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sometimes. markets weiner scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy is cause a report on our. costing around the world from central moscow this is all t. thank you for being with us it's coming over here with a headline update now plato admits it launched the airstrike that killed nine civilians in a tripoli suburb while british taxpayers weary of reckless spending and the bill for months in plugging stanley. every other state wants a second term but it's the people who have final words so says the president but bet it he still hasn't announced whether he'll stand again but did rule out a faceoff with problems. on the international atomic energy agency is expected to
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slam japan for poor handling of the fukushima crisis a nuclear safety forum opens in vienna aimed at improving safety regulations and preventing a repeat of the japanese crisis story next takes a closer look at the nuclear crisis in japan now we talked to the number two nuclear official in the disaster that country. we are here with he did he call in the shiite male who is with the ministry of a colony here in japan specifically with the agency that deals with nuclear safety and thank you very much for taking some time to be with us today now as this. devastating event has happened in the news has spread out around the world it's become clear in the past three months that the information coming from the from the nuclear plant has gotten worse can you tell us what's the situation on the ground right now a situation is improving. of the example we're steadily in
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egypt using the water to their reactor is a question a day to the unit they are one two and three and their fear is stable in code and solar radiation. exposure is becoming less and less a program is under water which originated from. what i was introduced into their reactors so we are now at the final testing process of introducing establishing what it could be fine a system people on the ground say that they have doubts about the information that is coming from the government why do you think they have these doubts and what is the government giving to get this information out there. the japanese government traded to. the studio to. make. available
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all the information we get from that call and from monitoring systems so i think we hope that people can understand that this degrades the situation right now we have to explain and the manner in which people can easily understand this is your. that's a task there's a perception out there that the quality of information is coming from the government isn't what it needs to be why do you think this perception exists. it's very difficult to understand for ordinary people how. dangerous those numbers are we think that except for places very close to the nuclear power plants because she made eighty there are no big risk for the. ordinary people so we should make them understand that point now we were
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in it for just a bit ago and there are some spots that we measured personally where the radiation levels are one thousand times the safe we recommended goes there are mothers who are concerned that their children go by these hot spots where you have to say to these mothers our government especially ministry of. education is in charge of monitoring all over the out of japan and they and they publish that they obtained throughout japan and. they asked nuclear safety commission to evaluate their that so and you can see if the commission is publicizing their comments every day i think the problem for mothers and. is that it's difficult to understand how safe or how dangerous those numbers are and it's basically it is the said that
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that radiation those is more dangerous for children and so that's the point that we should. make people understand more by providing them easy easy understand are you planning to expand any of the existing evacuation zones we don't have. plan to change evacuation area. radical drastically but only example exception is the hot spots we should attack take care of the people living in those places. put there for them we don't think that we need to change the area of evacuation currently they accepted all level is twenty micro sieverts. which those standards were actually raise to twenty might receive less from one microsleep do you think it's responsible to actually change the standards so that. they are now considered to be safe we do not say that.
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trying to meet a secret is safe but. it's. applicable standard in this type of emergency situation from a personal standpoint are you worried about the situation in japan in this country yes of course i'm worried about the people situation and that they are afraid of those radiation those looking back at the past three months what do you think that the japanese government could have done better to handle this tragedy to give people accurate information in a manner easy to understand for them so that's their first point and secondly we should explain what we need to do for. existing nuclear power plants. which people are worried there are over japan.
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although they're quite safe right now. what do you think the government has done well in the situation taking the other side we assumed the worst cases and we said. twenty kilometers a radius from a fraction of eighteen and we expanded the reason and evacuate the region i think we have we. said the evacuation zone based on the scientific that is it possible to open up the reaction to the international community we published our report to the i.a.e.a. international atomic energy organization. very recently and it is written in. both japanese and english so you can. read from our website
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our prime minister's office website. report detailed report right after the extent we published. or the data in english or through our website but scientists say there needs to be more cooperation with outside agencies and outside governments when you say to these critics they don't know that fact and actually. from the time of their acts then we have been consulted with. the united states france and russia and other countries in terms of technical support. of the equipment the machine regular support and we closely exchanged information regarding the status of. france and possible measures to take can you give me some examples of types of color what ration or equipment that you have received from other countries and we get. the
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u.s. and our seas support in shoes and. as you know. france and a korean know of the united states provided their equipment and technical support to fall i was happy to frame a system russia of course provided us technical support we took and best. best actions. based on the international support how much information is coming from tepco and the government how much do you say they know about the current situation and then how much of that information is being related to the public so on that same scale. what does the government know from capital and what does the public know from the government. i think a very rough estimate and of my personal one. but i think eighty percent.
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is known by the government and. that twenty percent is for example. the level of. water in the containment vessels and how that water came from those listeners to the buildings as a stagnant water those as a sample was unknown for us and we published we have been publishing all the information we get but. it may be difficult for the ordinary people of them to stand so i. make. a score. for the ordinary people out of say. seventy percent. japan a country which has faced a two nuclear tragedies with her she might not exactly there are many critics out
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there who say that it's irresponsible for a country that has experienced such tragedy with the nuclear field to be building nuclear plants. in an area that may be unstable seismically known to have earthquakes what's your response to this so far. we have a forty years of more than forty years of history of safe usage of. to make energy. and this was caused by the unprecedented a tsunami. very hates and i mean nobody. is expected that the size of a tsunami so you can brain as. you fail but this was. foreseen by anybody all over the world of course we are responsible for this accident but it should be grossly reviewed. we should we could
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have taken any other measures to prevent this are you saying you couldn't have done anything better it's of course it's not perfect therefore we had an accident. but based we. designed our plants and our energy system based on the best knowledge of the human humankind and mankind so that that way japan is doing the same to fix things so we. we don't. we should carefully review. what caused the situation and as of right now can you imagine a future japan without nuclear energy. moving away from atomic energy altogether and right now not we depend thirty percent of the. f.t.c.
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source. on nuclear energy so we have to use nuclear energy and then your future at least. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand janitors. front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. you see we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is a very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going
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on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our team. within a month. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers foot makes sense arctic is so special the detracted from many life in antarctica is. the size of. an expedition to the bottom of the earth our. mission free accreditation free clothes for charges free. range month
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free risk free stews types free. come free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media god on. dot com. but also is smart to just wonder night nato admits it launched a u.s. strike killed nine civilians in a tripoli somewhere while british taxpayers wearing a pregnant spending and the bill for three months of bloody stay on. the international atomic energy agency is expected to slam japan for poor handling of the focus she will crises a nuclear safety former clinton aimed at improving safety regulations and preventing looking to the japanese crisis. and every other state wants a second term but it's the people who have the final word so says the president but better he still hasn't announced whether he'll stand again but did rule out a face off for its problems to. twenty forty five here in moscow kate scott the
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sport was rather a great british tradition it is day one of wimbledon yes it's raining too but it didn't spoil the day and she's. hello welcome to the sports news on a busy first day at wimbledon and here are the top stories. easy does it is rafael nadal gets off to a quick start of the start for defense of his wimbledon title. while record breaker rory mcilroy can choose his first major title given a chart victory in the u.s. open come youngest winner in here is one hundred pounds each the world cup trophy touches down in moscow today a whirlwind tour. first of tennis and players being interrupted by rain at wimbledon as we heard but before that rafael nadal made a successful start in the defense of his title after brushing aside america's michael russell in straight sets on center court but also in how it was own way
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though especially in the first set as he trailed four to the spaniard then found his ball to win six four six two six two in one hour and fifty eight minutes the world number one next by another american audience meeting in france the. other because the other games in the men's draw four seed andy murray is up against james and danielle cumulus cloud that's also on center court marquee is runner up almost thirty six feet east part of the language of the city and he's going to play and. people from the scene made light work a few links on the netherlands in straight sets six three six four six two and in the women's game now what you see there is one are over recovered from a wayward seconds last between an erratic six love three. and the sooner it. is on the over his fellow russian elena vesnina not another combatants that long because not so fast the trial so you also through coming back from except down
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to the china trying to beat us williams is also safety and using second round sweeping fast players will not either via our fast improved. russian kind of like a prophet thank you beth and yes that feeling that playing. golf now in northern ireland not the roy has won the u.s. open is the first major for the twenty two year old who won by a whopping eight shots to make in the youngest win a since bobby jones in one hundred twenty three and i thought i had left from the very first round and was eight shots clear at the beginning of the final day he started it very never looked like crumbling under the trash talking the leaderboard famous and it on the final day for monsters two months ago to raise a point he almost told this to show us on the tenth. running back control of the cup and i'm not going to buy one not quite a sprain yes jason day finished second but you see
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a lovely bunker shot on the eighteenth to save paul the count of sixty eight. but it was not the royal court it's on the records something this prompts the final round sixty nine sixty on the ball a world that smashed the previous no sport in the u.s. i think all four shots in the same place because back to moving on to the play ground success last. week. you know it'll probably take a little bit of time to sink in. but just to stay here you know not just well not your feet you know following in the footsteps of my you know one of my best friends graeme mcdowell last year pavel. you know it's a great feeling and fury get my first major championship out of the way quite early on in my career specially after what's happened. you know the last couple of months you know it feels great you know just looking forward to put myself in the picture for for hopefully many more. russia have finally confirmed the country's most
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successful club coach has not become the head of their national ice hockey team so it's a lovely let you know it has been given the task of preparing the slowest. it's wild for the whole winter olympics in sochi in three years time fifty six year old is currently manager of my spiritual champions i thought most likely give up his club for the sake of the country as he says that this is the week off with a part time job that is the most the most solid actually wired but he was signed as russia boss last month well in worse than expected fourth place at this year's world championships in sweden. even off post a record for russian league titles as well as coaching experience in the n.h.l. . football now and jack warner has resigned as b. for vice president in the aftermath of the bribery scandal that's been rocking the sport's governing body since the build up to the presidential vote earlier this month was departure means all charges will be dropped against him the sixty eight year old was accused of paying substantial sums to caribbean associations along
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with former peter presidential candidate herman cain a man pulled out of the race four days before the ballot groener was the longest serving member of his executive committee after joining the board back in one thousand nine hundred three has also stepped down as confidant president. and in the meantime chancy say they will reveal their new manager in the next few days that announcement coming amid reports porto's talismanic coach and regular spoke to us as one foot in the english premier league club the blues allegedly agreed to pay the twenty one million dollar release calls him for city's aren't contract he skyrocketed to stardom after leaving porto last year to the trouble of the domestic title in fact minding the europa league crown the thirty three year old is the youngest ever manager to play me you with the fight of her mother russia which you see think was also big to the chelsea job that's been vacant since his back in the column charles eight last month. meanwhile shock waves are literally going through the russian premier league after champions and confirmed their star striker danko
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loss a bitch was given an electric shock policeman in the wake of their two know when it all grandson today so they posted on their official website that serbia striker underwent a magical time it's petersburg like a dog. just said as of each will have to be treated for a minor on his back turned to you also great isn't it big think my strength is turning into the sounds that things but out of bounds he is allegedly assaulted filed by police and police deny a stun gun is released immediately and pursued the attacker canal explosives are gathering evidence doesn't actually take all ninety minutes in the wind keeps an eight second in the table. and same with russian football and following last year's departure of starring peter odemwingie eight like a lot of last year has strengthened their swat teams wanted his nigeria team mates the railway men have signed with their victory an up and a four year deal from syria and giants as milan the twenty four year old spent last season on loan relegated west and in english premier league and he will now join the moscow club for the short summer break from the russian top flight next month.
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now russia is hosting the football world cup in twenty eighteen backgrounds in the capital won't have to wait seven years to see the famous strafing as it's now on display in a museum in central moscow allegedly trophy as currently friends why security at an artist central has exhibition center it's here as part of a cross cultural exchange program between russia and spain for the reigning world champions on winning the trophy for the first time in south africa last year so far not many fans have turned up to see it however those that have the russian chance to raising golf balls biggest prize in championship in twenty eight and. legalese of the always hold who can win telling phrase. really is the main feature of any field that is the good news when a team wins the fans always seem we've won the belief they lose they see they lost so i want all the fans to get behind the russian national team and even if we lose it's a good was our laws. well meanwhile russia's rugby team is gearing up for their first
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ever world cup apparently thought in new zealand we caught up with the secretary general of the international rugby board on a recent trip to moscow and he took the time to answer questions coming finals. we've actually done very well despite the economic downturn. ticket sales have been very good for rugby around the world governments want to invest in having big rugby tournaments in their countries because they see how beneficial it is there were three hundred fifty thousand visitors who came to france for rugby world cup two thousand and seven only about eighty five thousand coming to new zealand for a global cup two thousand and eleven are also much cheaper to run as an event in the olympics or the fifa soccer world cup so yes of course economic downturn affects everyone but it's not as much as perhaps other sports have been affected.
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and we chose to world cups at the same time to fifteen which is in england and to nineteen which is in japan our process works extremely well you know rugby is a very clean score we don't have issues that perhaps other sports might have so we're very happy with the process and very happy also that in two nineteen we're branching out into new territory for rugby world cup will be the first time that hasn't been held in one of the traditional rugby countries and so that's pretty exciting for us. big gap has been narrowing over over the last two world cups that's one of the reasons why we are investing so much in the chair two and tier three countries to ensure that they have the same sort of chance as the chair one coach is the same sort of fitness training the same sort of of analysis. they can be more or less on
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a on a par before they get to three to the rugby world cup rugby is a pretty unforgiving game in soccer it's easy to cut the fence and keep the school down rugby made you can stay level for sixty minutes or so but the last twenty minutes really can really tell. i think the best thing is for people to be able to see it because once they see a bay fall in love with it get as much of international rugby on television as you possibly can show people the game get a ball in the hands of getting to play the main thing for the long term future is to get it in schools because we don't want people play they love it when they go in to watch it. and finally tonight to sports and sebastian as he has won the rally of course the frenchman upstaged teammates a bastion like he still managed to extend his lead in the overall drivers' championship love the seven time defending world champion held
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a slave to second time into the final stage on sunday he struggled on the loose gravel in the end it was only eight and ten seconds fair because heaven only pain time fergie in his fourth and seventeen points behind in the overall standings season reaches the hof ice age. that's all sports news i think. mine. would be soo much brighter if you knew the movie about someone from the finest impression of these. stunts on t.v. don't come. culture
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is the same item of spirit on a hundred yards is a real mystery an assignment for.


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