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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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certainly once there in the reactors you say attacking it means a release of radiation no question about it so if israel's got to do anything against you sure it has to move in the next eight days if they don't so congresswoman that's the man you confessed her love for during a house committee meeting i mean come on even most republicans think the boldness damn crazy and i'm generally supposed to pretend to have an air of objectivity when someone's testifying before you but to understand early on his love for john bolton i think you have to quickly realize she's a crazy neo con herself as we've noted several times on this show. i welcome the opportunity of having anyone assassinate fidel castro and any leader who was suppressing oppressing the people and. yeah that was the congresswoman actually advocating for the assassination of a world leader she also calls for the u.s. to withdraw much of its support from the un she's heavily criticized the president on his calls for israel to adhere to the pre nine hundred sixty seven agreed upon borders and she is probably one of the main reasons that you and i can't travel to
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cuba so i guess that we shouldn't be all that surprised us left and would love john bolton they're both right wing wing nuts so for the elected representative florida congresswoman ileana roslin is shameless love for people they just want to bomb all day and bomb all night she cites to all time winner. now this week the former self-appointed spokesman for anonymous brown revealed another massive spying program by the us he wrote that for at least two years the us has been conducting secretive and immensely sophisticated campaigns of mass surveillance and data mining against the arab world allowing the intelligence community to monitor the habits conversations and activity of millions of individuals that want now this information comes from the seventy thousand emails that were hacked from data intelligence firm h.b. gary if you remember the original controversy surrounding h.p. gary was of the firm worked with two others and pelletier which collectively made them team feminists it was then discovered that they were hired by corporations
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including bank of america to strike at wiki leaks a journalist glenn greenwald and other activist groups but it also found also found within those e-mails was this current surveillance project entitled romas coins as a project that was said to be replaced sometime this year under the new name of odyssey and here companies like google apple and possibly eighteen t. were also found to be involved so we say about this operation and what are the chances that it's being used against americans to join me to discuss this is lieutenant colonel anthony shaffer senior fellow at. the center for advanced defense studies and he's also still serving as a return reserve lieutenant colonel tony thank you so much for joining us tonight thanks for being so far from looking at these documents or looking at the e-mails what can you really gather from that what do what does a mass surveillance and data mining really mean in this case well i think the public is so naive to the actual level of technology which is available and what's
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being done i mean i did some local able danger which was the data mining project back in the late ninety's early two thousand and what we did then which take a year you can do that in a minute matter second snow and the other stuff that i did during a same period when i ran a special mission unit at the time was cutting edge and. the operations i ran at the time i felt were very highly controlled the technologies being applied properly but that is the problem of our society today said knowledge has moved along so fast and as you've seen through the h.p. gregg issue there's tons of things going on here that i don't think anybody actually has a handle and this is why even now today i call for a very strong group rational oversight of everything that's being done because i think frankly the american people have no clue that congress has no clue and this is the tip of the iceberg of what's really going on i do. why i think i feel like
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we have to assume that it's the tip of the iceberg just because this is only the second batch of information's coming out of these seventy thousand e-mails when it comes to only this specific firm really h.b. gary but you know the fact here that google is involved that apple is involved possibly eighteen tbs private corporations that makes me worry too and these are american companies so do you think that you know what these e-mails are saying is that this is a data mining and surveillance operation of the arab world but looking at the corporations that are involved does that make you think that it's probably going on here against us as well well let me answer that to peace. as first i would ask your viewers to think for themselves think about the what is possible and then think about what is probable so if it exists you know if someone can do it it's probably being done the question then becomes why and who benefits and one of my good friends jerry doyle is already a radio show we always talk about following the money so you know in corporate america there's tons of data mining being done to actually help companies that are
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projects what products to do and all that sort of things for the government you have to look at what what benefits this and i think one of the most frightening things we have to consider is technology which was developed to do to do for intelligence i'm not going to tell you we didn't do things against foreign targets we always have but that's the idea we should be doing it's foreign targets the problem is that technology is ambivalent it doesn't care who it's going after it will go after whoever it is directed to do and there's no inherent safety and ball in developing or feeling the technology so the thing at this point is that i would hope someone besides you and me are calling for folks to investigate what this really means because alan here i saw the pilot your denials like well some third level guy got out of control no that's that's that's nonsense that's that's smoking obvious cation my guys tell me that pelletier was fully onboard and they were at the forefront of this and they knew so clearly there's deception here and we've got
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to get to the bottom of what's really going on one way or another. now you know of course the reason that we even saw these e-mails was because anonymous originally went after h.b. gary now we have lol security and anonymous teaming up and yesterday they went for their first victim which actually ended up being in arizona the police department there what do you think of those types of attacks you know they also went after emails and trying to disclose information put out there leak attempt people do you think that that's where they should be targeting are those smart targets or should they be going for i don't know frying some bigger fish out there but i think it's all the above i think that these guys are out there is no target privateers done back in the the days of the pirates where you had guys going out and doing things on the open sea sometimes for the government sometimes not i think that's what we're seeing here when i was doing my operations in the late ninety's i had extraordinarily gifted or what would you would call the day hackers and we had to
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hold them back because they could do a lot more than what we were going to do these other folks have no controls on they'll do whatever they think and their limitation is only what they believe should be their moral compass and frankly at this point i don't think it's a bad thing because because our own government our own system is not able to keep up with maintaining some level of oversight on our own activities these folks in some ways are kind of a robin hood which i mean a bad thing and fruit frankly h.p. great kind of brought it on themselves that they almost poked him in the eye and ask him to do something so when you look at it from their perspective it's kind of like they have this common and i know it sounds kind of bitter and i probably get some flak for that but i think it's true and autumn is you know whoever they are going to do and i don't you know i don't see them trying to actually distort the american public or destroy the things which i think are valuable i think they could do a lot more damage than what they're doing and i don't think they've done that yet hopefully they won't offer anything i think of that probably trying to wake up the american
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public when they put out some of this information especially without any specific e-mails that you. we're talking about when you find out that our taxpayer dollars are being used to hire these firms you know which then work with the large corporations to then people and do this massive surveillance and data mining that should be frustrating for all americans but i guess that these stories don't get brought up enough least in the media you know the other day we reported of a massive f.b.i. raid in virginia too and some for some reason nobody else has talked about that story tony i want to thank you very much for joining us and i feel like we're probably going to be seeing more and more of these cases thank you if your. or fireside friday is coming out and then it's the end of the week so we raised our glasses for a happy hour cable news channel actually asked psychics to predict the future of the economy plus the media goes crazy when bieber gets knocked down thank you so much.
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more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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to tonight's biocide fridays be fewer hooves. and politics it all comes down to the messaging right what message are you sending to the voters what message are we sending to the rest of the world you know these questions in turn usually create some really vague political rhetoric that's neither here nor there so that you can get away with saying something without actually sending any
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kind of message whatsoever just think in the particular case of the war in libya kinetic military action that was a term of the obama administration trying to use to describe this non-hostile non-war before much of the uproar over its legality began but whereas they started out by using that vague flowery rhetoric that just made no sense all in an attempt to fool congress and the american people whom they clearly think are idiots now when the plan to get us to support the war is still isn't working looks like they're. going full throttle there using age old techniques of you're either with us or you're against us let me explain here as we've been reporting to you on this show some members of congress are thankfully questioning president obama and his administration's actions questioning how it is that they think they can just spit on the constitution and start a war without asking congress questioning why they want even acknowledge that it was wrong and just suck it up and ask congress now this whole thing is blown up rather than overruling justice department lawyers and coming up with
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a completely non explainable legal explanation also questioning what the hell libya has to do with us anyway when we're broke our armed forces are stretched thin and we're tired of endless wars those questions are rightly being raised by a few but you know how those who are raising them are being treated as bloodthirsty dictators sympathizers secretary of state hillary clinton actually said the following yesterday about members of congress that are questioning the war in libya she said the bottom line is whose side are you on are you on cut off the side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the libyan people and the international coalition that's been created to support that. does anybody else feel like they just stepped into a time machine that took them back to the bush administration the basically told you that if you were opposed to the war in iraq clearly you're on the side of saddam hussein is that what it's really come down to when your excuses for this war have become so pathetic and your support is dying out but you have to start painting the world as black and white and fear mongering guess what ms clinton
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according to the latest gallup poll forty six percent of americans now say that they disapprove of the u.s. military action in libya so what he's saying is i mean that forty six percent of americans think that get off he's a great guy that they hate democracy like kind of logic those types of threats coming from the obama administration that's disappointing their offensive or just sad and lame on all accounts and i expected better and i was for congress the house of representatives voted down a resolution to defund libya today but they also voted down a resolution to support it so they're back on that typical let's not send any message so everyone's confused and i'm not really sure which i can decide is worse you know message or bad message but apparently that's what war fighting has come down to these days. this week young children all across japan wet and not because of the earthquake or the nuclear disaster but
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because they found out the japanese pop sensation i.e. gucci the newest member of the japanese idol group a k b forty eight is not a real person. yes that's right there's a beautiful and talented artist was created by a computer by combining the best features of eight other pop stars much to the shock of disappointment heard during fans but you know this hoax perpetrated on. the japanese people just kind of got me thinking just how far computer technology is still the matter of time until we the american be able find out that some of our most brilliant political minds are computer generated as well just just think about it you only see these people on t.v. and in fact executives of fox and m s n b c are probably already working on the concept as we speak can you just picture it now roger ailes in
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a bunker under fox studios with a computer engineer working to take the best features of his most popular pundits and create one supreme pundit to rule them all all you need is a little dash of macon kellie a touch of michelle malkin and of course what would the perfect pundit be without a part of ann coulter i would imagine she'd be wearing leather boots just ever spew some anti obama venom rail against socialist immigrants just about everyone else and there you go it actually makes so much sense fox can just remove the middleman and roger ailes can just speak directly to the people and you know where fox goes and us n.b.c. must follow the law probably have something up their sleeve soon enough to take the whitney humor of jake and rachel will mix it with the over the top earnestness of lawrence the anger of dylan annette the elitist and of joe and voila you've got the best g.e. spokesperson all over now of course that we here at r t don't want to be left out of this dystopian we've also created our own perfect pundit. her name as
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a lot of makovsky hope you enjoy. ok time for happy hour on this friday and joining me tonight is r t producer jenny churchill and evan mcmorris centaur a reporter and blogger for talking points memo thanks for joining guys happy friday . you know we've we've spoken a few end of the world series on the show before specially when everyone thought the rapture was coming but the theories never die down especially because we haven't gotten to two thousand and twelve yet and so now here's a new one that apparently people are just going crazy over on line take a look. at a look at their distance one point eight one two kelly is right now getting near to us by three hundred thousand miles per day and about
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a week that number's going to be four hundred thousand miles per day and it's going to continue to increase you're going to see more and more volcanoes going off that you're signed away people look you have thirty three ok knows erupting right now in the earth and that number is going to continue to go up as we move along the timeline. is that is what he has been from the movie crude where the guy is sitting . in the bunker with like twenty twelve percent with one of those end of the world movies all of this is so there's the common element in which is apparently like three hundred million three hundred miles away excuse me but i think it's three hundred i think it's like three million miles away three million that really million euro simply it's not three hundred miles away that would be able to but it's somewhere out there by late august for as opposed to be able to see it as like a fuzzy star in the sky that has a little tail where you think is the government hiding it from us. obviously if you knew someone thought would you tell everyone you know you'd have a bunker for yourself and keep it for yourself what that would what do you say it would actually work that i mean i'm sure of confused by the obsession with the end
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of the world i mean if it's going to happen it's not just going to happen when we discuss no one will have side that's the whole time you you know. deep impact i said it wrong if you ever sized the real world in august when the debt ceiling doesn't get raised. do you are i do i kind of like all these asteroid comet stories you guys know so i just go but he later went on in this clip to explain how apparently nasa and the people who work there have been warning their family and their friends but it's been like on secret message boards and i think that's why i haven't actually watched deep impact a few too many times i'm not kidding it's like he's following the plot consistent it's a pretty good movie too let's move on to something else justin bieber cares about justin bieber but apparently when justin bieber gets knocked down every really cares huge news take a look. fever hits manhattan and things got to get out of control with the b.b. hitting the ground what went down there was this is a picture taken by
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a woman in the crowd an unidentified man broke through a metal barricades and toppled bieber he was not to the ground witnesses were stuck . on they was stunned i mean what's worse that we actually care that somebody tackled justin bieber to the ground or that justin bieber is the person that people want to tackle what was i mean the bigger news to me is that ok so we got a lot of news about bieber but nothing about this comment on m.s.n. b.c. of the spectrum i mean it's really all about to end there justin bieber is on the ground you have to make sure that maybe justin bieber got knocked over because of the comment i think you know the comments clearly affecting her you know what was really disturbing was there was another news story that we didn't cover where she was like i'm back where it all happened walking where are you ok are you ok to me you said of her battery have been good for going without good reporting go back to the user go write up a conversation we were having this morning really justin bieber is the one that everyone's going crazy over i. mean
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doraville and he's good at basketball here. i don't know i don't know if you want. i think he played in like the celebrity all star thing this year actually ok c.n.n. doing their hard hitting reporting as always instead of getting an economist on to talk about the future of the global economy look at a look take a look at what he has one of the best short reading the astrological signs of fed chairman ben bernanke she sees hope for the global markets even as key fed economic stimulus and using chorus he's used to tell the fortunes of stars like princess grace and john lennon andrews also sees hope for the u.s. economy actually to south bed promising profitable changes. taro. cards a crystal ball what do they say is that is that better than having a real economist come on when everybody has their own theory these days nobody can agree on what's actually going to happen. i think it's better to have you guys i
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got way more enjoyment out of watching that woman talk about burning charts and it's crystal what nobody knows so what difference does it make really. would you go to your own card reader rubio but i would about the future of the economy and whether or not august second the world is going to end because what i'm saying i mean i think i'd ask about the comment i think first i think you really need to stick with your column in this column is covering the story so i don't know what comment story would would you know i mean you know but i do think that you know it doesn't seem like there's anybody else who has any idea what's going on with the economy so why not ask these people they seem to have some alone if i remember you once were a psychic and you were predicting like things that were going to happen in the e.u. on the show so you know i think we did a skit about that that was a while ago i was missing were you right down on the corner so when i write sort of one of the very heady. for anybody out there though who thought that i really was being totally was i was predicting the future on that one. i don't know c.n.n.
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has gotten really maybe they're getting really creative lately or maybe they're right. stories because we were making fun of the pilot did you hear the pilot ground days grannies and oh yeah i heard. they actually did a full report investigating into what a grand day was and they even we put a little clip from our happy hour don't go to houston right that we learn from that apparently tell us that is the ugliest face you know that we were there and yeah right let's move on to our last in our final story these days every celebrity has a heart of gold and they like to get involved in really important political matters around the world george clooney who has done a lot for four is now on the council of foreign relations and he's been given a lifetime membership because they want more nontraditional voices you think it deserves it well he's on there with. brangelina angeleno that angelina jolie wouldn't you know if you're in there and you want out there you want to she only got a temporary membership which you thousand seven which i believe is over so so she
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didn't get the lifetime she got for junior achievement focus a slap in the face i feel like she was almost done more than george clooney no he's a doctor children from all over no i think you got to be there i know it was really weird that he was no matter what but you know me by charlie rose and nicholas kristoff yes but you've got friends in high places you know i don't want to live in a world where angelina and george clooney are not you know influencing foreign policy and making decisions for me i just don't i can't live in a world like george clooney ran for president would you vote for him i don't know if you think about the comment i campaigned for him. from kentucky he's good looking. thanks for joining you guys and have a good weekend there but a night show thanks for tuning in and make sure you can back on monday steve baker from the center for economic and policy research will be on the show to discuss obama's meeting with senate leaders on deficit reduction in the meantime to forget become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's
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show or any other nights you can always catch the. flash deal on a show where we post interviews as well as the show in its entirety and coming up next is adam vs the man. innovation cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool bandages that's some of the infection straight out of the software to make three d. goggles free and the building blocks for russia's first nationwide four g. network tomes going top don't take such a big. leap to the future covered. seventy six hours of intense fighting. six thousand dead at
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a beach front battlefields several kilometers long. and now there is only one person who cares. to see it we are surrounded by garbage everywhere but also there are. on this beach which of course is a very most appropriate city signification a symbol of everything that's wrong with our goddamn government allowing not only garbage but to a chair way where so many guys died. a new battle is going on. will the history be protected. return to terra what julian cooper story on our t.v. . today children play war in the old keys me.
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but in june nine hundred forty one these walls really first barrier from the nazi troops on their way to moscow. funders and breasts were dying one by one under cecil some. water. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words very well motherland i'm dying but i'm not surrendering. download the official auntie affleck ation your i phone off i pod touch from the. life on the. video on demand.
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and omission street now in the palm of your. question on the dot com. the u.s. congress refuses to authorize president obama's military intervention in libya but stop short of cutting off funding for the campaign. there is growing anger among egyptians over why the former finance minister has found shelter in london despite being convicted of embezzlement back home. british cross border european passport is a doorway to opportunity is. pulling out of the promised land more and more israelis are considering immigrating accusing the government of failing to make their country safe home.
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in the russian capital you watching r t m are you joshing the u.s. congress has refused to grant president obama sortie to continue the military campaign in libya but the very same lawmakers have turned down a motion to cut funding for the american action in the country the votes are being seen as a largely symbolic as the white house says it doesn't need congressional approval for the mission r. g.'s got it should count as more from washington d.c. . the resolution adopted by the house of representatives is seen more like a message of rebuke to president obama rather than an actual war stopper because when it came to voting on cutting funds for that war the majority voted no so some analysts see elements of a showing the behavior of the u.s. congress saying that many lawmakers don't miss a chance to snub the president yet knowing that this numbers won't change much at the end of the day as capitol hill observers say when it comes to waging the war congress has generally been supported the resolution was sort of
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a way for the congress to show their frustration over the white house refusal to come to the lawmakers to seek authorization for the military actions under the u.s. constitution only congress can declare war except the obama administration doesn't call it a war although we'd last more than three months and involves many civilian deaths earlier this month the congressman had a chance to send an even stronger message the house debated a resolution from congressman dennis kucinich that calls for an immediate end to u.s. involvement believe the majority of lawmakers again though they know that proposal nevertheless the lawmakers don't like being ignored but even those who truly want to stand up against the military actions in libya there is little they can do as one congressman said you can do resolutions until you are blue in the face but still be ignored by the white house but it seems it's not just resolutions that can be more gates also the voices of the american people the majority of whom are against us and.


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