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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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operating the via there is also an interesting point that some experts have mate with regards to the public perception of the war in libya it's off the headlines american use channels have been focused on congress one winner is quite shocked for weeks now and there is fear that certain inertia develops in a public perception with regards to the war in libya inertia which some say could be very dangerous. kind of to check on that in washington well for more on this i'm not joined by the president of the center for constitutional rights michael ratner joining us live anywhere in new york thanks very much indeed for joining us there michael now to be with. us some analysts are saying the vote is largely symbolic but do you think it will have any effect on the future direction of the nato mission in libya we know it's remarkable that there is this much opposition to the war in the united states you know there's no american soldiers really being killed in it so it is surprising that so many members of congress not just republicans but
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many many democrats voted on a resolution to not authorize the war any longer now it's true they voted also not to cut off funding but there's a lot of opposition going on and the perspective i have and why didn't the president come to congress and the issue is obviously once a war starts you're in the middle of supporting nato when it's all operation it's much harder to cut off the funding but the president didn't go to congress he's constitutionally required to do what he didn't do it and it's really it's an outrageous constitutional violation so what we're seeing here is not just political posturing we're seeing really beginning the deep resentments around us fighting so many wars at once afghanistan pakistan or rep northern young men and now libya i mean i think people are saying it's too much it's too expensive what are we just the war machine and i think you're seeing a really strong opposition building to the war what's interesting is that i think.
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obama looks like a real fool when you say it looks like he made a real mistake to not go to congress to get the authority which he very well could have gotten was a real error but the reason to go to congress is because you want the american people through their representatives to debate is it a good idea bad idea what limitations on a jet setter if you didn't do it and i think he's paying the cost all right so you are from the center for constitutional rights you say he acted unconstitutionally that in effect what he's done is illegal so therefore cannot legal action be taken against him could he be perhaps impeached well i brought a dozen cases to try to stop illegal wars and the problem is who can sue to stop them they don't allow individuals to sue you'd have to have a congress itself sue so far we don't have that but yes the answer is that go into an illegal war that's contrary to the us constitution and contrary to the war powers resolution which is a statute that was passed by congress a number of years ago is a bill are illegal acts and yes oh by letting the constitution isn't
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a teachable of sense if and when our congress ever got but you know we're we're a ways from there yet but the growing opposition on this principally a legal issue of the really reflects the underlying discomfort of our country right now with this war and i think there's tremendous discomfort despite the fact that costs are nothing compared to afghanistan to wreck despite the fact we're not losing soldiers but you never get sick and tired of war but this discomfort this disagreement within the house surely this is playing into good effie's hands is not doing the campaign in libya any good whatsoever and then you know the problem with that argument that's always the art i remember when we tried to stop the vietnam war everybody said it's bringing great answer be it meets at some point you have to decide you have to do things according to your constitution and you have to do things according to the good of the american people and right now i would not say it's going into about peace hands i mean at this point that's not the issue the
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issue is should the u.s. be in this war and the answer by many of those members of congress is that it should not but then it's a mixed message in that woman at the center no one is appalled bamma next minute are saying they're going to carry on funding it. well you know care to carry on from these interest in the war powers resolution they specifically say that the funding of a war once should not be considered the consent of the congress to doing so because it's understood look at the arguments you hear it's like the one you just gave the argument sable if we pull out now what happens to our credibility what happens to the credibility of what it doesn't get the message and so our law doesn't really specifically said it's the funding of the war or the refusal to not fund it is not sufficient for consent and it's very specific about what was unfair about this and where really went wrong was why didn't obama go to congress to start yet lee as it was said in the commentary would have gotten their consent but he didn't go there
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and it was illegal not to go to michael ratner so we have time for thanks very much indeed for sharing us your thoughts live there on your webcam president of the center for constitutional rights in new york thanks for your time thank you for having me. in other news now the u.k. failed to track detainees handed over to the u.s. neglecting to protect them from possible torture in america's secret prisons one that's been revealed often agreement between the two states on the treatment of terror suspects captured in iraq was declassified a twenty eight year old pakistani unit is one of the victims of this deal he was seized by british soldiers in iraq in two thousand and four as a suspected insurgent and secretly sent to a u.s. detention camp in afghanistan a process dubbed extraordinary rendition a man's laws according to the u.k. to help free him as britain was the detaining authority british labor party m.p. and peace campaigner jeremy corbyn has told us that despite the close ties between the two countries the u.k. had no excuse for allowing prisoners to be sent to the us for torture. there is an
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extraordinarily close military security and foreign policy relationship between britain and the united states we have sharing of security information and so. i suspect it was quite willingly done by members of a security services in britain who see themselves as being very close to the united states my view is that every country should have its right to its own independent foreign policy and that means that if you believe your partner in a foreign policy relationship is doing something wrong imprisoning people illegally torturing them taking them illegally to guantanamo bay as was done by the usa then you should say so and i think it's quite appalling waterboarding and torture completely illegal in britain and the completely legal within the terms of the united nations convention on top they're not illegal within the u.s. jurisdiction in the same way george bush specifically authorized waterboarding in
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what they term as robust interrogation techniques my suspicion is that the british security services were happy to keep quiet about extraordinary rendition happy that these poor people should end up in u.s. jurisdiction where they were being tortured and so this is an issue that is going to come up again i'm sure in parliament next week and they will be further inquiries into this because it's quite extraordinary that apparently there are people who allowed prisoners to be taken out of any jurisdiction that covered the convention on torture to the u.s. where the waterboarding took place. german talking to us from london the euro is dead and buried quite literally according to skeptics who held a mock funeral for the ailing single currency in brussels they argue that attempts to greece are too little too late and athens economic failure will leave the euro zone dream in tatters the members have agreed on the terms of a new bailout for the press and the greek authorities to tighten the purse strings once again if the money is to be handed over the government will vote on
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a proposed twenty eight billion euro budget cut of the five years next week if approved it will mean another twelve billion euros in. joining those mourning the euro's economic. this is a recession in the center of brussels where the european leaders are meeting to discuss the future of the greek debt and of the eurozone itself they believe the euro can be salvaged but most people including euro skeptics believe it is impossible and there will be no resurrection of the euro well to me and i think a lot of people it's beginning to collapse around the. bailouts billions of pounds of taxpayers' money especially from the germans putting a lot of this bill and i think the public about enough and i've had enough of the leaders of the european union have presented greece with draconian conditions in order for the country to receive the remainder of its bailout unfortunately for greece they will have to take extreme measures which are incredibly unpopular in
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the country and that presents a major challenge for the greek government right immediately after it has just been for shuffled the leaders all unanimously wrong again. they've been wrong about greece from the very start she should never have been allowed to join the euro in the first place she wasn't suited to it they were wrong to bail her out first time they're wrong draw up a second time and if the greek parliament on tuesday accept this package then this time next year i'll be talking to you and they'll be a third bailout so while these european leaders are extremely excited about the fact that the future of the euro could still be resurrected most of the people in europe didn't believe so and unfortunately for the european leaders the common europeans believe that the end of the euro is near. a third block of sanctions by the european union over syria have come into force the new round of measures target syrian companies but also members of iran's revolutionary guard and other four high ranking syrian officials are put on the blacklist which includes thirty people the
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syrian president and his brother top that list as international pressure on the current regime grows violence still continues in the country at least twelve people being killed a security forces opened fire and used tear gas on crowds of protesters a three month crackdown against those opposing president bashar assad has left more than a thousand people dead journalist nabila ramdani has told me that she believes the u.s. and its allies are opposed to any shift of power in the country. any further economic sanctions on syria will have almost no impact whatsoever on the current situation in syria and on the current crackdown let's not forget that series already subject to american sanctions including age restrictions and export bans. has recently put it cannot mix engines on the contrary as well i think syria has exposed in fact the double standard in the international community's approach to all these revolutions sweeping across the arab world in the middle east let's not forget that the nato
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went to war against libya because it fear that there would be a potential killing of innocent civilians in benghazi now we are witnessing an actual massacre taking place in syria and yet the international community has been rather cautious in its reaction towards syria because of its crucial strategic position in the middle east israel is of course one of its near neighbors and close friends include countries like iran and iran is said to her be playing a role in the crackdown in syria. more stories for you online of course in addition to what you see here on screen just go to our website dot com has some of what we have for you to date should you log on russian surgeons give hope to thousands of patients around the world suffering from an irregular heartbeat by successfully carrying out a breakthrough surgery. in moscow international film festival is
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a full throttle running cultures and languages together on the silver screen on the ati dot com for the full read all in this case the green carpet experience. and also online parties new twenty four seven documentary channels received the top presidential launch learn more about it at all t v dot altie dot com. and. now to some international news in brief in our world update this hour tens of thousands are gathered in the yemeni capital friday prayers calling for president ali abdullah saleh to go the country is being stuck in a political impasse since february which has claimed one hundred sixty seven lives so he's currently still recovering in saudi arabia from injuries sustained in an attack on his compound earlier this month meanwhile in the southern port city of
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aden at least one person was killed when security forces opened fire on the procession turned into a mass anti government protests. a former rwanda minister has been sentenced to life the genocide rape and crimes against humanity. the country's former minister for families and women's affairs and his son next militia leader were both found guilty of ordering and assisting massacres some eight hundred thousand people were killed during the nine hundred ninety four slaughter most of them ethnic tutsis. who is the first woman to be convicted by the un backed tribunals. a series of nearly simultaneous blasts of rocks. city's a memoir injuring several people the first device went off in the country's minister of capital. as soon most of its hotels soon afterwards a car laden with explosives detonated near mandalay the main market the third blast to set the city when it's not yet clear who was behind the attacks and bombings are
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becoming increasingly frequent in where pro-democracy activists and ethnic groups are odds with the military backed regime to preserve their home and i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in about twelve minutes from now but first the team explores the divisive figure of the father of the russian revolution vladimir lenin.
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hello and welcome to the show in this week's program i'll be exploring that in slice the ball straight lead to change the course of the straight and starting off here on red square next to the magnificent moscow kremlin. as we take a look at his epic journey and visit various landmarks associated with his life and . is one of the main names associated with. the eight hundred seventy s. . it shows his studio name living in ninety nine as one of the leading political figures and revolution we think is of the twentieth century he changed the world. bolshevik takeover of power in russia in nine hundred seventeen the communist party manage an unwanted class free economy life from an adapted form of marxism but what
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is the soviet leaders like to see today. redirect your let's call it a development center. might say your mission those guys are really able to take a philosophy and turn it in if they turn it into something the whole society could use and think it was well intentioned to be doing. this. it is time and it's still idealised now i think it's completely over the top to keep him in there and you're not sharing him in the ground and using. he turned everything upside down. there's nothing else to say. it was in london the father of the so you're. right. and they were friends for the younger generations you could say that the image of the. into a retro. figure not helped by tacky souvenirs pop t.
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shirts and cheesy. it seems now. equally celebrated and. good and bad he did in his life acknowledged. the days of thousands of people queuing up to see his. regarding locations it's still the main association. with him. the real many other places. which was at the forefront of his life. for most of the previous century lennon has to make it. into the country. because of german threats moved. as it was. originally.
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for public viewing. his body might move. even. political backgrounds it is clear that lennon was an exceptional human being even if. he. moved into the. in nineteen eighteen legend has it that he took both his wife. and his. french born revolutionary innocent ottomans with him. in riyadh we head towards the national hunt the last two decades of the access to many many locations previously closed even on the moon and us soft museums houses hotels bunkers it seems the russian capital is now open to all well almost if you want an example of a consequence house in the last century this is perfect built in one thousand and
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three by the spain the russian architect of the event of the national home tallies been historic landmark for more than a century before the revolution the hotel hosted foreign diplomats. loyalty business tycoons and eating before it was after nine hundred seventy international has proclaimed the first house of the soviets and became a residence of the bullshit government accommodating top communist leaders our main point of interest is really one of seven the bright spots in syria since the location while antique furniture high ceilings and a sense of history name is in the room one hundred and seventy here in my opinion only as one of the best years of the capital but it's also packed full of history accommodating the ball straight party this with inside the hotel was famously home to lennon and his wife for two weeks and last night in a city in the hotel has been renovated since but still want. this grand
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century to it that. you too can gaze across to the kremlin much of the scholars task. today this room costs thousands of dollars a night i'm not quite sure lennon would be too impressed with the price. same rights for everyone needs a little of this and they tell us who to know if he's. interest for many and those interested do not necessarily need to be you can apply for a special tour as the department of. exclusions are organized twice a year. connects with. office and how much is now on historical exhibits in. which she lived for several years. and it was open to the public in one hundred fifty five of the most
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visited museums in the country but as it was located in the kremlin said the government of president. it was decided to move the cabinet to the state complex and. be moved including clock but still shows the time when he left the group asked. represent the period for nine hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred twenty three but the personal belongings from the collection which we used by lenin in his everyday life but older than that some of them were years by several generations of the family and date back to eight hundred forty two. lookalikes. and even the second one hundred roubles that's around three dollars you can have
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a cheesy reminder time. especially popular among foreigners but i have to say they are more stingy going to comes to money but they understand it's just like everything else and. it's. also one of the main symbols of the. twenty's. and. there were dozens of sculptures of the whole street media erected in the city squares in front of administrative buildings and you can still see many of them today. once the stage speeches the metropole hotel built in the beginning of the twentieth century became a base for the bolshevik government many leaders lived and worked in the metropol and it was often visited by lenin when he addressed his associates in the one hundred twenty s. it started functioning as
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a hotel again for decades its rules were only available for russian and international celebrities politicians. anyone can stay at the historic hotel but remember. the price. the hotel has been preserved in its original look despite all the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century here today is the same as it was a nine hundred eighteen when the bolshevik government had its meetings here but. so when restoration work was carried out in the 1980's all to spawn doubt that the painted walls ten glossy were all but a small damaged which they had to clean to restore their original decorations. theories are still studied by hundreds of institutions around the school as the ideology of communism. is political in research look at the impact on the us. actually around the country for almost six
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years and his. vital figure for the twentieth century for. the state. this green space belonged to various nobleman from the eighteenth century ending up in the possession. of the famous moscow industrialist and patron. of the soviet government moved. the legs yuri's property was nationalized and became. the winter garden here is breathtaking it's really something to be seen and will not know the answer running grounds are open to the public today but only for organized tours the house is filled with possessions you can see everything from. his wheelchair clothes and his four
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thousand book collection. in may one hundred twenty three he followed medical advice and left the moscow kremlin. it was here as a frown man only in his early fifty's vladimir. would spend his final years in september and eighteen a soviet leader. i mean chris. as his health deteriorated over the coming years finally living in retirement he died . on the twenty first of january twenty fourth. after the complex was renamed. officially became a museum in one nine hundred thirty eight and was a place of pilgrimage. right up to the fall of the iron curtain from viewing his death mask here to visiting his red square with
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a talking about historians. communists the epic achievements of lenin still have a cult following and all the places connected with his life and legacy. as the journey that was. building well fortunately that's what's how we have on this week's program at the same time next week for me and the rest of the crew. spectacular. wealthy british style it's time to. market. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy. reports. coming from the russian capital with the very top stories this hour the u.s. house of representatives has voted down a measure giving barack obama the authority to continue american military action in libya but it's seen as a merely symbolic falling out between congress and the president as the house later rejected a bill to cut funding for the campaign. declassified documents reveal the u.k. was happy to hand over terror suspects to the u.s. with little regard to what will be waiting for them in secret prisons one hundred washington has jurisdiction hundreds ended up being tortured and abused without a trial. also reporting this morning the euros the effects of the
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currency isn't serious as europe agrees on another. country to get behind savage spending cuts out of it some experts argue it's too late as the euro already has both feet on the ground. i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes from now and i mean to bring you all the latest high tech gadgets instead of the developments in russian science technology update is next. welcome to technology update and welcome to tomes a city carved over four centuries ago out of the endless forests and swamps of siberia already an established center for some of russia's whiz kid students and their smart ideas today toast is transforming itself into an incubator for an expanding cluster of innovative businesses since our last episode. two thousand and
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eleven forum its fourteen to anyone gathering of business research and administration innovators this year drawing some three thousand participants from nineteen countries and forty seven russian regions. and by thousands more the event featured brainstorming sessions with tom specialists and market makers unconsciously forward looking hot topics like revamping nuclear technology revitalizing cities and russia's regional economies and educating new generations to keep up in the knowledge base global environment of course the top tech firms were on hand to show off their skill set to potential investors and partners while the forum functions as a good attention grabber for guests from other parts of russia and beyond the brand new tome special economic zone is a place where the push for new high tech sector development is underway year round . two hundred seventy hectares are divided into two campuses one in jason to the.


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