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like to to start where were the transformers everybody's talking about it today well it's and it's the first thing that there that i did was preview here yes there's a lot for it buster of this scale is premiering in moscow and it's premiering at the opening at the opening day of the festival in the world wait for me it's a well it's a world premiere yeah right well first of all why did they choose moscow and i mean i mean the promoters and the right holders of the film end and why did you choose to to agree or it's like a marriage demands that both of you in it. there's the who's the bride and. i think about the first of the root and the premier is the bride. of first of all the market the russian market becomes very important especially for this kind of movies which are mostly to children and teenagers these films have a huge success here sometimes
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a larger succès than elsewhere in the world. secondly the time has come because i think six or seven years ago i spoke to people at warner brothers and we discussed the possibility of a world premiere in moscow they said in principle yes but the time hasn't come yet and sold now the time has come as far as commercial or as we critics say joram always and the first the rules or one of the things that happened at the last cannes festival is that yearly from all said the programming director my kind of person. said in the beginning that what changed is the relationship between the festival and desirable viewers because ten years ago it was something slightly and decent cresent a successful tsar movie in the big festivals now it's a rule for the biggest festivals who pay attention to this kind of product will you will you try to do. to make it
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a tradition to open the moscow film festival with their world premiere. i think that it should be a world premiere but it might be a russian film world one year or a baby european film but from here i'm against a general rule just say i think it is the only hollywood not. so the cio perhaps the chaney's film world. and what's important to say is that this kind of movies have a specific static while it is and well not one of the what it is a paradox because for example the beginning of the twentieth century the great artist said all we are hoping that it will be art for the sake that only the formal quality will be taken into consideration and in fact that's what happens in hollywood movies now because they repeat the same thing over and over again but only the quality of this scene of this will suit of the special effects of this
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erotic to see what matters here this is most of the russian filmmakers and for critics are generally anti home with me to you are no exception to no i'm not entirely hollywood because hollywood is important hollywood is a transnational not american cinema and there is a thing that is called mass culture of global culture which in film passes through hollywood and bollywood even within india and there are lots of other types of cultures that are represented in our polls movies low budget movies experimental movies or even video art which is shown in exhibit sions and then the whole school film festival in the. medicare program so i think that the diversity of the film is what's important moscow film festival it's different it is one of the greatest events in the in the industry but it's different from the others what's its place what's a particular feature. on in first moscow phil first there was one of the vulgar
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fourteen forty four fourteen there called a festival say it's not known they're not not officially that but still their reach means that they have a general competition of. feature length films from all over the world they happen in a big film producing country they have the support of the local producers association and the support of the international federation of producers of suspicion and there is only one festivals the sky country and small countries don't have the possibility to. such a versatile of we the greatest festivals the current cannes venice and berlin film festivals and moscow as part of the second group which includes moscow montreal and canada. no london is not part of the group not that. they
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are and noncompetitive a long long long festival twenty five days so then look at our door in switzerland sunset in spain and karlovy vary in the czech republic and moscow competes with these festivals for world premieres of interesting films and that fortunately we can't compete with the big three there is a movement downside for the berlin film festival and the moment upside for the moscow also my hope is that if i live long enough that moscow will become the third festival anywhere live my old girl there that you know the second group. ok well let's hear more about one of the oldest film festivals in the world in a report by spotlights union they didn't need them or. it might have all started with writing marilyn and proclaiming cinema the most important of the arts anyway judging by this monumental what plan. in moscow that
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a filmmaker is clearly worshiped in russia and that is celebrated here every doing when dozens of movies from around the world arrive in moscow for the international film festival it was the soviet action film which first got it go when in one thousand thirty five the first of a moscow international film festival had to wait in the research gate eisenstein on the jury the prizes then went to the soviet civil war epic but also to a fringe ruin that cool air comedy and the disney cartoon three little pigs it was not until the one nine hundred sixty s. that the festival became a regulator vent every of the year the soviets could enjoy a breath of fresh cinema to graphic there from the west and see four in stars arrive in moscow for the rico fellini's masterpiece eight and a half and won the festival's grand prize in one thousand sixty three despite legend having it that nikita crew sure fell asleep while watching the soviet
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festival was not devoid of its scandals like the famous episode when juno or brigida and elizabeth taylor appeared at a party wearing the same dresses for soviet russia so the festival rebranded the first prize changed to the golden soon george and the price for acting achievements called i believe comes thousand nine hundred seventy slapsticky been awarded to would see the most stars like meryl streep and jack nicholson the opportunity to see the latest films from around the world draws crowds to the festival venues the last moscow international film festival was attended by two hundred thousand people . you won't what are the principle of selection of the film for the first of all today in any modern days are the ange just of course because in the soviet times. most simple. part of the first there was to see the commercial
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broadcasters from the united states europe and india which people didn't see here you know the really early on shown in cinema the other fifty weeks or so here at festival is something organized to see films this year khan syria that only now the hollywood blockbusters are all over the place so and we are showing films that you can see anywhere that means art house experimental artistically interesting movies which means that the audience is smaller than during soviet times are because the audience of film buffs is not there's larger dogs instead of large ones to see underneath once again so does the basic difference are the names difference is. the festival has become more specialized the more professional there is a business school business where the festival there are several meetings about film called productions people are coming not only to watch movies but also to do business and it's
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a sign of the times are then the festival has become more diversified it as a. media part of the experimental films part of it the scene if i don't bart of it is important and this this year festival especially build the bold contradictions the opposites joining sometimes in the same name is the sex we all have out there so for example in the first day the competition after the opening the next day where showing a film made by a former czech president vaclav havel of just called leaving it's about himself here was mostly and so it's a classical drum beat. or main reminding some classical. things that have been very influenced of us love havel is a playwright on the other hand the same. they would have
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a film by john walsh on it no knock. films. likes to show the audience is so it's a story of a love story that on the ship was let sex scenes and lots of blood so a lot of the program director of the moscow international film festival spotlight will be back shortly after the break so stay with us and we'll be back in no time. for him. to cut the nutrition cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry and it just gets up the infection straight out of software to make the screen and the
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building blocks from brushes first nationwide four g. network tomsk on top of that you have to. leave the future covered. welcome back to the spotlight i'm alvin arbonne just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is kiddieland as the log of the
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program director of the moscow international film festival he'll you have mentioned a number of movies that we'll see during the festival this year but what's your personal favorite and does it have a chance to win. by personal favorites are outside of competition area if i have ever had since said the competition i'm not but madrid to say it's only because of people who could see that as trying to influence the jury but can you can you now must they your favorites outside the competition if you showed so the competition what lots of films that they find very interesting. from different points of view let's say from an artistic point of point of view i like film the film the artist which was shown in. it's a black and white film about the passage from the. silent film to the talk is very fun and very well done with a very good doctor on the other hand i find that. the film will do a program called the third age belt elderly people will be interesting for some
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audiences not for the teenagers of dance for once but do the opposite and especially the film about. the so called new ball it's kind of satirical comedy when tiny minority from also and there is also a film sex and sad which is considered the first erotic firm in three d. never made. it so it will be a night screening of children but it will be one of the sensations of the festival so he you mentioned children couple of times i have never seen a lot of children on a. full festival you do really mean children are going to want to watch films at moscow film festival we have a special something that we have a special screening. of an animated film we want to show it twice once with subtitles for older audiences and one dubbed in russian for all children because
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children certain age country subtitles i would like to see more children in the festival but in berlin for example they have a special festival for children a special festival for teenagers has three separate it's part of the balloon but it's a separate part of the berlin island away not and we have a film made by a fourteen year old boy in the program of short films and we have a film by ninety nine year old companies from director going to see dogs in the in the competition you mentioned a lot of films but you didn't say anything special about russian from makers what is your opinion are russian films russian filmmakers still relevant on the international market some are some are not and. the general trend the general trend in the film market is a such or we have i think one commercial director. robert of
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who even made hollywood movies. as far as the first of all sort of get disconcerted to have at least ten directors that are evidence for. circuit and we are trying to find new names and also new films that will go into the circuit for example we have a film by selling a lot money he's a young director the film is called chop it will show it's a large big film for three dollars forty minutes a fairly ness can we when able to go to visit the rector to make it shorter but it will be a sensation on the other hand whichever the last film by nikolai her memory kid whose films before that went to the can film festival usually now we convince him to give his new film involves the moscow of an entirely different type in the section to go a premieres we're showing the target the film of each of which was shown in berlin
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so there are many direct and we have a large puddle rommel's russian farm said the dump you know house of filmmakers where we show practically all the interesting film made last night international audiences when they go to watch russian movie they don't expect a hollywood like blockbuster standing they there they would rather expect something something closer to our house is that true oh yes of course that they're looking for something exotic they're looking for something spiritual they are looking for through a list of course traditions something are very very very difficult to please what are the best countries to sell russian films to europe asia america was some asian countries india and china. is some special audiences in the in america but mostly festival audiences even if some films are sold. and the big cities like paris and london where they have place in the cinemas for films
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like that because the part of non european films and russia is considered the european on the european country not bad of the. european union. so we don't have their advantages that give the european union for distributing films out of the waters and well let's remember can did can give us give us a hint about the main trend in modern filmmaking what's going to end today. there is no main trend in art holds movies and festival movies there is a main trend in commercial type of products all of the main trend is the french are seeing the things that have been successful waiting for someone to invent something you saw avatar is the main trend of this part of production as far as the festival landscape is considered a we see many exotic schools different types of field directing new names and
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old names that make new films because cannes is very truthful to the directors they discovered and we are trying to do the same in moscow so that's why we are showing a fourth film of connectivity and going to be tension because he is naked island won an award in moscow and sixty one between fifty years ago exactly. are the director famous russian director alex who cheated it was here in this studio a while ago he told spotlight i quote the main trouble for most russian films is that they lack a good story and quote do you agree with this assessment on no because of course they lack a good story it's a problem for local audiences but as far as festivals are concerned they're looking for something different they're looking for something exceptional perhaps
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a film without a story at all or a film with a short story really becomes very long. for commercial the commercial part of the business needs good storytelling. as far as their district bart of it sometimes goes without it or against the media forum for example it's all films with those story in principle avatar to refer no story around that the good guys and the bad guys are all that said it's just. the world but now he would they call it a story this is the main difference because this is what they call a study that i mean that's an. affront movie called as clyde as played by sure lots of error in the program of the two eleven moscow fall festival is a remake of an old russian movie nine hundred eighty eight who called dear union the silly game yes which shows that the russian school of of screenwriting the sunday school is clearly was was very very. strong so who would you
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single out among contemporary russian russian writers who write for cinema although many new names for example you're good at throw ski calls and also. the guy who made. of the screen play. for let's say that i had in the religious really just story several interesting screenplays but i'm becoming old saw don't remember them but they help to give us a. good base here they're all saw all the people who are writing stories on. for example stories made this specially for the director such as out of the works with but i gather all the time and the examine dads who was one of the best storyteller worked with. the idea of the shit
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of now because it has become a film director on his own to his last film was shown in berlin and petition so some writers become directors some script writers move elsewhere for example vadim of subtle humor who is in on right works resilient second film already a world out of it of the writing of victor believe in who is a very good writer is very difficult to put on screen but some people tried ginsburg tried to generation be on screen so there are good writers there was some korean writers there would be people who ride for theater and then move to cinema. and also there is this school of new drama which tries to change the rules not to fold the check of type of writing and to move elsewhere sometimes it's chucking something they don't like is something they use the words of the.
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screenplays and places all but it works and the younger audience is full well. i also wanted to ask you about the budget you say that the mascot for the festival is trying to become one of the three main events of the year of this kind . do you have enough. money i mean what's the budget of the festival kind of going to be compared with there with con when nobody has enough money we can have twice as much money is it still won't be enough the budget the official budget of the festival is known the state is given their own c million dollars for violent of three billion dollars in dribbles for the festival each year as far as the sponsors are concerned it depends on the years but in fact it's never more than the half of this. it's much less than the budget the
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official budget of both twenty million euros and if we count every think it's forty million. for example it's a festival in korea and johndroe has a budget of one million dollars. which is considered not a big festival not a day festival but that's just the art house local folks so they will never be enough money but we should think about giving the. product for the money and given better the money gives up the possibility but the main problem is not that the main problem is this. state rules in russia that each year we have to pass a separate and who will do the festival and this is this is that this is the problem because it doesn't exist and you wear that for how for a year more than half a year the festival disappears the people who do it don't do anything are not permitted to do anything or not official representatives anything to get the right
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to do the next. well there's no this is right this is bureaucracy a lot. thank you thank you carol and there congratulation there that you still made it happen this year thank you and just to remind that my guest on the show today was killed off the longer the program director of the moscow international film festival that's open now from politics will be back with more than can. untitled what's going on in and outside russia so let's stay on party and take care as it. moves.
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in the czech republic he is available in this gallery hutto central hotel premier and most regular full stop aida which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. the children of each. of. which you know. hotels. there are a boutique hotel and you look totally. in serbia is available in one hundred
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regency. stuck in the middle with intensified nato bombardments claiming civilian lives and alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces some libyans are feel betrayed after what initially started as a nationwide uprising. but u.s. trade to boost football in afghanistan obama announces the withdrawal of over thirty thousand troops while deadly drone strikes are stepped up sparking fears of more civilian casualties. accused of inciting hatred and discrimination against muslims such far right politician how to build those walks free from according as it rules his comments full within the boundaries of political debate. and bringing the best of russia and its heart and soul to a global audience twenty four hours a day parties a new documentary. dog goes live with the help of
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a president. just after six pm here in moscow you with on c welcome to the program throughout the course of the four months long revolution against colonel qaddafi regime libyans have found themselves surrounded by threats nato forces have killed hundreds of civilians during the bombing campaigns this according to government claims rebels have been accused of committing atrocities against their own people. reports. this family hasn't had the war quiet and peaceful like this one for months it was keep to the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi to hide in this refugee camp in the west of the country after a life in their native town became a nightmare. it's not safe there anymore it's become dangerous and it's not only
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because of explosions and gunshots one day people from the government and been you call them rebels we call them terrorists came to me and told me we have to arrest your daughter because we know that she supports gadhafi. these keep has been long and hard for the win and their families what i remember was that a couple of i had to hide for some time from them as they've been searching for me and then we knew there was a bus coming from benghazi to near zero the bus with the rebels for their purposes we took that bus with our faces covered and everybody was against gadhafi on it we told them that we were also against him and they lot of soon we kept silent until we went to egypt and from there via tennessee and we were sent here. to get them a. son was a brother doctors his surgeon has also fled the city he says they've made three attempts on his life but he only finally left when he saw a killing.


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