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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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in front of i see you hanging his body on the world of the general hospital the doctor says people from the national transitional council were behind it this is the rebels' official political body set up after the revolution in libya started in the mid february its members are recognized by many countries throughout the world as the only legitimate representatives of libya there is no other venue there will be in your. new west be with them where you are again as. they talk about freedom and democracy there is no freedom or democracy they just want to bury the refugees here say they now finally feel safe but it's not that safe from the side of the frontline either. these people have gathered in the west of tripoli to bury those killed in a strike code and to leave and government officials a bomb landed on the private compound and flattened killing fifteen people including three kids but we have been calling for peace and negotiation for months
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and no one wants to listen to us now we have to pay a very heavy price of. casualties civilian casualties and also military casualties i think the time has come for the world to understand that this conflict has to come to an end immediately which is very unlikely to happen any time soon the new dog ground in this symmetry is still fresh while nato has already claimed that the operation to protect civilians must go on with clashes containing and benghazi and nato intensifying its bombardment of tripoli both eastern and western parts of the country are perilous to say and people are dying on both sides of the frontline many on the ground fear that when the democracy the west talks about will finally come here there won't be enough people left to experience it. regional.
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reporting from western libya. if you want to express your opinion on the situation .
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today. these are. despite warnings from u.s. military who want a more gradual pullout barack obama is. for the move over thirty thousand troops leave by the end of next year. military. lost nearly. troops.
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to winning the war. hillary clinton faced a difficult task and that is to justify the billions of u.s. taxpayers dollars on the war that seems to have no and inside and there was a great deal of skepticism among the senators even amid the announced withdrawal of troops in afghanistan so the secretary of state had to focus on podhoretz accomplished and there and did she mention the killing of key al qaeda members also that as she said the u.s. has broken the taliban momentum although various reports on the ground suggest the insurgency is not really subsiding there and some even say it's growing among the afghans the systematic killing of civilians by nato strikes doesn't help experts say many of those now fighting against the allied forces in afghanistan are not they are not terrorists they are fighting against who they see as invaders after one of the recent strikes that killed a significant number of civilians including children even the u.s.
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backed afghan president karzai had to make a harsh face saving statement and warning nato that if they continue killing civilians the whole of the afghan population will treat them as occupiers actually it's not just the afghan people it's also the neighboring pakistan whose assistance is key to the u.s. efforts to u.s. efforts in afghanistan and nonetheless the secretary of state said the pakistanis would rather see the u.s. leave of get us then take a listen they would be perfectly happy if we picked up and left tomorrow but what would we get for it and what would they do with it and i think the answers to those two questions mean that the president's approach which is this steady careful transition while we try to work the the diplomatic and political piece of this which includes pakistan. is exactly the right way to go many afghans are actually worried that less troops doesn't necessarily mean less bombs on their homes i mean these upcoming trip was drawls the u.s.
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as were pointedly stepped up airstrikes including growing strikes in afghanistan is thought to be part of this twenty first. training talent into war strategy as they call it you know when you have no troops on the ground no deaths of your soldiers to just to fire back at home so it becomes possible to wage a war without having to face all these accountability shoes in pakistan the u.s. doesn't half boots on the ground but it's chasing suspected terrorists with drone strikes and very actively doing so it ends up killing mostly civilians in those strikes the pakistanis are furious that their government is allowing the americans killed there to kill their own people they choose their leaders doing that in exchange for billions of dollars they received from washington some experts say by killing innocent people the u.s. is only going to generate more extremism in the region but that was not one of the issues hillary clinton addressed in her testimony before the senate committee on foreign relations this thursday addressing the american people obama said the
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pullout was possible because the taliban's momentum had been turned but an officer who's now a journalist and lawyer jack rice says it's a mistake that local afghan forces are not ready to take over. i think that the department of defense and the white house are probably mischaracterizing how this is successful if you will one of the problems is that somehow the u.s. has broken the taliban or is separating the taliban from al-qaeda well the fact is is that the taliban and kind of were separate organizations from the beginning and to simply characterize them as the bad guys as all the same guy was one of the biggest mistakes that the united states ever met and i think you are going to see more instability i mean when i talk to people they look at cars i president karzai as a crook they see him as somebody who's doing nothing but protecting himself and his own and that he was completely incompetent and i think we look at a lot of the numbers that are out there it establishes that the democracy is not
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there but you know what at the same time anybody who thinks that the u.s. or the or the europeans can roll into a country and simply say we have decided we're going to and knowing too with democracy and you put it in people's hands somehow that it's going to be accepted i can't imagine any country in the world where a foreign army would walk in and say we're going to give you something who is going to accept that you something that has to partially come from the people of afghanistan itself but it's also about trying to find a better way of life at the end of the day i don't care where you are in the world and i've been in most of these places what i can tell you is that the lion's share of people are simply trying to take care of their kids to care of their parents trying to take care of their families trying to be safe providing all of those things is a good start. coming up in of the program moscow welcomes the stars. russian capsule gets a bit of hollywood blitzing drama as the. international film festival gets underway
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. now right wing dutch politician here to wilders has been cleared by a court of inciting hatred and discrimination against muslims the controversial m.p. compared the koran to hitler's mind count in two thousand and seven and later called for an end to muslim immigration into europe the court ruled that mr wilders statements while insulting fell within the boundaries of legitimate political debate member of the european parliament of philip clients says the verdict in his trial is a victory for the freedom of expression. this is very important not just for here through this but for freedom of speech itself i think you cannot have a working democracy a functioning democracy if you don't have freedom of speech and certainly as a member of parliament villas and everyone else should have the right to speak freely and openly on problems like mass immigration is a miser and multiculturalism you know we've always been told that multiculturalism
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and was going to be great and was going to solve a lot of problems on the contrary it has become a problem in itself and it's very important that everyone should be able to you know to put forward his own solutions to the problem and that it is balanced and free debate people from outside of europe who come to any country in the european union shoot themselves through the local laws the local way of living when in rome do as a romans do and this is very important multiculturalism in reality does not work in europe we are seeing big problems in major cities major capitals in western europe where we see power societies that have emerged you know with so many people who don't feel they have to adapt themselves to the way of living in the country they went to and so this has to change i think we need a much more restrictive immigration and integration policy let's check out some other international news we have for you today. thirty four people have been killed
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and over eighty injured in the iraqi capital after three explosions at the local market police say the bombs targeted a shiite mosque there was no immediate claim of responsibility but such mosques are frequently attacked by sunni extremists including al qaeda. the european union has hit syria with more sanctions aimed at seven individuals and four companies it says the measures were broad because of the gravity of the situation in the country currently thirty four people and businesses face asset freezes and travel bans including president bashar assad sanctions that follow months of clashes between anti-government protesters with security forces reportedly killing more than a thousand people according to human rights groups. president dmitri medvedev has officially launched our new channel r.t. doc broadcasting worldwide the new english language channel airs award winning documentaries and features about russia its people life and history twenty four
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hours a day it was all systems go in the russian leader press the button right here at our to headquarters continuous coverage features original documentaries exploring history culture nature and science across the biggest country in the world and for those of you who want to learn even more in the channel will feature short language called a little bit of russian argy dog is available to millions of viewers that via satellite around the globe. has more about what's in store for viewers. they travel through snow and rain and cross rivers as they go hunting beyond. and take to the skies they talk to goosed through shamans and study dusty archives they are the team of documentary and channel made by those who want to share their discoveries of russia. do the commensurate is unique to our viewers seville not only have a chance to find out more about russian history and nature. dishes or curiosities
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but also learn one of the most difficult languages on the planet our minute serious a little bit of russian is an adventure in its own rights and that is also why we have a russian letter d. in our logo a russian d for russian documentary will sit proudly on the cube traveling to the country's most grandest time corners to hear thousands of stories and find answers to myriads of questions. like what's behind be a city in traditional baking three cakes for a wedding and only two for a funeral or what kind of a note in a personal diary could have doomed a soviet school go to ten years in a gulag. question more they say and have on says attend local small i myself have learned a lot through our documentaries i never thought russia has so much beauty in interesting places but my favorite programs are those that look back at history soviet schoolgirl soviet files meeting with nature places of russia off track art lounge
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and technology are just some of the programs the channel will put up for the viewers judgement proud and excited the team is happy with the result i would like i would years to see that. russia is not telling the truth beauty it's also a strong spirit it's also. fantastic human stories and i want. to i want to introduce the world of russian heart the world of russian soul hello my name is they'd been collecting stories for over five years some have already received international recognition and awards others have never seen the light of day but finally this unique collection goes worldwide this is the nerve center of any t.v. station from here anything that goes on air is broadcast from now on the brand new channel documentary will take its permanent place on one of these. screens hoping
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it will become a favorite. gary bush r.t. moscow. well the red carpet with all of the glitz and grand glamour of hollywood style has been rolled out in moscow where the city's thirty third international film festival has kicked off the top of the bill is the world premiere of the third transformers movie seven hundred films will also compete for the prestigious st george's award over the ten day long event artie's peter all over has more. stick out in a sphere here in central moscow ahead of the opening of the thirty for thirty third international film festival here in the russian capital plenty of fans come out to greet the great in the good in the glitz and glamor a lot of them over here right now how y'all doing. they're enjoying themselves i certainly am it's not a bad days work when you get sent here great atmosphere we've seen a lot of the stars entering into the cinema just behind me at pushkin square in the
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center of the russian capital we seem sheela both the star of the transformers movie also michael bay the director of those films he was mobbed by fans as he entered transformers three get things under way today and then it ends with the debt a realist spy thriller that will end the festival but there's some great movies to see of course we go outside of the for a competition there's also the competition for the gold and george last much wanted statue that you get for winning this bosko film festival there's also some great films that i'm a bit biased it is an international film festival i've picked out two british movies that i believe all do very very well one of them is already won the best movie award at the sunspots the on film festival this year that's it needs a drama about well known educated delinquents about young people in scotland that's supposed to be a very very good film also the biopic of the of the british playwright andrea
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dunbar now that's supposed to be a very gritty biopic a very heartwarming biopic it was nominated for a bafta that's something that i'm definitely going to be trying to see that movie is called called of the opera set in broad but in northern england should be something brilliant to see there but also another movie that i really want to check out is the angels of evil or the tally in movie about gangsters in the seventy's and the like a gangster movie who gets the big prize now if i was a betting man i would be looking towards american translation french movie a. a. classic romance tale of young love with a bit of a twist when it turns out that one of those young lovers has a tendency to kill people very gritty drama supposed to be a little bit raunchy as well so that's really my tips to win it but i don't get to make those decisions there is a panel of of really the people that know what they're talking about the judges here know they're headed up by geraldine chaplin now if you might have guessed from that last name she does know i think it's about the movie business she's the
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daughter of the great charlie chaplin so i'm sure she knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to picking good films she'll be deciding who picks up that prestigious golden george at the end of the festival next r.t.d. talks to a former afghan m.p. turned human rights champion malalai joya brave death threats and assassination attempts to expose what she calls the dark side of life in her country joya claims the nato occupation has only brought more suffering to the people of afghanistan.
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well enjoy thank you for taking the time to be with us thank you times we went there recently returned from a trip to the u.s. the didn't start well you were denied entry visa the decision was later reversed but why do you think this happened especially after the fact you visited the u.s. several times without a problem because each time in the past also when i went to u.s. and also to some other countries i exposed along policies of us in that way in afghanistan who are occupying our country under the banner of human rights human rights and democracy and also important to people that don't call yourself dr last so who are put a copy of the taliban and they waste taxpayer money and billions of dollars as now
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this operation in afghanistan this criminal wall become open secret political people around the world and us and also in other in open countries that's why white house couldn't be out to hear the truth and they want to block my wife same us here . in paul's ban on my travel abroad by a freedom loving just a slapping and two who are. an actor meister and us. and there were even democratic minded publication they put pressure on like our mentor and finally they give me reason you've said many times that the u.s. and nato pushed the afghans from the frying pan into the fire what exactly do you mean by that because these are no doubt alliance fundamental most warlords who are mentally same like taliban but only fiscally has been changed after nine eleven and these warlords they were in power from their duty to ninety six before of
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domination of the taliban in alone in kabul they culled more than sixty five thousand innocent people destroyed our national security raped even our phoria sold babies and grand old matters and many other crimes similar like the taliban they committed against our people back there with bloody hands who went to my school for democracy sutent thai and they come in power after nine eleven and impose on our people and that's why the situation day by day getting worse two wars but truly things are worse for women under the taliban regime when we couldn't go to school and walk in the street alone what sort of progress have you seen. in afghanistan since two thousand and one it is true that after nine eleven tragedy. here in afghanistan especially in some big city usa network they build some schools. they have access to drop an education i think most of problems so soft afghanistan
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especially in the fall with problems in the ballot years and districts that situation for a woman is like help killing of women that much easier for the last and also taliban like killing of for tens of thousands of innocent civilians has been killed by occupation forces who are bombing from the sky most of them are for men and children and rape case to start mistake while in service as see their tax bonding that goes to school send a man the other cities against woman crimes against women increasing rapidly even have started. united states invaded afghanistan more than ten years ago because the taliban regime was sheltering osama bin laden is dead now does that change anything for afghanistan unfortunately you know it those who give shelter to osama bin ladin now will you ask our maid to natural and why tell us to. a mafia puppet regime of how many guys they. have who are lost also have no problem with them they are not increase and they are fighting just because of the power because
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of the dollar and our puppets and enemies are for people especially for men but us government. put. their movie stars by killing off or some of them and. because i want to tell you elections are coming they want sam sexes in december action and to deceive people after of wars especially people after us for the people of afghanistan or some of bin laden has died has been culled ten year cycle. the us government used him as a nice to me to deceive people off the. others so they need to him this criminal war. so-called war on terror so you've clearly become a fierce critic of the u.s. mission in afghanistan but what happens when the united states leaves their plans to begin drawing down forces this summer really worried about civil war or the
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return of the taliban i think you meant to. this honest politician who contend with crimes in afghanistan and my country just live from one hand they are telling publicly to our people and to get people that they will leave afghanistan by mid off two thousand and eleven or two thousand and twelve by the same but from another hand they're talking about can. at least in this talking to a few us polman little pieces of afghan stuff and they are here for getting strategy getting any kind of contact in there but make out that it's news and it's why yes galah made to make enemy to anybody into an enemy as always they need to an enemy to justify. war so. they leave afghanistan as now my people they face it. poll for any warlord taleban patient forces taking part
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and tyrants who are raising their true. children play war in the old. nine hundred forty one these walls really first barrier from another troops on their way to moscow. dying one by one under siege you. want. to know when a shoulder. to shoulder left a fusion ball work. very well model and dying but i'm not sure.
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news in a directive from the capital moscow this is our teeth every with us with intensified nato bombardments claiming civilian lives and alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces some libyans are feel betrayed after what initially started as a nationwide uprising. the u.s. trades at groups for bombs in afghanistan obama announces the withdrawal of more than thirty thousand troops while deadly drone strikes are stepped up sparking fears of more civilian casualties. accused of inciting hatred and of discrimination against muslims far right politician here wilders walks free from the. experts say
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his trial shows europe's multiculturalism policies simply driven communities apart . and bringing in the best of russia and its heart and soul to a global audience twenty four hours a day that new documentary channel goes live with the help of a president. join me for those stories and more in about thirty minutes but before that we talk to those who still remember nazi germany's first offensive against the soviet union which took place in the city of brest in modern bella ruse that's next on r.t. . brest fortress today it's on the territory of the sovereign republic of belarus formerly the soviet republic of belarus a fortress was once the westernmost outpost of the soviet empire each day schoolchildren in the town of brest take part in a ceremony by a local monument to commemorate what happened there. on june twenty second one
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hundred forty one german fascist forces invaded the soviet union without a declaration of war the defenders of the breast fortress found themselves in a dead end situation it is here that the myth about the invincibility of the german army was broken after the end of the war and the fortress as a name became synonymous to perseverance courage and belief in victory for years to come. the early hours of june twenty second nineteen forty one german artillery unleashes a massive barrage from the breast garrisoned. german warplanes some ultimately dropped hundreds of bombs on the fortress soon after infantry assault groups launched the initial ground attack.


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