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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. this is r t from moscow our top stories flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia killing forty four and injuring eight have been delivered to moscow for analysis bad weather conditions and human error belief of course the incident. at least fifteen more civilians have been killed as nato bombers with top gadhafi aide but instead the birthday party of his four year old grandson prompting libyans to question the intervention tasked with protecting them from. showdown in the greek parliament me pm faces a no confidence vote on whether to pass savage new austerity cuts in return for new
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cash lifeline all become the first eurozone nation to default on its debt that's a story we're following closely for you over the coming hours tonight next that we look at the state of the stored israeli palestinian peace process in our special interview. with me i have professor guppy ellison live the former israeli ambassador to the united nations professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you for you were recently quoted as saying that the united states will not veto the u.n. recognition of a palestinian state come september why are you so sure of this i did not say the united states is not going to veto but they so this is the united states has their own considerations. we should not act as if the victoria is the mail pocket which it is it is not we must do our best pleased. with the lucian to come
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near the poor the the security council nor to the. general assembly. i think we should not trust the united states to vehicle but we should trust ourselves if obama was not to veto the declaration of a palestinian state would he not face political pressure at home i mean after all there is an election that he wants to win you know every politician is interested in continuing but i i think obama really wants. peace in the world and especially in this region which affect in a way in the middle east in the wall of the old world in a way so i believe there's a will most first of all concerned with the wind being in windowing of his own people but he's also not interested in continuing the missions in the vision it took upon him so when it took off what is your reading of the relationship between
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obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu there were many who stayed there netanyahu his recent visit there saw garner backtracking on what he got he said and essentially becoming a puppet of netanyahu you could see the there was not a lot of chemistry in these. thing i think not too much would be to this kind of music would you say that the relationship between the united states and israel is colder than it's ever been before i don't think so with the united states we would be in a much more difficult position not only because of the veto but because of the support that we get from them is so i think the relationship it's not only on the political level it's also cultural ideological. they know that we are so far the only or the most important democracy in the middle east do you not think a bomber has lost credibility in the arab world there was so much hope when he came
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to power and he certainly seems to have remained a very close friend of israel as you say i think. for the palestinians a lot of hope. in the obama administration to be the honest broker. i think they still see play this way just this morning we were now. the obama administration made it very clear that they are going to veto in the security council. of course to become a full members of the unit in the region so in order for us there. is adamant in trying to achieve peace in the region in the northern plains trying to perceive themselves as an honest broker is there the possibility that the united states could veto the establishment of a palestinian state and still the general assembly would recognize the recognition of the palestinian state was already announced in nineteen eighty eight by yourself
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and nothing different so this can happen again and again we're not going anything to the palestinians what can you can achieve is the continuation of the delegitimization of the state of israel and this is something that i think can be. void it only through bilateral talks do you have faith that netanyahu is serious about peace i have faith in him because for the last two years when i served my country as the israeli ambassador to the united nations. i saw a watch very clearly not only what he said in the body land in first speech which was two states for two countries but also the way that the increasing fourteen months the building in the settlements which no current no government they'd ever before why didn't we hear so much about settlement building taking place despite the construction freeze there was not the continuation of the building in those ten
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months but in those ten months what happened was the palestinians the book moved in spite of the fact the the free there was a freeze which ever happened before there were no buildings except maybe some place for expansion and still nothing happened is so it's not us to blame it's the palestinians who did not move for those a whole year and then not be stocks took place in the i also think the americans also did they'll cower in making the princeling and sit on their hands. abu mazin said it in so many words he said the obama put us on a tree he went down from the settlements you know there were only resistance is this thing only is stopping or freezing the building and i was left on the tree this is what the other wasn't himself said so with the freestate not here in the last two years we've been know since cust liberation we did not have any priest
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what do you think of the two lieberman the country's foreign minister is good for israel he was appointed by. a government that was elected in the election i know that many people think they think he's not the right person to represent. israel in the world it what takes place now but this is a decision that was taken by the leadership by an attorney i was the prime minister i'm not going to commitment the us president barack obama has publicly committed the united states to peace based on the nine hundred sixty seven borders what is the benefit to him our sameness in public you know that the obama administration unlike former administration is very much engaging with the world with the muslim world which is the african and say i could see the way the. obama as a. representative in a bus or the way the course of the night is the way the chief acts and the united
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nations the way that she reflects the way that she embraces the way that she engaged in they really want to be an honest broker in the middle east and not to be perceived as they were for so many years is being one sided in supporting only is when i think this is his idea and then when this is what former miss racial said this is when but he made it very very clear that this would be the basis for coming chris what is will be secure within three nine hundred sixty seven borders i think this is for our leaders in the defense minister to decide i think we get the government is that we made in the israeli army is very powerful and can protect in any borders you have said that it was international status is at an all time low do you think that this is because of its settlement building. looking objectively i
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don't think it's us to blame i think the palestinians. israel they have a strategy of the legitimizing the state of israel they favor in the was a failure cannot make boy when called a cultural boy called the. famed trying. in the term. in the streets in the process all over israel now they have a diplomatic complaint against israel and i think they've succeeded in showing israel is. is the powerful power over in the west bank and specially in the in the people in the suffering of the people there which i do not want to belittle but still this is part of the strategy in the i think this is why we are being the legitimized in the whole and they know that only the peace talks once they will be started we're going back to the right
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track in this book stop this kind of penetration of the state should the palestinians unilaterally declare a palestinian state what role israel's reaction be i don't know. you know some people here say. we can also take unilateral steps. like the disengagement i know the only kinds of unilateral on our side on the palestinian side going to home and to be an obstacle to peace in the region when i don't know how we will react but they still hope that the palestinian will understand that this kind of unilateral declaration will bring them nowhere this is not a way to achieve what everybody wants which is peace with least some kind of security in the. suffering. clashes that we saw recently and long beach
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northern israeli border do you think that this could eat a precursor to what we're going to see in september and we were really a person he. assured me. here's some more thinking and. it promotes important questions and they say that he's afraid of the conflict there will and will be going on in the time of the liberation always nothing would happen of the young students who are the palestinian still schoolbooks look around and see what happens in that we can blame a rise and there will be. so this is something that i think also from taken into account and they should be prevented do you think there's a possibility of an israeli lebanon war when i hope that we're only there would be france and the intelligence people and we know how to avoid it because war and something not within. the border we want it so we begin
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anything out of professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. .
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today children play war in the old case me. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls when the first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow. the funders of the rest of us were dying one by one under siege this. morning and. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell motherland i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and are the dots and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes on started as so special the destructive for many wildlife in antarctica is a boat and friends an. expedition to the bottom of the earth artsy.
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top stories some artsy flight recorders from the plane that crashed in northwestern russia killing forty four people injuring eight of people live to moscow for analysis bad weather conditions and human error believe of course the incident. at least fifteen more civilians killed at nato obama's top gadhafi a but instead the birthday party of his four year old grandson prompting libya it's not a question we have eventually is going to ask for protecting them. and showdown in the greek parliament pm free to the no confidence vote on whether the possibly true austerity cuts in return for the e.u. cash lifeline all become the first eurozone nation to do fold on its debt more
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stories from us on line of aleksey dot com. hello welcome to the sports news after a busy second day at wimbledon and these are the headlines. crying for joy serena williams caught hold back the tears after a successful start to the france i thought will blossom crowd. while getting the blues chelsea can turn their interest in last hours after the engine on coach steps down the porto boss. and her are in town following along as most decorated team arrives in moscow for the first time you story drive over the kremlin. the first of ten is there's been an emotional comeback for to wimbledon for serena williams as the women's defending champion burst into tears after a hard fought victory against french women are on resigned williams has been lost
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in the first round of any of her previous porson four grand slams but after returning from a year long injury layoff she was pushed hard before winning six three three six six there. are resigned the world of the sixty one cancer is powerful ground strokes to take the second set and she last have a mental illness. serene twice i've brought some pictures. definitely into into the marriage. so i don't know i think it was something in my eyes it. really was just so emotional really because they wrote the words twelve months i've been through. a lot of things that's. normal things you guys really know about it so. it was. arduous rude. to stare and still this was. well as well number one caroline wozniacki dropped just three games on spain's and check out at some point but ten seats and
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became the biggest casualty so far after crashing out to congress and melinda think that right outside the top two hundred while former champion maria sharapova spain can fracture it and check it out is that. there have been mixed results but other russians tucson quarter finalist nadia petrova cruised past there's not that long in from the russian match however i was eager to share but at. least rebirth of and she also in straight sets however kind of stuff the other chink about managed to prattle past left ukraine six four seven six. and on the men's side six time former champion roger federer overcame a close first set for cruising. three. while things went down to the wire for russia's top man nicole usually outlasted argentina's convoy in five sets. of data was knocked out in straight sets by a strange teenage prodigy in our time make it three times finest andy roddick is
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through after beating germany is as red as day in straight sets and joining him in the next round is novak djokovic serbia was in devastating form into france's jeremy shockey. moving to football now and the sad news that one of russia's top football referees was among the forty four people killed. when the plane crashed in northwest russia on monday nights with the near cats i died when the ross airplane crash landed in the republic of korea as it approached his hometown airport of petra supports the thirty eight year old who'd been a referee for a fee for since last year and had officiated in one hundred russian premier league games and was due to referee the spartak moscow vs raw stuff game at luzhniki stadium on sunday he leaves a wife and two children the president of the russian football union such a force link up described the death as a great tragedy adding the r.f.u. would do all it could to help mr potter's family. now staying with football an english premier league club chelsea have confirmed they're interested in hiring and
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reveal asheboro as their manager the announcement comes hours after europe's hottest coach quit as the trainer of portuguese champions porto and twenty one million dollar buyout clause in his contract is also said to have been arranged currently remains unclear who covered the expenses previous reports him to both the coach himself and russian chelsea were prepared to splash out thirty three year old girl as well as wanted trouble with porto last season taking that arrestee can lead to idol in as well as the europa league crown and he's been placed by his former assistant coach it all clare within hours of his resignation. has also been a managerial point in the russian premier league is that he gave so there has been promoted to take full charge of delano moscow at least until the end of the season a fifty year old steps up after serving as chaotic coach the last two months for pin replaces montenegrin specialist near that bacevich to resign after twelve years russian cup for in april. now russia may be busy preparing for their made an
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appearance at the rugby world cup in new zealand in september another form of the sport rugby sevens will be hitting the russian capital this weekend moscow will once again host the second of the four stages of europe in the series russia are fifth overall after the season that mean grounding the only fancy last week england are leading the way ahead of spain twelve teams are taking are all making sure it will actually translate then sunday and away on home turf of the young russian team is what they'll be aiming for that's the ultimate goals are that in the future that . a lot is now being done we've worked out a program for the russian national team as they prepare for the twenty sixteen summer olympics in rio these are the first games to feature right michel installment but our main goal now is truly thirteen school stage the world cup and we hope russia will go into these events top form. and produce the best possible result so i saw you now and it's been confirmed the new coach of the russian
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national team will step down from his club commitments in the k h l to take up his new post so it's a lot to get you know i've managed champions i cost last season and russia sports minister would call insists it's impossible to continue that role in tandem with the national job the decision came after such rushing coach get us the take off had try to juggle the job with his coaching role at this and then it's all about you why if he was axed for the russia's fourth place finish a recent poll championships in sweden. maybe going to formula one and with just three years to go until the debut of the russian grand prix in sochi we're already have come to the capital for the first time to take part in the annual moscow city racing event second in the picturesque backdrop of red square in the fourth straight year the high octane best is taking place probably was well rumble the sounds of three form your own team my talents former world champion jenson button will be behind the wheel for the second year running on the carpet the sherif and current jungle will drive bluntest but to the delight of the fans at ferrari will
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hit the capital's roads for the first time thirty eight year old junk cars because he can't i will represent f. once most famous and successful team has been under a lot of that and maybe less that taking a break had it your life is shattered we believe that this event gives an opportunity to look at. the known relationship in the culture over our sport from well one who grew up in country these me. to support a more understandable and more close to the fans which is the from the mental thing for a moral one. the champagne corks have been popping in the hometown of golds new u.s. open champion rory mcilroy this was the moment the twenty two year old find a winning part to land his first major title and complete a fairytale story and once upon a time this is where it all began for him at his local hollywood golf course back in northern ireland where at the age of seven he showed such promise the cup broke
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its rules to allow him to become a member and i can't be more glad that they did showering the eighteenth hole with champagne after his victory and always on call at the center of the levy a spotlight. was only never experienced going where you know sort of. emotionally you know and the receiver just simply. there for us weekly is hollywood you're in there and you know being with you in the ass to me is what is going to be there for you and finally to football where on saturday to sky want to know is part acknowledge expects a top of the russian primarily has an eight zero all the top flight teams are back in action on wednesday and stadium in the mood is all the net busting action from saturday in goals going to. so.
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cute fellow clay. live. below . clinton. to clinton. eleven. club. live.
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live live. play. eleven . kloof eleven eleven. eleven . that's all the sports news for this type of.
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