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regarded as racially inferior and when he announced operation that he told his staff that it was a war of annihilation didn't he he he thought in terms of a war of survival. it was going to be the survival of the fittest and it didn't take on starting to realize the consequences of thought that there would be horrific losses. and that was indeed what happened how unexpected it was the invasion i mean hitler and stalin had signs that. pact making them allies onesie allies of course but allies nonetheless they were allies and the soviet union was caught by surprise and this was stalin's great blow and stalin was not naive but he thought that germany would not attack in nine hundred forty one he thought the attack would come late and he believed that he could use this product to develop the soviet union's and sphere of influence and at the same time. the radhasoami and
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transfer industry was beyond your own mountains but in fact he got it very very badly wrong and of course the red army was caught deeply unprepared in nine hundred forty one your book is about the sort of human story behind the how did it develop militarily during the. one at the beginning in one nine hundred forty one the red army was hunted. by the autumn of one thousand nine hundred he wanted to last between two and three million in terms of killed in this thing and should i think few of his in the world could to sustain that level of punishment and still carried on fighting and it was not madness for him and his high come on to believe at that point the soviet union would cave and what was it that kept the red army fighting that's the sixty four thousand dollar question an extraordinary mix of. brutal leadership tough leadership from stalin but it was nice. sorry to be tough and the
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autumn of nineteen forty one installed in result most would be de-funded and they would keep fighting but it was a. profound truth to see that the red army recovered from the initial crisis realized it was a battle for the survival and what was at stake was not just the communist system but russia as a country in the soviet union i was in the boardroom so it's not really did become a part of it will it was unusual time in the red army did develop quite so low during the time it comes to what do you think explains the marked difference in its effectiveness from say nine hundred forty one to for example the battle of stalingrad in which it secured a stunning victory one of course the technical reasons that the red army in the midst of war is retraining and. that's the worst possible time to do it but they are doing it and to give them credit this begins to make a difference they transfer their industry as they get them up and running and
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certainly by the end astonishing that better trained and better equipped but the germans still from the doable for and i believe it was just the science for the technical side germany could very well have won it either in one nine hundred forty one nine hundred forty two but it was love of the model and it was this extraordinary determination to carry on fighting the underestimated hitler wanted a short sharp shock and quick campaign was crucial but it didn't work out like that it told that he thought it would all be over and he was not alone and off to the will of the german general is just nonsense we were against it but at the time many of them agreed with hitler they thought the war could be very quickly in three months and of course we won't make the same mistake because napoleon we won't have a will to war because we want to buy buellton they were carried away by their own successes their previous successes blitz. brightening war and they believe that if
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they hammered the road on the front here it would all be over but they are underestimated the red army and they underestimated the soviet union and i was that a turning point or was it just sets of the winter in the weather they just one had full well the germans blame the weather. again and you could just pop seen that one coming but they were caught by surprise and they said the weather rolled them but in fact i think the weather was part of the story and the other part that was much harder for them to acknowledge was that an army that seemed to feed to demoralize them last in a matter of weeks and five days turned itself around and started fighting and resisting with stupendous power and the first turning point was outside moscow the germans expected to take the capital they were later than they thought but they still thought that would end the war and it was the strength and determination of
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resistance that caught me by surprise ahead of the campaign hit was repeatedly vaio taking western russia would in fact be more of a drain on germany's economic resources than it would be beneficial why did he go ahead with the campaign anyway. was motivated by his own son of leadership he believed he had a mission almost divine mission a very dark divinity to lead his people to great success and it was this mission that he was going to follow on on a fundamental level he was never really going to listen to advice that he perceived that the soviet union was the enemy and he also believed its resources could be plundered and used for a great to germany at the end of the day he was going to follow it up. and what were the consequences of the ultimate failure of operation. it destroyed the.
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manami it destroyed not that throughout the war the majority of its resources were concentrated on the eastern front and even off to d.-day more three quarters of divisions military divisions were fighting on the eastern front so it was where the biggest battles took place the biggest casualties took place under. the road system and more casualties than the city could also replace the casualties. so it became a war of attrition and ultimately it was going to be germany that would lose that war and it was this dreaded phrase that war on two fronts wasn't it well believed that a war on two fronts could work if you won the war against the soviet union quickly and of course if had been one quickly that could have well been the case but once the war started dragging on into nine hundred forty two nine hundred forty three germany was lost and that mocked which had behaved with
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a deal of decorum on the western front behaved in a completely different way in the east didn't it what do you put that down well to the war the german claimed it was fighting a clean war and it was it was the units behind the army and it was the sea that were doing all the unpleasant stuff that was not true the soldiers on the eastern front would decently and behave decently but many were infected by the race propaganda towards the smallest towards the jews and the german army i the participated in a special statistic oncet use against the russian civilian population or certainly knew they were going on and justified i mean the justification was we were fighting a brutal war of survival. bit but war with darker than any other war in the twenty cents. indeed possibly in human history the role played by the union to
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its vastly under-appreciated in the west why is that. one part is the legacy of the cold war surprisingly history is normally written they say by the victor is that view of this part of our history is very strongly determined by the germans because the german view became incorporated into the story thinking in the in with the cold war so there was an underestimation or willingness to recognize what the soviet union fully and i think the cold war in part was the reason for thought but i think the other reason is the scale is so i mean we're talking about twenty seven million and the civilian and military casualties i think the other reason is simply it's so big the people who struggle to really comprehend it and
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one of the things i wanted to do in my book is to make that story comprehensible to give it a human voice so that people can relate and that just being a mass of or all the overwhelming statistics that's michael james thank you very much thank you. today children play war in the old keys me. module nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier from another troops on their way to moscow. funders and restless were done one by one under seize the sun to a commitment. i am.
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sick of in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell mother mum i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. familiar. the limits of the service. coming. to.
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the south was. that's.
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aviation experts examine the black box recorders from the russian plane that exploded into flames after crashing in the republic of korea forty four passengers were killed when the tupelo one three four jet came down on a highway just a few hundred meters short of the runway. the greek government survives a critical vote of confidence and it's on steroids he drives and it furious protests that the people in the north of parliament must now decide whether to impose austerity measures worth billions of euros to secure a second bailout. and former soviet republics more than the twenty seven million victims killed in the fight against troops this day seventy years ago nazi invasion of the soviet union unleased the bloodiest conflict in the region's
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history became the great country. the world of sport with union and day two at wimbledon turned out to be one of a mixed bag for the russian players you know and yeah i think that's the best way to describe it. kerry he is trying to again he's just not having a good year but i tell you what maria sharapova she is thinking very very well we're going to have a look at her in just a second. great to have your company sports today i'm you know these are some of our stories in brief this are. off to a flier maria sharapova makes it look easy in her opening clash at wimbledon rushing from a russian check to todd's a. full schedule a busy road or brushing premier league football gets underway in a few hours to make round the fixtures before
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a month long summer break. on foot to the floor former wong's most decorated team for rory take part in a historic drive around the kremlin. more than in just a second but let's start with tennis some maria sharapova is off the mark at the third grand slam of the year the russian won wimbledon as a seventeen year old in two thousand and four and is aiming for more success in london after dumping a compactor it on a technicality in round one no worries for the siberian native on center court sharapova dropping just three games on route to a six two six one straight sets the fifth seed meets the winner of the laura robson underneath her. plate again against an opponent that's been the top ten before hasn't had the best results this year but i. don't quite know what to expect because she. had nothing to lose and i thought she.
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could match. there's been an emotional comeback to wimbledon for a string the williams the defending champion bursting into tears following a hard fought victory against frenchwoman resign williams recently returned from a year long layoff on which pushed hard before taking it six three three six six games to one joy and relief all in one for the thirteen time grand slam winner. elsewhere world number one carline wozniacki didn't mess around against spain so ranch up son tanya but ten seen some of the stories are she has become the biggest casualty to date crushing our john breeze and melinda sink a player ranked outside the top two hundred. over the men's side of action roger federer novak djokovic suffered few problems on route to the next stage federer a mean for a record tying seventh all england cry and didn't push itself too hard against you
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pushed in the swiss with a. seven six six four six two. denko is on his way home though the russian seen off biased really in teenage prodigy bernard shaw much . too much in the time for germany's andreas back a number russian the country's highest ranked player in london. the loss of one monaco following a tough five setter and joining him in the next drawing is novak djokovic the serbian simply devastating form against france's germany charedi. ok let's leave tennis behind to move to football in the russian premier league where the games are coming thick and fast these days another packed schedule later on wed instead but run before a month long summer break to keep things interesting the leading c.s.k. five of their last half a dozen games in the bag winning them on a welcome lockable t.v. another all culpable in controversy sports talk host in what will be the visitors'
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first game. the surrogate in charge informs the need to personally post the top two stories in the link and to change. travel to the face twice former champions rued being second from bottom. welcome on g m car will be favorites to claim much from points at the expense of rock bottom. cross the door they've got terek for company grozny travellers taking to the pitch for the second time with a rude haul it's. the take on. thing with football where it looks as if chelsea are on the verge of unveiling their new monitor after porsche and once they have received the twenty million dollars in compensation for. us who quit trainer of the portuguese champions just yesterday a blues club statement reading quotes we hope to reach agreement with mr veloce boss on personal terms and make
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a further announcement in the near future end quote the thirty three year old want to travel with porto last season lifting the domestic league title and cup as well as securing the europa league chelsea sacked their previous manager carlo launch a lot to me last month if he gets the nod at the last boss would become the youngest monitor ever done for british. brings us to rugby may be busy preparing for their maiden appearance at the world cup in new zealand in september but another form of the sport rugby sevens will be hitting moscow this very weekend the russian capital will once again host the second of the four stages of the european ground plane seabreeze russia said the role of the season opening round in last week while they lead the way ahead of spain twelve teams in all will take part in making for a puc schedule of much just like something big and sunday a women home turf for the young russian team is what they'll be aiming for but the ultimate goal it's a little bit further in the future. a lot is now being done we've
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worked out a program for the russian national team because do prepare for the twenty sixth the summer olympics in rio these are the first games to feature rugby sevens tournament but our main goal now is twenty thirteen when most schools teach the world cup and we hope russia will go into these events in top form and produce the best possible result. ok let's move to former water where the for a team are being revving up in the russian capital for the first time that marinello i fit taking part in the annual moscow city racing event set to the backdrop of red square no less it's the fourth straight year the high octane occasion the local funds three formula one teams in all making an appearance mcclaren former world champion jenson button is sitting behind the wheel for the second straight time while the heart attack syria. chandhok represented lotus but to the life so motor sport hollister as it was for rory's drive that really heated
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up thirty eight year old gen carlo physicality doing the almost reference was famous unsuccessful team that's because current racers fernando alonso are taking a break ahead of july's packed stage. we believe the d.c. then piece an opportunity to meet the no religion and the culture over our support from want to learn to grow our. new countries. meet. the support of the more understandable and more close to the fans which is the fundamental thing for a one on one. all right let's finish things off by taking a look at each and every strike now that flew in this past weekend in the russian premier league sixteen efforts in all finding their way past the line and against c.s.k. moscow staying top of the title charts so sit back relax why don't you it's called school or time.
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felix. was. eleven. eleven. eleven.
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eleven. live. below. eleven eleven. eleven . eleven live.
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and i say after all it's a eskimo school who still lead the way and that's all for me for now carries here in just a few moments with all the news. shows that so much going to be huge music. on the market from spring to be uprisings and at least it's becoming vicious civil war.
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images before all has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. they feasted this is not a provocation but warned. that we should use everybody is sure to support retreat because they have no idea about the hardships that we face. this is. all too new to. bring in the army the life of the mother is the most precious thing in the world. uses of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand fully that you have to live a. real life stories from. nineteen
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forty five. aviation experts examine the black boxes of a russian plane that exploded into flames after crashing in the. forty five people . relatives of the survivors and the victims of the plane crash rushed to their loved ones and deal with their grief while the people of the three days of mourning for all the details in a few moments. the greek government survives a critical vote of confidence in its austerity drive and furious protests that i'm one of the people is being neglected. page in history former soviet republic small in the millions killed in the second world war seventy years after the troops invaded the. business both and find out what russia is doing to reverse the trend of outflows in business.
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news and much more twenty four hours a. ten year old a victim of the plane crash that killed forty four people died in hospital doctors spent two days fighting for his life outside his condition was too severe a tragedy happened on monday night western russia. one three four jet plane on a highway just a few hundred meters from the runway. reports from the start of the disaster. families of the survivors as well as the victims are making their way or go are going to be making their way to where their family members are there with help psychological help that is if they should need it and also here at the sides of the
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crash site itself has been cleaned up with the identification of the bodies continue we are told that several have already been identified but there have still been a lot of body parts recovered that late last night for beer wreckage that they still have to identify quite a number of bodies now three of the a survivors are still in the local hospital while a five of them have been afloat two of moscow now dear family members we are expecting them to come today there's supposed to be a plane to take the two up but there is a void explained be a bit of a delay this accident happened on monday night to they say that most of the families don't actually live in moscow they live in a region surrounded moscow now but the locals here are also dealing with their own grief and. i would say they've been coming here late last night bringing flowers to the side after all it was the witnesses the locals living right a by the road where the plane had crashed that had been a first at the scene.


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