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would be so much brighter if you knew about sam from france to. start on t.v. dot com. this is our to recap of this week's top story nato air strikes reportedly hit one of tripoli's restaurants or areas killing at least seven. bombings also the fuel shortages in the long which country. the state's role in russia's economy must be reduced first part of a future president that it backed out of the international committee for months and pieces but he also reiterated calls to cut corruption to create
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a better investment climate. and the greasers been engulfed in the product protests against a fresh round of government cuts comes as the prime minister reshuffle the target at a bid to push through a new austerity package to secure a second big breakdown. let's just greeks are under sacrifices that being forced into financial help from europe germans aren't happy about paying for the financial weaknesses of the neighbors either when next we talk to a german m.p. who thinks countries should look after themselves. greece and portugal should leave the euro to save the european union according to german ruling party m.p. klaus pizza world mr walsh what will happen if you keep bailing them out. you know in the human treaties. it was regulated that there must
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be any bailout because. otherwise you. you would. ruin the happily clear finances of those countries you are contributing to it. as long as each country is responsible for its budgets it has to take full responsibility and the only right answer to that is nobody about how the bailouts affect the german economy in germany we are making a lot of efforts to keep public that i'm looking for oh. we'll just amend our constitution and put in their so-called truth and that means a ept break. which. defines the steps we have to take with our. budgets. in order to come to the zero nine and then start paying the debt back.
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and see i mean it is dangerous if you're serious about it infected by. policy national policy of other europe partners. but it's it is an invitation to have a bigger my neighbor policy and say ok if i don't get any more money from the credits from the capital markets or i'll just take it from the other countries and they said the thing that i cannot explain to my voters what would be your solution to portugal's debt crisis. that you suffer to solve at themselves and says. well it's not the easy truth but it's plenty truth. because europe as a whole it may be unfair right. parties on both sides and once demonstrating against said. i have friends here you sit here and
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you will commission. a patients. and. demands they were sealed and we don't want to or we don't want to suffer for. just the stability fetishism order majority or something like that when the other side we would have bodies like their true feelings say stop it now. so that i think that sticking to the rules that have been corrected is the best thing you can do in order to keep your. corporation a peaceful way all german people are angry at having to pay for portugal's mistakes . we decided to say ok we have to work out in sixty seven and then. it is hard to explain people when you get the reports from. greece or so.
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the average working time their. people are so that's what we like to do for you. if the situation continues do you expect germans to come out onto the streets and protest against the bailouts. of the germans i know it revolutionized. the practice. when you could drive them too far already on their plate we have. we have figures i'm sure that show up rates like elections go down. cut off it just explains why. this policy which is really not simple to explain because it's not the right policy how do you plan to stop the bailouts solve greece and portugal. i'm aiming for for limiting limiting it. i think when we're now talking about a second it's. a second actually increase. we try to
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stop this of course and then they want to erect this yes i mean european stability . mechanism and i'm trying to want to take care that they're going to be no majority for that to the german people oppose the bailouts as well. all the experts really all of them they say the way they try to do it is wrong. there are too many too many to most if you're if you're always. put this on a level of peace or war. is this really doesn't help economic solution to problems it's putting out to groups and when you look at pause you also have a strong support that i haven't personally. i'm getting in
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a bunch of females on the. feedback from my circumstantially forward over the only thing that. reinforces me to want us very well to the taboos you say politicians refused to mention about the euro. transfer back liquidity in that way it is giving you a faves fails and i think this is wrong. until. twenty ten we were sixteen countries in europe among twenty seven thousand members. now we're seventeen a store in your joint. and if we are fourteen or twelve there is no question of your feet your. you don't have to pay with the same money i think in a noted war of independence both sides it with the same money what will happen to
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the e.u. if it continues to bail out invective economy we have the separating. party sends for legal movements all over europe and there will be in each country. complaining. questions on one side they don't give enough for us on the other sides we are where we lose our money in order to pay for any where and this we have a case integrating. for you favor of more countries in the european union adopting the euro currency and ships but we should not speak up too much and we should. maybe have an extension. on the political field say but but make it very slow on the field of fire power and see because we just saw it with the problems you know
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when we started the euro there was a theory that the markets or the influence of the disparity of the different shapes of our national economies would stick and which tends to come together would come toward what i want to live with but. rather fell apart this is one of the problems is really there with countries having less time. on its. well one of performing very well and there you hear it in the export. they would have to develop. here in their strong way in order to close the gap between. where driving accidents to finance and so forth so seldom paraphrase. that would have been better. but as it did you get cruel and this makes the problem having
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a. lot. of policy interest rate policy for a country germany has now. or the lack of expertise or do i call for forums craft a experts. with a swipe of the growing figure of inflation. and having the same interest rate policy for germany like for spain with. twenty five per cent jaw droppers people with. no growth and so on this is very hard why are you against turkey joining the european union turkey is a stronger developing country from this paper of development. its would be the country with most people. at the start right from the start. having there are. still
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large disparities between human reaches and more rural regions. and i think this. would be a. want to get it a change of perspective we're working together with the with the turkish and very. a large field of cooperation we have a lot of traction people within our own front yes. it's. the third biggest turkish city in fact this early so we don't have problems in india cooperating with them we have various partners and they're not or it's really not a treaty organization. but i think their political project or fewer. ships because of trade on europe and more shouldn't the e.u. expand beyond europe. otherwise it will lose the look of the character and for me
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it's a. whole bunch of ideas of variability starting from the moment of the creek. with christianity and all that it's a big idea. and i think nobody has to be asked to feel bad if we if we say these are the. franchise or from the real world this is their geographical room oh we want to concentrate on. you know we're cooperating with a lot of other regions in the world if nothing to do with chauvinism or nationalism or you would you're a european ism so it's just that i would choice the thing to say we want europe and that she says pizza was german m.p. thank you for speaking to alter it.
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see wealthy british. market. happening to the global economy. cars are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. on our cheap. live. lists.
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a recap of this week's top stories now greece has been engulfed in violent protests against a fresh round of government cuts comes as the prime minister shuffled the cabinet in a bid to push through a new austerity package to secure a second. nato air strikes reportedly hit one of tripoli's residential areas killing at least seven ongoing bombings or saying that you shortages which country. states roldan russia's economy must be reduced to its part of the future presently down to international economic
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performance in petersburg he also reiterated calls to provide corruption more effectively create a better investment climate. on these ballots and in full is coming your way in just under fifteen minutes time first time sport. hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines marco rubio opens up an eight shot lead at the u.s. open with just one more ground to play. here sky high on the top spot in the russian premier league what we call the action on goal since saturday. and calling it a day trudging lying down announces his retirement from basketball just days after helping to discard nine consecutive russian championship. it will start though with the u.s. open where northern ireland's rory mcilroy will take an eight shot lead into the
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final day there he finished saturday with a three under par and of sixty eight to keep himself well ahead of closest rival. chang the twenty two year old is after his first major and started the day with a six shot lead but soon saw that grow he had to save the third here with this deaf shot right up to the pain again hit for birdies to finish on fourteen under overall the lowest ever score at the u.s. open after three rounds former p.g.a. champion why yang is in second place eight shots back i wanted his shots of the day to him blast this approach at the sixteenth and then just behind him a shot back our jason day probably got a guess and lee westwood carded a blistering sixty five and he was also in great form with designs also but it is mark arroyo them with an eight shot lead with one round to go twice the size of the one he blew on the last day at the masters two months ago.
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from the experience to. know how to approach tomorrow. i think that's the most important thing i feel like i've got. you. and i know what i need to do tomorrow you know. you know it was it was all a little bit new to me you know going into the final round with a lead. you didn't know whether to be defensive aggressive you know go for it nor go for but. you're nine zero nine zero what i need to do which is you know which is a great thing you know you know a clear mind going out there tomorrow and i just need to stick to my game plan well let's talk about the leaders of the russian premier league discuss staying two points clear at the top of that africa to know when i will put them side spot that now would chip the muscovites maybe twenty minutes to take the lead said to them by putting the army man in front. midway through the second asked to starwood
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penalty. wagner love in the area. surrogate can actually reach didn't miss from the spot meaning the match would finish to a third straight win pretty a scar remain two points above the big eight so that wouldn't be a scar with the wind on the right in the cells making a successful trip to the scene of where they'd be premier league needs boys polgar alexander could you called with a brace and i got seven goals fourteen games. being stay a couple of points behind the eight after their three one win away at rostov a real defensive so the visitors take the lead to lead the banker who couldn't quite believe his luck there. to draw level just after the break they were awarded a penalty for that challenging chunk equalise from the spot rubin kept pressing and were again eight minutes to go but i am blasting him from
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a tight angle there. and the best goal of the match was saved at the last after a free kick was punched away here by the keeper steadied himself for a peach of a go three one to repeat. in the mean time to put an end to their three game losing streak after beating tom all the goals coming in the first half in this one. and all were my possible three former liverpool man on the record in ukraine international first assisting alexander semin right now twenty seven minutes. then the nominees laid eleven minutes later again with help from both men and late in the first half alexander corkery sealed the far and was out of new. hospital north got their first win in four games with victory over city rivals lock my take on it see i getting the first sliding into the bottom corner there and then the second case seconds later just before the half time which rhodri getting his
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head on a. day then got worse when mick. was sent off for a foul just start the pope's. but couldn't add another to neil finished. enough but terry who had respect and if you came out on top again second from bottom place to get so export that moscow man alexander netting for the chechen thing twenty eight minutes. after the break shemale i still got all of my cereal from the sports following alexander let's see years old him yeah right a new school in growth. and in another dog the. big one male sending off in this one to defend the beach getting is not you would for a clumsy challenge that although through all right which the resulting penalty think about and prove costly because i put together and bring change in to set the ball on my time on his hands picked at the bottom corner which turned out to be
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president. so after all that this is how the top of the table looks to be a scar riding high in the victims of the any and all communities lurking behind them along with the engine played a great start to the season themselves and at the bottom it is spot on now she can be said to achieve points off pretty good a second bottom is today. that led. to tennis and due to soon of his won his first a.t.p. singles title and exactly two years after the feat in current event derek and the following we've been in the netherlands. by the russian world number seven prevailing with the six three six two despite the match being stopped at one stage due to race to sue novel length of wimbledon in the men's names event that had been drawn against love used in the opening rounds. on the ladies' side marion bartoli from france overcame. her reign to claim the title and the spawn both had played
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their semifinals on the same day it was bartoli who looked the fresher easing through the first set six one however strong back to take the next six four to level the match and the deciding set was close going to five games all before the totally got the crucial break and that much enjoying the moment for huge starts. change that. was so tough i mean i was really just trying to put the you know course sometimes. it was hard to get any resume so i was leading six one three one and then petra so to play very well she had to go very fast then and hard in india so she was a credit to her for coming back and then again he was a great stride so i'm just hope here i'm going out today and use russians women's basketball squad have won the opening match at the european championships in poland the two thousand and seven champions trails of out here in the first half but later in the games record sixty eight points to sixty six in.
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the boston bruins have been celebrating their stanley cup triumph holding what they have called a rolling rally in their home city they boarded eighteen colorful but boat charter and tim thomas had pickup to start with before and back to where the players. came out to see it after boston and in the n.h.l. final series it's right. where we want end with one of the most spectacular sports cliff diving rushes arching to change is still searching for his first win of the season was hoping it would become the latest stage of the world tour in france this weekend details the road again. living on the probably the best way to find a hybrid lifestyle with one of the top sports the diving series have to look at it here in the preceding shared twenty seven media hype where of course.
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it's always third time clear the english translation for a shared his host of the most prestigious competition in the sport the world the diving series. this deep incoming atlantic breeze macy's the patient one of the most testing even folks from the frame of the globe stopped by divers. on friday with speeds of up to ninety kilometers all war for the cancellation of the fruit breath tears as well as the first round of the competition. i over thesis come down by surly with whether it be more favorable to defend better in the death defying sports. twelve bravehearts jones the elements in front of sound in thousands but the data is their biggest ever there was serious a band twenty ten champ band garri hunt remain the strong favorite there bruin
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breed won here last year was quick to prove his class these time around two with his very first dive taking was brittle way. although it was just the beginning of the show which has some great dives in the second round here is ukrainian such a good turn before me and probably the most the launch of the night. next up on the platform russia's greatest hope in the sports i don't see. boasted a second place at another war series of burn the seer what it's like mystique during the entry was enough to see his hopes nosedive leaving him out of the final . around the world. of course i'm upset with mers seventh place but i say already set a slight mistake takes your final i made a huge mistake in my second attempt but there are three stages more to go immediately america and ukraine. meanwhile hundred second attempt helping to start
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the third and final round that's clear leader. five more diverse giving their best to get a job with the reigning champ down. but one more amazingly intricate die for the englishman the flawless victory he deserved leaving mikel not right bill and the one call far behind in second and third places respectively. it takes takes lots of training takes lots of concentration focus. yeah that's it you just need to just need to train harder. hand is now twenty two points clear at the top of the overall standings with just three stages lying ahead . next stop for this year's will series is march isn't it italy which will host the peak of the world's elite on the twenty fourth of july robert for the non
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r.t. there russia france. great to watch that is all sport for moments more in a couple of. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on r.t. .
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