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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 6:31am-7:01am EDT

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broad by freedom loving justice slapping and two. guys ation an act of waste and us and them even democratic minded publication they put pressure on their coward mentor and finally they give me reason you've said many times that the us and nato pushed the afghans from the frying pan into the fire what exactly do you mean by that because these are no doubt alliance fundamentalist warlords who are mentally same like taliban but only fiscally has been changed after nine eleven and these warlords they were in power from their duty to ninety six to be full of domination of the taleban in alone in kabul they culled more than sixty five thousand and sent people destroyed our national security raped even our phoria sold babies and grand old matters and many other crimes similar like the taliban they committed against our people back there were to bloody hands who went to my school for democracy sutent thai and they come in power after nine eleven and impose on
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our people and that's why it's situation day by day getting worse two wars but truly things were worse for women under the taliban regime when we couldn't go to school and walk in the street alone what sort of progress have you seen. in afghanistan since two thousand and one it is true that after nine eleven tragedy. here in afghanistan especially in some big city usa metro table some schools. they have access to joppa education i think most of problems are soft afghanistan especially in the fall with problems as in the wages and districts that situation for woman is like hell killing of women that much easier foot of water loss and also taliban like killing of both tens of thousands of innocent civilians has been killed by occupation forces who are bombing from the sky most of them are foremen and children and rape case to start mistake while incest as soon. tax bombing the
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schools and a many other mr dusek installment crimes against women increasing rapidly even have started the united states invaded afghanistan more than ten years ago because the taliban regime was sheltering osama bin laden is dead now does that change anything for afghanistan unfortunately you know to those who give shelter to osama bin ladin now the u.s. government to natural end why do you say. to. a mafia puppet regime of hama to kind of say. of the last also have no problem with them they are brought in crete and they are fighting just because of the paul war because of the dollar and our puppets and enemies are for people especially for men but us government. put. their movie star by killing of osama bin laden and. because i want to tell you elections are
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coming they want sam sexes disallow action and to deceive people off of wars especially people after us for the people of afghanistan or some of bin laden has died has been killed ten year cycle. the us government used him as a knife to me or to deceive people off the. others so. they need to have this criminal war and. so-called war on terror so you've clearly become a fierce critic of the u.s. mission in afghanistan but what happens when the united states leaves their plans to begin drawing down forces this summer are you worried about civil war or the return of the taliban i think your main ted. this honest politician who contend with war crimes in afghanistan and my country just lawyer for one hand they are telling publicly to our people and to. people truly are that they
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will leave afghanistan by mid up to two thousand and eleven or two thousand and twelve by the soon but from other hand they are talking about. this talking about us prominent political bases in afghanistan and they are here for a strategy regional economy contrast and they will make another excuse and it's why beautiful scour made to make an enemy to invent an enemy as always they need to justify the war so that they leave afghanistan as now my people they faced truly powerful enemies warlords taliban and al corp forces local reality future political reconciliation will have to include the taleban. would likely demand certain compromises as far as civil freedoms grow afghanistan particularly for women. would you be willing to negotiate with i think it makes no sense that. just like warlords they will negotiate with and thereby terrorists like
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taliban and the result of this is clear for evil as a human being and especially we know that how much bloody and they are terrorists mr arjun it's really more bloodshed more weiland soso especially against women and more mysterious power people and it's not new news for afghan people taliban already this ten years they were in power in directly they have support us godfather like us to maintain specially this time we are supported taliban in directly by pakistan through pakistan. and taliban already they were in power a member of the parliament. pretty member of the side of this style of mullard salada. foreign minister of the taliban has good lives in the safest place of the couple. you've spoken of the taliban in pakistan their imbecile you know he also has a good life in the safest place of kabul in even sometimes as a. station coming to the media this list can be prolonged that these killers all
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duty they are in power so what you're saying is it's a choice between living with us nato forces here and we're being struck again with warlords and the taliban or is it all the same our history shows that we have powerful history we never accept occupation british in the past want to occupy afghanistan faced with resistance of our people rush as a superpower wanted to occupy our country our people with empty hands give them a very good lesson and day by day resistance of the people getting more resistance after student of the university some democratic minded party is all going to be afghan people they come on the streets with the date the bodies of peace appliance was profitable for many children and they're bad there's usually. us out of afghanistan but there used to be a time when most afghans supported the u.s. mission in afghanistan. why did start to change after nine eleven even
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a lot of people they had no good experience a happy heart about foreigners they had experience british ratio in the past but because the. thousands of innocent people american people has been killed and nine eleven tragedy they thought maybe this time they will be honest people and will remove this hell upon from the power and they really need to honest helping hand but unfortunately. remove the taliban by brought in power to foot a copy of the taliban as they are by this situation getting worse and millions up afghan by presence often suffer thousands troops in afghanistan they suffered from injustice insecurity and joblessness poverty etc so they find out from this situation from this occupation and now afghanistan is the second most corrupt country and of course more than sixty two million dollars carries a story she received from the so-called international community and that the name of the construction of afghanistan is schools are fronts where you do it's a truck but most of these. he went into the pocket of these warlords who are in
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power even family of harvard guys they himself corruption to start from the palace house and to the small offices and a million south afghan now they live below the poverty line like two dollars a day while it's the second is woman day by day increasing more and more and tens of thousands of innocent people has been killed most often wild women and children best ten years only two picture i can show you that. these children they're not towers that they did a name of taliban and now they're in white. two giant they cower whenever they show these pictures to justice love and peace loving people around therefore i think people love us i don't know what they're going to but my people that democracy never come by a nation democracy never come by military invasion democracy never comes by class that bomb by white phosphorus by muscle car by bumping our wedding parties you paint a pretty bleak picture right now are you hopeful about the future of your country.
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i believe as long as hope is alive and you think it's possible secret here and here enough afghanistan who are underground activist these are hopes these guys who are going to school they have to education despite all of these traits convey to our seats and their faces when they show another story and they did they they briefly say yes when we become treatment again we will go to school these are hoops and money i did example that's why i always my mrs street justice loving people around the board is that please educationally support my people because education is a key. regarding this distance off afghan people against occupation and against its and democracy justice is meaningless your first constant threats here you have many supporters over seas are of very dear to to move abroad we're here and we have afghanistan for good not for because i'm no better than my people as person as a human rights woman that. sacto was born to play my role and i was i strongly
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believe that woman died human rights democracy freedom justice and peace these values are not something a bunch of beautiful flower that's fallen out well against us it is true that we are receiving day cleared so and quite not normal life we have because of telling the truth and raising their wives against all competition against wildlife taleban have to live underground and headed to mighty skin limitation and dander up by a which is the positive find and hopefully find that people day by day and giant as more and support me more truth yes support i understand how much are right as always i say to my people that even if for a second i would sit silent you think that that's just like a political data for me as i believe that and always i'm saying i don't feel it even our people they kill our people the fear state and different way i feel put silence against injustice thank you heart and times who are raising the truth to.
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the news today volunteers once again. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. for a shelter all day. you
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with r t live from moscow it's good to have you with us and our president dmitri medvedev has just launched our doc it's a new r.t. t.v. channel featuring original documentaries all about russia the russian leader visited r.t. headquarters in moscow to get the show on the road the channel of broadcasts in english twenty four seven explores history culture nature and science all with a russian twist and those who want to try out their communication skills will also learn the basic basic scheme of the language with a short tutorials called a little bit of russian arty doc is available to millions of viewers via satellite all around the globe and of course it can also be watched online r t v dot r
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t dot com. two forty six in the afternoon here in moscow let's go to a unit in the sports union so it's a fine time to be a moscow fan in both football and basketball codes i tell you what rory football team top of their league running away with basketball they've just signed an n.b.a. player things are looking good for them much more not just the same impressive. thanks for joining us if this is sports today i mean you know neal plenty ahead this hour including this. sting c.s.k. moscow dominate against lokomotiv tremaine top of the russian premier league.
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on course fears for his dream of a first ever grand slam title moves a little closer to reality easing into the third stage at wimbledon. the only moves basketball club sign a center from the n.b.a. and an additional guards to help them try and recapture former glory so. let's get the ball rolling with football where i have been tame their spot up the russian premier league summit the army men seeing off city rivals luck a motif three one in one of the night's two most could always say they didn't be getting the ball rolling thirty minutes in after great work from the industrious wagner love you're on the outside. first attack of notes would result in an equaliser young the rich brilliantly his free kick right before the half hour mark it was all one way traffic after that's the army men's go ahead striking up salute clinker from zoren toss it but perhaps the local shot stopper should could have
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done better to talk after a tough could follow with the security strike coming fifty eight minutes in case suki honda playing a beautiful pass the serve holds on to the ball for just arrived time to india for his second goal three one though was the finals. than either keeping the pressure up on the leaders though the same petersburg side seeing off coupon courtesy of veteran constantine xavi out of thirty fifth minute strike the reigning champions for me. two points behind the muscovites to hold a game in. elsewhere third a couple of points adrift of zany courtesy of a chill when at home to vote high flying on second from bottom. but not before. left the pitch after a. few minutes from time wins also for.
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what's for us by constantine. it was the first match in charge for nearly pointed dinamo manager can well afford to spoiling his debut as the red in ways hadn't beaten their rivals in seven straight matches over the last three and a half years however it was the moment who controlled the early possession with a wasted several great scoring unfortunate is but the danger was mounting. and they did some show finally broke the deadlock after thirty four minutes with this diving head at spartak while looking five key players duty injury and failed to create anything more here for you all well denominate doubled their telly as form only they will forward on the wrong and sent the ball into the net with a powerful shot with twenty five minutes to go and that sealed the final score to
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neil. as we expected it turned out to be a tight game we started good from the kick off and as a result schooled in the second half we doubled the lead and relaxed but played confident in defense and didn't give spacek a chance to school. these are the best players who are fit to play at the moment i can't blame them anything more than. passion on the pitch they did everything they could but what have you so dunamis celebrated the day. killed with three valuable buoyant inquiry into for sport well sport dark some would be a seat defeated in fifteen metres and why eight his name but they're both o.t. . i thought is all the support we have back to you and so i interrupting you we've got some rather big news here on r.t. but thank you for the sports we'll see you soon you are with r t and president dmitri medvedev has just launched arts he dog a new r.t. t.v.
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channel featuring a regional documentary is all about russia the russian leader visited our r.t. headquarters right here in moscow to get the show on the road to channel broadcasts in english twenty four seven it explores history culture nature and science all with a russian twist and those who want to try out their communication skills will also learn the basics of the russian language with short tutorials called a little bit of russian arty talk is available to millions of viewers of via satellite all around the globe and of course you can also be watched online r t d daughter r t v dot com today is a brand new launching the debut today of our new documentary channel dot to have a look for. the shit that was not and. we have never broadcast before it's the first time i'm going to do this well let's
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watch. your ego the recipient of this sort of you know you're going to get. people watching the satellites now what did we see this and nobody has seen what this broadcasting right now. but then. so this is the intro and now there's going to be a film on the culture i mean there are over fifty people working there for six years or even shooting films on the. sure technology. well a very exciting stuff indeed the russian president right here at our headquarters today the launch of. our new documentary channel so now takes a look at how a new version of russia prepare prepares is going global. they travel through snow and rain and cross rivers they go hunting beyond the polar
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circle and take to the skies they talk to ghost through shamans and study dusty archives they are the team of documentary a new channel made by those who want to share their discoveries of russia. or do the commensurate is unique to our viewers who will not only have a chance to find out more about russian history and nature culture traditions or curiosities but also learn one of the most difficult languages on the planet our mini syria is a little bit of russian is an adventure in its own rights and that is also why we have a russian letter d. in our logo a russian d for russian documentary will sit proudly on the cube traveling to the country's most glanders time corners to hear thousands of stories and find answers to myriads of questions. like what's behind be a city in traditional baking three cakes for a wedding and only two for a funeral or what kind of a note in a personal diary could have doomed
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a soviet schoolgirl to ten years in a gulag. question more they say and have answers attend to locals and all i myself have learned a lot through our documentaries i never thought russia has so much beauty in interesting places but my favorite programs that those that look back at history of your school soviet files meeting with nature faces of russia off track art lounge and technology of a date are just some of the programs the channel will put up for the viewers judgement proud and excited the team is happy with the result i would like i would years to see that. russia is not only natural beauty it's also a strong spirit it's also. been tested here with the stories and they want. to i want to introduce the world. russian heart of the world aggression saw they'd been collecting stories for over five years some have already received
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international recognition and awards others have never seen the light of day but finally this unique collection goes worldwide this is the nerve center of any t.v. station from him anything that goes on there is broadcast from now on the brand new channel documentary will take its permanent place on one of these screens hoping it will become a favorite of the globe. gary pushed over r.t. moscow. all right very interesting stuff indeed the new documentary trouble do try and find it somewhere on your television it is global in english twenty four hours a day fascinating stuff all right you with r.t. live from moscow let's turn over to the weather forecast now and i'll be back with the headlines.
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today children play war in the old case maybe. but in june nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow and. funders the rest of us were dying one by one under system of fire and. water in the interim i am i. was. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words farewell mother i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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mission for. cretaceous three is for charges free. range month three risk free stews types free. food free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media and on to our teeth dot com.
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the. libyans in opposition held benghazi cry out against alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces this is a nato continues its bombardment in support of the country's uprising. president obama unveils plans to begin the withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan but there are concerns that while troops may leave american drone attacks will continue. and president medvedev launches a new documentary channel bringing the best of russia into a global audience. also in our business bulletin russia is ready to resume imports of european vegetables but under certain conditions find out more in twenty minutes time and all business goals.
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this is aussie live from moscow i'm a real receive a very warm welcome to you while the growing number of civilian casualties in libya raises serious misgivings about nato intervention even among. supporters of the campaign but it's not only nato bombs that pose a threat to libyans the rebels stand accused of committing atrocities against their own people. is the story. this family hasn't had the war quiet and peaceful like this one for months they've escaped to the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi to hide in this refugee camp in the west of the country after a life in their native town became a nightmare. it's not safe there anymore it's become dangerous and it's not only because of explosions and gunshots one day people from the government and been you
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call them rebels we call them terrorists came to me and told me we have to arrest your daughter because we know that she supports gadhafi. these keep has been long and hard for the when the family well i remember was that a couple of i had to hide for some time from them as they've been searching for me and then we knew there was a bus coming from benghazi to near zero the bus with the rebels for their purposes we took that bus with our faces covered and everybody was against gadhafi on it we told them that we were also against him and they lot of soon we kept silent until we went to egypt and from there via tennessee and we were sent here. to get them to sodomize brother dr sabri a surgeon has also fled the city he says they've made three attempts on his life but he only finally left when he saw a killing. to kill from from or from your killing him in front of ice your own good his but on the world that jealous.


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