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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to tara with julian cooper story on our team. at four thirty pm on scout time these are the top stories on our team tragedy in northwest washington as a passenger plane crashes onto a highway killing forty four people early reports of just pilot error and bad weather are to blame. one thousand more civilians killed as nato bombers miss a top gadhafi aide but instead hit the birthday party of his four year old grandson prompting libyans to question the intervention tasked with protecting them. and so
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down in the greek parliament the pm faces a no confidence vote on whether to pass sovereigns new austerity cuts in return for a new cash lifeline or become the first euro zone nation to default on its debt. next we'll look at the state of the stalled israeli palestinian peace process in our special interview. with me i have professor governor of the former israeli ambassador to the united nations professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you for you recently quoted as saying that the united states will not veto the u.n. recognition of a palestinian state come september why are you so sure of this i did not say the united states is not going to veto but this is the united states has their own considerations in the we should not act as if the veto is in our pocket but you can
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it is not we must do our best to avoid the was a motion to come near the the security council nor to the. general assembly in i think we should not trust the united states to repeal but we should trust ourselves if obama was not to veto the declaration of a palestinian state would he not face political pressure at home i mean after all there is an election that he wants to win you know every problem. is the interest in continuing is the way but i i think obama really wants the peace in the world and especially in this region which affects the way in the middle east in the war the old world in a way so i believe that the obama's first of a concern with the wind being unwilling of his own people but he's also interested in continuing the missions in the vision and the it took upon him so when he took
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over what is your reading of the relationship between obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there were many who stayed there netanyahu is a recent visit there so obama backtracking on what he what he said and essentially becoming a puppet of netanyahu you could see the there was not a lot of chemistry in this. me thing but i think not too much would be to this kind of music would you say that the relationship between the united states and israel is colder than it's ever been before and i think so with all the united states we would be in a much more difficult position not only because of the veto but because of the support that we get from them. i think the relationship it's not only on the what they call political level it's also cultural ideological. they know that we are the only or the most important democracy in the middle east do you not think
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a bomber has lost credibility in the arab world there was so much hope when he came to power and he certainly seems to have remained a very close friend of israel as you say i think with the collapse of the palestinians put a lot of hope. in the obama administration to be the honest broker. i think they still see this way just this morning we were announced then. the obama administration made it very clear that they are going to recall in the security council. of course the become a full members of the unit in the nation so you know the trust that the obama is adamant in trying to achieve peace in the region in. trying to. is an honest broker is there the possibility that the united states could veto the establishment of a palestinian state and still the general assembly would recognize as the likud
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mission of the palestinian state was already in nineteen eighty eight by yourself and i think opened so this can happen again and again will not gain anything to the palestinians what can. be achieved is the continuation of the illegitimate zation of the state of israel and this is something that i think can be. void it only through my little talks do you have faith that netanyahu is serious about peace i hear first from him because for the last two years when i serve my country is the israeli bus a bill to the nuclear nations a saw i watch very clearly not only what is said in the by the land if the speech which was two states for two countries but also the way that they acted in freezing for ten months the building in the settlements which no current no government bid ever before why didn't we hear so much about settlement building
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taking place despite the construction freeze cooper was not the continuation of the building in those ten months but in those ten months what happened was the palestinians the book move in spite of the fact the the free there was a freeze which never happened before there were no buildings except maybe some place for expansion and still nothing happened is so it's not us to blame it's the palestinians who did not move for those. whole year in there not peace talks took place and they also think the americans also did their part in making the palestinian sit on their hands abu mazin said it in so many words he said the obama put us on a tree he went down from the settlements you know the only resistance only stopping or freezing the building and i was left on the train he says with a bomb wasn't in himself said so in a way the phrase did not. for the last two years we've been moved since gus
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liberation we did not have any peace talks do you think of the two lead them in the country's foreign minister is good for israel he was appointed by. a government that was elected him in the macor i think the election i know that many people think the he's not the right person to represent. israel in the world it what takes place now this is a decision that was taken by the leadership by an attorney i was the prime minister i'm not going to comment on it the u.s. president barack obama has publicly committed the united states to peace based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders what is the benefit to him are saying this in public you know the obama administration unlike former administration is very much engaged with the world with the muslim world which is the africa and say i could see the way the obama's. in presenting they've in
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a bus of the course of them lies the way they treat acts at the united nations the way that she rejects the way that she embraces the way that she and gage and they really want to be an honest broker in the middle east and not to be perceived as they were for so many years is being one sided in supporting only is when i think this is his idea in a new way this is what former minnesota said this is when he made it very very clear that this would be the basis for the coming peace what is will be secure within three nine hundred sixty seven borders i think this is for our leader in the defense minister to decide i think we will get the government is that when even the israeli army is very powerful and can put it in any borders you have said that israel's international status is at an all time low do you think that this is
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because of its settlement building. looking objectively i don't think it's us to blame and compare palestinians. israel and they have a strategy of the legitimizing the state of israel. they favor in the walls they failed in the economy boy called cultural boy called big. failed in trying. to tell the root in the streets and the buses all over israel now they have a diplomatic complaint against israel and i think they succeeded in showing israel is the. thing is that our foreign power over in the west bank specially in gaza and the people and the suffering of the people there which i do not want to belittle but still this is part of the strategy in the i think this is why we are being the legitimized in the hope and they know that only
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the peace talks once they will be started really going back to the right track in the keep this stop this kind of penetration of the day should the palestinians unilaterally declare a palestinian state law school israel's reaction i don't know if you know some people here say the. we can also take unilateral steps. like the disengagement i know all kinds of unilateral on our side or on the palestinian. going to home and to be an obstacle to peace in the region in the i don't know how we will react but i still hope interesting they will understand that this kind of unilateral declaration will bring them no will this is not the way to achieve with everybody wants which is this likely some kind of security in this. suffering. clashes that we saw
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recently along the northern israeli border do you think that this could be a precursor to what we're going to see in september and we were very impressive in person. and i sure fell out of me. here's some more thinking to put a sting in the a promise of politicians and they say that he's afraid of the conflict there will if there be the one in atlanta collaboration or if nothing will happen as principal in with the youngsters who are protesting and still school looks and look around and see what happens in the region they may rise and they will be in the further so this is something that i think also to be taken into account and they should be prevented do you think there's a possibility of an israeli lebanon war when i hope that the army in there would be friends or no intelligence people we know how to avoid it because war is something
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that nobody on each side of the border really wants it will we begin anything out of it professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. . the economy.
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was. today children play war in the old kiss me. much enjoy nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier from another troops on their way to moscow. funders embarrassments were dying one by one under seize the sun. want to eliminate. the coup. in the land shelter and on main soldier left a few simple words farewell muslims. i'm not surrendering.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers foot makes on chart because so special and attractive for many life in antarctica is the closest and the frontal. expedition to the bottom of the earth.
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our g.'s top stories forty four people are killed as a passenger plane crash lands in northwest lot of stuff eight survivors are hospitalized in critical condition luminary reports of just pilot error and to have there are to blame for the tragedy. nineteen more civilians killed as nato bombers miss a top down to eight but instead hit the birthday party of his four year old grandson prompting libyans to question the intervention tasked with protecting them. and so down in the greek parliament the pm faces a no confidence vote on whether to savard snoot austerity cop in return for an e.u.
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cash lifeline or become the first eurozone nation to default on its debts. that's ok most court now joins us. alone hundreds of course years is to say and this is a taste of what's coming up. the queen is back serena williams kick start her defense campaign bungled and only her third match in almost a year. while taking control of new russia ice hockey coach in a two mile below the north resigned his post as trainer concentrate on the national side. and ferrari in town for me the ones most decorated arrives in moscow for the first time they drive around the kremlin. and start though with the sad news that one of russia's top football referees was among the forty four people killed in the plane crash in northwest russia last night but the neophytes i died when the
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plane crash landed in the republic of integrate his hometown airport at the adults the thirty eight year old has been a referee for feet first as last year and had officiated one hundred russian premier league games was due to referee the spartak moscow vs roscoff game at luzhniki stadium on sunday he leaves a wife and two children the president of the russian football union started a four sinker describe the death as a great tragedy adding archie would do all it could to help mr family. and it's now and it's ladies first will more than as the first round action resumes at the all england club after a rain hit monday with serena williams kick starting a title defense on center court returning america is up against roger out of another side as william enters only her second tournament after almost a year long layoff also on the bill this tuesday is world number one caroline wozniacki and former champion maria sharapova compactor it's time it's happened.
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while there's been mixed results brother russians two time close to find this throwback cruised past does not belong in the russian match reality shall not crash italy's reverse have been achieved also in straight sets and study of public anger about you taking less is in ukraine it's kind of the men's side roger federer faces covered because he later on russia's top right because usually they can get into this one under way now is a face off between spain's fernando verdasco and checked the czech republic radek stepanek and three time on ice and the roddick is in action just curious and their specs coming all the first day passed without any major upsets with five russians reaching the second round including second seed appearance on the rover although it wasn't all plain sailing for last year's finalist honor over how to recover from a wayward second set to clinch a six love three starts when. the serious. part of next it's insult is by russian relay their best name on
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a straight set when spain is now up other russians making it into the next round included spread around the christmas over twelve feet came back from a set down to reach china's twice however twenty eight seed you kathleen in a car that lost to christina mchale but it's in your part of africa at least a bit of an upset in israel. with the twenty second seed. while french open final is francesca schiavone also progressed italian needed three sets against australia is going dockage six one six six three the score in this one. open to. this match was really tough for me. saw. keeping going to playing. much more chance to play that so all four legs to improve. australian plenty of the limelight has fighter time former champion the as well ian's claimed
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a straightforward rain against respect amanmuradova pleased to get through the pressure of the first round. in a major you know there's a little bit of. live a lot of expectations to go out there and play as a little practice which i've been hearing the boys really well. you know especially haven't played a lot too it's you know a little pressure of lead to to come out swinging as usual but meanwhile the men's defending champion rafael nadal took a little time to settle against his first round opponent controlled america's michael russell for tearing the first set back to win six four six two six two in one hour and played wasn't all that great and that's one of. the best if it was the only one. in a car like this was a commotion. with the first. to play in this so i will
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sports. so it was a. sobering feeling. and best to look or see that called him really really perfectly nations. before you think i am finishing off the center court action on day one was a resounding mari he gave the crowd a little scared of losing the first set six core sprains daniel. will take in the next three piece rooting a run of fifteen successive games. with you is very brave well. if it changes the conditions it's not a simple addition it's different. if anything it's you know so you go oh it was too perfect you know there's no or there's no way and i was saying no son no sort of elements to contend with this you know it's different different grass court tennis and like you saw on the first you know he was able to hit
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a lot of huge four hands which you know that's normally harder to do when it's a little breezy so you. know whatever but as stephanie source of course one of the . but it was a good match with. the games last year's runner up and sixty times perfect ease past relief of a laundry from recently gone on the streets but he is back in there in straight sets ten seed mardy fish is also strewn along with russia and will continue to reach the second round today we have a dutchman to go sees later. i saw him now and it's been confirmed the new coach of the russian national team will step down from his club commitments in the k h l to take up his new post soon to lobby or do you not have managed care child champions at last last season russian sports minister retiring the quote insists it's impossible to continue that little encounter with a national job but this issue came after the fact russia coach yet as well because i try to juggle the job with his coaching role it's his scar bennett salathiel why
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if he was axed following russia's fourth place finish at the recent twelve championships in sweden. football now jack warner has criticised for vice presidents he has been suspended from the sport's governing body pending an investigation into broadly allegations however his departure means all charges against him will now be dropped because people say he will be presumed innocent the sixty eight year old along with keith a presidential candidate mohamad in a man accused of bribing caribbean football cheats in the run up to me for presidential elections in iran was the longest serving member of feet as executive committee of the joining the board back in one hundred eighty three he has also stepped down as a consequence president of the fund in the meantime europe's hottest coach and regular spouse has quit as trainer of portuguese champions porter and speculation he'll soon take over as manager of chelsea he has a twenty one million dollars buyout clause in his contract and reports suggest the thirty three year old could pay the cash and self however russian and chelsea are
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reportedly also prepared to pay for some two you're the in demand coach let's go as one a trouble with porto last season taking the domestic league title and card as well as the europa league crown are not russians. because giving has also been linked with chelsea job that's been vacant since the sacking of color lunch a lot last month here and elsewhere a new manager has been officially presented as another top flight english club but completely is unlikely to be totally relaxed in the role at least at the beginning of his reign as aston villa after arriving from ottawa my bills paying him see the move has enraged fans from both sides however the fifty two year old scott in front faced. as long as it doesn't go out of control. you know i can understand people's feelings. i'm afraid by it nor have i heard it before yes. some of it stronger yes sure i really look forward to the challenge of monitoring
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this and past it for the. while here in russia lokomotiv moscow have signed nigeria with bits of banner he signed a four year deal from syria giant internet law on the twenty four year old spent last season on loan at now relegated rest in the english premier league and stop playing for loco next month. formula one now and with just three years to go until the debut of the russian grand prix in sochi for already have come to the capital for the first time to take part in the annual moscow city racing event stopped in the picture as a backdrop of red square in the fall straight year the high octane event has taken place the kremlin walls the rumble to the sound of three formula one teams the parents former world champion jenson button will be behind the wheel restaurant in ga running our part of cher and i thought i will try a lotus but to the delight of the fans ferrari will hit the capital of the road for the first time thirty eight year old john carr if he cannot will represent the interest bayliss and successful team running on anything not so taking a break in life is essential. we believe that this event is an opportunity to
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make. the knowledge and the culture of our sport formula one to grow. in countries these meet. the support of the more understandable of those to the fans we choose the fundamental thing for a formula one. and finally the champagne corks have been popping in the hometown of god's new us open champion rory mcilroy this was the moment the twenty two year old signed the winning parts to land his first major title and a fairy tale story and once upon a time this is where it began for him at his local hollywood golf course back in northern ireland where at the age of seven he showed such promise to cooperate its own rules to allow him to become a member and i can't be more glad that they did share in the eighteenth hole with champagne after his victory with all his uncle at the center of the media spotlight
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. was only number experience and i'm glad i got you know sort of. emotionally you know and i was here to soak up. the first twenty four years hollywood phenomenon and you know crematoriums i was dreaming jesus was going to shoot that's old school by for that.
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for the full scale we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the t.v. .


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