although all the religious sects against each other i think the u.s. . relations with syria was on the list of countries that supported terrorism sanctions over the years so i don't think there's anything on the hand about i think it's quite straightforward. to a certain extent the u.s. would like to see would like to take the opportunity to be able to kind of we can. weaken the regime. well pretty still to come for you this hour as we go with few have been before all. the reach to the boys some of the largest plated western europe what you are to use exclusive coverage of the lake geneva in switzerland. still to come for this hour but first heads of state from some of the east's key players of the setting in kazakhstan for and you'll see how much of the shanghai cooperation organization founded ten years ago brings together countries including
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russia and china but others are also invited such as iran and afghanistan to work on common threats and challenges so cities in the capital. they are going to be reflective to begin with they're going to look back at the past ten years look at that collaboration the cooperation and see if they've actually achieved something that they want to assess that and then come up with objectives you objectives for the future now the six member states including of course china russia will kick off the summit to morrow that's wednesday and joining them will be the heads of state of iran india and pakistan that have observer status here at the summit now it's interesting because all three of them do want to become full members but there are some hurdles to be overcome in iran's case for example it has un sanctions against it and the s e o is looking forward to adopting a un resolution improving the relationship between the us and the s.d.o. having more cooperation so this could be an obstacle but nevertheless iran is here as an observer and they are also involved in the dialogue afghanistan is also here
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but if you want to send is here as a guest of the of the c.e.o. however afghanistan has also applied for an observer status and they were saying that at the end of this summit it is expected that they will come up with a decision of whether or not of ghana's side will indeed become an observer it is an important part of this region and they do want to talk about post nato afghanistan what is the future of ghana said after the nato forces do withdraw in the future and this ability of that country of course is essential to disability of the region for this. specific summit they do want to give ample time to economic and financial issues they do want to come up with a special account so to speak now china for its part has already given ten billion dollars committed ten billion dollars for member nations should they ever need it this is by no means that trying to compete with other groupings of the world they want to be a part of the global dialogue and that is exactly what they're going to try to come up with one voice relation in regard to the issues that are affecting the world
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today especially what's happening in the middle east and north africa and of course let's not forget the meetings on the sideline it's interesting to see what bilateral agreements will come out of the summit on wednesday. to be reporting that u.s. officials say this is stepping up the construction of a military base in the persian gulf which will attack drones that were used to strike targets in yemen which is officially an american ally in the war on terror. has more on this. now they decided to task the cia with chasing down yemen and that marks a major escalation of america's covert war in yemen which is not really covert it's one of the undeclared wars that the u.s. is waging against terror but up to this day in yemen it's been the u.s. military that was running the show that was carrying out the drone strikes sort of in cooperation with the yemeni counter in counter terrorism units but now amid the power vacuum and all the political turmoil in yemen the cooperation is falling
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apart and courting to u.s. officials because the cia operates on a different legal authorities than the military the cia will have greater latitude to carry out strikes no matter what the political cost climate there greater latitude in other words they don't have to ask anybody's permission to have on the country the yemeni leader who is now out of the country have to months of violent popular revolt against him and his government for many years had been supported by the u.s. in exchange for letting americans go after all hiding in yemen as we can. often covering up for the u.s. drone strikes you know the cable shows that the yemeni authorities would claim they carried out this riots and not the americans we have to remember that scores of civilians were killed in those strikes so the support of the yemeni authorities was much needed for the u.s. to carry on with the operations pakistan is one example of a popular revolt against the cia drone strikes thousands of civilians were killed
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by u.s. drone attacks even though the country's parliament has demanded to to stop the strikes and i mean pakistan's parliament the country's leadership continues to allow the americans to carry out the operations over the leadership to they criticize the killing of civilians but they do little to stop it many analysts say their support for the bombings will continue as long as they continue to receive billions of dollars from washington people there. are furious in one year you are strong killed seven hundred civilians in pakistan and they netted only five actual military leaders numbers that some experts are giving are some the former chief counterinsurgency strategist for the u.s. state department has estimated that drone attacks kill fifty non targeted person for each intended target nonetheless we now see the rapid expansion of the cia drone war. around seven thousand people have been arrested on egypt's military
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rulers since the country's revolution in february the judge has promised to review military trials of civilians and says it will increase the powers of the civil courts and the latest in the string of arrests and ex guantanamo prisoner. has been detained upon his arrival in egypt well to discuss this let's cross live now to london where we're joined by investigative journalist got it over the issues working for reprieve it's a human rights watchdog thanks very much indeed for being with us here in the latino what do we know about this man and why was he arrested. ideal is an egyptian father of four children he traveled to pakistan in two thousand. religious mission to preach. he was a read on the outbreak of the war in afghanistan in two thousand and one adult many of us heard about the the crisis the refugee crisis in afghanistan and he volunteered himself with the red crescent to go and help people out there as much
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as he could only two hours after he crossed the borders to afghanistan in the u.s. airstrike there was injured and he was taken to a pakistani hospital to be treated there. after after after around a month of his treatment in the hospital while he was still convalescing and the americans as a pakistani people sold him to the americans for a bounty and he was taken to prison in kandahar after and then he spent eleven days and khandahar prison treated really badly tortured beaten up. put under severe weather conditions and then he was taken to guantanamo bay i did was cleared from guantanamo from guantanamo very early on but he wasn't allowed to leave till january two thousand and ten when they found him a host country to welcome him which was sort of
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a cure but unfortunately even in sort of a cure i did was arrested and spent six months perhaps a little charge and it's actually from slovakia he returned to egypt. intending to return to a free job but the terms of now and then with being thrown into jail which is interesting because why has he been regarded as a threat especially when he's already been acquitted by the u.s. . exactly this is this is a question that we also haven't found an answer for by. i don't while i there wasn't one tunnel more into thousand and one i did was charge in egypt in a case known as case of this basically a group that was charged with wanting to topple the mubarak regime so basically idle got an essential sentence for three years which is by a military court three years by a military court standard is considered to be very law which explains that the
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sentence in itself is very light. just very quickly here rob the airport he was is now in jail have you had any contact with him or are you is he facing a trial at the moment or is he being tried already as far as you know. as we've been following up with. and his family by the basically i did was arrested at the airport and he spent the night there and today in the morning he was presented to the prosecution where he signed an acknowledgement that he know that he knows about his sentence now and they took him back to the airport again to be held overnight probably tomorrow they'll decide in which prison he's going to wait for someone to tell you is a human rights watch what does it tell you about the regime since president mubarak has been removed from egypt what do you make of the current situation there now. we are told the great achievements of the people and the revolution however we think that the revolution has
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a long way to go especially when it comes to civil liberties we hope that ideal will be reunited with his freedom and he came in spirit of the arab spring spring that's going on right now. unfortunately our hopes were dashed yesterday but we still still hopeful that the egyptian military government will help us in getting a. decade long ordeal very soon hopefully reckon on that so your hope for your organization will be listened to by. we hope so we hope so this is an opportunity for us to address the egyptian military government to listen to us and to consider those. put into account the years he spent in guantanamo for absolutely no reason the time his time the time he spent here first of all the six months he spent in detention center and then the year and a half he lived away from his family also and also bearing in mind that i didn't
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leg amputated and that's due to the lack of medical care that he received in prison and in guantanamo but of course i just finally mubarak's regime use military courts to silence dissidents that's why the military government now is promising it will increase the powers of civil courts but are you hopeful that this is of course an interim government at the moment are you hopeful that when those elections which are supposed to be happening in september occur and the new power arrives in charge of egypt are you hopeful for the future that we will see a democratic egypt and that we will see human rights being acknowledged. we would like to be hopeful but having said that there was a national referendum in egypt in march last march article number one seventy nine of the constitution was cancelled which basically gave the president. extraordinary powers to take exceptional procedures against civilians which basically means to try them before military courts this is not happening now and we wish for the new
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government to put the new military government to not repeat the same mistake and it justifies what's happening on the ground because of the increased level of crime we don't think this is justifiable enough and we. having said that we will remain hopeful that the new government will listen to up and post elections hopefully would have a fair democratic egypt all right thank you very much indeed joining us live from london investigative journalist for the human rights watchdog reprieve thanks for your time. thank you for having me thank you very much. well they've explored the waters. to the time turning now for the first time russian submarines have problem the depths of switzerland's lake geneva new one and two would also test just how clean the water drawn by thousands of swiss and french every day really is. was there to watch the crew invoke on their journey to the deep. for the first time ever two russian deep sea subs the legendary mirrors have
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made it to the war some of switzerland to la just to gain a better idea about its jolie contamination levels of lake geneva within the next two months research from russia switzerland germany the united states will carry out physical chemical micro biological experiments given that lake geneva is the main source of potable water in the region well the nearest submersibles were used to call in siberia we also reached the border all ocean in two thousand and seven and baghdad has of the russian expedition presidential envoy to the north and south poles. planted a titanium capsule on the arctic ocean floor to symbolically claim what could be an itchy reserves beneath the sea and again this time a capsule of the russian joe graphical society was on the lake geneva in a seventy second year russia's number one goal amount says he was willing to take
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to the depths once again. as a politician i feel it's better to me. and one of the participants of today's comes from a renowned family which actually invented. hello mr i don't you tell us more about your father grandfather. grandfather or. first right to the stratosphere would have been that you had. and then he invented about this cave to go to the deepest spot in the ocean he built it with my father and then my father in one thousand sixty together with don walsh who is one of the greatest friends of my family he gave me the deepest dives to the absolute bottom of the ocean eleven thousand meters in the married us trench so i know my father has passed away and we did the dive do you have their day in the lake of geneva so that
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was really great i don't know that you took part in a legend rick's position in the first dive in the marianna trench tell us what does the look like from the boss from from down there different inner space is another planet. and we saw another spaceship lower down there. the other near submersible coming out of the dark with the lights on just like a hollywood movie and getting closer and closer and to spaceships meeting at the bottom of the sea. well that to bring you up to date for the moment i'll be back with some of them a new stores in about eight minutes from now in the meantime as nato is stepping up its strikes on the libyan capital the former u.s. congresswoman and presidential candidate cynthia mckinney is in the country at the moment to see for herself libyans coping with the old saw when she expressed doubts about whether nato is following international law and that interview is next on r.t. . former
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congresswoman and u.s. presidential candidate keamy has been in libya working with a non-governmental fact finding mission for ten days already she's here at private expense as are the other members of her team to establish real evidence based facts on the reality of life in tripoli and made mates of bombardments and civil war she
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joins me now thank you very much cynthia thank you for having me well why is fact finding necessary in tripoli i can't remember who it was that said that truth is the first casualty of war but we in the united states are very well aware that the our country went to war against iraq and encourage the entire world to gold to war with it against iraq nine hundred thirty five times the bush administration lied to the american people in the international community about the reasons for going into iraq and then after the deed was done we had our deputy secretary of defense say well you know we were in a room and we were just trying to figure out which law of the american people would buy so we settled the pun. ends of mass destruction and just like that the international community was drawn into
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a war that has completely decimated destroyed an entire country the country of iraq so now when our government says that they have a responsibility to bomb people in order to save them i think it's important for the american people to understand what the truth is you've mentioned iraq so you do think liebig could be like second or rock and roll what i think is libya could become somalia one in the reaction of the people to. the possibility of foreign ground troops here i don't think that is going to be anything that is welcome by anything anyone other than the libyan nato allies who are called the rebels who have been here for a while already so what have you seen what concerns me is that we have
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reports that depleted uranium is being used we know that there are the missiles that are coming down the bunker buster bombs that are being used depleted uranium is being used here then everything that we see in brief is contaminated what are these reports come from actually a member of parliament in the united kingdom was the first person who mentioned the possible nato use of depleted uranium that i am aware of and at since that time i have spoken with some experts scientists scientists who are familiar with the telltale signs of depleted uranium use one is how the particulate matter taste said you. now if there is a metallic taste in of course since i've been here in the been
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a lot lot of bombings i have asked around about the metallic taste one of the persons that i brought with me is an attorney and i asked him he specifically said yes. that he had a metallic taste in his mouth i have not spoken to libyan scientists who have officially confirmed that but of course if we look at nato and their choice of weaponry we know that nato is used depleted uranium where in eastern europe they've used it in afghanistan they are probably using it in pakistan and why would they not use it here what will your conclusions be my conclusions will be merely the truth as i see it and of course i just have spoken with the dean of political science at the university also known as nasser university where two water tory m.p.'s were bombed now while he is nato bombing
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universities why of a bombing compounds where people gathered to express their joy and love and concern for their leader i don't know why nato is choosing these targets but these are civilian targets and when civilian targets are bombed we have criminal activity . in tripoli yes we've also been to. spittle and there we were able to speak with people and see their wounds now i was able to see the wounds of the people and they looked very similar to the wounds of the. experience dime weapons that's a dis inert metallic. weapon that was you. now we've heard this massive bombardment from a distance but what kind of
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a fact are they having on the civilian population this is another aspect of the nato operation and that like to stress this idea of collective punishment because of course we've heard of collective punishment in the context of israel and its treatment of the palestinians but what we are seeing here is a kind of collective punishment as well where nato is preventing. shipments a few all and food and medicine to come in they have been efforts to actually get medicine into the country that have been denied by nato thank you very much. for being with us.


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