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this man was to. time and he's still idealized now i think is completely over the top to keep him in there and you know cherry in the ground and using. he turned it upside down. there's nothing else to say. it was a line in the father of these sort of you. and they were friends for the younger generation is you could say that the image of the. into a retro. figure not helped by tacky pop. and cheesy. it seems now. equally celebrated and. good and bad he did. acknowledged. the days of thousands of people queuing up to see his. locations. with him. we were real many
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other places. in front of his life. most of the. center of the country. because of german threats moved. as it was. originally. opened. for public viewing. his body might move. even. political backgrounds it is clear that lenin was an exceptional human being even. lenin moved into the moscow
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kremlin in nineteen eighteen legend has it that he took both his wife. and his. french born revolutionary innocent ottomans with him. i'm an ash where we head towards the national hunt the last two decades of the access to many many locations previously closed or even a moon in the us a soft museums houses hotels bunkers it seems the russian capital is now open to all well almost if you want an example of a consequence house in the last century this is perfect built in luncheon or three by the famed an architect from the event of the national home talent been inspiring historic landmark for more than a century before the revolution the hotel hosted foreign diplomats. loyalty business tycoons and indeed the famous after nine hundred seventy international has proclaimed the first house of the soviets and became
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a residence of the bullshit government accommodating top communist leaders our main point of interest is really one of seven the bright spots in syria since the location while antique furniture high ceilings and a sense of history is the one hundred seventy here in my opinion only has one of the best years of the capital but it's also packed full of history accommodating the ball straight party this with inside the hotel was famously home to lennon and his wife for two weeks and last night in a city in the hotel has been renovated since but still want. this grand century that's. the cheeky gaze across the kremlin and much of his cause task. today this ring costs thousands of dollars a night i'm not quite sure lennon would be too impressed with the price. same rights for everyone needs a little of this. for
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many and those interested do not necessarily need to book a room you can apply for a special tour as the department of. exclusions are organized twice a year. connects with. them in the office and how much is now on historical exhibits in. which she lived for several years. and it was open to the public in nine hundred fifty five of the most visited museums in the country but as it was located in the kremlin the same building where the government of president. it was decided to move the cabinet to the state likes. to be moved including clock but still shows the time when he left the group.
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period for nine hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred twenty three but the personal belongings from the collection which we used by lenin in his everyday life that older than that some of them were used by several generations of the family and date back to eight hundred forty two. lookalikes. and even the second one hundred roubles that's around three dollars you can have a cheesy reminder time. especially popular among foreigners but i have to say they are more stingy when it comes to money but they understand it's just like everything else in this world. it's. also one of the main symbols. twenty's.
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there were dozens of sculptures of the passionately directed in the city squares in front of mistreated buildings and you can still see many of them to this. was once the stage speeches the metropole hotel built in the beginning of the twentieth century became a base for the bolshevik government many leaders lived and worked in the metropole and it was often visited by lenin when he addressed his associates in the one hundred twenty s. it started functioning as a hotel again for decades its rooms were only available for russian and international celebrities politicians. anyone can stay at the historic hotel but remember. the price. of. the hotel has been preserved in its original look this but all the wars and revolutions of
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the twentieth century here today is the same as it was in nine hundred eighteen when the bolshevik government had its meetings here but its deputies smoked a lot so when restoration work was carried out in the ninety eight is all to spawn doubt that the painted walls and gloss were all but a small damaged which they had to clean to restore their original decorations. his life works and theories are still studied by hundreds of institutions around the school as the ideology of communism. is political in research look at the impact on the us. actually around the country for almost six years and his his legacy. in all parts of. the twentieth century that's for sure. ok sure. this green space belonged to various nobleman from the eighteenth
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century ending up in the position. of the famous. patron. of the soviet government moved. the legs yuri's property was nationalized and became. the winter garden here is breathtaking it's really something to be seen and will not know the answer running grounds are open to the public today but only for. the house is filled with possessions here you can see everything from. his wheelchair clothes and his four thousand book collection. in may nine hundred twenty three he followed medical advice and left the kremlin. it was here as a frown man only in his early fifty's vladimir. would spend his final years in september. i mean crystal.
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as his health deteriorated over the coming years finally living in. the twenty first of january ninety four. after the complex was renamed. officially became a museum in one nine hundred thirty eight and was a place of pilgrimage. right up to the fall of the iron curtain from viewing his death mosque here to visiting his red square we're talking about local historians tourists communists the epic achievements of lenin still have a cult following and all the places connected with his life and legacy. as the journey that was. building well unfortunately that's what's how we have on this week's program at the same time next week. for me and the rest of the crew from
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london's spectacular by now. wealthy british style. sometimes guys sometimes go. to the. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the cause a report on our.
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do you believe. in the. who. is. the
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crew me to feel. the. charges of abuse of power. hundreds of millions of dollars in. political. rallies to support. the government. killing children. children.
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no problems at all. just talked about. thanks for joining us here in twenty four hour r.t. this is sports today per sporting headlines. world cup worries russian media reports for russian regions are set to lose the right to host matches the twenty dean final. moving on up defending champion serina williams joins a whole slew of russians in the third stage at wimbledon following thursday's action. on medical maestro our team mates with
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a pioneer of russian formerly soviet sport medicine doctor vassily. who said this was a shock basketball gold at the soul of them thanks. football fans on locals alike in four russian regions could be in for a must have disappointment ahead of world cup twenty eighteen according to media reports in the country fourteen of the planned host areas may be cold to ten the moscow region. surrounds those in the spotlight russian daily is vestey a state the source the ministry all tourism documents which do not list those four originally planned locations in the spending budget plan prime minister vladimir putin said last month up the list of stadiums wouldn't change but stressed the final say rests with the firm this latest document those submitted a fortnight ago amidst the said regions from its planning with one area yugoslavia
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listed as having no financial backing from sponsors or local government the head of russia's organizing committee however said everything is how it waltz. first. there. is clearly. you know this if. you. mean while the russian football union reacted earlier to the banana throwing incident that involved the roberto carlos and whedon's that brazil legend he walked off the field with his team leading three nil tough after home fans launched a piece of fruit on to the pitch. the club is unable to be responsible for every single fan the disciplinary committee will decide the punishment for cruelly savitt of on friday the club itself quickly found a man who threw
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a banana it's one of the greatest brazilian players and has already apologized to him and his team no doubt a disciplinary committee will take all that into consideration and will not deprive the somare of three points. to tennis where day for wimbledon was a stop start affair because of rain but the conditions didn't hold to a whole host of russian women extending their stay in london on thursday svetlana kuznetsova maybe a double grand champion but she's never made it past the quarter final stage at s w nineteen a six love six two thrashing of alexander dual group pulls well though that right now to be true but she's also through the run three feet in compacted under the sea of publishing covert joining them is reoccurring could be defeated qualifier tommy thomas super aren't but yet another russian is i rather doubt on the able to keep pace with flavia pennetta. elsewhere straight a williams fought back from a set down to beat simona halep of romania the four time champion making it through
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three six six two six one setting off a third going clash with her. it started so today it was actually really really nice trying to start out fast and. obviously didn't happen but i also think that i got a little tired out there and i just entered. the men's side of action russian mikail was among those advancing to the third stage beating some dead devon man while a six time winner roger federer is also at the same stage after disposing of adrian monteriano the up and coming french in sydney i class by the graceful veteran in straits six two six three six two the final score federer thus advancing in his quest for a record tying seven prawn alongside pete sampras the. world over to novak djokovic also threw off a defeating start the fifty seven under six six three six four six two that was
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straightforward with them. while robin so willing to come from two sets started to beat lleyton hewitt in a martin five setter the player spending almost four hours on court before the sweet sixteen six this. rushes women's basketball team suffered their second defeat at the european championships taking place in poland but reece sokoloff the squad going down to better roots in their second group stage clash sixty two fifty one but the spice the last russia can still of make the playoffs the most successful team of the past decade up the finals need to beat the czech republic great britain in the two remaining group games to do so. same with basketball why kyrie irving has been chosen as the cream of the crop in the twenty eleven n.b.a. draft the point guard finding a new home with the cleveland cavaliers who picked the nineteen year old number one overall the australian born american comes from jupiter university on will face the
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pressure of becoming the main attraction in cleveland to replace the recently departed le bron james to miami the minnesota timberwolves didn't see. anyone they took always on a power forward derek williams second over all three of the first six spears taking were from europe including turkish born third pick and this country a total of four overseas stars who didn't attend a u.s. college like were also taken in the draft for the first ever to. try to contribute to a clue nor is asian as much as i can i'm really looking forward to getting the cleveland it's a big sports town i can't wait to embrace all the fans there and. really can't wait and you know actually have the chance to see my jersey on the crowd with all those clune fans or someone looking forward to from boston paul to golf those are on a journey for the p.g.a. travelers title will have a longer way to go after the first round was suspended due to inclement weather michael bradley them on leading by
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a stroke with two holes still to go when tournaments organizers called it a day heavy rain in connecticut driving the golfers away from the course for the better portion of the day at the opening round briefly resumed in mid afternoon but another shower force headed to the club beach is saying among seven players one shot back after fourteen goals both on peltz also a member of the group the moment the field of course hoping the weather clears a little bit better on by then. and finally it's taken for granted these days the rule sports medicine place in the success of awfully pts and one russian doctor is considered one of its pioneers a movie has been made up of a silly amazing career one which is far from finished as andre farmer reports. at sixty two years old the sealy average manga has a wealth of experience an achievement in his field success with the russian
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basketball team in seoul over twenty three years ago is now the focus of a documentary about his life he relies morning sleep was crucial to the team's recovery and his place with the only ones to miss breakfast every day a factor they believe contributed to their gold medal triumph. of the world i remember that at the olympic games in seoul we had to walk to the canteen it was very far and inconvenient soviet delegation lived in the outskirts of the olympic village and we had to cover quite a long distance on the road you know if you have a training session at ten o'clock in the morning it's very hard to wake up after intensive games the day before you want to sleep longer vassili managed to order breakfast for fifteen people and take it to their bedrooms that built his reputation as a natural thinker and his expertise is still being called on by russian medal hopes for the next olympics olympic champion tatiana lebedev or is one of them. in two
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thousand and nine she was on the brink of withdrawing from the world championships in berlin with a back injury but with his help she managed to recover and developed a new mental toughness. and ability to implant a feeling that you are the best confident the most focused and the strongest person of all is the most important thing not every person has an ability to inspire this feelings but this is ever amen because the one who has this gift. after manka understanding an athlete requires more than just an understanding of medicine it means appreciating had their minds work and according to him appreciating the person's selves just by and probably a bit different from other sports doctors i spend one third of my life in monasteries where i try to cognize the meaning of life i learned from the elders how to penetrate into the depths. of the human soul and i want to find a finished thread in it so that i apply my knowledge in sport especially without slaves who suffer serious defeats elders say that it's not a sin to fall but it's
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a sin not to wake up it was me but i was raised with his track record of success commands great respect within russian sport patients have included pole vaulting great healing isn't by either and surrogate but care for herdsmen may be celebrating his sixty third birthday this year but he's no immediate plans to retire his only plans are to lead russia to more gold next summer andrew farmer r.t. . must watch for for sports fans are not is all your sport for whether it's next.
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we've. seen. cultures that so much different and there's a huge bill that israel a power line to the front makes its strategy bomb as long awaited plan to start drawing down troops levels in afghanistan is in play but is it a real drawdown or just a written. down the official ante up location to go on the phone called touch from the top story. which are life on the go. video on demand parties mind comes an r.s.s.
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feeds now in the palm of your. questions on the dot com. britain it reveals they've failed to protect its detainee's from possible abuse under the u.s. rendition program as american officials are sued for holding torture is ok in that secret process. ukraine's act is in court of a charge of abuse of power allegedly losing a country hundreds of millions of dollars in energy details. around fifteen hundred supporters of units of assange go gathered in front of the court building to protest what they describe as a parsifal hearing join us for the latest details from the ukrainian capital kiev. and the outcry from. families in india who accuse the government of allowing the use of a controversial pesticide which they say is killing their children. also on business is flat after dropping almost five percent the previous session why is
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this happening how is this affecting the russian market join me in twenty minutes for more on this. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow where the u.k. failed to track detainees handed over to the us neglecting to protect them from possible abuse the shocking revelations forced through by british m.p.'s expose a secret agreement over the treatment of prisoners passed over to washington by a london artist and a bushel one victim who spent years in america's most notorious overseas person. was a wristed on the streets and sent to guantanamo for torture after five years america released him without charge to this day the u.s.
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has given no explanation all said story couldn't as he is suing george bush's law alberto gonzalez for ruling tool sure is legal interrogators from the land of the free free calls quote simulated drowning rape boy instrumentality impairment of bodily function organ failure and even death i was one of those who survived. on myself electroshocks because i want. i was forced to agree that. the us refused to even reveal that we were holding current as his mother his lawyer to find her son it took several years there was no chance to get in quantico corners it's really a shame for the net it states what happened in. qana.


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