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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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video on demand. my old. mission street now in the palm of your. bush in. britain reveals its tail to protect its detainees from possible abuse under the u.s. extraordinary rendition program as american officials are sued for ruling torture is ok in secret prisons. from top brass to top spy u.s. army general the president to become the next cia chief but opponents question if the outgoing commander in afghanistan is fit for the job. and our pride from families in india would use the government of allowing the news of a controversial pesticide which they say is killing their children.
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which in r.c. coming to live from moscow i'm renay joshua welcome to the program the u.k. failed to track detainees handed over to the us neglecting to protect them from possible abuse the shocking revelations forced through by british m.p.'s expose a secret agreement over the treatment of prisoners passed over to washington by london artie's daniel bushell met one victim who spent years on america's most notorious overseas prison. as was arrested on the streets and sent to guantanamo for torture after five years america released him without charge to this day the u.s. has given no explanation all said story couldn't as is suing george bush's lawyer alberto gonzales for ruling torture is legal interrogators from the land of the
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free are free to cause quote simulated drowning point instrumentality impairment of bodily function organ failure and even death i was one of. those kind of person. myself. because i want science. so i was forced to agree. and i was. the us refused to even reveal they were holding as his mother owns this lawyer to find her son and it took several years there was no chance to get in contact with one of the it's really a shame of the united states what happened. concerned national law and it's simply possible that twenty first century. put some. extra. room. saying
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you have no right moves to end the practices they are imposing a set of standards on our intelligence communities in terms of interrogating prisoners that our people think would be ineffective in a classified memo gonzales did warn us gods it was legally safer to perform torture on foreign soil ministers and the european union would learn to oblige the e.u. agreed to help arrest and transport people to countries where they could be tortured in a meeting here at nato headquarters in two thousand and one detainees may or may not have been guilty since they never received a real trial which is called know for sure. barrack obama was elected on the promise to should go and turn him over but he's even appealed u.s. court rulings which give detainees some royds two years on the prison still open for business but all washington street guilty of. crimes
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against humanity saw. this region and so is your plea for participating and support exactions executives from bush down and their fear going abroad to foreigners food lawsuits over torture when the world loses what america's doing said bush's advisor we will all be ashamed the new bush shortie braman here are going to matter of u.s. forces in afghanistan general david petraeus a set of become the new cia chief the u.s. looks to be moving away from his heavy approach to war as washington stands firm on a master of pull out from afghanistan but the general's stance to his new role behind the wheel of global culture and operations raises doubts that he can be impartial to scale and for as more. he's been called the rock star four star he is without question one of the finest officers and military minds of his
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generation the architect of modern counterinsurgency a mess quite often as are all of us what do you think should happen in afghanistan and my first response is well whatever general preacher or says that's the direction in which we are going to that's gonna respect that here for you general david petraeus. returns was on capitol hill to be confirmed as the next director of the central intelligence agency in truth my goal in uniform has always been to convey the most forthright and accurate picture possible i have to be sure offered more positive assessments than the intelligence community did but although he's been lauded as the man responsible for america's strategy in iraq former c.n.n. pentagon correspondent jamie mcintyre says he has his detractors a lot of people see him as very ambitious very calculating playing the system telling the american people what they want to hear. and a lot of people also some critics also think that the success that the u.s.
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is tolerating in iraq is vastly overstated and despite his star power some in the military say petraeus is better at navigating the media and washington than a battlefield it's called the green zone hero. these are your senior officers who never actually saw any action who have never themselves been under direct star and have never pulled the trigger and killed anyone in combat although president obama called him a quote lifelong consumer of intelligence others are skeptical that the trailers will fit in at the cia their evaluation of iraq their evaluation of afghanistan have been generally diametrically opposed to what the troops have said his characterization of conditions on the ground in that country bears no resemblance to what people in the central intelligence agency and general petraeus spent thirty seven years in uniform i will hang it up to leave the cia as a civilian senate republican leaders praise president obama's decision for quote choosing competence in continuity but that same continuity means petraeus will be in charge of assessing his own success in iraq and afghanistan and ford r.t.
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washington d.c. as general slides over to the cia the nature of war seems to be shifting with him the u.s. president says the troop pullout from ghana stand was possible because the taliban's momentum has a brain that's despite calls from top military brass for a more gradual drawdown a former cia officer jack rice says washington's confused its enemies in the country. i think that the department of defense and the white house are probably mischaracterizing how this is successful if you will one of the problems is that somehow the u.s. has broken the taliban or is separating the taliban from al qaeda well the fact is is that the taliban and al qaeda were separate organizations from the beginning and to simply characterize them as the bad guys as all the same guy was one of the biggest mistakes that the united states ever met i think you are going to see more instability and when i talk to people in other parts of the country they look at
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president karzai as a crook they see him as somebody who's been nothing but protecting himself and his own democracy is not here but you know what at the same time anybody who thinks that the u.s. or the over the europeans can roll into a country and simply say we have decided we're going to we're going to you with democracy you put it in people's hands i can't imagine any country in the world where a foreign army would walk in and say we're going to give you something who is going to accept that. also i have for you the program of world beating technique to cure hard disease by our russian party ologists are treating irregular heartbeats using electric shocks. also the hot issues that broadly years of juice other nations to the world's cold wisconsin all the details in just a few minutes. ukraine's former prime minister yulia tymoshenko is in court on charges of abuse of power she's accused of stealing a highly profitable gas deal with russia in two thousand and nine which allegedly
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lawsuit gray around four hundred million dollars investigating premier had no authority to sign such contracts without cabinet approval to call the trial a farce claiming it's orchestrated by her political rival president viktor yanukovych if convicted she faces up to ten years in jail. it's cheap effective and highly toxic and itself and as a pesticide banned in most countries but still widely embraced by farmers in india however its use carries grave consequences with a whole generation of children suffering health problems and while the government claims there is no affordable alternative to the chemical ordinary families are paying the price you may find some of the images i'm pretty sure there's reports disturbing. this girl's body is the size of a b.b. but in reality she's five years old in her short life. has endured an operation to
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reduce the size of her abnormally large head and she's not the only one suffering like this the doctors who have to put a tube into her child's hand otherwise there would be complications. and serious mother thinks she knows what's caused it here in the cashew plantations in india southern state of carola the government sprayed a highly controversial pesticide endosulfan on the crops during the ninety's that the people here say is causing a generation of deformed children victims groups believe there are around nine thousand children like syria with swollen heads and developing at only half the rate they should first some parents that prospect is too much choosing abortion sometimes just urban we laid my daughter was operated on in the eight months of pregnancy until recently india was the only country in the world which allowed the youth of endosulfan the agricultural ministry said there with simply no other cheap
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alternative to the powerful path but after mounting pressure at home and abroad the supreme court voted on an eight week ban of the path of god which is back to expire in mid july while studies show the endosulfan causes severe developmental and reproductive problems in both humans and animals proponents of the pasta site say their rivals are the ones pushing this ban these polices only will need you because you will lose. but the families of the sick feel that they've been forgotten for long enough. there is no value for human life it's all about the money people don't care about each other these days people who have money ok to grow as this high caste and the poor people ok. and it is low cost and nobody cares whether we are dead or alive the families are drained emotionally and financially their life savings wiped out
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to care for their severely disabled children. i feel very sad when i see my child like this though it's disturbing we have to tolerate it. there's little point waiting for government relief repeated requests fall on deaf ears in the capital all these families can do is make the most of the short lives there is faker children will have most will die before their twentieth birthday preassure either r t carola india. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world the secretary of state has warned of an escalation brous after reports that syrian forces raided a village near the turkish border you'll recall and said it could deepen the conflict and worsen the plight of refugees troops using snipers and tanks were seen on the syrian side of the border on thursday forcing more people to flee to turkey over ten thousand have shelter and camps and almost fifteen hundred have been
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killed since crack since the crackdown on anti-government protesters started in march. the e.u. has pledged to help greece what it's suppose over a looming bankruptcy and debt the country could gain vital bailout funds once parliament passes fresh stary measures next week the greek government has to approve a further twenty eight billion euros and budget cuts over five years these are passed that greece could get another twelve billion euros in cash as part of the current rescue package from euro zone countries and the i.m.f. . to huge earthquakes have hit in the pacific ocean near alaska's aleutian islands there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries at tsunami warning issued for coastal areas off the american state was later cancelled the quake struck one thousand miles west of the major alaskan city of anchorage. thousands of students clashed with police in the chilean capital santiago rioters
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threw stones at security forces tried to disperse the crowds with water cannon over twenty people were detained according to local media demonstrations demanding an increase in public education funding started three weeks ago students teachers and school managers to go to the streets. it's the latest medical breakthrough of using electric shocks to cure a normal heart beats moscow center for carty existed just forty minutes to carry out the life changing procedure doctors hope the innovation will soon be ample matter all over the world alice had watched the surgery take place. plain hearing the work being carried out so that could have his legs a comedy about skilless during minimally invasive hybrid surgeries being carried out to correct the hearts are written it will be a regular hoskyns and what's new is that this surgery falls into soon stages probably to boast of the patients on the web things of the nice things that
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mounting a system which is literally a belt placed around the page shipped with some two hundred forty electrodes attached to it which allows the surgeons to look at the heart in free t. or to really pinpoint the exact location of the regular hop exhibit by the time the patient comes to surgery and i'm to go to the operation that people just witnessed the location of the hall people will know and the time spent in case we do far less than the aforesaid minutes and it's to put the accuracy and success of the operation moving fall higher it's also thought that the recovery period will quiet is following this surgical approach here's the results close to one hundred percent success. interation no control which gives you some really approximately sixty percent we know that for the patient is difficult to go for the
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open heart surgery when years the possibility could be critical because a new goes for covered or abrasion good three or four times and then the results become better but get this same prime repair me joe atrium becoming bigger and bigger so we modify surgery a disgrace would be species and made it very short safe from bleeding in saved from a blow up and the reason why surgeons are trying so hard to develop this new technology. it is because the risk me is all increasing the recognizes big problem or saying he would rush to put across the world they could cause a client in both the length and quality of one's life a poem is still still working but it seems stroked it's the work that needs. the way for you to hide a stroke. to success for more patients the false rush it will be
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able to make you sold this is not consistent. with the living will surgery which takes the less time we'll take you to be more curious. i was it worth reporting there and if you missed any of our on in our stores just go. online plus there is always more news and video lined out just for you there here is a text. at dutch court for yours far right politician dear welder's of he charges against muslims saying is scotland's war within the scope of acceptable public debate. and cries and i'm a get of launches our new documentary channels a new vision of russia gets around the clock global reach can see the new addition to the arts in family at r t v dot artsy dot com.
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she has an obstinate and unpredictable nature but you're ready for that if you ever go to antarctica she shows no favor to anyone in the icy and inhospitable way and treats all visitors equally from tourists to top officials are keyshawn thomas witnessed the world's coldest continent playing host to not one but two national presidents. as a military c one thirty approaches
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a gravelly or strip the people on land prepare for celebration and official ceremony. the presidents of both she lay and ecuador are making an official visit to their respective research stations in antarctica where we follow obese it is a very important visit but it is also important for our people as we here at the gates week to the rest of antarctica and for chile it is very important to support the antarctic treaty. with our important. for president sebastian pinera his visit has the potential to be a political hot point as chile holds a territorial claim or the antarctic peninsula clear down to the south pole but on this particular trip controversies were put aside in favor of a more international message but has been as should always be a continent of peace of friendship and has to be very friendly with nature and be
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unveiled. very much committed with and i'm sure that the russian people share these feelings so to get there we have to say that because because it is a country of the future of peace and also science and technology and a quid or holds no boundary claim on the continent rafael korea's visit does hold some national significance of this is a very impressive place you know the first time. he's here in antarctica so very very exciting it's very important for us. hosting not one but two presidents is a tricky business especially in antarctica when much of the planning can be changed at a moment's notice to pending on the constantly changing and unpredictable weather we if we have a saying about antarctica not only she knows who can and cannot visit her in fact last year both reza. and spinny and korea try to visit but could not land because
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the weather shifted and it was too dangerous. the organizing oppose their choice visit a delegation of this size it's quite difficult logistically they were able to fit in a little bit of russian culture with a visit to the trinity church. traveling with the presidents a delegation of both chile and ecuador's top military brass as well as chile's minister of energy. and while there were photo opportunities and press conferences the main message from these heads of state was one of international cooperation. and. an example of you know our money we can work together so to. to proof. and as their presidential flight leaves the continent after a successful visit those who stay behind continue their research to ensure that idea of unity is realized in antarctica sean thomas r t and i always get asked for
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videos and read more about shah's adventures in all corners of the world on his blog that's in our website. within a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they're far away from civilization sean thomas discovers what makes antarctica so special and attractive for many wildlife in antarctica is. an. expedition to the bottom of the earth. love him or hate him you can deny lennon's unique role in russian history a little later weeks lauren the life of the man known as the father on the revolution.
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wall street leaders change the course of history and starting off here on red square next to the magnificent moscow kremlin joining martyrdom groups as we take a look at his i think generally and this is various landmarks associated with his life and. a mascot is here in around five minutes time before that i will take a look what's happening in. one welcome to business prices dropped almost five percent on thursday that's after
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the international energy agency made a surprise announcement sixty million barrels of oil will be released from strategic reserves now half of this will come from the u.s. with other major economies providing the rest over a thirty day period it's only the third time in history that the i.a.e.a. has sanctioned the release of reserves this move is intended to offset the loss of production from libya currently involved in civil war meanwhile some opec members want a possible counter measures to prop up the oil price. now for more on this i'm joined by christine just to reno she is an oil and gas. that and poor's a research i see thank you so much for being with us what do you think we are trying to achieve right now is this simply a matter of boosting supply or is it more of a political statement of intent. i think it's three things one it is trying to ensure that when the northern hemisphere is going to the driving season there will be enough supply now a lot of the opec member countries have said the reason of supply and that is
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correct but what you need is to make sure that prices don't spiral up the second is to ensure that there is a soft landing for the economy this is not just for o.e.c.d. countries but also for developing countries who are facing a lot of pressure in terms of food prices going up and inflation at a time of economic hardship so what you are what they are trying to ensure is that the world economy does not go into a double recession and thirdly there has been a lot of frustration from oil barrels that have been taking out of the market on speculation whether this is actually true or not it's very difficult to prove but what is sure is that this is something they're traders were not expecting the problem was that before crude prices increased significantly even though the amount by which an oil prices went up was not justified so what the saying is listen guys we are going to dump oil in the market so don't try to get prices are because
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you're going to lose money we're going to flood the market with oil and you should stop doing that now what is going to happen now is that traders are no longer looking at welcome prices go up to one hundred twenty we're looking more at current prices go below ninety so these should put a barrier to oil prices cap which should hopefully ensure that the world continues to soft land and recover from the recession but it seems those prices are now with ninety one dollars of the w.t. right this is sort of levels we saw before tensions in egypt now what will happen in days after the reserve well is actually gone from the market. well you've got to understand what theory is thing it's not just dumping oil saudi arabia had said that they will increase their production to ten million barrels of oil a day to make sure that not just the driving season is well supplied for but no
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other profile interests are coming on because they were when the lead crisis took place you've got to remember a lot of the refineries were during their maintenance period now demand has increased but sort of review needs time not just to increase its production but the get it to market it takes about two weeks for the oil could reach the united states or japan so the increase in production from saudi arabia won't reach the market until maybe thirteen in some cases even sixty days so what the international aids and she is doing is that he's going to supply of oil which should start hitting the market at the end of next week so that they can greet the gap between the time when oil demand is increasing and supply from saudi arabia comes on the market so the cordon making themselves this is not a move that was taken as some agencies have reported in the lateran there have been conversations in the park i'm sure with china and india you know the countries that
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support it so during the equating the you write it and read it and countries in europe which are very frustrated by the fact that they believe that speculators can raise prices and here their economic reportedly rendering their economic policies useless at the time which is very crucial all right christine says korinos thank you so much for your time there was this industry no oil and gas on the standard and poor's interesting research. and i'm afraid that's all we have time for this hour join business. and it's time for nothing than lies and i started.
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the. man the russians would be so much brighter if you knew about some from feinstein question that some. of these food stamps on t.v. don't come. from. morning news today violent.


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