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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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amid allegations of the ruling deliveries of blood practices egyptians question whether the revolution for justice and democracy has only placed another the taters . economy to the security of the leaders of russia and china joined their central asian counterparts for its new summit focusing on the challenges facing the reason you're looking at live pictures of stand where the meeting is taking place. and some more anger threatens to spill onto the streets of greece and the face of the public as people's trust in the government plummets while the nation's economy. and in business this out foreign investments are
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heating up with german comedy companies volkswagen set to invest more than a hundred million euros in russia's burgeoning operating the full story and around twenty minutes time. now i am in the russian capital you're watching our. welcome to the program the jailing of at least seven thousand people by egypt's military rulers will be reviewed by the nation's leaders and allegations of torture and abuse the behavior of the army since taking over from the ouster of hosni mubarak is causing amongst those who took part in the revolution many are skeptical whether the generals are able or even willing to bring about the democratic changes so many died for are just more even off now reports. case to hir age it never sleeps. the
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eighteen day uprising that ousted president mubarak has woken up the hell nation these has become a common scene here and this to. amnesty international estimates at least eight hundred forty people were killed and more than six thousand wounded during the protests that forced a tyrant to step down and even in a barrack free country there is room for fear and frustration and read his brother was among fifteen young men killed in the violent religious strife that his cairo just weeks after the revolution egyptian christians and muslims clashed following reports that a young christian woman was kidnapped and held in a coptic church after she married a muslim and converted to islam but even then he was a christian coptic it wasn't a muslim that killed read his brother in law as a rebel and honest i've assured my brother dead the bullet went through his
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forehead and it came out on the other side and i saw it with no one here has a weapon like this on a soldier's day it's hard to grasp what happened. rather blames the army or take in the life of his younger brother and the revolution given the army so much power. we expected the army to intervene to protect people just don't while unsettling but instead they started to kill people themselves who didn't explode at all that the people of egypt didn't extract many things they didn't extract the economy to collapse they didn't imagine the path to a free and democratic society would be such a bloody and painful one they just wanted to free from dictatorship and didn't expect it all to find themselves under get another one in military one the power in egypt now and where it is our rest firmly in the hands of the. military chief of
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staff. they were sitting literally in the pentagon war room when the twitter revolution started they are running the show all there has been well displacement of military power but this is a washington installed as i call it in my book for spoken dominance totalitarian democracy the people who stood on the things where were jubilant the regime that oppressed them for more than three decades was done with sparrow as they call the dictator would soon finally face justice for what he's done but months on the revolutionary euphoria has got as well and people are asking themselves what that's really worth the hundreds of victims and did they really get a better country in. egypt is at the crossroads you could go to democracy and worse inori would be in the army continues to rule and the country sinks into blood from the civil war it's up to the people to decide. so since the freed shook the whole arab world it's clear the revolution may now be part of history to be finite
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he's far from over the. tea. here rights watchdogs report little sign of positive change in egypt since president mubarak was forced to leave but active as david says there is growing evidence of crimes committed by the military some have been jailed simply for criticizing the government others have been brought up on spirits charges of koran called insulting the military but increasingly and certainly given the incredible high number of tensions detentions of civilians not conscience of people who have you know tried to undermine the regime but people simply criticizing the military this is a very dangerous trend egyptian dissidents and bloggers who were imprisoned in military prisons and they describe incredible torture they describe electrocution they describe water according to the tribes regular beatings and this was. gyptian
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military stood behind mubarak until the last minute so while there have been gains and we hope that egypt has a broader future ahead of it there are still many many challenges that it has to overcome if you just is going to move towards democracy and liberalism and openness in the west in fact has a very important role to play. here rights activist david keyes coming on reports thousands been arrested in egypt military ruler since taking over from ousted hosni mubarak. now from fighting terrorism and extremism to the economy across central asia a powerful group including regional heavyweights russia and china is meeting stan the presidents of iran and afghanistan were also invited to the chance anniversary . summit and hold talks with russia's president tests are still years following the events. we're here. with the shanghai cooperation organization or as c.e.o. summit is taking place now starting it off are the six member nations of the c.e.o. coming together basically to look back at the ten years and see the accomplishments
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that they have achieved to set the future objectives that they may have will be are also going to be joined by the heads of iran india and pakistan all three of which are observer nations is yes and all three have also expressed their intention to because they've never actually though there are still some obstacles to be over the promise of it be a process of each of the countries also here is the head of ghana stand now the country is here as an invited guest has also applied for observer status and it is expected that at the end of the summit a decision will be made on this application by afghanistan now when this was first formed ten years ago the problem is that they wanted to come back together are the three forces they named this terrorism separatism and extremism as well as to risk all of or to avoid a border and ensure cross border stability but ten years later it has expanded far beyond that and for this specific summit they said they want to give ample time to
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economic and financial issues and specifically setting up a special account or a special fund china for its part has already committed ten billion dollars for use by member nations should they ever ever needed to get over the crisis or effects of the economic crisis now for russia's part what's important to the foreign minister sergei lavrov has stated before yes you know summit that russia is looking forward to signing five year plan to drugs fraud as you know it is a very big issue for russia i've got to say here is a good big they will be able to discuss issues between the two countries especially since the ganesan is the source of ninety percent of the drugs coming into russia and also the group of course will come up with a common approach to the. that the world is facing today such as the situation in north africa and the middle east and also they will be discussing the post nato afghanistan get it is true that if you have
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a set is here to discuss that issue with that of course the security of that country is essential to security of this group of nations now again v.s.e. only ten years old is trying to break into the world stage so to speak and they are looking forward to adopting a un resolution states even stronger cooperation between the un and the c.e.o. and of course at summits like these it's not just the main event that's interesting there will be on the sideline us for a russian president dmitri medvedev he will be meeting with iran which i did a job and afghanistan's head of karzai so it'll be interesting to see what comes out of those meetings reporting from a start up for us or so still you're there and of course we'll be keeping you across what's happening there now there's plenty have for you in the program including why the u.s. is building a secret cia drone base in the persian go off to fight militants in yemen.
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what are you when see the waters of the arctic plunge deep down to look at the titanic what were the few russian many selves doing at the bottom one of europe's largest lakes. a second rescue package for greece is once again on the table of european finance officials athens has already received one hundred ten billion euro in a new war will go hand in hand with even more critical in cuts forced on a public angry adversary measures placed on there are you sarah ferguson outside the greek parliament which has been the epicenter of protests. blackens is widely expected to receive. its for this year is a. european finance hammering out the details of that rescue at the moment trying to prevent year areas. people's opinions on whether greece is going to the polls this pain is very widely some people are saying that it's fantasy to imagine now be allowed to happen now that people are saying really now it's
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a question of when and not a single thing happening hit on the streets of greece where here the sun tied with black protest later on today you're going to see he's number of protesters taking to the streets they're going to be ending up at the name calling the building never going to be protesting against the proposals for these new austerity measures that they say have completely unreasonable now they said the angus will be in building for a year they come up against incredibly tough economic conditions there's a number of unemployed the late stages say the sixteen percent is what pulls out of the till so really the food of new measures being put in place so that isn't reasonable and there's been lots of people are asking when the troika that the i.m.f. year if his central bank and the edict provided initial to the chain of one hundred ten billion euro is still a little pulse the bet out a plan b. because the goal the quest to manage another better package and pay back that loan
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for a lot of people is that they are realistic to the process of have been happening have outside the parliament buildings have been compared to the arab spring uprisings what's so interesting about the process we've seen happening in these very thing countries like spain like greece is that these are countries with an established democracy many people consider greece the best place if the most you say you know what people here are saying is a wise inning in the cap basically what the government implements a what the electorate according full in the thirty thirty five years of proper parliamentary democracy in greece there has never been a government freeze in such a crisis of legitimacy it's an open political crisis here. the government is trying to grumble about the people who refuse to be governed in this way and what they're saying is that when you have literally millions of people taking to the streets and
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protesting against these measures and the government is still pushing ahead with it well at that point it really have to not go see any more so they're going to be taking to the streets and this is just very clear that's a tilt that's a pocket and there are patients who will be bringing you all the latest from the states about this later on today. so forth reporting there from greece europe's paymaster germany is expected to bear the brunt of greece's second bailout german and peter will says the people in this country are unhappy about footing the bill and doubts whether it will have any effect anyway. treaties it was regulated that there must be any bailout because. otherwise you. don't stand for your country. and that's wrong. each country is responsible
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for its actions. it's good for you not speech. and you only have a right answer to that is nobody. gets to say ok we have to work thank you. and then. you talk to people when you get the reports from. the resource so. the average working. people are so that's what we have to do for. i watch the full interview with german m.p. peter welch in just over an hour here on r.t. . the cia is reportedly building a secret air base and the persian gulf to target al qaida terrorists in yemen the plan. has managed to strengthen america's military presence there with the u.s. saying it's concerned militants makes lloyd the current unrest in the country to seize power but as an educated reports introducing cia spooks will move the
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operation into the legal shadows. decision to task the cia with tracing down marks a major escalation of america's covert war in yemen which is not really covert it's one of the on an undeclared wars that the u.s. is waging against terror but up to this day in yemen it's been the u.s. military that was running the show that was carrying out the drone strikes so if you can walk ration with the yemeni counterterrorism units for now and get that power vacuum and all the political turmoil in yemen the cooperation is falling apart and according to u.s. officials because the cia operates under different legal authorities than the military the cia will have greater latitude to carry out strikes no matter what the political climate here greater life you know we're going to have anybody from mission creep out of the country the yemeni leader who is now out of the country up to months of violent popular revolt against him and his government for many years
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had been supported by the u.s. in exchange for letting americans who are for all quieting yemen as we could leaks cables often taking credit for the u.s. through strikes we have to remember that scores of civilians were killed in those strikes or the support of the yemeni authorities was what you should carry on if you operate on the other hand the government of alley abu. salim who's been in power for some thirty years so unpopular in recent years among the people of yemen that many analysts say he was only due to the support that sally had stayed in power for so long so for years sally needed the u.s. and the u.s. needed solly but now with a political turmoil there the u.s. trolls they will continue to pound yemen whether or not they have the permission to do so from actually the people of this country pakistan is one example of popular revolt against cia drone strikes thousands of civilians workflows by the u.s.
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. drone attacks and no one was held responsible for that even though the pakistani parliament. because the mandate to stop the strikes the country's leadership continues to allow the americans to carry out the operations although the pakistani leadership criticizes the killing of civilians but they little to stop it many analysts say their support for the bombings will continue as long as they continue to receive billions of dollars from washington people there are furious in one year the u.s. u.s. drone drones killed seven hundred civilians in pakistan but the netted only five actual militant leaders numbers that some experts are giving or gruesome in the form achieve conference urgency strategist with the u.s. state department has estimated that drone attacks kill fifty nine targeted persons for each intended target nonetheless we now see the rapid expansion of the cia drone war. again reporting there and you can also catch up with the stories we're covering online or t.v. dot com there's plenty to explore for instance one of the never leaves us auditors
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look into the disappearance of more than sixty billion a dollars meant for iraq where the task now on account of foreign. and sauna diplomacy finished diplomats are awarded a student prize for promoting star culture abroad and helping forge international relations find out more at our dot com. i was able to some other stories from around the world and nato warplanes bombed tripoli overnight as libyan rebels move closer to the capital by forcing back pro golf troops smoke and fire were seen rising from a number of areas across the sea state t.v. said the blast of broad military and civilian areas although there were no immediate reports of casualties. the lad has accused the sudanese government of blocking a deliveries to thousands of people fleeing fighting in the disputed region and us president barack obama has called for a cease fire following a devastating bombing campaign near the north south border fifty thousand people
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have been displaced on either side of the border because of tensions ahead of south sudan's formal independence which comes into force on the ninth of july and. chairman of the us federal reserve has warned any delay making payments on the government's dad could lead to a new crisis in the financial markets and worsen the economy ben bernanke he warned the dollar status as a reserve currency could be damaged he wants republican support to raise a country's borrowing limit by august warning that america could default on its obligations we reached. syrian authorities are being accused of using a scorched earth strategy to suppress anti-government rebels in the border areas according to activists over fourteen hundred people died since the beginning of a government uprising in mid march united states is trying to put more pressure on president assad saying. washington of course what's happening to russia and china oppose any attempts to intervene in serious internal affairs through the un. they
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dive deep into the icy waters of the arctic saw the wreck of the titanic and went to the bottom of by call the world's largest fresh like now to state of the art russian mini subs are applying the depths of switzerland's lake geneva which is going to chop explains why. for the first time ever two russian deep sea subs the legendary mirrors have made it to the war some of switzerland's the largest was said to gain a better idea about its jolie contamination levels of great geneva within the next two months researches from russia switzerland germany around the united states will carry out physical chemical might provide logical experiments even that are related to me raise the main source of posable you are in the region of the nearest slab most of all small used to call in siberia they also reached the baltimore ocean in two thousand and seven and rather than part of the russian expedition presidential
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envoy to the north and south poles are two trillion dollars of planted a titanium capsule on the arctic ocean floor to symbolically claim what could be lost on it you reserves beneath the sea bass and again this time a capsule of garage until graphical society was planted on the lake geneva in a seventy year second year russia's number one goal amounts that he was willing to take to the depths once again. as a politician i feel it's better to me to was chosen to have omes races and the missile defense. and one of the disciplines of today's type comes from a renowned family which actually invented. hell mr pickard at all to tell us more about your father or knowledge grandfather. grandfather or. first first first ride to the stratosphere depressurized if you had you been to that then he invented about this case to go to the deepest spot in the ocean he built it with my
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father and then my father in one thousand sixty together with the walsh who is one of the greatest friends of my family for the deepest dive to the absolute bottom of the ocean eleven thousand meters in the married us trench so no boy's father has passed away and. you know so yeah there are a few days later so that was really great and all that you took part in a legend rick's position and the phones died in the marianna trench tell us what does the wolves look like from the balls from from down there different innerspace it's another planet. and we saw another spaceship lower down there are trying to the other near submersible coming out of the dark with the lights on just like a hollywood movie you know getting closer and closer into spaceships meeting at the bottom of the sea amazing thank you so much i'll definitely historic events both for the russian researches and the people of geneva will shut light on the deep
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dark secrets of one of the biggest and the most beautiful lakes in the world before the russian subs mated there are no details exploration of late geneva had been done before at her hotel reporting there from switzerland on just a few minutes we explore the natter of u.s. military bases which spans the whole world and the tapper the business update with katrina. thanks marina and welcome to the business bulletin here on r.t. volkswagen is stepping up its presence in russia's flourishing car market it's agreed to jointly produced new cars with gas brut which makes the and vulgar brands total investment will be up to two hundred million euros with the german company contributing more than half that amount the firms will assemble volkswagen and skoda models the first vehicles i do to roll off the production line this autumn
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the head of gas group explains why the company has chosen volkswagen as a partner. we have been very successful with our l.c.d. production and sales. so clearly we had a nice you want to do with or personal core. capacity and here we look at different options of four children became the best option. in visit deal we will produce on the don't close in vehicles for eight years for full charge and we would invest from goals rugby to i mean your. the twenty five percent rise in the oil price this year has not seen a similar rally in russian oil stocks on hundred twenty dollars per barrel of brant crude may be causing pain for consumers but according to constantine suman of at the national energy security fund this is still not enough for energy companies to comfortably develop new fields. the more scaffold also dish and for the producers is
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a prize quarterly from. one hundred sixty dollars not more because you for the price will be welcome if you want either it's next to it's a reportable through the worst night of the new greenfields. or a new. sheriff from. what you can prove the experience of you by seeing the in the rest of the big. production from you of course it's not the best move for the produce for. now it's have a look at how the markets are performing crude is struggling for direction concerns about rising demand of supporting the profits as the american petroleum institute report to declining u.s. inventories for the last week limiting the gang so it is the news that u.s. retail sales are not as bad as expected in asia and stocks and makes this hour the nikkei is in the black with strong oil prices supporting energy firms in hong kong banks and leading the losses as the people thank you china raise reserve
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requirements ratios for lenders bank of china is down more than one percent and heavyweight s.b.c. is also losing nearly one percent here in russia the markets closed tuesday with those key indexes slightly lower the ante has dropped just a notch and with my stakes not twenty one four or five percent. they want to be much change in the market this week according to the head of equity trading at v.t. p. capital he says investors are nervous and closely monitoring events in china and greece . there's not really a lot of risk that we'll see most of the upward movements in the russian market has been mainly driven by short covering and. i think the momentum is that has exhausted so that's why we don't see much demand for oil and gas stocks right now it does seem that the there is a bit more towards commodities given the weaker outlook for china that maybe it's a bit stressed so in that light i think the russian market is closed to the higher end of the range we expected to be trained in the next month or so which is that
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a thousand markets pretty close to that level but i think it will be penetrated if anything from these levels we're likely to. shut down or it's a little bit more to the. next couple weeks. russia is becoming more attractive to foreign companies with many expanding operations in the country is one such company and it's hoping to tap into the market through its know how in power management and electrical systems the company is aiming to reach two hundred fifty million in revenues by two thousand and fifteen on the expansion is not without challenges as the c.e.o. explains it one of the large challenges right now obviously is a many people understand this is an expanding in a cracker of marketplace sort of tracking highly qualified local employees a significant challenge we want to ramp up very quickly we want to be in twenty cities by the end of this year work again just for today so i would say are you number one trying to use is finding those individuals who want to join
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a multinational company for a really exciting career and for proper we offer that kind of opportunity for people but we need to get people hired. well that brings you up to date for business for this hour stay with us the headlines next.
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the be. the big. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and people have to be aware that there.


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