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scheme to brainwash america is a liberal agenda i carried it out and if the for the author of the think the jet that says it comes. into it only a military mechanisms to deal with the to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realized everything is all you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. see.
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this number given that we had an apartheid regime right. i think iraq may be the one. we're never going to look at says they're for him safe get ready because of their freedom. for five ft five.
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all right it's time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we discussed leon panetta is shift to become the secretary of defense and we want to know if you thought his leadership would lead to any real cuts coming from the pentagon let's go to producer for truth in a sense to find out what our viewers to say. the defense representing house of all federal discretionary spending it looks like an overweight sitting duck for budget cutters we want to know if you felt leon panetta might really succeed at cutting pentagon costs and actually not surprisingly regardie of our viewers believe nothing will change i new to blue told us the pentagon will only show cuts with the
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right hand while holding more in the left tom barrett called it smoke and mirrors he said panetta would never be considered if this mission was to cut spending morgan said any real cuts at the pentagon it can't be serious then there's hourly reason to believe there will be in just enough cuts to fake a campaign with well think about this there's no way the u.s. can continue to fight wars on multiple fronts and do it after a propose four hundred billion dollars drop in military budget how many people have jobs on the line and like other government branches no one seems able or even willing to adjust any downsizing so maybe this is just more toothless rhetoric after all. as always we thank you for your responses and here's our next topic story we just spoke about last night's g.o.p. debate what was and what wasn't included so i want to know what you think what question was left out and what should have been asked of the republican candidates you can respond with on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response
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just might make it on air. now when you watch some of the most popular television shows do you feel like you're being brainwashed to conform to a liberal agenda and the argument we hear from conservatives regarding hollywood and even the news all the time that there's a liberal bias now there's a book that tells the story of quotes how television has been used over the past sixty years by hollywood writers producers actors and executives to remote their liberal ideals to push the envelope on social and political issues and its shape of america and their own leftist image now those are the words of author ben shapiro and these are just a few of his main targets shows like sesame street that seventy's show the mary tyler moore show and glee. let me see what are simply just there's something now gee i wonder what this could be. don't tell me who are going to tell me who's still kind of soft and fluffy you i think.
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the other kids. well religion line. yesterday i knew i had to say this but you're not allowed to ask that when someone's applying for a job. against the law want to call it. it doesn't matter to you. or capital i am. just let you. be. so is there any truth to what ben writes and how do you get so many hollywood insiders. here to discuss this with me is ben shapiro author of the book primetime propaganda the true hollywood story of how the left took over your t.v. then thanks so much for being here and what you're having now ok so obviously we showed a few examples here we have the sesame street the mary tyler moore show the single successful career woman that seventy's show you got
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a bunch of stoners galena now you have the gay character that singing about how you were born this way i understand how you could you could try to say that obviously there's a liberal undertones there but hey that's life right those are some of the people in this country that what's so wrong with representing that why do you think that there is some kind of deeper agenda that's needed to brainwash everyone you know there is a deeper agenda sometimes active sometimes passive people who i spoke to in hollywood admitted that yes we are trying to message our shows very often sometimes unconscious and hollywood is a liberal echo chamber everybody tends to think the same way they tend to hire their friends they tend to hire people to hang out with and that's understandable not i'm not saying they don't have a person of the right to. what they're doing i am saying that they should try and open up the industry a little bit because they also admitted to me that there is active discrimination in hollywood against people based on their political persuasion which would be just as wrong as as discrimination based on any other characteristic that makes no difference your ability to write so i think that that's that's the case that i make in primetime propaganda essentially but do you think that there are any
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conservative examples out there you look at movies if you look at t.v. shows if you look at the torture you know i know there are you say that in twenty four and if you look at the fact that now you have the u.s. army partnering with movies like x.-men they're actually you know sponsoring them that's basically it selling war to kids and telling them it's just like being a mutant you know they're pretty examples on the island i guess many x.-men is hardly a person really like the movie but it also happens to be not particularly right wing take on politics and you know the whole thing is is about see the phobia you know certainly many people on the left agree the message of the x.-men but if you were inside that specific example suppose you could one counterexample the question is how many are there on the other side and you know you can pick maybe twenty four from modern day and maybe the cosby show from the eighty's but it's a once in a while there's a concern of you know you know the leave it to beaver is every typical is a reason i think you have the has the nuclear family involved in it now you have shows like modern family that just show you i did you know changing i was. ok so
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this is this is one of the things that people on the left tend to say about television is that it's much more reflective a mirror of american society than transformative american society i think it is because you're black i mean people people on the left tend to think that because they live in liberal areas and so it does reflect their lives i mean it is reflecting what they see around them in washington d.c. or new york or san francisco or los angeles but good birmingham alabama that's clearly gore transformative of what's going on there are not saying they're lying i'm not saying that what they believe is untrue is true of their specific segments of the population for a group of people who don't believe in materialism there. is greater when you're writing plays it out is there. is a thing of the people like watching it you go to the world. areas i mean these are some of the top rated shows from decades of present day their hits their evil grow challenge so you're just scared that people are going to i don't know i'm not going to try to think that may be like can be like it is in the city no i will no i think that's the point that i'm making with regard to the shows is that there isn't
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a lot of choice on television there really is not a i mean if you have you know if you buy whatever satellite or some kind of package you have hundreds of channels this is something that you would agree with they're all controlled by six major corporations and it is easy to choose whether you want support of their own or that in their own narrow casting i mean one of the things i talk about in primetime propaganda is the fact that so much of television programming is no narrowcast of specific segments of the population it's not broadcast to a broad swath of the population you can have a successful show it's geared toward a very specific so that's why when you watch eight hundred channels how many channels do you actually watch course fifteen and it's easy to get that right you have the choice there's diversity in terms of the audience is being targeted there's not a lot of diversity in terms of the political viewpoint being presented and that's the real problem with scripted television the people who are in the executives issues in the creative positions in the production positions are all of one political mindset and this is why by the way it focused very heavily on the eighteen to forty nine crowd right i mean this is this is this is really the crux of the matter when you get right down to it the argument that they make that you can just turn the channel and if you don't like it turn off the t.v.
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look no one's going to turn off the t.v. everybody likes entertaining content i don't know where you don't want to be the turn off the very few and i don't encourage people but i just don't see what the big problem is here i guess this is where you and i are are not on the same pages as we're going to for you. out of the same page it sounds to me like conservatives are a little bitter that people in hollywood happen to be more left leaning and more liberal and what i'm bitter about is the discrimination in hollywood which is very obvious and very clear and i'm also bitter frankly of conservatives for abandoning the playing field when it comes to the entertainment sphere i mean it really allowed the left to take over the line if you're going to get i mean. you know i'm from california from los angeles there's a lot of it is who you know that's involved there too but there's a lot of how much money do you have floating around so you know enough. i think that you made a good point there that if conservatives actually were too bad in hollywood if they were to try harder if they wanted to push for certain success there then they could but i think it's interesting too that you said before that you think that reality t.v. that is unscripted happens to be a little bit more conservative than liberal can you explain that i do think that it
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is a response to the liberalism of scripted and if you look at a show with american idol right the basic principle of american idol is open competition your background really does not mean much of a difference in how well we are liberals not competitive that only a concerted one in liberals are competitive up to a point i think that when it comes there's a certain point where affirmative action case and at least affirmative action steven tyler you know winking and kissing all the young girls on american i don't consider to be conservative you know i mean that's who they know obviously know there's a liberal layering there but i think that it's more of an and. i mean this really comes down to the crux of it which is that if you look at entertainment as a whole virtually all of it has liberal layering on it and american idol just happen to be one of the more conservative shows it's not a perfectly good show by any means i think that if you look at t.v. and you look at t.v. shows like american idol you see some conservative layering you'll see some liberal layering right it's we'll see how it is reflected in the home is one of the less i want to ask you lastly to you how did you get so many people to actually talk to you because i've definitely heard some critique that people said to you misrepresent that yourself that you didn't tell them that you had a political agenda when you were doing the interview so i mean it's not it's not my
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responsibility to tell them exactly what my political my politics are it's relevant to the actual question being asked and you know i think it seems to me that they're really better if they'd known i was conservative lied to me you know they thought who i was i was they sold me the truth is the only new they are going to put in a book that's called propaganda for your own conservative propaganda and i think that makes sense that below you talk to me because my last name is shapiro and because it was harvard law school and he assumed that i was a liberal i never said to them i was a conservative i never said to them i was a liberal and told me exactly what the book was about there is no lying that went on the tape recorder was in front of them everything was done with permission and the question is the same question regardless of who asks it great i'm happy that i thank you so much for joining us tonight so much for having me. all right still to come governor gives a very different. i think out in the bible the band has stated draconian budget cuts are made tell you who it is in our school find segment and on tap into night happy hour are suckered will be disliking the latest number of facebook users and a new group potato chip commercial takes a stab at a dominant strauss kahn isn't it going to catch on all over and what really.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then a glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything is ok if you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. the world your. world. and all. fuck fuck. fuck. fuck.
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let's not forget that we live in apartheid right. i think. even funny well. whenever the governor says they're very safe get ready because their freedom.
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all right it's time for tonight's cool time award and tonight it goes to a governor who has a tendency of relying on a higher power when it comes to fixing the problems in his state just a short while back we told you that texas governor rick perry turned to god to help the people of texas when they were facing wildfires and droughts well another issue facing his state is the economy and just like the rest of the nation they're suffering too but an interview back in may on james robinson's life today program it seems like harry even thinks that our current faltering economy is a glimmer of hope if you will for our country to return to its biblical foundations think progress post of this clip and perry's interview but i think in america the. from time to time we have to go through some difficult times and and i think we're
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going through those difficult economic times for a purpose in the to to bring us back to those biblical principles. you know you don't spend all the money you you you you work hard for those those six years and you put up that seventh year in the warehouse to take you through the hard times and not spinning all of our money you're not asking for pharaoh to to to give everything to everybody and to take care of folks because at the end of the day. it's slavery and we become slaves to government. there is just so much in that minute clip that is so wrong i don't even know where to begin first of all the references that he made to the pharaoh's definitely a biblical reference however as things progress also pointed out today he told the story a little bit that he actually just compared the u.s.
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government to a slave master but to make matters even worse perry is desperately pandering to people's faith by comparing his not so popular budget plan to the hardships suffered by the israelites in the bible which i find kind of pathetic encouraging people to needlessly suffer because of your poor and destructive policy choices and then comparing that to these realizes well that's just about as low as it gets and speaking of poor policy choices take a look at what perry is proposing to cut public schools will suffer a seven point eight billion dollar loss ninety seven thousand teachers and members of school staff are going to be laid off and ninety three hundred government workers are also going to be handed paint slips by the way the texas house ways and means committee allowed a tax break for anybody who wants to buy a yacht over two hundred fifty thousand dollars so let's be honest if you propose legislation that would screw over a good portion of your state's increase people suffering during a hard time and you probably come up with some absurd godly reason to write those like me call on taxes to pray for rain perry wants to be able to get away with
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passing these measures without taking any heat from the public so just say the severe debt is god's way of bringing taxes back to biblical principles when you know what rick perry this move might work on a few of your constituents but they police some people actually listen to the crazy stuff that you say and realize that you're simply using god for political gain i'm not sure what's worse of perry actually believes that he was proud or if he's saying it simply to evade responsibility for his actions so for hiding a behind the bible when it comes to his state financial troubles governor rick perry is tonight's told time where. ok it's time for a happy hour and joining me tonight is arjun producer jenny churchill and jim hansen retired special operations master sergeant and military blogger at black dot net. thanks again for joining me i love happy hour. so we
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were talking about this tracy morgan thing the other day on our show i am sure you know he went on this whole homophobic rant that everybody thing going crazy over and well if you aren't caught up with a story let's play a clip to catch you up. morgan said there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman that's just a woman pretending because she hates and asking man he went on to save his son was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not here he may make a high pitched voice or he would pull out a knife and stand that little n. word to death. tracy morgan said at a comedy show and a lot of people were upset and so that was just c.n.n. recounting what happened and i think one of the audience members but he's been facing a lot of flack for it and so now it turns out that he's working with glad to make a p.s.a.
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you know. what i think what he said is wrong it's despicable and it's good we will come out and have to you know apologize or be held accountable for something like that i just feel like that's always the easy way out is not really how does the work they gave people i don't bill know that but they like me right just like congressman wiener we're talking about the day i'm sorry i'm sending pictures of you know my thing to everybody into all these young girls and calling them but i'm just going to rehab for it and i'll make it all ok i think we came up with a great idea this morning that we really should open an inappropriate text or rehab because i think that we could get a lot of clients money a lot of grief and. i would be embarrassed if i was gay by them allowing him to do this he's obviously a big when you don't say something like that out loud in public on purpose and then just walk it back and say well no all i want to make a p.c. of gay people it's just so ridiculous to go in one week from someone saying things like that to the biggest fan and nobody's buying it he looks like a good book. and he's doing the same thing that michael vick did when he worked
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with the humane society it doesn't really get you anywhere everyone sees you for what you are and it's just really transfer should be embarrassed. you guys don't believe in redemption do you know i'm a reduction for rick perry. yeah right ok now this is something that's interesting for the internet age you know facebook has been just growing exponentially i think they have something like almost seven hundred million users worldwide now but it just turns out that last month there apparently six million americans actually activated their facebook account so is this the beginning of the end i say good for them with all of the ridiculous privacy concerns that facebook has been putting out there i think it's about time we will stand up and say you know i don't actually need you you're stupid website i mean recently they started the facial recognition thing which i think is super scary and i immediately activated that but it's it's just insane. after the show i don't know i just only got on facebook so now that
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she catches up with the rest of the world we're going to kill all this and she's never going to see pictures of grandkids or. more martin no i mean obviously. i mean and i know it's not a broken body sorry. i think that you know they're trying to get. everything that you do can be seen by people you can if you don't want to that information is being sold to advertisers you know they don't like the fact that now if you ever want to get a job what you get on facebook with you may have been younger back by drinking pictures of every college student yeah that stuff is problematic. i know. the real issue is that the default is no privacy but you are not informed that you have to go in and change it to make things private is the real problem it's nice that facebook and google have been unmasked for the data mining privacy destroying evil weasels that they are. well i don't think. losing any sleep over probably still a billionaire. let's move on to say. this is so hilarious but go wrong obviously
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everybody's forgotten all about donny strauss kahn scandal because we know a gate happened but if you remember the chief of the i.m.f. is has been accused of attempting to rape a maid in a hotel and now there's a greek chip company that actually decided to play on this so take a look. well you know. if he called. somebody. i would i don't know if that is inappropriate or that i'll get in your book i don't understand how you want to joke about it that is of you to say i think you can but because even attempted rape i thought there was clear d.n.a. involved with this so i think it was pretty remiss if i don't have i'm joking about it at this point in time i'll go ahead and be offended i mean the greeks have no
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lots for d.s. k. and they're really really upset at the i'm mad because of the measures and i think that's i mean this commercial is going over really really well and pretty well for take ok not only track but pretty funny thing of it all is that even though it plays upon this you know sad event away xabi as he was tragic for this woman it's just has a lot of political in. the car didn't come to shove him and drag him out then we're ok i would like that but he was just trying to get on the. action with a stick i want some i want some physical abuse ok that's just as you love violence so there you go right we're going to i personally can't wait for the s.k. themed law and order episode because you know it's coming how fast that is portière coming out it was either really on top. of their staff at line or right you have to give them that line. this one is just an interesting i think you're going to have
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to have a lot to say about history and the new book coming out that's been put out by two men who are both fathers and they wrote it together and it's called the art of roughhousing and it's a new parenting guide and well let's listen to a clip of one of the authors so you can explain a little bit of it himself but dr morris cohen says. there is an art to horse play it's the subject of his new book and he says it makes kids smart and joyful so first of all somebody's got to poke an eye out. so john karr is going to say i read the book and. so you know and. i said no this is rousing this book is embarrassing i'm embarrassed i'm actually embarrassed to stand here and say that there that this book is going to sell and that people in america need a guidebook suddenly though they are. trying to when they were going to alexandria where these people put their kids. never touch the ground and therefore
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they were crocs these people really seriously probably do need to be taught that their kids can touch dirt you know that they can play the holes in their lives. is about like bring a mattress in your living room so your child can jump on the couch play with me. let me let me let me read you know from other books as ultra simple diagrams for a safe room because pillow fight or a round of human cannonball and i urge you to obey the law and the dictates of common sense if at all times if this is not evidence for you know my theory of the worst of acacia and that other america asked was a vacation i mean with you there you need a diagram for a cult fight please with that's just the same people who run those moonbuggy rest that stuff don't let their kids put. in the kids who have these little events kids that need that stuff if your parents have to be told to knock the kid's room a little bit so they're not sissies we have
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a. well i have to say i do you on one level sympathize with authors because they were saying that kids are just sitting around playing video games and parents need to get involved but i mean i just think it's so sad and that reporter in that clip was just i mean i actually think that if you don't know the letter do something difficult but you really go quietly. when it comes to you would be if i could get to sit around playing video games with right that you know parents aren't home anymore so sure there's just not enough of this base to face personal interaction going on anymore later in the clip she's really concerned that someone might get bruised urse scratch because that's just a real danger to this article thanks for joining me tonight. but thanks for tuning it make sure you come back tomorrow join sanchez and kate over back on the show to get more in-depth about the f.b.i. is in new orleans guidelines that we told you about yesterday and meantime don't forget become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and he missed any tonight show or any other nights you can always catch melich you tube dot com slash the long
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show for each of the interviews as well as the show in its entirety in the next is an inverse of the. a charmer in here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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mission. couldn't take three. more charges free to make amends three. three stooges. old free blog chancellor video for your media project a free media john to our tetons tom. wealthy british style.


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