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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2011 11:01pm-11:31pm EDT

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i heard the government's first person look at him aside but he has come to the since shortly after this happened and he has this civilian area had been made by may take pride in what i thought by rockets on the sky people were killed children with my own hands with my own eyes i still i'm helping out here was a word killed and getting a boy's father and a mother jewel her own family's heritage and under this attack you cannot just pick why does the target of. this incident consummates continue an intense bombardment of the very by nato bombs are actually being dropped day and night we all the time hearing sounds of having explosions russia which has always been against ministry means to stop all the protests and leave in conflict has recently signed a peace mediator to leave it to try to explain the war in size to start talking after missing the rebels and then ghazi and profit off the people here in the
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police make oh my god has said that he believes there is hope for peaceful solution of this crisis with both sides saying they are ready for negotiations with the knees are now ready to provide an appropriate location for tolls but people actually extremely exhausted after months of devastating war which has already taken many many lives and has actually completely destroyed the country's infrastructure. believe it always over because in divisions in washington with lawmakers demanding obama explaining his charging to leave and account for the expense and lack of progress but political radio host comment russell. says he doesn't believe congress will really pull the plug. the problem is that when there was a prior lawsuit during clinton's are foreign to the former yugoslavia dentist who sit in the group of other congressmen and even at that time follow the very similar laws. lawsuit saying that it was illegal and it went to
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a district court but the district court said into the individual congressmen did not have any sort of standing the reality is i think still a majority of congressmen are you know going to support the the actions in libya and afghanistan and so on congress is not going to you know in mass come and say that we shouldn't be doing this and try to defund it and besides obama is currently using discretionary department of funds discretionary funds to get around it anyway so you know it's a question of how effective it would be it works in you know to their benefit we do live in a military industrial complex type of world where they have they have the purse strings they have the power. this is all c.n.n. has to a lot ahead this hour including the tragedy of teen suicides after struggles to rein in an epidemic even though experts say there's an all too obvious remedy at hand. and russia and china agree on pumping gas through the price so the price proves to be
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a problem but neither leave the summit empty handed after securing billions of dollars in business. the greek prime minister has admitted his country needs another one hundred ten billion euro bailout package to avoid defaulting on its debts the tosk to convince the to learn to again breasts on the shoulders of the new finance minister in athens who says he faces a real war when carrying out a raft of painful austerity measures he'll face fierce opposition from angry greeks to plans concept and job so this is unpaid point it was part of a major company to shuffle to try and calm the widespread fury which has sparked violent demonstrations and appealing for a vote of confidence the prime minister warned that with the how to another bailout athens would soon run out of cash inviting a global financial crisis all she's terrified of has been following developments in the troubled country for us. the clashes between the police and the protesters are still going to go. to. the crowd.
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that was touching the longest but larry it was great that. people here want to see what's going on at the moment the police trying to. find it still breaking out no we. don't buy a lot of the people on the street she's the most people just them but when they got small still they really don't want anyone to believe but it's been said that the people you know behind the provoking the police people still missing back on some essential slaven that you can have it got still thinks that's off by the police they turned out a great time to get the proposal start their rags. about the economic situation that's been happening that country and they want it or not going to be able to. play for about twenty more to god we can really see the tensions between people breaking into the crowd the police out there getting ready to retaliate for stuff. that was.
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one of the situations that lead to kerry say they're trying to fight the fact that the police are trying. their managing by the looks of things to push back the police actually off the such and square itself there's a lot of the protesters who are throwing things wearing gas masks and we spoke to some of the main organizers from the t.v. and to organize a protest today they said that they wanted it to be peaceful until the end of june and so any of these measures what pos see the police the letting of take us into the crowd that incredibly hard to breathe on the streets not it still pleasant for anyone there's lots of people getting medical treatment around the place. but the violence is really a rope saying we're not entirely sure if these people when the gas masks that are provoking the police are actually part of the main prey said as he said the people we spoke to said they wanted it to be peaceful and it has been up until now up until earlier today when that provocation happened when the police started to try and push them back at the fact of the greek crisis is starting to hurt other
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countries across the here with treasury british banks putting tens of billions out of the eurozone lending market a former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament says bailout cash intended to help europe's struggling economies is instead being pocketed by the wealthy crises so i.d.'s are considered big opportunities by big financial you should do it mostly in the past and it is so today where is the money gone well i think you don't have to look for the money is going to financially should do shit to wealthy elites who are actually benefiting from this crisis which kind of true to what that is the question. the bill i said we had should solve was look we give you all these tax payer money without any conditions so you can keep on going doing what you did that is going to kind of be a lot of ice certainly. the czech republic and ours this week it will pull out of the u.s. missile defense project out of frustration at its diminished role in this system their original plan included stationing a raid
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a facility in the czech republic to counter potential threats from iran and north korea but the bush era proposals were scrubbed like president obama's administration leading the czechs only with its simple airlie warning system of the project is facing stiff opposition from russia which considers it a threat to its national security and one of the outspoken critics of the project is activist young tallish who says such a system would only of heal global tension the czech people don't want such a thing here in this country we feel that this will actually undermine the security of both the czech republic and europe as a continent and so we think that it's completely contradictory to play such and such a system here in europe this system without incorporating russia without talking to also other it world superpowers like china like india or the following or super powers that will be the biggest world economies in the in the following few years is really going to make a lot of tensions there on the global scale and so it we should be wise and just
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start thinking about building security mechanisms and structures that will include all the big superpowers not just some modernizing the economy fighting corruption and a possible second term as president just some of the topics to me that have dealt with at the same speed as the international economic forum political and business leaders from across the world met to discuss the state of the global economy and in the approaches for national development and he said now it sums up the highlight. modernization based on stifling corruption d. centralizing power and government reforms all goals voiced by president made at this year's international economic forum here in st petersburg where how russia is going to attempt to become one of the world's biggest and most effective economies was laid out. we shouldn't hesitate to say goodbye to many bad habits we should focus on the following improving the investment climate in russia to create new jobs in the regions the creation of
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a modern police service and over security forces improving the effectiveness of the justice system and finally the modernization of government of course the main bad habit as the president calls it is corruption which he says is choking russia's economy this was his message to the country's officials that don't do business according to the law. the noose around the neck of those who practice corruption should be tightened on the whole of russia or agrees with this without any exception if the government should be purged of corruption in a more decisive way and for that purpose we should in harm's way those suspected of corruption are dismissed from public service another issue that's hampering russia's economic development is it not being a member of the world trade organization lately we're hearing from a lot of officials that exception to the w t o for russia is possible by the end of this year the president agrees but says only under very specific circumstances. we have long been ready to join the w t o more than many other countries small or
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large still we are asked to make an unseemly large number of concessions this kind of approach is unacceptable russia will not agree to any evidently unfavorable solutions and of course presumably the one question on all of the minds of the business executives the top innovators and world leaders will president medvedev run for reelection well it was the official last question of the form and this is what medvedev had to say yes. when i can sit. it appropriate to tell you whether i will do it or not i will come out and say it this forum is not the best place for that one thing you can be sure of is that i won't be able to avoid making that statement so you will not have to wait much longer. every story requires some kind of intrigue which otherwise they'll be no interest in living. so let's keep the intrigue a bit longer. and certainly no intrigue surrounding what platform medvedev would
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run and if you does announce he's running for reelection it will be all about modernization reporting from st petersburg and it's the way r.t. . china's leader came to join the gathering in the northern capital and called for noise at the top of the global economy by an even keel president hu jintao called for additional reforms to cope with this slow pace of the recovery. ever to fail but if that were followed by a trip to moscow where the two countries failed to agree on the volume and price of russian natural gas to be exported to china however the neighbors intend to quadruple their bilateral trade where they had decades and energy analyst to then he told r.t. that a close alliance between lost in beijing will bring economic benefit for. china to be a hugely important trade partner for russia both in energy terms only in general trade these are two countries that for many decades we shared a political ideology that leads to some extent they share the longest land border
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in the world to be much much greater partners than they are now if we look at russia is extremely keen to develop its oil and gas resources in the east of the country exporting anywhere other than asia just doesn't make logistical or economic sense so really this is about russia. spreading its wings. you know everybody who can export anything is looking at the asian market because that is where the growth is. the case against the russian alleged arms dealer big to boot has been cold and convincing by the u.s. judge citing a lack of evidence and was extradited from thailand to america over charges of helping to arm leftist rebels in colombia but snow is claimed the u.s. doesn't have jurisdiction to prosecute him in the case dismissed ati's marina port and i new york city's have. he is the russian citizen america fought
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relentlessly to adopt victor boot was secretly and swiftly extradited to the u.s. seven months ago and this may be where he stays indefinitely is sound guilty on arms smuggling and terrorism related charges fifty years convicted he's looking at life there's no parole there's no early release in the federal system really the only way in the federal system to get a reduction in your sentence. a significant reduction is if you cooperate with the united states government some have argued mr bush needs to be on captain america's team however captain america is being accused of playing dirty and illegally to remove the air cargo business man from thailand according to documents released by wiki leaks all levels of washington top to bottom mounted political pressure against bangkok to gain custody of boot in a us cable dated august thirteenth two thousand and nine us president barack obama
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was urged to call thailand's prime minister directly about boot the u.s. attorney general and state department were encouraged to call the thai ambassador highlighting the massive drug enforcement administration commitment to thailand and the us ambassador in bangkok urged the thai government to issue a public statement of disappointment at the judge's ruling not to extradite boot the way things stand right now they're willing to flaunt every international law to get what they want and that means doing all these illegal things in the case of the mood to extradite him or should say kidnapping who was arrested in bangkok in march two thousand and eight during a u.s. sting operation he was charged with conspiring to sell weapons to colombian fark rebels on two occasions the thai court rejected america's extradition request when an entourage of armed u.s. agents removed him from thailand following a decision of the thai government his extradition was still not legally approved
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the covert operation was kept secret from russia boots family and his attorney. the case was not finalized and was moved to the us america used various means political another's outside the boundaries of due legal process to get victor boot that means that your boot is not getting a fair deal to this day thai officials have not provided official documents explaining the legal grounds behind boots extradition. meantime victor boot remains in the u.s. prison held in solitary confinement his wife doubts her husband will receive a fair trial from the country she says violated international and bilateral laws to get him. that it's clear to everyone that the case has long been moved from the sphere of law to politics i think or rather i would love to think that the american court is unbiased but i have strong doubts about it because i think such pressure could be put on anyone including the jury. the country accusing victor boot of arms
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dealing now finds itself a political arm twisting come october an american jury will decide the future to a political pressure sized by the u.s. army evidently the arena for nine new york. and from all backgrounds and analysis head for home where there's full details of the history and timeline of the victim . iran has promised to be constructive and transparent with the u.n. nuclear watchdog it came as the united nations conceded new sanctions on tehran as atomic one is demanding prove their program was peaceful and we spoke to iran's envoy to the i.a.e.a. who said his country no longer had anything to prove. many allegations was raised
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by the united states and i approved of the investigation taking samples and added to go process that all these allegations are baseless in fact before coming to the u.n. i was in charge of escorting all the inspectors and i was with them in this way to size it which would prove that these allegations had no basis this is a very unfortunate after eight years they are repeating these boring new stories one thing is clear that we do not have a program for nuclear weapons we are fully cooperating with. unprecedented the most robust inspection in the history of forty five thousand man days which i have found no evidence of diversion of nuclear material to prove with the purposes and statement or claim by the ocean with due respect i categorically reject russia has one of the highest teen suicide rates in the world experts how
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a solution isn't easy to find as the cause is a complex. reports now and those touched by the teenage tragedy. just days before final exams a t.v. crew was reporting and students gearing up for the adult lives that lee had of them the teachers pointed to bully now their bratty student who it seemed had her future figured out a stage i want to become a journalist because it's a very interesting and creative profession which would open doors to the world for me. but instead of a school living celebration police classmates gathered for here funeral sensing she may not be the best she and everything and hank herself. have been getting ready for the exam for weeks and police now was the one who worked the hardest of all she saw how good of math problems and she was very nervous she wanted to graduate isn't a great student. for many countries this chasseur exams in late december and early
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june sees peaks in the number of children taking their own lives but in russia it's a year round problem roughly one and a half thousand children and teenagers kill themselves every year that's much higher than the average scene in the united states and britain. the problem is so out of hand that when i was informing the president's about it he found it hard to believe but the figures are truly frightening every year up to four thousand children make attempts on their lives girls are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide it is still boys who by a long way actually succeed in killing themselves. eager is different his try to take his life three times the latest a time just six months ago. i just had enough i was tired of fighting with my mom my girlfriend left me i was fed up with studying i couldn't stand seeing the streets and hearing all this noise i just wanted everything to end and i want to
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piece what's driving the problem in russia is what experts call a low emotional literacy psychological or psychiatric help is underdeveloped and not easily available then there is the stigma. the most suicides are attempted or committed in the state of emotional distress which builds over time there are warning signs but even if parents notice them many would rather ignore them than to take their kid to a psychologist or psychiatrist added to that continuing social and economic shift making it harder for parents to provide for their children and leaving little time for talking and listening this morning meant is that they cater to children who have fallen victim to adult vices alcoholism drug abuse prostitution and i want to go with can drive a child to take his or her own life but then the santror of this over only wicket bigger spells one that seems qualified in me almost commonplace here represents
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what experts say is the main reason why russia is leading europe and the number of teen suicides that isin difference seeing no evil hearing now cries. artsy. and also making news this hour three civilians have been killed and eleven wounded after a suicide bomber time at german convoy in northern afghanistan no nato casualties have been reported the taliban has said it was to blame for that time elsewhere their alliance has confirmed eight of its members have been killed on saturday bringing the overall number of casualties two hundred forty four for the year. argentina and coastguards have seized more than four hundred kilos of cocaine onboard a luxury u.s. registered yacht to spaniards a man the boat fled the day before the police raid authorities say weapons were also found on board including a machine gun which was primed for use the westfall capable of transatlantic sailing was about to head to europe. of all
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thread has sparked a full scale alert an internal flight landing in washington d.c. an emergency operation began what a person at a ticket desk and dayton airport in ohio claimed they could be a bomb on board a u.s. airways plane heading from there to the u.s. capital searchers of the plane by b. i expose have found nothing while the forty four passengers are being interviewed the person who made the threat is in custody. the operator of japan's devastated fukushima nuclear plant has had to again suspend decontamination efforts a filter expected to take several weeks to remove radioactive material became overloaded and just one of those pressure on the company has stepped up recovery efforts remains and turns as contaminated water at one of the science is just centimeters away from spilling out of the containment tank engineers have also been forced to open the doors over react to building to prevent another explosion
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meaning however that more radiation is leaking out. these latest setbacks come after the u.n. nuclear agency criticized tepco for it slow response to the disaster and focus even the true magnitude of radioactive leaks and james corbett who is an online journalist in his saga says despite all the emergency if that's the risk of a major nuclear is that remains a very real. i mean new leaks of any kind are going to be an incredible burden on the efforts that are already underway to try to clean up the water or decontaminated because they are now running out of space to actually store the contaminated water in the fukushima in the immediate vicinity of the plant and i believe within two weeks they're actually going to run out of space so they're trying to get a system online for treating the water but apparently the test for that is going to be pushed back another few days it's already been pushed back from last friday there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation exposure that any level of radiation exposure increases
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the risk of cancer and however negligible that risk may be with any particular person on any particular date any particular spot when it's averaged out over a large population like is living in the fukushima region that unfortunately means there will be over time an increase in cancer rates there and it's really just a question of how many. here are potato. head lines which want to shortly there is our debate. whether they were thinking to recall tonight africa once again.
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seventy six hours of intense fighting. and. several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government. where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. returned to tara while julian cooper
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kind of again this is the week's top stories. deadly mistake nato had made its forces killed civilians in a boat. tricon of residential area in tripoli sunday with gadhafi regime officials saying nine died including two babies. also new york judge costs down on the extradition of edge to russian arms dealer to boot from thailand to the united states saying the evidence is a. greek tragedy become prime minister says it needs another hundred ten billion euro bailout to avoid default on its huge loans as a stereotype blonds ignite massive protests on the streets of athens. right china has recently outperformed western nations as africa's largest trading partner but
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with many eyeing out the continent's resources in his gas debate whether in another era western imperatives and ways on the way crosstalk is up next. for the. we've got. the biggest issues good human voice face to face with the news makers. can.
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blow and welcome to cross talk i'm peter all about africa in the new great game outside interest in this continent is immense rich in natural resources and a growing middle class china the us europe and other powers are scrambling for influence and whilst there can africa avoid another wave of imperialism and neocolonialism. kick. start. the process not the future of africa i'm joined by robert guest in london he's a business editor at the economist and author of the book the shackled continent africa past present and future in washington we cross to jendayi frazer she's a professor at the carnegie mellon university and in oxford we have photos manji he's editor in chief of the pound those who can news all right this is cross talk lady and gentlemen and that means you can jump in anytime you want and i know they have difference of opinion so i want my viewers to see it if i go to you first.


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