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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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the cardinal case for indian people and a symbol that continues after this last day of anguish that we saw over the weekend i want to thank you so much that was brian becker national coordinator of the answer coalition and that does appear now from one of the stories we covered at r.t. dot com slash usa check out our you tube page youtube dot com slash arts america don't forget to weigh in on that g twenty story we want your comments also follow me on twitter at lauren lyster i am back in the saddle after being off on vacation for a week and i will be right back here with more news in what half hour. or so is that so much. of it we'll. be in a meeting with the greek government surveillance of the company as its core issue or deal continues unabated.
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the way. the. h.l. market here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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oh. oh. oh. to.
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far as in the band i once went into cairo to collect trash i realized everyone was well dressed i wasn't so what i was a bit upset. even
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by that i left them off this city has three social classes will follow all the upper class more thought and middle class. then there's a nothing class. they need that's us. in them as a belin. i'm
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. going to miss the everyone here works in garbage. because. if i do we're like one big family. fully understand one another again. everyone here knows everyone. it will watch out for long enough. that. the.
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grass is minimal here when i conduct my home for mrs. to say hey i'm amused smile more than just my jobs and if a. young. mom has something similar father would not be limited because you work with trash special because of the real world record that somebody was yet to get at the end of the home no letter of. her yelling us let's go don't just cat we're not yet allowed out the republic heard my arm today that's exactly why you need for this but do you believe me to believe they were cut by glass how one gets injured and garbage lol so this will protect you from tense and this is a battle with a lot of them that the us has and the whole thing is a question of those gentlemen using range will. get it out that you are needed here that it was in salary stands that you're not taking
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a shot so well maybe come out of the two outs soak it in water this one for. her so it. it was nothing but something. a little worse is a. fifty . kilo stuff a woman. my dad works in plastic recycling. all her most of my father doesn't want me to work enjoyed like this so why does one need to suffer like him. all the average work is dangerous work.
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how much. i enjoy change i go from one job to another how much i wanted to learn i'm looking for the job that suits me the best quote i was a machinist a mechanic kelley an auto repair man. i was a carpenter's world that i worked earning close. when i was a salesman in a shoe shop. and i and i have many careers. coming up in the. political scene this year started off full of joy that. full of happiness
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and goodness no fear oh. so close on the sunday that it brought us bad luck. and therefore. the circle of. more than one company came from spain and italy but oh it began to multiply. and we expanded with the time. soon they will take all our work for. what i remember the foreign companies contract says that they all know all the garbage you hear. more so because the city contributed with foreign waste disposal companies because they
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perceive the zabbaleen to be old fashioned. within the law but they didn't come tell us which you need to modernize your ways wasn't a one sample of medicine in a lab the obvious was all done behind our backs is that ok fine i'm sure we'll replace you with companies so we can be liked about countries. but. let's get started. we are facing hard times and we need to get through them as we have the use of this community if you must know that what we know this is right that it get business kyra hide three foreign companies no mail because they'll take our trash. this
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already is no longer want to contract with us doubling us that their labor shit will recognize your expertise on the roof and there's this is a serious challenge for you if you cannot run as of us and this usually means to understand that the foreign companies only recycle twenty percent actually in familiar but we recycle eighty percent may have been at that least so what now. modern. this work is all we know by the end. that we have been here for one hundred years. garbage has always been a work on the part of our life while. the land is not gets taken from us someone comes in and it will be without our daily bread. and then of course i'm furious that i know what are we are the ones with the most experience in recycling
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i go to bed before. the mess they're going to build a new found out and they can i would look for the foreign companies came an awful lot i dreamed of owning a can cutting factory. now i'm on an island but we have less garbage now. and more income comes from recycling trash.
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in a third world and we recycle eighty percent of the trash we collected on. the think that we are returning garbage into raw materials but the type of burden for me yet. but i don't want to sell them we sell ads in egypt on approach to this and i want to give that. up that's the only thing we explored china belgium and france. then i give it a try before i attended the recycling school but has clearly felt i was blind i don't belive i finally learned to read and write. but i'm here to learn safe
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recycling taxes good advice here and start counter. eternals four hundred. two. that were had
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me. in a sling everyone is struggling and i'm in love with holmes an old garbage. pickup and here is you know how things are ok because i will want to see him cause i'm a stat makes the point i'm making it only one hundred pounds a week and to some accounts last a month as a child that you know was so much i don't know it's not that bad i was six no live why them then is that i thought i'm at the end of my. ok he's not responsible they were going to try to say you are just lazy that. i don't lose my job again i'm sure we'll see oh i want to be an altar boy. that's the way you want to be or in st am i want to turn my life around a little i really want to pinhead give me. a hug for me employed ok yes help you rise up to this mean and i will say here that
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the self. kemah via the muscle older boy in addition to his me i also feel that i'm changing . it has been lower level still feel it because i am wearing something wording. that. god willing to clean up for everyone who respects me this year. and.
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the. it's light. father is in jail. he was building an apartment for me it was a proper permits. from the. office building up on
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a roof. without an apartment a boy can't get married. air no one treats you like a grown man unless you're married. or when i think of my father. i get. some doors playing playstation and i started to think of him as i don't know whether to cry. that i'm going to put on. some kind of other song goes it's not right to be a week. before dad went to jail i lived my life to the fullest and i was just killing them and i was just thinking about my future how to thaw since you go look . i have to support a family that's a new responsibility for me my first time as the main provider.
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i need times mom of course. and hung on number one and number three and with number of the women. we hear this will immunize you you're led out of the idea your next. to last or never arriving again my left arm hurts how come. i got into a fight. to live this lie low my fingers numb where i why a man's the hand of someone better the idea of love with the other there his sister beat him real hard. clap of she was crazy. she was still
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sleeping when he started to scream at her. book he has no shame. where we were his dad told him to be kind to her before he went to jail little girl of the day need to run the house not out loud off yes you're the man of the house now i know. boyce shouldn't hit girls was the role of the people. from. the main subject myself to the lives of. our united match how mr libby had to push a. good . grandmother how initially care must develop all
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traits hard for him when our only chance is to prove that we can achieve with the times designer has never been man and second. who couldn't name so we establish the resign when school and then when we teach our kids to read baptists. and a computer is a musician. and the mission where they learn how to run a business that's checking them and right so theists is what consciousness is like when to teach them new ways of thinking and to be empowered unlike their parents last time and even the so i'm going. to miss how that went from zero zero children need to learn more and i have all these companies from the brault we must pay for half. of how exactly what time is the bus leaving yourself if you're late only looked everywhere for someone. so out of that's it we're leaving.
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it to us and how can you as an international company not recycled plastic cardboard paper and all that is recoverable that's not how to do your very a fortune like this the business of being a defeat when a charge is there an order but what would make me feel where are we. can go what are we standing with. women often with their mum filling them up from. what was it . well what over there. mother they still had lots of plastic here.
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that i mean that of course i'm not sure if. you will want that chair but i saw it first. and i have plans to open a business in my neighborhood in mobile. and that's a dream i have to abandon. that i no longer see a future for me here. in the us that bad not bad for our school is trying to send us abroad to see how our foreign societies work as. i imagine people in europe and america are pragmatic and i were vicious. on the work to succeed i don't if i desired us to.
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war what. and who i made some money from for me and i don't do this to me again that saul before i lose my temper not only because i know why i need to. no i don't want to know. fighting for a doing making past. i want to know how to tell a month. when i'm going to go ahead tell him to bill me.
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oh but you never see this. so. it's hard to know when it. don't aren't you supposed to be at work yeah i know there how come. you know that a lot already finished all i needed to do that and. he was laughing down to me the rest of you had last night and i didn't. on. an island somewhere it's hard for someone like me from the lower
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class i went to get a chance to travel abroad. and. one of them a big organization in europe sponsored kids from my schools for a week to study the latest recycling methods. and then none. of that i've always dreamed of traveling abroad. and now god gave me a chance like this. a cameraman here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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me is eve. me. feel. ill. such as the first. few.


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