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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 2:31am-3:01am EDT

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this is our. main headlines this hour tripoli refuses to accept an arrest warrant for colonel gadhafi saying the international criminal court is just a western principle who has the authority. tribunals accuse the libyan either of crimes against humanity. trade unions are staging a forty eight hour strike with tens of thousands expected to take to the streets on tuesday to polish the greek prime minister parliament to possible pressure. to avoid bankruptcy. and russian lawmakers discuss controversial restrictions on abortion designed to boost the birthrate in the country many failed to move back streets legacy of abandoned children. booming opium production in afghanistan is due to high international dymo and years of war and destruction so
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says the afghan minister in an interview. we would like to start of course with the statistics of the meat their production of poppies in afghanistan i guess that is always being. at the point of the blame for that community that afghanistan is products at producing a huge amount of drugs and exporting it. to the world but can you just from your point of view what do you think i mean how to tackle these problems but. first i welcome you to afghanistan there's no doubt that the area of plantation song with narcotic crops has increased since military hostilities started in afghanistan i believe that the war was the root cause that forced afghan
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people to turn to poppy growing this is the source of most problems afghanistan faces today the afghan government has pledged to put an end to all be in production in the country if we study the history of drug production how it spread in afghanistan and what degree it has reached here we learned that about two hundred fifteen hectares of prominent contain poppy crops but thanks to the efforts of the democratic afghan government which i consider to be quite successful we've managed to cut that area to one hundred thirty hector's this year the government intends to further reduce the earlier sawmill poppies so as to fully meet its commitment to destroy poppy cultivation but we will be unable to solve this problem once and for all on our own we will need people support in other words we should not be focused only on the question of poppy cultivation it's an international problem and not just the problem of growing poppies in afghanistan for example we realize the poppies are cultivated in afghanistan but then the question arises in what way
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about thirteen hundred tons of chemical substances necessary for processing opium into her own illegally get into afghanistan via our country is another exam. that the world consumes ninety five percent of afghan produced opium by contraband while opium consumption in afghanistan accounts for just five percent this proves that not only afghanistan but the whole world should careworn these narcotic substances . over the past six years the afghan government has managed to reduce areas of poppy crops to forty three percent doing dance we almost stopped sowing poppies and seven afghan provinces more than twenty other provinces are fighting to destroy them i would also add that we've worked out a plan to put an end to sowing poppies in several provinces this year as part of efforts to implement this plan we intend to further reduce areas of poppy fields it doesn't mean that we don't have difficulties as i said earlier i'm against drugs it's not just a problem for afghanistan this is an international problem the world community to
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realize that it took on allies the situation in afghanistan with a name to organize a campaign against drugs in this region elsewhere in the world if we consume five percent of drugs then where does the ninety five percent go for example if we manage to cause internal demand what should be done to decrease the constantly growing world demand for drugs therefore we believe that any success in fighting this evil list closely linked to international cooperation on support afghanistan doesn't have enough ability to treat drug addicts we can help only one percent of all drug related patients as the un to drugs minister i admit that i face money tasks i realize that i have responsibilities with regards to the people of afghanistan under the mounts for compensation to afghan landlords who give up poppy cultivation chemical imports or an even bigger problem or the total profits from the drugs trade amount to about sixty five billion dollars
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a year all of them go to the international drugs mafia local drug smugglers barely get three percent from butts on if you have the expenses be called a vase. afghanistan we see that property and this trade are miserable the international drug mafia gets the bulk of the profits. there is one concept that it's connects somehow the presence of the international forces in afghanistan with the drug trade. there is a talk that there is a possible with all of the international troops for afghanistan. next year. do you think after the withdrawal the situations of drug fighting what improve. if we look at these things objectively will see that the situation after the war has improved however the afghans don't feel a great deal of prepared to work has to be done and it's necessary to train the afghan police and army to fight drug trafficking now but we're down to the post war
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period but i assume that everything we can do in this area brings positive results every day i can claim that in recent years the anti drugs ministry has achieved concrete positive results we've detained money drug traffickers this year money more than in previous years the professional training of afghan police and army personnel has also improved if things continue this way i'm sure that by twenty fourteen we will be able to control the entire territorial afghanistan i would like to emphasize one thing under no circumstances is the afghan government going to wage a war against its own people we operate under the model of struggle against terrorism extremism and drugs we see that in our condition foreign aid has turned out to be pernicious for money afghans a considerable part of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed it should be other than a sharp change in the specialization of agriculture is closely linked to foreign factors perhaps you can see it for yourself that drugs production flourished in the
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period of the most intensive military hostilities which led to serious destruction security as well as law and order as a result the illegal sowing of poppy crops increased that's why we count on the cooperation of the world community in the struggle against this evil and we won't lay the blame solely on afghan as the afghans are people who want to live in compliance with the law but today they want to use the benefits of peace in the first place. we are now facing the most terrible consequences of the war against terror we witnessed the destruction of all some of bin laden the took place near a military base in pakistan all this should be subject to a more profound nonsense such issues shouldn't be tackled superficially. a couple of months back there was a joint operation as between the russian forces of. the americans and of the forces of fighting do you think such operations could be.
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could be more in future as. a joint operations especially from the russian forces. at this moment we're trying to strengthen our law enforcement primarily be afghan police which is predominantly in charge of destroying poppy crops as i said earlier i assume that we've made great progress in this field but more importantly we exchange reconnaissance information we discussed this question with russia and are ready to build up cooperation with moscow in this field jointly we worked out several mechanisms and are applying them and cheering special information this information could help us catch smugglers in and outside afghanistan in this we rely on help from countries which have experience in his field and your excellency thank you very much for being with us from russia today and we wish the prosperity and peace and. the trucks thank you.
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tripoli refuses to accept an arrest warrant. saying the international criminal court is just a western political tool and no authority. has accused of the crimes against humanity. greek trade unions are staging a forty eight hour strike with tens of thousands expected to take to the streets on tuesday it follows the greek prime minister in the parliament. to avoid bankruptcy . and russian lawmakers discuss controversial restrictions on abortion designed to boost the birthrate in the country and many fear the. backstreets legacy of abandoned children. coming your way in just fifteen minutes time typing updates on the latest sports news with roma.
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these are the headlines. let the insults bly blood klitschko and david haye have a verbal barrels ahead of their unification on saturday. the field narrows world number one carolyn was nowitzki and both williams sisters go out but maria sharapova is proof of the quarterfinals on the critical day at wimbledon. and seal of approval is in it a lot of good that they do you know one of the signs a deal to prepare the russian national ice hockey team for the salt she would serve the picks. call has promised a reality rehab for david haye as the boxing champions held a news conference at of their heavyweight title unification bout this weekend's ukrainian felt he needs to teach his opponent some matters as the brit arrived forty five minutes late for the traditional pre-fight media meeting he added that
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the outcome of the fight will teach the w.b. a heavyweight champ to be a better person with better behavior was always on time however was more objective about the upcoming ballots and even revealed part of his strategy against the w.b. old ideal an i.b.m. world heavyweight champion. study. if you want. to. see the difference and. it is fun to watch it is the. no. matter if you're in the meeting is david haye refused to shake his hand and that prompted another heated exchange political listed all the world celebrity has shaken hands with and says hey was foolish not to have done likewise it's. my job fraser larry holmes.
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good thing there is going to be. so. many. tennis now where world number one carolyn was nowitzki and both williams sisters ole went crashing out in a shock filled fourth round at wimbledon however former champion maria sharapova safely through the world number six ran into some tough opposition early in her match against china spank sure why but the two thousand and four winner improved to triumph six four six two and has yet to drop a set so far as she reaches the quarterfinals for the first time in five years i feel like my movement has definitely improved this year but i think that's because
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it played a lot of matches and. that helps you in things a lot of it is also reaction in. getting ready for the next set of bones to thinking it's over being prepared to hit another one another one and. you know just always better to him until it doesn't. because then so all of the latest quarter finals are taking place on tuesday and this is how that size have been set off russia's maria sharapova is up against so many cuts a book of old slovakia who defeated carolyn was nowicki france's marion bartoli lead to peace there in the williams and meets german side. bulgaria. became the first player to beat both williams sisters on grass i will play czech that beat them while. knocked out russia's idea is that it will play austria and we are a project in the quarterfinal. mikhail youzhny out of the thirty mins after losing that are rare usually won the first set on the break which was only his second set
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want to get the swiss player since two thousand and three however federer superiority eventually showed. as he made his way through to the quarterfinals. and see how this turns out to be because again it could be a repeat of the joke. i was wrong but if it's not the case. and i was right but i don't care if i'm right or wrong i know where my games i know where ref is game is that he was going for four grand slams in a row people are like going crazy he loses and it's like a new year or. so all of that so for cesar through to the last eight world number one rafael nadal will face a mardy fish from the united states in the quarterfinal and other spaniards lopez will play the crowd favorite murray also frenchman will face a better after beating federer in the previous round while. takes on a rising star bernard shaw match from australia. i saw canal and russia's national
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team have officially signed their new coach. put pen to paper to guide the red machine through to the such a when takes in twenty fourteen the fifty six year old now plans to take his new assistant coach while saying he has chosen the goalkeeping trainer but without revealing his name takes up the national role after leading the force to washington titles in seven years is the country's most successful club. for itself like crowns to his name he also managed russia for eleven months six years ago and has received a warm welcome back. we want to. hear more from the children for a month ago that all the folks. who are. former world number one tennis player and two time grand slam champion you've got a cough and nick of has been crowned russia's gold champion at the national championship in the moscow region. of reports on the story of one man who triumphed
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ensued different sports. the twentieth national tournament may go down in history as one of the most interesting so far in the woman there was a first ever hole in one by mario track and on the second day but there was no surprise in the overall competition where might even channel is still the biggest name in russia the twenty five year old dominated on the greens from the very beginning showing solid glee however the first russian to achieve full time membership on the lead is european tour did give her opponents if you chances on the final day but her lead proved to be too comfortable and that china was security her third russian title to the first three days of play really. like holland today after after that night i was just like so completely lost my concentration was hard for me and i said missing person kind of it was tough
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meanwhile the men's can petition turned out to be a real cracker the two favorites who took the little boy a tough way through the tournament were disqualified from moving distance markers and the feet of the russian golf crown was to be decided on the clues and he took out stick on a meter mark. the next day i went in there and knew about we just heard about which one to the referee. had this kind of situation for that first. and incredibly former tennis world number one in two time grand slam winner. of look it up diluted board to grip his first professional title the thirty seven year old was trailing by aides to oxy had a live final day but later found his perfect touch to produce an impressive last round which. included six birdies in just one movie and this but it pretty modest finish of fifteen over but the olympic tennis champion is going to boost his golf
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skills for the olympics in rio in two thousand and sixteen but i didn't expect to win it was a real surprise for me i'm very satisfied with my score in the last round as i finished five under par i love golf and will continue playing and it would be great if i could take part in the olympics in two different sports with the growing popularity of golf in russia championships like this and results like government gives are the best way of encouraging those interested in the sport to pick up a golf club because they about are both. one of the world's the best surfers at sands across the gulf of finland is on hold or rushes to schedule as you deserve all the way from thailand to helsinki but as richard van portly reports he's been forced to postpone his bid due to lack of. peter to ski which may have already been crowned world champion but the task of trying to surf all the way from tallinn to helsinki presented its own problems such as having to navigate the sea currents and
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trying to make sure the wind did not blow him too far of course he had plenty of supports even his parents were present having made the short journey from their home in st petersburg where the conditions also look perfect and the temperature hovering around the twenty five degree mark however unlike the previous couple of days there was this thing to the lack of wind but didn't have the conditions of the wind is the lie still hold the bill for give you when you so try to make it through you know confidence yeah sure are you sure so will be fine for sure i remember some like. it was evident from his first attempts for trying to cross the eighty kilometers distance was going to be a tall order as fear was just not enough wind he just didn't run ten minutes in the water before having to return to shore so we give a try today and the winner was beginning with in the end and dropped so it's not enough for my biggest kite and it's not really comfortable to go so i'm in the
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still possible over this other most fun so we're going to weigh the bird till today by the i think it's going to be a good so this way turtle was there was a really nice focus from the from the other side the wind with these three really nice tack to finland so wait one more day and with another try peter was philosophical as not even he has the power to control the elements and his attempt to become the first russian to cross the gulf of finland will have to be put on hold for a few more days yes we might be one of the best kite service in the world but even pages had to admit defeat today due to lack of wind which has made his attempt to try and cross for gulf of finland almost impossible however he'll keep on trying and over the next few days hopefully he'll be able to make it all the way from tallinn to helsinki richard i'm portrayed r.t. tallinn estonia. i'll be back in a couple of hours but say you can rates and comments on some of the stories sit here and it's i'm on our you tube channel r.t. sport news stay with us for some the latest news headlines.
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