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he. says. in india oh geez available the move to the joint be hotel rooms the violence the gateway her to the ground imperial truly to tell us that. you can to listen to her to see don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was hoto as a retreat. three
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thirty am in moscow here r.t. headlines criminally responsible libya's colonel qadhafi officially charged with the killing of anti-government protesters the international criminal court also wants gadhafi son saif and another close aide in the dock for the deaths of the beginning of the popular uprising libyan officials have reacted to charges saying the court has no authority and legitimacy. troubled waters a fleet of ships bringing humanitarian aid bound for gaza gets ready to leave greece israel says it's getting out of gearing up to intercept the convoy after withdrawing earlier threats to bad and important journalists sailing with the flotilla may two thousand and ten and nine peace activists were killed when israeli commandos stormed aid ships also destined for gaza. public anger growing at tokyo's have learned of the fukushima nuclear disaster as fifth. teen people living
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outside the exclusion zone are diagnosed with radiation poisoning the government stepped up health checks but official figures have been met with skepticism and mistrust after conflicting reports from authorities the meltdown of reactors was triggered by the deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck japan in march knocking out the plant's cooling systems. up next we travel to the world's largest garbage village on the outskirts of cairo where a minority religious community manages to cherish its dreams despite the harsh realities of daily life a special report coming up. far
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as if i once went into cairo to collect trash i realized everyone was well dressed i wasn't so what i was a bit upset. given by that i left i'm off this city has three social classes all fell on the upper
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class without the middle class. then there's a nothing class. they need that's us. in the midst. of. this. through.
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good. morning this monday everyone here works in the garbage. because. if i do we're like one big family. we understand one another again. everyone here knows everyone. but with one child one not. good says no one here when i conduct my health ms it's. to say hey i'm a mix more than just my jobs and if
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a. young i was a mom question they mean the same old father would not be what you needed because you work with trash special to do the record that's what i like is going to get at that and that i'm no no that's one of. the yeah let's let's go don't discuss that not yet allowed out of the rubble but i heard my arm today that's exactly why you need for this but you did there you go with the belief they were cut by glass and the first one gets injured walking and garbage while so this will protect you from time to miss with a lot of that that the most as a whole that this especially those hands me and you cereno will. get it out. of here that it was in several hours and that you're not taking a shot. when i'm at the metadata while it's soak it in water this a lot. so it.
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it was nothing but something. oh and another was a. solo stuff and when the. my dad works in plastic recycling. i would have missed all of them my father doesn't want me to work around job like this. why does one need to suffer like him. and still have the garbage work is dangerous work. how about learn how to enjoy change or go from one job to another how much will women still learn by looking for the job that suits me the best car role i was a machinist a mechanic an auto repair man. i was
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a carpenter's world that i worked earning close. when i was a salesman in a shoe shop. i think i've had many careers. and. nothing else this year started off full of joy that. was full of happiness and goodness and no fear of. the sunday. bad luck. and yes sure.
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more than one company care. from spain and italy by the way began to multiply. expanded with time. they will take all our work. with the foreign companies contracts they all know about all the garbage you get. more so in the city contributed with more in the waste disposal companies because they perceive the zabbaleen to be old fashioned.
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within the law but they didn't come tell us you need to modernize your ways that's an award and simple numbers and then. the obvious was all done behind our backs to the fair and i'm sure we're replacing you with companies so we can be liked about countries. little but let's get started it. guys we're facing hard times. we need to get through this as we have the use of this community if you must give it what we know this is right that it get business kyra hide three for a company's no mild as they'll take all trash. this already is no longer want to contract with us doubling of us that they don't recognize our expertise on the roof
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and as this is a serious challenge for a few good american eyes of us all of this aging means to understand that the foreign companies only recycle twenty percent of the lashon in familiar but we recycle eighty percent may have been at the earliest but now. modern. this work is all we know then you know by the end. that we have been here for one hundred years your. garbage has always been a work one of. the land. gets taken from a salon and in an hour we'll be without our daily bread. and of course i'm furious that anna went after them but we are the ones with the most experience in recycling i got a third of. the
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. number so getting don't know what the new found out and they can i look forward to foreign companies can i dreamed of owning a can cutting factory. come on the land lot then but we have less garbage now. and our income comes from recycling trash. in a good mood and we recycle eighty percent of the trash we collect by the of. the
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week that we are we turning the garbage into raw materials so that the burden. why then why didn't this tell them we sell it in egypt and approach this and i mean that one thing that. i thought of that only when we export to china belgium and france. then i get mad at them for i attended the recycling school but has kind of felt i was blind about that and i finally learned to read and write. well i'm here to learn safe recycling practices you know adults here and start counting.
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the total is four hundred. there were ahead of me. in this everyone is struggling and i'm involved with all those in all garbage. and you know how things are i give you what do you think
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as almost makes the point i'm making it only one hundred pounds a week and to some accounts last a month that a child that you know was sama i don't know that's not that bad i use it no live why then and this is had no i'm at the end of my. quote he's a responsible sailor that's very. good so you are just lazy. i won't lose my job again but sure we'll see while i want to be an altar boy. that is the way you want to be ordained and i want to turn my life around to where i live i really want you to help i give me. all day. i don't live there are a lot of that here yet hope you rise up to its meaning and i will say here that the stuff.
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that was an older boy has me i'll feel that i'm changing. it has been lower level so i will feel it because i am wearing something worth a. dog welling up for everyone will respect me this year.
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it's light. when father is in jail. he was building an apartment for me in the world without the proper permits. he was building it on a roof. without an apartment a boy can't get married. air no one treats you like a grown man will unless you're married.
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when i think of my father. i get sad about how this is some of those playing playstation and i started to think of him as i don't i want to cry that i'm going to put on a new hit. song goes it's not right to be a week. before dad went to jail i lived my life to the fullest and i was just chilling to them and i was just thinking about my future how the thought of you go look. i have to support our family it's a new responsibility for me my first time as the main provider.
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i need times mom of course. and. and none of that. this will immunize here your lead maggie an idea your next. to last letters arrived and again i left on hats how come. i laughed when i got into a fight. of the miss laila my fingers not let out why a man's they'll have about someone better at the idea of love with the other their sister does him real heart. out of she want crazy. she was still sleeping when he started to scream attack. he has no shame. where were her go his dad told him to be kind to her before he went to jail level
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go up don't don't need to run the house not allowed or yes you're the man of the house now i know but boyce shouldn't teach girls this well that's. what. you mean subject myself to them the. are you live in as how mr libby had to push at. me. when i'm mad i have an issue to get must develop outrage for them when our only chance is to prove that we can keep up with the times in a mess them up and my animistic. who couldn't name zoe establish the
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recycling school the one man we teach our kids to read baptisms and a computer is a musician and prime minister where they learn how to run a business but that shouldn't be done and there are so. this is what's contracts look like when teach them new ways of thinking to be empowered unlike their parents must come any minute so i want. to know how and when i went to the mall how the children need to learn more about these companies from the broom out monday that. helps out but what time is the bus leaving i want to suffocate your little home he looked everywhere for someone i. thought of that's it we're leaving.
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it that's it how can you as an international company not trust cycled plastic called gold paper and all that is recoverable just out of how could you bury a fortune like this be difficult to misjudge is there an odor but when i feel where are we. looking at what are we standing with. women often because a lot of them filling them up from. what was it oh what over their. mothers they still have lots of plastic here. rabbit because i'm not sure. you will want but chair but i saw it first.
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and i have plans to open a business in my neighborhood in libya. and that's a dream i have. but i no longer see a future for me here. that our school is trying to send us a fraud to see hard foreign societies work as. i magine people in europe and america are pragmatic and i were vicious. on the work to succeed one of the things i desired is to.
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war what. i made some money from for me then i don't do this to me again that sob before i lose my temper not only because i know why i need to. know i don't want to know. why they doing but making pastor. i wonder how i'm tellin mom. when i want to go ahead tell him to build me. over never see this.
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it's hard to blow when it. and i have a stand on aren't you supposed to be a twerk. yeah i know there how come. we feel that alone already finished all i needed to do that. here is that in there anyway the rest you had last night and i didn't. and no one saw me or it's hard for someone like me from the lower class i went to get a chance to travel abroad. in
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one of them a big organization in europe sponsored kids from my schools for a week to study the latest recycling methods. and then. i've always dreamed of traveling abroad. and now god gave me a chance like this. to . see. if. it.
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took a while to order. this is truly still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal visions of the soviet files on oxy.
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