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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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markets prajna. canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r t. oh no people use u.s. dollars the drugs that are shut down the federal reserve if only the logic being used against big points was applied consistently i'll explain that it's an eye it's packed show three train facebook the obama pledging support from one sinking ship to another greece that is in case you're wondering where your tax dollars will be going the downfall of anonymous who could ask your reporting from spain stupid on drivers by the chinese government riots that's what they call protest in china mexican gladiators the g.o.p. split over the police state and a g.o.p. debate recurve with the southern avenger and said he duly of the george washington versity called republicans look for a moment called republican organization in the district of columbia i'm sorry but
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mr crocus is dead we thought they'd arrest him when they found a drop in his house and they made it look like an accident but it was actually created when it was discovered that he's the host of adam vs the mail. yesterday we introduced you to the sensational new currency that is gaining momentum in a way that might just give the federal reserve system and the u.s. dollar a well run for its money because what is big big point is the first the centralized digital currency because these are digital coins you can send from the internet compared to other alternatives because we haven't this new digital
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currency is actually another currency but one that has a lot of advantages over the u.s. dollar and gives people a chance to opt out of the inflation tax so naturally the government wants to crack down on this because it's a threat to the currency monopoly enjoyed by the federal reserve and the excuse for other loads of course lined up they've been a great excuse to spread the. of rights extract more money from the population expand the police state and fund the president us real complex so why not use the threat of drugs to shut down an alternative currency according to brennan slattery at p.c. world commenting on the letter sent to the da drug enforcement agency from senators schumer and mansion quote the tone of the senator's letter comes off as though they themselves don't know what entity they want to destroy or how to go about it because by nature in general practice are harmless they're merely an internet based alternative to traditional federal banks so here's how this is going to backfire people on the internet go holy you can buy drugs with big coal mines ban
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instant credibility for a currency that just might replace the dollar we can hope anyway. in other news from the inner webs as facebook founder mark zuckerberg cozies up with all sorts of government evil doers from the f.b.i. to the cia to the g. eight to even bill or facebook or seem to be running away in droves according to inside facebook they had six hundred eighty seven million members at the start of june but overall growth is slowing thanks to heavy losses and in just may of this year facebook lost six million users in the united states over one hundred thousand in the united kingdom russia and norway each separately and one of the half million in canada and even though there were that many canucks see how much you can learn from facebook and those numbers can't even come close to reflecting how many have just checked out and no longer log onto existing facebook accounts some believe
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that facebook is getting to a point of saturation is what's to blame for this but that would explain the slowdowns not the losses here's the thing and marks up or sucker go of all people should know this you can't own an idea and market you've done the best job of anyone out there pioneering the idea of social networking have been rewarded handsomely to put it mildly but if you take advantage of your customers if you keep taking advantage of your customers you're going to get smacked in the face with the cold hard reality of there being no such thing as a monopoly on ideas if facebook exists for you to cooperate with the government someone will create a government intrusion free version of facebook that everyone will be able to click over to and have all the same functionality they enjoy now on facebook without the b.s. now i love facebook it's iraq i'm almost embarrassed to say it but it's it's a major part of how i relate to the rest of the world please don't screw it up by
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getting the government involved. otherwise you'll just be opening the door for a competitor that will probably come up with something better than even you could have made facebook but maybe there won't be a bad thing just the natural flow of the free market on the internet all right and now some news from anonymous several large numbers of anonymous and then arrested in spain likely showed they were leaders of the group there is no such thing as anonymous is a leaderless resistance we are not terrorists we are citizens fighting for rights that have been coerced and in turkey recently thirty two alleged members of anonymous and also been detained in this case eight of them were niners retaliation is forthcoming. videos arrests is not available but here is a regulation of what the government crackdown on anonymous looks like the terrorist was never
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a serious concern. there as being neutral. for . her. and now we are coming after you have money but chairman ben bernanke you said that he is confident in his ability to control the income disparity in america nobody should be he has done more to widen it then anyone in human history and it is time for us to stand up for ourselves we must fight back against the organized criminal class we must launch operation and fire state rebellion all right well we'll be reporting more on this as it as it happens but i have to say to the government imbeciles the people who think that they can somehow crack down on anonymous you
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can't have the internet without anonymous you can't have any of the systems of control based on the most free system of information the human race has ever known and not have push back and to see how much you don't get it how much you have no idea what's going on that the young people in the world today in turkey knew you were arrested eight nine er's for bringing up part of this terrorist activist group what's next. what's next is all they can do is shut down the internet itself and we see how that went for them in egypt and we the people in the know that when the government shuts down the internet that's when it's time to shut down the government. we are anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us but now you
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can expect a whole lot more of us all right so as promised we have a package from our own luke redoubts new reporting from the ongoing revolution in spain enjoy. this is the protests here in barcelona spain in the center of town the plot of the council yawn where hundreds if not thousands of people are camping out here from all walks of life to protest the economic terrorism being committed against them by their very own government this is what the people here at the say. for all the
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americans out there who don't know what's going on what's happening here in barcelona spain this is not only about trying to bring about some politician is speak oh it's about it general their general way their countries function i would say it's funny to pieces and we're here and we can't say anything because they don't give us any opportunity to change anything and they were this was only the beginning but we have a large amount of people gathering to protest against a lot of the corruption in the world we've got in politics politicians and bankers and yeah economy in spain is pretty bad official figure for youth unemployment forty five fishel figure in general plus minus twenty percent but they're just to. look for solutions ourselves and not sort of arm in a gram and have the solution is easy give the money to banks and now that's not the way there have always been rich and poor people is the normal good they've got
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between them is a widening. no when they say there are people more to reach or there was a one time girlfriend go franco because you're a time you're rich or. very. visible difference between rich people and poor people but not. they say this is why zoning this is a believable browning's not a science but the main problem is that we don't have the choice of to scene between . the main two political parties out but so on paper which is supposedly right and left and is this a left movement or right movement what is this movement how can you categorize when it's a right movement there is no left or right movement here this is against politics it's not it doesn't have a political party because it believes that political parties. in their own benefit. for their own own causes we don't want that we want the costs
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of the people the plough at first glance this demonstration may look very chaotic and disorganized but in all actuality they're very well organized with different committees and subcommittees and they actually even have their own farm medical center library and internet cafe which is directly behind me this was actually the first place the police last week five o'clock in the morning decided to come and destroy they also turned off all wife's phone connections so nobody would be able to see their brutality they us saw. frequencies is a need by so. you know frequencies don't worry gay or radio we have a well that's all he's done war again we are trying to you know just. i am here on the board it's. alright and we caused it to our homes to say people we are safe it's the first of the thing they destroyed but those days people with
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a laptop so you know and when it comes just. recording what's happening and they destroy the computer is laptops everything on the floor broken just crazy we have massive amount of hundreds of police comm. different types of police not just one type of bicycle. into the square when people were sleeping so vulnerable point and they started just taking everything just taking our heads. yes it's so much because you're sitting in an nonviolent you know nonviolent method and they just they're going to have you here. they're raising your hands up in you know inciting of nonviolent we are here protesting but we don't want to fight for the bodies but it seems they don't have any effect on the police and i think backed off because they had what they wanted they took everyone's things and you had a state of i guess people happy people that were not happy to happy that they got
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it back at their own they can be moved on happy because i lost all of their things but actually soon afterwards even within the next week people were building up things again and now you'll see we have all the same things basically to a similar level as before round things are going on as as we in terms and then when those attacks were done then the entire population people were like just watching these from their houses they kind of got him and now there's more polish and was more and more involved in the whole situation what do you think is the most important message that americans could take out of everything that's happening here today. a couple of things really one thing it's know that. people are becoming more where. this is important people are realizing it's important to become aware. and people of science take action because people sort of realize that there's not really any other choice what can you do you can let it get
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out what are you going to let it get worse you can do something about it lives. has value. trademarks or something like that we have people yes we are and we don't want to be slaves anymore. it's a it's the only thing i can say. there was that hey you know. not the only ones who have the same problem there's still something about it for me it's time where it's going to take the people to get together and to start to try to change things and we know it's not going to be easy but we're we have no other choice here in europe and spine there's no other option other you know to continue or worse things will happen or you try to do something about it and there's a possibility we can make some real change i mean the people might change the government has made special laws banning these protests but they were unable to take away this square from them and they're still people here demanding change as long as human beings stand up liberty cannot die america can't go out.
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when we come back we will have our special panel with the g.o.p. debate recap featuring the southern the vendor and i believe the george washington bridge the republicans an update from riots last protests and privacy invasions in china so all of they don't want a president of the not to in puerto rico you're watching have a birth as the man. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who can you trust no one who is you and you with a global mission would see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do r t question more. internal mechanisms do not work to bring justice or.
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have a right to know what the government should do we want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic. american makes. the lives. i . welcome back to adam vs the man civil unrest is growing in china even as communist leaders fear the arab spring may feed discontent in their own country but can write police tear gas and fire walls overpower the desire to be free in the internet age but social media fueled riots in the middle east started in tunisia with the self-immolation of a fruit stand merchants mohammed was easy after he was reportedly restricted from
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operating his business by a municipal enforcer unfortunately for the commies running the show and sanctioning china and let's not have been taking very good notes as they too have been caught roughing up a street vendor first hip to a government trying to avoid being overthrown by revolution don't beat the crap out of social media enabled citizens reports leaking out of china tell of a twenty year old pregnant street vendor who was punched in the stomach and pushed to the ground last week by a local public order response team and this case outraged bystanders sprang into action and beat the police in retaliation this never seems to happen in the land of the brave thousand once again the abuse of a street merchant service a spark that ignited a larger conflict witnesses report more than ten thousand protesters took to the streets this past weekend smashing windows setting fire to government buildings and overturning police cars then document in the situation of social media sites throughout china such as we go clashes between government and citizens in the
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southern provinces of china have been numerous lately though the state controlled media has not released numbers beyond two thousand and eight when it was reported that there were a mere eighty thousand mass incidents involving protesters of a dozen or more people. something tells me that the number one be on the rise it also seems of the chinese government has some tech savvy tricks of its own check this out it's been revealed by the home kong a newspaper that chinese authorities have been installing surveillance devices in all dual plated hong kong vehicles since two thousand and seven this under the guise of being installed as inspection and quarantine cards the radio listening devices have been sitting happily on the dashboard on as many as twenty thousand cars in the region last week we report on the speculation of mandatory black boxes in all u.s. cars disturbing indeed but hey maybe our great leaders up on the hill there are simply taking notes from their colleagues in the communist party run chinese
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government the danger of course is the president such terror and even abroad for lawmakers here at home it only takes one taxpayer funded busybody to borrow an idea from this tyrant or that tyrant to implement more common sense legislation and now from tucson arizona you might recall the incident we've reported on it several times as we've seen more fallout from the shooting of those a grainy of the marine veteran of iraq and afghanistan as a reminder we have a clip of that shooting let's show that oh i'm sorry we don't but we have an e-mail from the current chair of the pima county republican party who wrote. in an e-mail titled we are all those a grainy and while an investigation is still underway to determine the facts immediately surrounding the killing it is my hope that this tragic event will lead to a renewed discussion of the policies that routinely lead to heavily armed and
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militarized local police invading private homes and a renewed interest in the civil liberties codified in our bill of rights he also invited members of the republican party there to join oath keepers in their nonpartizan nonpolitical memorial for a citizen that he says never got his day in court and what this is revealing in the republican party is a disturbing split between those who believe in the constitution and those who would rather take the side of the government of guilty until proven innocent in this case ryan miller has been receiving some angry e-mails and there was even a statement by state representative terry proud denouncing ryan's calling for people to bring attention to this case of a violation of a marine's constitutional rights when his door was knocked out and he was shot at seventy one times by members of the county swat team apparently a active duty marine officer who happens to be a member of the pima county republican party actually came out and said that we are
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not all who is a grainy and most former marines don't end up in orange jumpsuit jumpsuits post active service and will have nothing in common with this young man you know nothing about his service or civilian life be very careful with your words unless you have served this country in that capacity and literally put yourself in his position well it is no halves of brian miller as for themself in that position and as a veteran of the united states air force but more importantly. mr summers you don't know anything about his personal life either and for you to make the presumption that he is guilty until proven innocent and taking the word of the government is not just unconstitutional un-american but an republican and very disappointing so back to the current as it has promised our recap of the c.n.n. presidential debate for the republican party last night joining me now are teddy dooley of the george washington university college republicans and jack hunter the
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southern avenger gentlemen thank you so much for being with us tonight great to be here are you getting so for fans of ron paul we were it was quite exciting to see that he was not a bookend on this debate actually placed just to the right no pun intended of mitt romney but today you said that you you were pro quite surprised by bachmann's performance i think it's our first performance in debate i don't want to say that you know someone won a debate because these aren't really debates anymore but she certainly got the most out of it yeah i think the did she did she had the best starting to debate with her announcing that she filed the paperwork on the debate last night really got people riled up i was personally surprised that use the audience able to be engaged with her as much as she got people up and moving and you see that loud and definitely a supportive movement not only there but from members of our college republican chapter was really surprising me jack what did you think of bachmann's premiere last night and i thought she did
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a really good job you know the tag on her criticism for people not only on the left but the right is that she's brilliant you're out there and she certainly got past all that presentation or ha shared everything about her voice i think she did a really good job on the appraiser's war all right we have a couple of clips i want to play get your reaction first from ron paul on jobs which would seem to be the theme despite john's john king's attempt to derail it with inane questions let's roll that. we haven't built any new jobs in the last decade a matter of fact we've had thirty million new people and no new jobs it's. ok so here is making a clear appeal to the younger generation saying that we've got new people and no new jobs somebody is losing out here do you think that's enough to differentiate himself from the missionary yeah i do think it is and later on in the debate he mentioned the fact that five percent growth ten percent growth we can keep going
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growth economic growth we should worry about america not about china and brazil and he's definitely making the notion that you know he's the person that can i do list the cli knows what he's doing and and can do it through his deregulatory platform and i think that will resonate with young voters especially people in college or recent college work you know still trying to find the job that they were promised when they were sent we get some change and we're still waiting for it i tell you you're quite a strategist yourself it seems that what newt gingrich was doing to set himself apart your claims he was told in this primary was to set himself up as the strategist the guy calling for making sure that we have a candidate that's going to win us the majority or supermajority in the senate what did you think of that is he going to be able to stick around long after this i think you just finished i think what he could about paul ryan he's finished and rightfully so you know his think it's always been that he the smartest guy in the room or a current president is no dummy to get out of it just because your intelligence doesn't have the right brand of politics and is already at by
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a bit where the republican base is looking for serious serious but reform you can't which is not that guy is critical to repel right out here while you or any future debate the word all right now we also heard a lot about romney care or many care and that was kind of a focus of the contention in the debate let's play that clip real quick here governor romney just yesterday governor plenty who was to your left on the stage tonight i called your massachusetts plan which you know has become a focal point of the criticism in this campaign from your friends to your obamacare obamacare that a fair comparison you know larry that say a couple things first if i'm elected president i will repeal obamacare just as michelle. indicated and also on my first day in office if i'm lucky enough to have that office i will grant a waiver to all fifty states will buy macaire now there are some similarities and there are some big differences obamacare spends a trillion dollars if it were perfect and it's not perfect it's terrible we can't
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afford more federal spending secondly it raises five hundred billion dollars in taxes we did raise taxes in massachusetts third obamacare takes five hundred billion dollars out of medicare and funds obamacare we of course didn't do that ok so he still kept the focus on romney and romney care how did robbery how are people watching this debate i'm hearing the reaction saying. he held his ground is the base of the republican party so in that this is to see how got a romney talking about obama care over and over and over again and not have him lose ground jack well romney has the quick follow up quick witted he knows what to say maybe at least that's what the pundits are taking it because you know it was just a month ago people are saying this got done that the obamacare thing to overcome it looks i'm more fascinated by his temple was he was given a seat and john king c.n.n.'s john king the opportunity to criticize romney put it
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on a plate right front of them and he did not take the bait just to do a little he wants to be a establishment front runner that mitt romney is ever during this entire election he's going to have to do that at some point maybe not doing at labadee but it's a chance i don't know what do you think is the republican base going to be able to overcome their support of romney care i mean hopefully i completely agree plenty missed a golden opportunity and that's why i mean i definitely think that he finished in the bottom of the debate thought far enough and i think as he was served a golden platter here differentiate yourself to that lead that and you know get romney where it hurts and where it all you know where it is can assist the op any missed the opportunity missed a critical opportunity and i think that is if he doesn't wrap up he's so he's going to continue to be a boring politician has gregory but no substantive talk we've got we got some updates from obama he's he's warning of a mother financial crisis if the debt ceiling is not race he told n.b.c.'s today show that he fully expects to reach
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a deal with republicans that will raise the debt ceiling in a sensible way and. starting humanitarian wars increasing the debt without raising the debt ceiling he said specifically the full faith and credit of the united states is the underpinning not only of our way of life but also the underpinning of our global financial system. does he really believe that or is he deliberately trying to bring down the underpinning of our way of life and financial system thirty i mean you know for obama to say this and he try and ramps up the idealistic nature of it and conceptually ramping up and you know using fear mongering tactic saying that we're going to you know go into another horrible depression is one way to do it but it's a stark difference from him in the campaign where he was so we're going to do great things we're in it we're going to be change we're going to be hopeful it's going to be a great new era for this country and he's now putting a choke hold on people this new arizona calm but once you do it i want you to do it
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once that you follow my maps it's going to happen well he's also been courting the hispanic vote very important for two thousand and twelve key for him in two thousand and eight and he had a fundraiser in miami last night jack i don't know if if you've been following this there was a it was it was a venue with twenty two hundred seats and they sold nine hundred eighty take it there all before before it's your actions that there was also a heckler in the audience and we have that clip was played and we could have done it without you. we couldn't we couldn't go. there and so as they. were not. so. very. it seems to be.


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