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i can do a lot of show really get the real headlines with none of them are say a parking lot at a washington d.c. house i will take a look at the legal debate surrounding the war in libya and members of congress are suing the white house has released its own guidelines saying that they don't need no stinking congressional approval so who is right then we'll speak to an activist whose home was raided by the f.b.i. last year it's back but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media is covering while missing these bigger stories
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. well it seems like there is no happy ending for wiener gate it is morning all knew it was interrupted on every single channel for a breaking news announcement. if you future as a question of congressman weiner i won't be answering any i've made the statements i'm going to make my understanding that later in the jay he will be having a press conference and after that i will have a statement available and just tell you that up front are we go back to that what let's just say the breaking news this morning was the fact that congressman anthony weiner was going at to resign and that was the culmination of everything of the media had been hoping for after incessantly pounding the war drums about a text message of a congressman's underwear after slaving away for weeks to bring. the story of
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amends in moral and ethical proportions so the spotlight they have been redeemed you can only imagine their disappointment when nancy pelosi were to go back to her she was scheduled to hold a press conference this morning and she refused to be indicate all their hard work here's a piece of a great compilation the talking points memo put together today. if you future as question of congressman weiner i won't be answering and i've made the statements i'm going to make my understanding that later in the day he will be having a press conference and after that i will have a statement available and just tell you that up front it is day one sixty three one hundred sixty three days since the republicans are right again to bash i actually saw john king sort of grinning maybe because he sort of expected it all right nancy pelosi saying she is not going to have any comment on anthony weiner's resignation changing medicaid while they give tax breaks to businesses that send jobs overseas
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or they're supposed to nothing no one is really where you are but i have to think this is the reporters get a shock to hear when she's done with her statement. that you see that they actually does cut off one of the most powerful people politicians in this country when she announced that she would be speaking about the jobs crisis as planned rather than or gate the jobs crisis the fact that nearly twenty million people in this country are unemployed the topic that americans care about if you look at the polls but hey it's only the end of the middle class in america why would the media possibly want to cover it why would they we want to hear a politician who is supposed to be creating jobs but you have to say about it you know this is probably one of those blatant examples you could possibly buy of the utter worthlessness and mindlessness of the mainstream media but oh wait there's actually one more this morning congressman dennis kucinich went on and that's n.b.c. to talk about the fact that he and nine other lawmakers about a lawsuit against the obama administration for illegally waging war in libya without congressional approval. stand by mark i want to bring in ohio congressman
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dennis kucinich it's good to see you congressman as always obviously anthony wiener was a very forceful voice and the liberal and of the party your reaction and does this indeed mean that you can get on with the business of congress. you know his whole conspiracy. what really war wieder gave me this is absurd listen to what happened with the congressman did actually get in a few words about the war. if we do i think we can wear it on him and destroy the constitution congressman dennis kucinich of ohio thanks so much for taking the time today we appreciate it and we're going to have much more on the resignation of a congressman anthony weiner just now that's right she gave him a vow to meet it and then just cut him off just like nancy pelosi and it's really mind boggling there were an economic crisis the illegal wars are being waged on behalf of the american people but the media doesn't want to talk about any of that
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i guess maybe that's what happens when you're a corporate owned you don't want to anger the corporate overlords by pointing out the fact that it's corporations those military contractors that benefit from waging on stop wars or maybe the fact that corporate profits are soaring while the rest of america suffers the see if you just don't say it maybe the american people will never know those problems and all that corruption exists so just show taking the wiener and everything else will go away. yes we're hearing the same thing that you are and if you can just see a little bit of this room i mean you're seeing a small slice of what's happening here this is a media frenzy to rival any that i've ever seen so today i'm announcing my resignation from congress. so my colleagues can get back to work i want to thank my colleagues in the house of representatives democrats and republicans alike they come from different places around the country but fundamentally we all agree here and patriots i wish them all the.
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while keeping its coal lastly there's a record professional journalists yelling and jumping over each other to be the first light on the scene to catch the moment when somebody asks when or if he's bigger seven inches and then they have the audacity to report on the media frenzy that they're all a part of you know it's funny how divided the media is over political lines on a usual basis but then they can all get along when it comes to mind numbing non news now while we move on what actually matters in this world let's take a moment to reflect on what your media missed today all over the last remnants of leader kate. there's a legal debate that's raging over the war in libya just yesterday ten bipartisan members of congress piled a lawsuit in federal court against president obama for taking military action in libya without congressional approval of the obama administration meanwhile has released a thirty two page report to congress arguing why the almost three month long
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military involvement doesn't require that congressional approval they argue that the u.s. is playing a supporting role there but this is a nato led operation anaconda terry operations are distinct from the kinds of hostilities contemplated within the war powers resolution because we're not engaged in sustained fighting because there's been no exchange of fire with hostile forces because we don't have ground. troops on the ground and because we don't risk casualties to those troops i was actually right here and discussed this with mr is fine chairman of american freedom agenda and lawrence korb senior fellow at the center for american progress gentlemen thank you both for being on the show tonight larry i'm to start with you because bruce you've been on the program before are you know where your head i know that who cares about the sixty day window you think of this has been illegal from the get go but lawrence i want to know what you think of the obama administration's explanation here that this isn't really that much of a war is that legitimate i think they are talking about the original intent of the
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war powers act was prevent remember this was passed there could be a lot of what we had five hundred forty thousand people on the ground and basically they did make the point i would also make the point the u.n. approved nato approved and if you remember when we were joining nato senator roberts just a republican from ohio did not want to join nato cause he felt that it would take away called war powers role because under article five it was sort of talked about wanted because of the chalk talk on or so i think they're making a case would be and it's i think it's good they filed the suit will record the court says whether in fact a the war powers act was called for to shield and be. wise here because one could make the argument we're in your portfolio the persian gulf and you could. go for example for a program whether you want to how the war powers are but there's not much happening now is that what nato wants is superseding y.
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our own us now it's you know it's nonsense on stilts this thirty two pages there's one paragraph that's a vote into what my youth mystically be called legal reasoning. the war powers act defines what castilla these are putting troops in circumstances where hostilities and what would be understood in international law terms is war is indicated by the circumstances. think of this paradox if we're not at war what we're doing is committing murder because it's war that makes us homicide not murder so we're committing murder if we're not at war and also think about the absurdity of the secretary of defense who himself when he was testifying for congress mr gates said course if you fire a missile in new york city you're at war we would incinerate any country that did what we are doing to libya with regard to the idea that a treaty can supersede the constitution no case by the supreme court over fifty years ago read versus covert a treaty may not supersede the constitution to think of the ramifications of it
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could you could have a treaty say let's wipe out freedom of speech let's wipe out freedom of religion that's like about freedom of association the u.s. supreme court is quite clear a treaty is subordinate to the constitution of the united states requires that congress authorized any office if use of the military and this is how it was understood at the outset when thomas jefferson used the military against the barbary pirates in the early a ten times he got ten congressional statutes authorizing war as he was doing and he said he even if it's not war if the often to use of the military i need congressional authorization every single member of the constitution convention every single participant in the ratification debates all the federalist papers all of the first presidents washington jefferson and madison were uniform only congress to get us into war and that was not an academic argument they understood the executive branch concocts excuses for war because they get all the power the secrecy the appointments the money the footprints in the land in the sands of time that's why everyone said we cannot have one person take us to war and we have this
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president announcing as a general rule the president go to war any time you want for regional stability the security council's credibility or any other interest that the united states in the president's eyes is advancing which means the president can invade any country anytime anyplace anywhere what he wants to do and there's one additional element there there is no money that congress has appropriated for this. kiki toward the money that is being expended is specifically designated need procreation is measures as counterterrorism operations now the president himself has said this is the same civilian life having nothing to do with terrorism right now counterterrorism has not been brought up once there is there any question in your mind lawrence whether this is a war or not i mean i think the record great point if anybody were to ever file a fire a missile anywhere on american soil then it hell yes that would be considered an act of war and we would retaliate and here we are just because we are part of nato but nato is leading the operation but hello we played a leading role in nato so it's really i think it's
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a bad excuse to try to say that they're leading the way and we just happen to be on the sidelines again but we go back. to the question go back to the debate about russia joining nato. would disagree workgroups that's why he did not want to join nato because he argued that if you do this when our president when he knows what do you think the point the supreme court is i think what senator sap said the supreme court has held a treaty is suborned is the constitution the end of the question well not go it you know it isn't because united states since the world war two was pretty gauge of military operations continuously the korean war for example was not approved by congress now going back to prove his point congress who paid don't want this could easily say no one he can be spend after this data that's the power of the purse that they could have if they are usually by using the power of the purse which i which is mentioned is the fact that it has been asked for in that sense because
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congress hasn't had to approve. of your going to put our men boots on any expenditure bill that they passed they can say nobody and this could be used for this or that they're not really going to give the hour it is because of all the times when we can veto the president can veto those things that suggest that no you need two thirds of congress right and or rather than simply doing it to a nurse not a fighter not radio and you. and that's not what the constitution is about the the war powers resolution treaties cannot override article one section eight clause eleven you only need simple majority you need simple majority you get isn't the right is the point here is the fact that congress hasn't really done anything about it right we saw congressman going to some senate bring up or as allusion to actually stop the war in libya nobody went along with it and we saw john they get a resolution passed that basically was like a slap on the wrist and just said that you need to show us the report and try to explain the entire situation is there even a need for this to go to the courts i mean might the courts just push it aside and say congress this is on hugh you have the power to approve for us to find wars and
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you want him to teach presidents if you feel like they're acting you know not in accordance with the law or in the most parallel case night friend tom campbell who is a member of the house of representatives to the clinton over the war in bosnia after he tried to get a declaration from congress that said no and the courts basically said what you've repeat the remedy is within congress i don't plan i was trying to grant here the interstate. does not make it legal just because there is no satan when we commit torture and we don't prosecute death does that make torture legal when the president violates the fourth of the you know it's a limited war was illegal and a little different. lately illegal and justice robert jackson said so in youngstown sheet and tube the sawyer well i hear inspiration from your parts and there is a point you know if we can have two good questions you know the war powers act wouldn't have been necessary if people will follow we were proved so congress recognized that the power to declare war in this day and age is different for world
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war and world war two and so therefore they came up with a remedy and i think it's the court i would like to see the court decide whether in fact the war powers act is constitutional they have done a good afraid to touch that particular very interesting thing is that the obama administration in this report and they released they actually said that they do think the war powers act is every president is. a lie. you know they're not true larry that they are as good as it is that it should not. put is what does that make it ok just because everyone else has got it well i think this is what you know our system the way you think. that you should those are enough ambiguity to buy paper called me on the no ambiguity with regard to this guy larry i. would challenge you to cite a single syllable of anybody who was there writing the clause that suggested the president go to about the rich there's no leverage at all and we're talking about the real world there were three well is it not even though i have to this is that i know this we're going to have time for it i know you want to repeat my words in or
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out of time i want to thank you both for joining me and this is the problem right you could say the legal language it's very clear what's going on but in the meantime everyone's going to try to have their own interpretation and the war goes on thank you so much i mean here. now still to come tonight a secret grand jury looking into the case calling a frequent guest of ours to testify you're going to hear what david house told a grand jury in just a moment and it's a growing trend amongst anti-war activists their homes being raided by the f.b.i. now to minnesota woman tells the story of her home being ransacked by f.b.i. agents last september was back in just a moment. you know sometimes you see a story. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it to realize that everything you saw. on the trump card is a big.
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deal. and yet though. fuck fuck fuck. fuck. given that we live in apartheid.
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i think either one is well. whenever the government says they are safe to grab a piece of freedom. as we first told you yesterday david house a supporter of bradley manning was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury in alexandria virginia he was amongst a handful of individuals from the boston area who were all instructed to come to virginia and testify about various elements involving bradley manning and the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks as a whole now while hells did in fact show up he didn't give out any information
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other than his name and his address to the grand jury has attorney peter cropp explains why. the house. materials are questions over. his rights to remain silent under the fifth amendment to the u.s. constitution. so while house didn't have much to say inside the courtroom he did exercise his right to free speech outside during a press conference and there he fully expressed his opinions on this entire court case saying it's legal proceeding is nothing but a means by which the government wants to put fear into americans and keep them from standing up to the wrongdoings of the government tell us also compare the grand jury to a historic incident that happened forty years ago today not today's he's forty grand jury has been convened to target supporters and journalists in the boston area and they talk to children for a few minutes associational rights of individuals working for these things. in my mind this is another step and have these ongoing investigation either hand this
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investigation became digits or serious and it reeks of papers this forty years ago . and he's right the pentagon papers criminal investigation was a scandal in and of itself back in one nine hundred seventy want or leaker daniel ellsberg shared information from the department of defense with the new york times and although the pentagon papers have been made public that actually happened this monday which was when the forty year anniversary was and ultimately serve a positive purpose in u.s. history at the time the government bought back against the leak with everything they had so much so that they had to throw out the case because the government misconduct when they illegally tapped. well daniel ellsberg phones and broke into his psychiatrist office but let's go back to it's twenty a lot of people like david house are following ellsberg footsteps to show that there's a grand jury is just using scare tactics to keep citizens silent. and i feel that is trying to use the investigation to establish policies which will give the government broad censorship powers in determining how source information actually
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makes it to the head of the media and every american citizen who hears about this we could scrape through you know xandra should be concerned because i for one until the wake up every morning and read only how glorious the u.s. government is i want to media in this country that is a free press it is healthy for the state and this nixonian green tree behind me is chilling that prospect every day it's going to be. you know i couldn't have said it better myself all the government has worked hard to keep this grand jury secret there are those individuals like david house who will continue to exercise their first amendment rights to tell the rest of the country well the government's actually doing and the fact that our mainstream media is too obsessed with politicians who engage in sexting to cover the real issues all that's just makes house a statement that much more correct will keep updating you on this case as more information that's come out. now and september twenty fourth two thousand and ten the f.b.i. raided homes in chicago and minneapolis of peace activists and labor organizers all
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part of a nationwide terrorism investigation twenty three subpoenas were issued for activists to appear at a grand jury in chicago and investigators reportedly are examining possible material supports to colombian and palestinian groups designated this terrorist organizations by the u.s. government something which the supreme court ruled illegal last year in the case of holder and humanitarian law but i was active is being targeted solely for their political beliefs as a practice it seems to be becoming more widespread as human rights organizations take note and perhaps all the more important to highlight as the f.b.i. is issuing new guidelines that loosen the rules on who and how they conduct investigations so activists are fighting back earlier i caught up with meredith abbey with the committee to stop f.b.i. repression her home was raided by the f.b.i. in september of two thousand and ten so i first asked her to recall the radar on her home that morning. well on september twenty fourth i was already up i was ironically home with claire and i said ironically because i've had
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a lot of public speaking about this afterwards but as a home up there and as my daughter is a asleep upstairs shoes eighteen months and her career he and i are sinners is loud banging on the door and you know i opened up the door and it was shoved in my. agent came with me the seven other f.b.i. agents and one minneapolis police are there and she said we're looking for evidence material support for terrorism in your house will you help us find it it's my responses you know and then they ransacked my house i did negotiate with the f.b.i. they wouldn't wake up my daughter was still asleep because they wanted to be simply hold me in my own living room and now allow me to leave and i was like well this isn't going to work out very well after i was your wakes up she's not really going to read to the whole being held in one room you know when you're eighteen months he learned how why he did about it and the whole idea of not being able to walk in you
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know play with his new skate or walking i was there was some but she slept for about another half hour i called my partner left to work and then we were able to get out and our of the f.b.i. coming but i was held in my living room where they searched through my home we were moving in two days so they opened up every box that we had already cracked for moving here and of entia lee a lawyer from the national lawyers guild came to my house and he then asked them about was this woman being subpoenaed like others and i hadn't even heard about the subpoena and then i was also presented with a subpoena that is supposed to show up at this secret grand jury in chicago he then proceeded to they went through my staff for hours and. backs and back says a political materials some ways still even understand what they took because they're there because i wasn't allowed to for
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a while i was holding my living room and that i was what i was and my front line yeah you know. what kind of political materials you may have had in your house or i talk about how the activism that you do perhaps some of the trips to colombia. i'm assuming that's exactly what made you catch their eye here all as interesting as our on the war on itself and said that they are searching for evidence of material support for terrorism they listed up a whole variety of groups including information about countries i've never even been to. i've never gone to lebanon but in mentioned palestine which i have traveled to in colombia or travel to and i'm an anti-war activist and i've been doing anti-war work since i was in college since one thousand nine hundred. ninety four so for a long time so i have years of political material in my house and they took pretty much anything related to politics because the what was written this is a big could see is anything related to political activity they took sign up sheets
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from the school of the americas protests were people signed petitions that i had made in support u.s. military to colombia i don't understand how that's evidence of a crime need as evidence of people having an opinion i don't think the daschle sees as part of it carer's an investigation they also seized pictures from protest that side of it and of a crime but on the search one said that they were looking for evidence of why i have political relationships where both in this country and abroad and i find that very disconcerting because your freedom of association is something that should be protected under the first amendment i also find it scary and bought a search warrant as well as under subpoena he said they were interested in knowing about who had little meetings were in colombia. because in colombia i met with trade union organizing. it is grassroots organizers women's organizers who by the very nature of the fact that they questioned because of the government put their
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lives at risk and so i've met with people frequently and inevitably and the grounds that i would never say what does that tell you to me for example we've been reporting on the show this week that now there is loosening some of their requirements when it comes to launching investigations on people that now they don't even really have to make a record of it if they want to do a proactive investigation is this something that you feel like is becoming worse than it was a just a throwback to mccarthyism or is it something that we see increasingly expanding and something that becomes i guess increasingly hypocritical when it comes to u.s. foreign policy abroad and talking about spreading democracy and liberty and freedom and yet going after activists here at home that may try to work with groups to help get them union representation in a country like along. i find it very disconcerting because the fact is that you know after september eleventh when the u.s. government passed the patriot act they gave the federal government huge sweeping powers and the fact is if you look at american history what the f.b.i. has done when things like infiltration was illegal when you needed to get actual
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like. by the government and a huge huge uses of that power in terms of going after martin luther king jr doing huge investigation infiltration of the civil rights movement and so it goes to the groups the things that the f.b.i. did when it was illegal to do those things now looking at giving them my heart linage go ahead do whatever you want i mean you need seems like a recipe for disaster very quickly just because they're running out of time you just tell us about thirty seconds what you're doing to fight back but this stop the f.b.i. repression organization has. committed to start f.b.i. repression and i would say to stop it. we have been working nationally to try to build awareness around the f.b.i. infiltration and attacks on activists we've been trying to use our case it's twenty three international anti-war. so to enter war activists and a grand jury that's being used against this is a way to try to get people to question the policies of the obama administration and
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to try to put pressure on the obama administration to callar the f.b.i. nikolaj fitzgerald the u.s. attorney in charge of her case our marathon i thank you very much for joining us tonight telling us about it and so you know i hope that it does bring some more attention to light because i definitely think that this is a recipe for disaster is what it seems like when you look at some of the powers being granted to the f.b.i. these states and so much thank you. for taking a break coming up our thursday edition of show and tell and a new poll out today points to a major talent in support for congresswoman michele bachmann what does that mean for the g.o.p. to get a comedian to take on michelle from our good friend there but i caught. it also gives you a story of a scene so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's the part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't. charge.


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