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fifty. he from. just joined us you're watching r.t. live from moscow these are the top stories china's leader comes to moscow to strengthen trade ties that are boosting two of the world's major emerging economies hu jintao and president will also address the current crisis in north africa and the middle east. the fate of colonel gadhafi is the focus of the talks between russia's envoy to media and the government in tripoli the meeting comes as moscow attempts to negotiate an end to the country's civil war. the greek pm promises a reshuffle of his cabinet after a violent and hysterically protest after hundreds vented their anger at plans for
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a new public cuts aimed at securing more international financial aid for the country. just hours after a pledge by the iranian president not to pursue a nuclear deterrent you spoke with iran's envoy to the un's nuclear watchdog he told my colleague rory so shape there's no question he's country's nuclear program is peaceful. now iran is promising transparency and constructive interaction with the un's nuclear watchdog a few days ago the e.u.'s foreign policy chief baroness ashton called on to iran to prove its peaceful atomic intentions this during an exclusive interview with us here at r.t. and we can now talk to iran's envoy to the international atomic energy agency ali asghar soltanieh thank you for joining us today the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has told the press in our stan of the president recognizes the importance of talks for resolving tension around your nuclear program because it does it does it
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mark a more positive phase in your talks with the i.a.e.a. to. is a pleasure to talk to you i just want to reiterate that for the last eighty years of. cooperation we die a year about five thousand man the inspection has been made and no evidence of diversion have been found to military purposes and this is a clear we love harolds the guardian of course negotiation and talk we have always welcomed negotiation and talk and respect and of course without any precondition. guiding the recent comment interview with the r t. i am rather disappointed because this sort of is that means. ignoring their fact there are a has clearly made there is no evidence of diversion and. reports clearly even the last report sure all of these with activities and every gram of uranium and
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therefore the safeguard of i.a.e.a. twenty four hours cameras and inspectors is going to his statements is somehow misleading i want also to recall that i arrange in vienna are taking the ambassadors and leading their different groups including they invited them by. so those are the most from angry and or saw a special representative of lady action in the n r two a to join us all together when we visited nine thousand ritu and in addition to inspectors they will have opportunity to see the realities on the ground and unfortunately. prevented their embassadors of easy to join other ambassadors to go there was a lot of money forgive me for interrupting so you're disappointed with the statements from catherine ashtown the ashton the e.u. high representative on foreign and security policy but you're saying that iran is being proactive and arms wide open for allowing the i.a.e.a.
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into your country to inspect your nuclear facilities when it comes to catherine ashton she told us here at r.t. that iran has three thousand four hundred kilos of low enrich uranium which doesn't really have much purpose if you're not going to use it in a military program what is it for i categorically reject i think they should read again the reports of director general by way and noted the fact that we have given a cue design information question are about all a specific ation of. the facilities and the p one type. that these are designed in fact to produce lonely children you know which could be used in power plants. they cannot produce material for a weapon let's say we've been great for their weapon nuclear weapons therefore technically we do respect this kind of a state when it has no justification let's talk about how how the international
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community has been leveling punishment on iran obama's national security advisor thomas he delegate donilon the said it weeks ago that the u.s. would continue its aggressive sanctions policy against iran for the foreseeable future are these sanctions effective and are they just a find. i just can tell you very simply because of time constraints i have explained the thought i lean to our board of governors and in fact in many meetings in different countries when i have had the opportunity to talk to parliamentarians all intellectuals for five legal reasons the security council resolutions do not have any legal basis and it could not be implemented this is for sure and of course we have already said that. we do not have any sort of activities towards military purposes and the reach went out all activities are fully under the i.s.f. got therefore i categorically reject any allegation on this one and we are continuing
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our work with the i.a.e.a. and of course that was the study called mistake getting the united nation involved in the matters which is technically technical organization as soon as of course this is the engagement is a stop in new york it will create a new chapter of corporative environment as we have done in the past of course we have taken even the steps beyond our legal obligation as you know where voluntarily applying additional ports of call for twenty years when this issue was sent to new york then that a parliament passed a law and asked the government to suspend is publication therefore let's hope and advice all including europeans and western countries collectively to understand our legitimate right do not put the pressure because the pressure would not have at all i assure you that none of these sanctions have had any impact on and reach many activities you can check and be fair to at least visit would be if i had
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information reports of the i.a.e.a. director general even last week presented for all member states that the activities of their retirement have successfully been increased and promoted without any problem therefore this sanction have not been able to effect enrichment what has. effect some sort of sanctions unfortunately which is where the very cheap and unfortunate they are targeting passenger planes not giving the gasoline doesn't jeopardize creating difficulty for patients. on either some or some of the sanctions. poised to stop a certain amount of weapons being imported into iran and other sanctions are barring some iranian banks from dealing with international potential clients but if i may if i may when you continue to say that iran is working very much open dominant in a transparent transparent way with the i.a.e.a. and the international community and here we have today are we going to try and say that he wants a more transparent and open relationship with the west what is it specifically
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specifically that you can bring to the table to diffuse the growing tension around your nuclear program where he simply we will continue without any interruption of the we are very disappointed with secret calls and sanctions have not made any decision hasty decision in and contrary we continue to be fully committed to n.p.t. our years specters are and will be without any difficulty able to access to all our nuclear activities i mean some ok she has even we have invited representative of different condi is to be president as a sort of maxim of transparency we will continue to do so and we have said in the last letter of our vice president ahead of atomic energy to a director general he said in a very letter very crystal clear that if the agency follow its obligation on that walk down with alethea accept. the and the respect of modality it means close that allegation so-called american laptop then there of course if there are any question
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is sort of allegation of military to measure whatever in the question ambiguity we are fully prepared to answer questions of the move any ambiguity is would you it would be an idea to give. your method to prove. unquestionably that iran does not have a nuclear weapons program by allowing inspectors unfettered access to all of your nuclear facilities. we have said here that i live here did we do not have nuclear option in defense doctrine we are again said our supreme leader last year in tehran international conference and disarmament are nonproliferation clearly said informed the whole war then declared that their nuclear weapon and with his own mass destruction are at least use the forbidden we are against it and we are mobilizing all of the nonaligned movement for you in fact working hard towards the end of nuclear weapons and that is the policy and determination i assure you would have
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had one hundred percent transparency on president in the history of the i.a.e.a. and you cannot find any place in good imports of the director general questioning our enrichment activities that is why i was very disappointed. when i know to you said the the our team tell you we have the radio show on how such a claim therefore i hope to get out of the advisers of being correctly information from the i.a.e.a. had of course that the president. joined me and other ambassador to. the beginning of this year and out these kind of let's say claim or in fact the less they are on him technically based his statement would not happen if i made life i mean just for a moment his forgive me for interrupting and i'm sure the international cannot appreciate your sure and says that iran does not have a nuclear weapons program but of course certainly washington d.c. capitol hill they they could they keep asking does iran have a nuclear weapons program or did or how it has or on had
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a nuclear weapons program in the past we know that u.s. defense intelligence holds that iran developed a nuclear program to respond to a threat from iraq but after the international coalition invaded iraq your program was discontinued this is true what was the previously a nuclear weapons program in iran you know it is. a unique you're fortunate to you are talking to a person who has been involved for the last years talking. hours and hundred hours of these specters i categorically reject any of these allegations and inspectors and the head of the department of law you have brought some of these allegations and we approved for them that there was where these allegations were based as we had not have any program for nuclear weapons and as i said that is so-called american allegations american laptop allegations had no in fact justification and it is just to say that those allegations that was supposed they were supposed to be
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presented to iran and america has enough to deliver on message and broddi higher she criticizes united states please venting but if you gave her vendée showed none of those material had any sort of connives again sharon and therefore be proven one hundred seventeen pages we proved that all these allegations were forced and fabricated as i said i repeat again we are fully prepared to remove any question whatsoever but through the i.a.e.a. within the four ocoee in a technical manage without any political motivation and we need more than ever in di a call technical professional environment and the sooner the better united nations security council is sure to stop engagement and this political in fact is rhetorical statements bite here and there just complicate the situation and therefore my advice is lead to do his job and of course direct agenda should also do his professional work not to put pressure on iran based on united nations
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security council resolution and swore a suspension or additional protocol because it won't work mr. tawney the iranian envoy to the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency it's been a pleasure talking to you live from vienna thank you very much leisure talking to you thank you very much. wealthy british stock. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars are for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. download the official location. i pod touch from the top story.
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time as leader comes to moscow to strengthen trade ties that are boosting two of the world's major emerging economies hu jintao and president medvedev will also address the current crisis in north africa and the middle east. the fate of colonel gadhafi is the focus of the talks between russia's envoy to me and the government in tripoli the meeting comes as moscow attempts to negotiate an end to the country's civil war. the greek pm promises a reshuffle of his cabinet after a violent and protest athens hundreds banded their anger at plans for new public cuts aimed at securing more international financial aid for the country. time now for the latest sports of the day with you know neal good morning you know so there
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will be no tiger woods at the u.s. open but still plenty of interest tell us more yeah tiger's not going but of course all the rest star there's been a murray go run marina at the top of the number one ranking for the last few months so all the main contenders they're playing and they want the seven million dollars no dollars you know we've got a big preview coming on not on the rest of the sports let's take a look. this is indeed sports today agrippa have you with us a lot to have including all this. moving on up here is valerie over defeat serina williams and eastburn preparations continue to head of next week's wimbledon starts . swinging into action the second major of the goal season gets going later thursday we look ahead to one of the most open u.s.
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opens in recent history. fighting fit find out how heavyweight boxer nick libo effort against our sheldon on the football field a little later. let's get started with tennis carolina wozniacki on or off. the top seeds of wimbledon while comply will miss the third grand slam of the season having field to recover from injury the world number two again hurting her right foot this time with unicef open taking place in the netherlands twice u.s. open open winner previously injured or killed dancing her cousin's wedding crashers won the first major of the season in history with. the rest of the contenders continuing preparations of pace in eastbourne and the pick of whedon's this action figure is valerie over who's been on the second seat wimbledon the feeded string a williams three six seven six seven games to five in the second round valery over there for beating williams and only the american second much interest turning to
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action following your long layoff the much repeats of last year's wimbledon final where williams prevailed with. the elder williams meanwhile for a better and whedon's the venus needing just over an hour to cruise into the quarterfinals at the expense of six three six two how it ended the thirty year. ruled improving for all time record against the serve the seven venus is seeded some twenty third on the list in wimbledon while serenus seventh meaning she won't meet any other top seeds until the quarter finals. i saw where the boston bruins are all the new stanley cup champions netminder tim thomas instrumental in a four nothing shot out against the vancouver canucks in the sights of n.h.l. finals in game seven helping the massachusetts men left their first title and thirty nine years done you'll see the current team to win for the home side but the comedians feel to deliver in their first ever n.h.l.
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decider while bruins thomas takes home the cotton smy trophy as the playoffs most valuable player a point of note after the game riot police were forced to move in after a car for a set on fire by local families. ok let's talk golf and tiger woods will stay sidelined for the u.s. open this week as the three time champion continues to struggle with multiple injuries events accorsi previews the one hundred eleventh edition of the major now which tees off maryland's congressional golf club later today. there hasn't been an outright dominant force in golf since the steady decline of former world number one tiger woods over the past two years several players did get to try on the crown with martin kaymer among those taken a turn as the highest scoring golfer number two leader westwood had two separate runs as the world's best before luke donald took over the top spot in may. to its
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best finish of the us open came in two thousand and eight when he placed third behind woods and rocco mediate to the spotlight shining brightest on world number one donald but the englishman is still aware of the potential pitfalls of overconfidence it's dangerous to go and expect too much and come to a toy expecting to win but i expect to do i know i can do and. the goal is always to have a chance on sunday and to contend. you know i've been doing a lot lately and there's no reason why i can do this week defending champion graeme mcdowell meanwhile he showed he can get it done under major pressure the northern ireland native prefer in his game to speak for itself in this tournament and beyond that all my per u.s. open media and i've done that everything this is my last but it's all before the on thursday and you know i'm really happy that it's all done because i really want to start looking forward to the rest of my career and what i want to achieve for the rest of my career and while the thirty one year old won
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a major title for his first ever p.g.a. tour when phil mickelson has had a much tougher time cracking the tournament over the years left to hold the record for the most second place finishes in tournament history with five four time major champion who will turn forty one during the first round believes he knows the adjustments needed to be made just as when i was trying to win my first major championship if you focused so much on the result of the focus so much on winning sometimes you get your own way and saw trying to. think about winning as much as i am trying to enjoy the challenge that lies ahead if recent history is any indication the past winners have a slim chance to repeat their title runs with a brand new champion looking likely to emerge from the one hundred fifty six me and eight out of the last ten would have been first time champions hayley from four different continents and those at the top of the ranks hardly have
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a better opportunity to assert their dominance over the game when this congressional golf course holds the third u.s. open in its history gorski r t plenty of action ahead this weekend there are of course no video has been released of. the former one driver who suffered a serious crash in february in northern italy it is the first footage of the pole since he underwent extensive surgery to save his right hand the lotus reynold driver was leaving our rehabilitation clinic and. with the aid of a perfect french is his manager said afterwards the twenty six year old could return to the track of the brazilian g.p. in november being competing in a rally at the time of his accident. over to the upcoming european women's basketball championships where there will be two notable exclusions from the russian roster of veterans on their patrick over three net result of it they have
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been cut from the final squad which had to be rotation sixteen to fourteen players ahead of the tournament russia's first group game in poland will be against slovakia on saturday. i find the readiness of the team is enough to fight in every game and only through victory and ladies don't divide matches into friendlies or qualifying is there just to work today conscience and to the very end and show that of every single player of mine. and finally to a charity event a one off kind featuring two of russian sport's most iconic figures from the past decade very harsh of a nickel i value add together on the football field in the heart of siberia constantine patel poth he's got the story. three thousand five hundred kilometers from moscow in southwestern save the rant is the industrial city of cameroon it was built on the banks of the tamari were in the center of russia's biggest coal mining region because now it's basin it's not really a sport paradise as there are
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a few sporting facilities in summer and deadly low temperatures in winter however the priority of the region's officials is promoting sport in mongst its youngsters in this year on national russia day their fish bowls presented their citizens with a treat and exotic charity event with them they are sharing in the gallipoli link you rolled. i spent three days here and had a tide should you have visited several often or just unveiled a new football stadium i've met the officials and discussed lots of issues in the near future the camera region will probably host several important sporting events and i want to be involved to make the sport more affordable may be real. but it wasn't just about promoting sport in the region as a show and spend time getting to know the locals. always impressed by the number of weddings i've witnessed here so far and many of the couples had their photos taken with me so i hope that when they look at these pictures and their family albums it will make them smile. so to offer russia's most famous athletes over the buzz the
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key to time w b a heavyweight champion the guy well if any were two thousand and eight balls man a list arsenal midfielder and russia captain and reactionary and when face to face in a friendly football match luckily for the thirty year ghana he had to go up against a thirty seven year old books or poet suffered only two losses in the boxing ring and on an affordable bench when a sports are more popular in siberia for obvious reasons as the winter last for half a year but it is steady on that usually hosts russian hockey kalisch is the match keep off between russia's do best known sporting st petersburg natives and their teams consisting of the much more local officials and businessman valued at two meters and thirteen centimeters in height just a formidable shadow and bill while originals are ok by his favorite position. but the best from least had the misfortune to experience it will keep a home or just
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a few minutes into the game well like all charity matches there was an abundance of goals and penalties and sherman's goalie made his captain proud as he saved two of three sports beats a normal time while she was popularity only knows no boundaries as a fan broke through and got on to the beach to shake hands with the gunners need filler be happy and surprisingly in the match and endure in the barents a shoot out that follows molly failed to intimidate the keeper and his keep was saved so although he might have been a little disappointed with his own before and the world champion boxer was much more satisfied with the overall day. i was playing as a goalkeeper for the first time and it's a pity i conceded so many goals but the first one was a real disaster. i don't know how that's happened but i'm happy that so many people came here as it was a real sport and festival so over twenty thousand people turned out to watch a giants in the world of boxing against a relative james in the world of football all the proceeds will go to zero it's
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promoting sport in the area so regardless of the result everyone is a winner. r.t. . yeah great stuff that's your sport fly weather is coming up them rain is here at the top of the hour with all the news. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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