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these are the images the world seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. this is r t the international news broadcaster from moscow thank you for choosing is for your news update our top story a plane crash in northwest russia claims another life brings the death toll to forty five day experts are investigating the evidence from the site to establish the cause of monday's disaster early reports suggest pilot error is to blame. and anti-terrorist operation in russia's north caucuses is underway with reports suggesting special forces have suffered losses of attack on a militant hideout there at least seven officers have reportedly been killed in gunfights from the thirty strong militant group. the greek government wins
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a vote of confidence as it struggles for support of its savage spending cuts they need to be passed to secure a new e.u. but thousands of angry greeks are protesting against the new measures saying bit voices of not being. under former soviet republics remember the victims of the war against fascism wednesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the nazi invasion of the u.s.s.r. some twenty seven million people die bring about victory on the eastern front. seven thirty one pm here in moscow next artie's lauren it sits down with british historian dr michael jones who's written exclusively about world war two he shares his knowledge about why hillary invaded the u.s.s.r. and why the soviet people managed to win the war. today marks the seventieth anniversary of the start of operation barbarossa
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hitler's code name for germany's invasion all to save the union it became the largest as a military operation both in terms of sheer resources deployed and also in casualties dr michael james's new book tells the story of the as old me during the second world war dr james thank you for talking to day let's start from the beginning of operation why did decide to invade the look always wanted to invade the soviet union the reason he gave out was that the soviet union would actually attack germany i think the evidence for that in nineteen forty one and slights underneath that justification to his military went two main factors the first was hitler's hatred of communism bolshevism and that was what he really put out to you or that it was a crusade against bolshevism bolshevism was a menace that needed to be destroyed but underneath the real truth about this war
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was race hatred and if one reads mind. it's clear that he has more to carve out living space. and do so the experience of the people he regarded as racially inferior and when he announced operation barbarossa he told his staff that it was a war of annihilation and he he he thought in terms of the war of survival. it was going to be the survival of the fittest and it didn't take time to realize the consequences of thought that there would be horrific losses. and that was indeed war how unexpected was the invasion i mean hitler and stalin had signs the molotov ribbentrop pact making them allies on. easy allies of course but allies nonetheless they were allies and the soviet union was caught by surprise and this was stalin's great. stalin was not naive but he thought that germany
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would not attack in nineteen forty one he thought the attack would come late and he believed that he could use this pact to develop the soviet union's and sphere of influence and at the same time read the read me and transfer industry as you want to your own mountains but in fact he got it very very badly wrong and of course the red army was caught unprepared in nine hundred forty one your book is about this is a human story behind the how did it develop militarily during the conflicts the beginning of nine hundred forty one the red army was that. by the autumn of one thousand four he won the last between two and three million tons of killed in this thing and captured i think few are the army is in the world could use a stadium that level of punishment and still carried on fighting and it was not
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madness for him to hitler was high come on to believe at that point the soviet union. and what was it that kept the red army. that's the sixty four thousand dollar question an extraordinary mix of. brutal leadership tough leadership from stalin but it was necessary to be tough and new york at nineteen forty one and stalin result most would be to fund it and they would keep fighting but it was also churches and profound patrick towson that read on me from the initial crisis realized it was a powerful for survival and what was at stake not just the communist system but russia as a country and the soviet union was in the boardroom with not really did become a part of it war it was unusual time in the right to vote quite so lots. during the time it comes what do you think explains the marks difference in its effectiveness from say nineteen forty rods to for example the stalling wagon which secured
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a stunning victory when of course the technical reasons that the red army in the midst of war is is retraining and. that's the worst possible time to do it but they aren't doing it and to give them credit at this because to make a difference they transferred their industry as they got them up and running and certainly by the end astonishing for a better trained and better equipped than the germans still from notable and i believe there was just a science for the technical side germany could very well have mounted either a nine hundred forty one forty two but it with love of the model and it was this extraordinary determination to carry on fighting that the germans underestimated hitler wanted the short sharp shock or not quick campaign was crucial but it didn't work out as a tool that he thought it would all be over and he was not alone after the will of the german generals just nonsense we were against it but at the time many of them
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agreed with hitler they thought he would could be very quickly in three months and of course we won't make the same mistake was napoleon we won't have a winning toward the crews will want to have you with them they were carved away by their own successes their previous successes blitzkrieg the right wing war and they believe that if they hammered the route on the front here it would all be over but they are underestimated the red army and they underestimated the soviet you know i was that a turning point so was it just the concepts of the winds having the weather they just weren't prepared for well the germans blame the weather although again you could use topsy in that one coming but they were caught by surprise and they said the weather rolled them but in fact i think the weather was part of the. henri on the other paw it was much harder for them to acknowledge was that an army the same to feed to demoralize them last in a matter of weeks and five days turned itself around and started fighting and
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resisting with stupendous on the first turning point was outside moscow the germans expected to take the capital they were later than they thought but they still thought that would end the war and it was the strength and determination of resistance that caught me by surprise i had as a campaign hit was repeatedly advised taking western russia would in fact be more of a drain on germany's economic resources than it would be beneficial why did he go ahead with the campaign anyway. he was motivated by his own sons of leadership he believed he had a mission almost divine mission a very dark divinity to lead his people to great success and it was this mission that he was going to follow on on a fundamental level he was never really going to listen to advise that he perceived that the soviet union was the enemy and he also believed that its resources could
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be plundered and used for a great future me at the end of the day he was going to follow it up. and what were the consequences of the ultimate failure of operation. it destroyed the destroyed that throughout the war the majority of its resources were concentrated on the front line even after d.-day more frequently it's this division and some of the divisions were fighting on the eastern front so it was where the biggest battles took place and papers casualties took place on. the road on this and more casualties in the sequel so replace kushal to expect so. it became a war of attrition and also. really it was going to be germany that would lose that war and it was this dreaded phrase that warranty from so wasn't. well hitler believed that
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a war on two fronts could work if you won the war against the soviet union quickly and of course if you want to quickly that could well be the case but once the war started dragging on to nineteen forty two nineteen forty three germany was lost and that marked which had behaved with a deal of decorum on the western front it's behaved in a completely different way nice didn't it what do you put that down well part of the war the germ of the claim that it was fighting a clean war and it was it was the units behind the army and it was the us that were doing all the unpleasant stuff that was not true that soldiers on us confront with decent behave decently but many were infected by the race proper conduct towards the smallest poor thank you and the german army by the participate in the trial such a special such as the council to use against the russians really an appropriation
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well certainly knew they were going on and justified i mean the justification was we were fighting a brutal war of survival. but war with darker than any other war in the twentieth century and indeed possibly in human history the role played by the union defeating hitler is vastly underappreciated in the west why is that. one part it's the legacy of the cold war that surprisingly history is normally written they say by the victors but our view of this part of our history and it's very strongly to the germans because the german view became incorporated into the store thinking and in with the call. so there was an underestimation or willingness to recognize the soviet union and to fully and i think the cold war in part was the
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reason for the out but i think the other reason is the scale is so i mean we're talking about twenty seven million and the civilian the military council to i think the other is simply it's so big the people who struggle to really comprehend it and one of the things i wanted to do in my book is to make that story comprehensible to give it a human voice so that people can relate and that just being a mass of rather overwhelming statistics that's michael james thank you very much thank you. for. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead. of beach front field several kilometers long. and now there is only one
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person who cares. if we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is very most appropriate signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to accumulate where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra with julian cooper story on archie. within a month. one of the most. extreme environments on the planet this is and large adults and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean told us discovers five make sounds article is so special that interactive for many
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wildlife in antarctica is the closest you live and from the. expedition to the bottom of the earth artsy. today children play war in the old piecemeal. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls really first barrier from enough to troops on their way to moscow. the funders of breast cancers were dying one by one under siege and. one. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell model i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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updating on our top stories at r.t. the plane crash in northwest russia has claimed another life bringing the death toll to forty five today experts are investigating the evidence from the sites to establish the cause of monday's disaster early reports suggest pilot error is to blame. an anti-terrorist operation in russia's north caucasus is underway of reports suggesting special forces have suffered losses in an attack on a militant hideout at least seven officers have reportedly been killed in gun fights with the thirty strong militant group. the greek government brings a vote of confidence as it struggles for support of its savage spending cuts they need to be passed to secure a new e.u. bailout for thousands of angry greeks are protesting against the new measures
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saying their voices are not being heard. and the former soviet republics remember the victims of the war against fascism wednesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the nazi version of the u.s.s.r. some twenty seven million people die to bring about victory on the eastern front. city two forty six zero mosque ok scott the latest from the world of sport fit. hello welcome to sports news and here are the top stories the army marches on it's a dubious course twicet says how big locomotives three want to remain top of the russian premier league. plus close call five time champion venus williams comes out on top after a mighty battle with better you can make a dart a crown the second round at wimbledon. and the only now it's a scout masters basketball club signing
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a new garden center helping restore their former european glory. let's start with football and stay dubious scored in a chart as a scot stayed top of the russian premier league after a three one win at home to look much beef in one of two moscow darby's on wednesday night the only that have now won six of the last seven games while the other all moscow match saturday stuck in steve's damage to a two no where ever starts like this first match in charge elsewhere twice former champions rubin beat new boris bolder to nil pipeline she wants three one at second bottom clearly is the better of you to inform depending champions it's going to end at the club that are taking on so that. well before all the way to wednesday's match is a minute's silence was observed to remember a referee living near perth side who died in the clutches of us plane crash on monday night and after that i should like you most converted their only chance one goal and one victory. they will be pay of fed in
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a corner and it's in the coming minutes of struck from outside the box nation to finish it off he moves great but analogy. was in the early kick off of tom and ten on the stock exchange the second half penalty was in a cagey one all draw it was does nigerian defend isaac wrong or was sent off and they go through the second half mixing community of break the deadlock from the spot lights in a replica of that go get us just nastiest was brought down in times gone last seven minutes from time and the amount of them off. just beat deeper level match after a lot of. money watch everything also confirmed emanuel added by always among their summer transfer targets ranch the city say they will release the twenty seven year old if the money is right the f.a. cup winners' bought the togo star for asking two years ago for fourteen million dollars that he spent last season in the realm of it it's unclear however city
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assets to suffer a big loss as they need or reportedly offer maximum of thirteen million dollars. all over in english premier league chelsea have confirmed and three blush by us as the club's new manager the former porto head coach will start work immediately after signing a three year deal following his departure from the portuguese champions on tuesday the thirty three year old fluent english speaker previously worked as a scot and a job as a ring you at stamford bridge and began his managerial career with courtney's first division club academic in october two thousand and nine he took them from winless and bottom to an eleventh place finish in the portuguese league cup semifinal place then to porto he won the league cup and europa league in his first season after they became only the second portuguese club since been peak at nine hundred seventy three to complete a league campaign unbeaten blessed by us is chelsea's youngest ever manager the same age as players frank lampard and didier drogba a boost sacked previous coach cullen trotty last month. and also in west london
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former tottenham boss martin yall has signed a two year deal to become manager following and of the fifty five year old dutchman says he is delighted to be going back to work after taking a year long break. on the. same story every day. and what he would like to come back to him into motion when i live. right here on the shores of the event. that is now in last year's finals vera zvonareva very safely through to the third round at wimbledon the second seeded russian gains the title second set tie a break compactness elena vesnina are also through. as a rank the russian making light work checks that have been issued but before those matches it was a really close shave for venus williams the five time former champion was taking the distance by forty year old can we take a crown the japanese veteran storm to
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a five one lead in the first set before winning it on a tie break provided a big step for williams but the twenty third seeded american went on to square the match at a set all went down to the wire in the decider however williams turned out to be the stronger to take it eight six in a match that lasted for almost three hours spike this is still the second oldest to reach this very improbable that. it was a good fight for me. of course it's. very very disappointed it was very close but most important. i prayed it's my opinion. if i do read. five it's jumpier here. great preview so i go for a police horse so it was a very very good match for me. well over in the men's draw top seeded world number
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one rafael nadal wakes eighty three with his round three with a six three six two six four went over american lines waiting for spanish tops and one next of luxembourg after a rising star washed away on its return that injured last year's finest burdick was an easy straight set right now against julien benneteau france right it was an early exit from russia. to his name much retribution or just a fourth seed on the murray did progress into round three or four straight sets victory over germany as tobias kind of. possible now and unveils two new signings they hope will once again make the russian a force to be reckoned with in europe moscow outfit enjoyed a wretched season last time out as they fail to get past the first hurdle of the year only which ever as well. one serious class was campaigning in a decade the club has been quick to wax noone of crete and sunny have been bored seemed to try and help the team to back to the ground with the best clubs from
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around the continent and come off a stellar season in the french league said to join a team like serious car was a no brainer this is a team full of great players and you know i know my role is going to be different this year than it was and you know the last two years of france were you know that's the best part of the challenge as as a player and as part of sort of me wanted to have a better career is just killings and less of a role but in the bigger picture storm i'm excited about that you know i feel like you know this is the organization that you want to be in so if you want to get to the final four you're really need not be speech serious can have acquired a man would not experience but he's played for the oklahoma city thunder for three seasons and will be a great addition to the scored especially following the departure of bricks from the trees in langdon or jail holder in a magician are also expected to leave in moscow i don't think it's served as he had offers to stay in the n.b.a. but said his desire to win trophies. why he joined the army in the one main reason
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. i came here to try coming to your reentry during the russian. trick when everything. going to have opportunity to play. one of the leading this team and that's one thing i was missing and being. likely to be a starter and serious crimes go to man you know will probably have to be content with playing time on the colts how of of the american sense his versatility could prove to be a major plus point for the army even at the end of the i just want to do things to help the team with as a rebuilding school in the ball or passing the wall or playing the fans and you know i feel like on this team i can really help you know in a lot of different ways because it is not so much pressure on one individual guy each game but as a collective group we can find ways to do a lot of little things to help this team way to see this come out a plug in transition with many of the old gone stepping down and whether the army
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men have been quick to replace them with some of the best talent from around europe as they look to regain their place i want to europe's elite after last season's less than satisfactory campaign which we can't see. moving on to cycling and with just ten days to go before the start of the tour de france british writer mark cavendish says he's itching to finally covertness numerous stage wins and the elusive green jersey goes to the points winner last year's race was won by under-fire star alberto contador was also the favorites to retain the overall women's willow jersey but it was cavendish who knocked up five stage picture is getting the final right in paris which is more than any other rider and took his overall tie to an impressive fifteen in three years however the king of sprint had to settle for disappointing second place points classification though the twenty six year old is all set to go one better next month and make a stand in the coveted jersey like the one who trained last year as to say. i am going for the green jersey i have gone for the green jersey the last two years is
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just my way to get my green jersey is to try and win as many stages possible which technically is more points on offer for stage win so technically you should come out on top on the has been the case for us today so i am got the job we got the green jersey but it's not free not try and get my tactics of game it was how i did it. and finally russia may be busy preparing for their maiden appearance out the rugby world cup in new zealand in september that's another form of the sport rugby sevens will be hitting moscow this week on the russian capital is once again hosting the second of the four stages of do you think wrong crease eeriest russia or fifth overall after the season in round last week england are leading the way ahead of spain twelve teams are taking parts making for a patch of matches on saturday and sunday and a win on home turf for the young russian team is what that the aiming for the ultimate goals by further in the future. a lot has now been done
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we've worked out a program for the russian national team as they prepare for the twenty sixteen summer olympics in rio these are the first games to feature rugby seven storm and that's our main goal now twenty thirteen when most schools stage the world cup and we hope russia will go into this event in top form and produce the best possible result. and that's all. cultures that so much of it is a huge music issue. from spring to the uprisings and it leads to a fast becoming vicious civil war.
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didn't. wealthy british style sun. night sky a funny. guy.


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