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babyhood clearing collection ramona pulls a. maid. close a movie don't listen she was punished for comments. on the. live pictures of. tear gas at thousands of protesters. international live pictures right here on our. pulls out of a helping america's european missile defense shield as the czech republic refuses to host most of its. asia as a key leaders are joined by iran afghanistan for a peace summit on the biggest problems they face. the heads of states here in kazakhstan also beyond regional issues calling for nonmilitary resolutions to conflicts in north africa and the middle east join me for the details later in the
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program. plus the west deadly superiority to the u.s. drone attacks allegedly killed scores of civilians while the u.k. . and the rest of country. worldwide news and live from moscow this is our research well greece is out boiling point with police firing tear gas at crowds of angry protesters thousands of demonstrators are trying to block access to the parliament building where the government is discussing and more cutbacks to secure rescue does looking at live pictures right here on t.v. i know the deal on the table suggests suffocating austerity measures such as more taxes and a four year privatization program if the greeks fail to tighten their belts they
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face being cut off from vital european aid worth hundreds of billions of euros for she's in athens and will bring us updates later this. hour at one of the more analysis on the situation that's causing things to flare up again in greece let's talk to. a comic analyst and an international lawyer good to see you so what does a new bailout mean for the people of greece and why is there such fear and anger being shown on the streets if we as we've seen here well the fear and anger isn't just about this current biolab that's being discussed it's been saving for a very long time great server disappointed with their political system over the last forty years and with the fact that they hadn't been told the truth for a very long time now for the last ten years greats of being told that we had growth rates of four percent a year but what they hadn't been told was that the national was going on second to say so just the obvious trigger of austerity had a plan to increase taxes. of about six point five billion for this year alone and
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over twenty two billion to twenty fifteen plus a fifty billion privatization program there is more than enough on happiness to go around as it's been seen in the pictures we've been showing here on our t.v. it just looks like chaos and pandemonium on the streets of the greek capital we are getting reports from our correspondent in the region of a group of extremists have. the police into their aggressive response today with the tear gas and violence if this is the case if it is down to a group of extremists what they have to achieve what are they doing here. well not really trying to achieve anything different than what they normally do and it is not unusual for some of these gatherings to be infiltrated when we have a twenty four hour general strike when you say that there are scenes of chaos and pandemonium i would say that that is probably quite selective on the whole most of
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the protesters that are nonparty political and very nonviolent you know there's a lot of families with children there's a lot of elderly pensioners' there's a lot of very ordinary people who are very concerned about the direction that the country is going so the concern ranges across a broad spectrum a broad demographic as you're saying here but will a new bailout help greece recover or will it just help it to sink deeper in debt do you think. well let's face facts you talk to help someone who is in that much debt by giving them even more debt now what seems to be happening here is a massive transfer of wealth we're getting a transfer from people across europe paying taxes lending it to the great taxpayer plus interest who is then sending it all off to the investment banks hedge funds pension funds who rule a little bit too silly to lend to greece at a time when they thought that all of the eurozone sovereign risk was exactly the
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same so would hope greece only to be expecting that it will prevent a chaotic default at this point in time it will help keep our banks afloat and it will help keep our pension system afloat for the time being so are you saying are you saying the billions are injected as another bailout and you saying that it's just going to line the pockets of the fat cats because the crisis in the first place and it won't do anything beneficial for the economy as a whole just going to the banks and the elite. not the scent of this buyout money actually comes into the greek economy it all goes out into interest payments and repayments and bonds that are coming due. and that's that's scary news indeed some are drawing a greeks deep on happiness with the government to the situation in the arab countries do you think might the economic anger spill over into them throwing out their leaders have they had enough what they like what they want to just suck the government officials. i think that there are many in these protest movements that
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would like to see a completely new political system with fresh faces and no one beholding to powerful interests inside and outside the country there are some parallels that can be drawn with the arab spring yes i would say that's true all right nick economic analyst an international lawyer live from athens thank you you thank. well while greeks make their anger known about facing further cuts germans are no less furious about having to pay for it again later this hour in german and klaus says that why that's why e.u. countries should take responsibility for themselves. in the treaties. it was regulated that there must be any bailout because. otherwise. you will. ruin the
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public finances of those countries who are contributing to it. as long as each country is responsible for its budget it has to take full responsibility and the only right answer to that is you'll be out. here with our to live from moscow is going to join us today and i still to come for you in the program here egypt's freedom of press the country's military rulers tower over the revolution that toppled president mubarak and allegations of army abuses sparking much anger among citizens. u.s. missile defense plans for europe have suffered a major setback prague is now refusing to take part in the system czech officials say they're not happy with the minor role that washington offered to them their public was originally supposed to have a radar for the shield but the obama administration offered prague less important
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facilities u.s. missile shield plans have met with stiff opposition from moscow with the kremlin saying it feels the system may be aimed against russia washington claims the shield is designed to protect from so-called rogue states president medvedev offered to create a joint european missile defense system with nato and the u.s. but moscow claims its western partners are reluctant to cooperate and are pushing ahead with their own plans. well asian countries including china and russia are meeting other regional leaders right now to tackle the raft of economic and security issues which face them this time they're also joined by iran and afghanistan where the talks on doubt will be focusing on the areas need to fight terrorism. reports from the summit. all the leaders that were here that had given statements did to stress the importance of tackling security regional and international together they did release a statement which echoes what they've all been saying in the past on the situation
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in north africa and the middle east pacifically in libya they had again called for the international community and those involved in the conflict there to a strictly adhere to the un resolution nine hundred seventy three and one nine hundred seventy two for furthering the conflict that's going on there and with regard to syria foreign minister sergey lavrov issued a separate statement on that saying that russia's position has not changed and that they are against a resolution on syria and for any military involvement in that area now with regard to regional security some of the countries china for instance has expressed that it is worried that there are still growing separatism and extremism in their country and other countries have expressed that as well and therefore they would like to carry on the counterterrorism efforts and even expand it not just to tackle the traditional threats if they've seen over the years but also to bring it to the internet space to be they were calling on border and a security idea there now of course as you said earlier the presence of again is said here certainly has brought it to the front line of the security of the key to
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the regional security afghanistan post nato future has been repeated over and over here some of the nations have expressed doubts in the past as to whether afghanistan is really ready to handle the situation on its own however today president hamid karzai had said that of ghana said it is willing to take that responsibility and that they are ready when nato troops will withdraw expectedly and the twenty fourth and one other issue in a data set is that drugs. is a big issue for russia on the table for some time now because ninety percent of the drugs in russia does come from afghanistan and get hamid karzai has stress he understands that he needs to work together with his partners and dmitri medvedev has stressed. again how important this is for us to listen to what he has to say. afghanistan.
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the country which hugely important. another state maybe a c.e.o. has made is that a unilateral missile defense system unilateral meaning just by one country or by one group is certainly going to be a threat to international security and also they are calling on their members to adhere to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty interestingly enough iran to be here makes for interesting discussion as you know iran has a controversial nuclear program so this requirement of adhering to the nonproliferation treaty would be part of that requirement to join as a member of the c.e.o. of iran certainly is looking for membership so it's interesting to see what will be said on this matter from both sides from the a c.e.o. and iran and other countries that are seeking to a joint the president medvedev and out of iran meeting on the sidelines and
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expectedly to top that agenda is the a controversial nuclear program as well as a bilateral agreements on how to tackle the threats that they face both terrorism and separatist issues so we're looking forward to a conversation that he agreements concrete agreement would come out of that also president yet it will be meeting with afghanistan's having separately and we expect that the broad topics that they brought up in that plenary session will again be brought up drugs topping the agenda as well as the big investments that russia is planning to bring into the country because russia is is keen on helping afghanistan to through the problems that they will be facing once they continue building the country. reporting right there we are keeping a close eye on the asian summit with regular updates of daughter. makes moves to become an active member of the shanghai group. united states grows cold
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also online. as the capital's planetarium finally. take a look around in our gallery. with all the live from moscow now the west is weighing in on going on rest with deadly force officials in the troubled country say u.s. drone strikes have killed over one hundred people including civilians over the past two weeks now the u.k. is preparing helicopters and commando squads for possible action in yemen live now to. lower it's all starting to resemble the military intervention in libya isnt it . it's a sort of drip drip effect isn't it it's
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a slowly slowly but general escalation of involvement in what's going on in yemen and as you say the latest reports that we're hearing or according to the daily telegraph newspaper who say that apache helicopters may be deployed on the ships which is stationed at the moment just off the yemeni coast we are seeing also reports coming out of the apache training base in the u.k. where the trainees there are saying that much of yemen all mysteriously appearing on the computer systems that they use for training so that's a little bit strange and also we're hearing reports that a senior u.k. commander has made a week. reconnaissance trip to yemen just to see what the situation is like on the ground now these helicopters are said to be possibly being pursued in place in order to extract the math and other british citizens who have chosen to stay in yemen. who may become stranded if this voicing unrest in the country gets worse
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the apaches to essentially marshal groups of other helicopters which are transport helicopters. that we envisage is that they will go. in an area pick up the mats and other precious systems and then get them out with the protection of the helicopters but. attack helicopters we've seen them in in general use in iraq and in afghanistan and of course most recently in libya where involvement was seen as a marked escalation in the involvement of u.k. and french nato treat very low flying so the likelihood of casualties is much increased by person and it does like an escalation about involvement again as we've said so many times about libya the legality of this is extremely. nor is just incredible really just to say over the past few months western military powers are getting involved all over the middle east. in africa it really is
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a huge amount of action going on when it comes to the issue of yemen why why is the u.s. we're talking one of his own war on terror laws and using these unmanned drones which are notorious for killing civilians in pakistan. and of course just to add to what you've said they are becoming more and more involved whilst saying all the time we don't want to get any more involved in the conflict and you haven't any more involved in libya than we can help it any more involved in the middle east as a region as a whole but of course as you say we are seeing u.s. drone attacks increasing numbers of u.s. drone attacks in yemen and the reasoning for that is that according to u.s. forces is taking advantage of what's going in going on moving into this power vacuum which is being created since president saleh left and went to saudi arabia for medical treatment moving into that opening the activity taking advantage of general civil unrest to grab more support more power and more territory that the reason for the u.s. paying these drone attacks that's how it's justifying it but of course that power
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vacuum works both ways interestingly the u.s. forces the military forces used to cooperate with the president on who to attack and when intelligence that kind of kinds of territorial issues but now the u.s. can easily say that there's no authorities with with whom to cooperate the government is essentially not in operation anymore so if they if they wanted to one would have thought that they could just go ahead and attack where they like and of course we've now seeing president obama ok the use of cia drones now cia drones will have a much more use a really miss and much. selection of targets that they can take in a match. that's a very interesting escalation as well so all of that means that the yemeni people will be and have good reason to be very worried drones have an extremely bad reputation for collateral damage for civilian casualties they've been used very extensively in pakistan people are always protesting about their use in pakistan not just in the country itself but we see that most of those in london actually pakistanis turning out some to the streets and saying. that happen when
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a person to palmer was visiting london we've also heard reports from the deputy provincial government in yemen saying that one hundred people have been killed in drone attacks just in the last month and that many of them what appeared to be innocent civilians and then of course the last thing is this secret cia base that we have. in the persian gulf region we're getting reports about. that in case the yemeni government pulls. these train attacks in the country they need a base. from which to say really very much more involved in terms of place the u.s. the u.k. and so i mean what you're seeing evidence of regional rep or questions here from the allied intervention whether you call it a humanitarian mission or a military campaign lower we're just getting a report here regarding libya the u.k. prime minister says time is on nato. operations in libya of course of course it was
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president obama weeks ago who said it's an open timetable in libya the intervention continues the. floor at live in london thank you. well other news now let's get to some worldwide headlines now a suicide car bomber has struck in northeast afghanistan near a governor's building killing seven including police officers the taliban's admitted the attack which targeted targeted the french ambassador and a military convoy a separate attack occurred at almost the same time just south of the capital when a rocket was fired on the police training center the vice president and interior minister with there but there are no reported injuries. syria is calling on refugees who fled to turkey to return to the town they abandoned after the army moved in to crush armed groups the government says it's regained control and will continue to see what it calls the remnants of terrorist groups eight thousand people left the town and are now in refugee camps on the turkish border syria's
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endured months of brutal crackdowns on protesters to try and force the president to quit. the ash cloud from an erupting volcano has grounded flights in western australia winds are carrying particles thousands of kilometers across two oceans before reaching australian airspace the eruption began just over two weeks ago and caused the biggest disruption to air traffic since the icelandic volcano spewed out into the sky in two thousand and ten. so now let's return our attention to greece now where police are clashing with crowds of protesters the anger is provoked by new cutbacks which the government is about to vote on earth is in athens with more on this. speculation that the protests against turned violent and unfortunately we did see clashes between the police on the process is this a little while ago a the police are letting take us into the crowd now it's still quite you can really feel the take us in such a state head and syntagma square when it happened
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a lot of people trying to clear the area that a lot of people turned out they say that was a major question that was happening a lot of people caught up in that actually is that being quite how to start is just what happened we were slightly further back and it happened very very quickly we were speaking to one protester hey he said you know the people who were involved in provoking the police what did you know about that. i know for sure that the. so-called protesters they were black suits and they provoked the police with. throwing stuff from them and they make them fight back to the real protest and that's how the system breaks. defense lines and they send everybody home and we don't want to send everybody home because we want to stay here and fight. territory . and everything we have worked.
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and that's what how the they break a difference that's very interesting to speak english it's a day close the organizers from the work a senior city main unions who organize a protest today and they said the same thing that until the end it isn't until they spectators were actually passed they want these protests to be peaceful and safe from what we've seen they have been relatively safe this violence breaking out when you get these sixteen points they get involved insist that unfolds this trouble is a great kid in the process is the main bulk of the cases that they really just want to have their voices that they feel like democracy has been ignored literally millions of them are turning out into the states now they've had a year of dealing with incredibly tough austerity measures. pulling a sixteen percent unemployment in the greek what are the latest big is really bad enough they said that this is the fault of the bank and the politicians and that is not going to make them look and that's why they had the name parliament today
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protesting again. reporting that now egypt's drive for democracy has seen thousands of arrests media censorship on a state of emergency all of this since replacing president mubarak is not what adoptions were hoping for after the february revolution left hundreds dead many now wonder whether the price was worth paying now is maria financial reports from cairo . now to sleep. the eighteen day uprising that ousted president mubarak has woken up the hell nation this has become a common scene here and this to amnesty international estimates at least eight hundred forty people were killed and more than six thousand wounded during the protests that forced a tyrant to step down but even in a barak free country the resume for fear and frustration. read his brother was among fifteen young men killed in the violent religious strife that his cairo just
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weeks after the revolution egyptian christians and muslims clashed following reports that a young christian woman was kidnapped and held in a coptic church after she married a muslim and converted to islam but even then he was a christian coptic it wasn't a muslim that killed read his brother. and honest neither should my brother dead a bullet went through his forehead and it came out on the other side and i saw it with no one here has a weapon like this on this old is there it's hard to grasp what happened. rather blames the army for taking the life of his younger brother and the revolution given the army so much power. we expected the army to intervene to protect people just don't buy lands free but instead they started to kill people themselves who didn't expect that all of that it with the people of egypt didn't expect many things they didn't expect the economy to collapse they didn't imagine the path to
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a free and democratic society would be such a bloody and painful one they just wanted to free from dictatorship and didn't expect it all to find themselves under get another one in military one the power in egypt now since mobarak is out rest firmly in the hands of the military chief of staff. they were sitting literally. in the pentagon war room when the twitter revolution started and they are running the show there has been no displacement about military power but this is a washington installed as i call it in my book called spectrum dominance totalitarian democracy the people who stood on the themes where we do bill and the regime that oppress them for more than three decades was going on a whole pharaoh as they call the dictator would soon finally face justice for what he's done but months on the revolutionary euphoria has gone as well and people are asking themselves was that really worth the hundreds of victims and did they really
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get a better country in. egypt is at the crossroads it could go to was chaos or democracy the worst scenario would be if the army continues to rule and the country sinks into blood from a civil war it's up to the people to decide. on since the freed shook the how the arab world it's clear the revolution may now be part of history but the find is far from over. headlines are coming away shortly but first there was the business news with korea. there are welcome to business that russia has a full speed ahead in its bid to become europe's largest car market and foreign carmakers are getting in on the six on the act six leading producer have agreed to strongly boost russian output and exchange for tax benefits it of though has to
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produce three hundred thousand vehicles a year and many think the russian market can handle that ambitious figure for its still relatively. if you look at the current age of the car park if you look at the current. number of cars per inhabitants there are russia is still a lot a long way to go to reach a level slide here you have in the eastern european countries alone and this of course is the great potential that makes the russia trip before. let's take a look at the markets crude is struggling for direction concerns about rising demand are supporting the price of the american petroleum institute reports a decline in u.s. and retirees for the last week limiting games though is the news about u.s. retail sales are not as bad as expected. markets in europe are losing ground with worries about greece regaining manton french banks and down up of related review of their ratings by moody's investor service and shares of swedish retailer hanson
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more it's morning received results and here in russia the markets are trading in the black this hour let's have a look at some of the individual moves and if you may just bounce back from earlier losses with gas from around point one percent up banks are also gaining burbank percent in the black supported by reports it's more than double that profit in the first five months of the year and electricity sector into rubble is on the rise are reports about the company's possible cooperation with chinese. that's the business update for this i'll be back with more stories in about forty five minutes from now.


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