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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 1:31pm-2:01pm EDT

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oh. twenty years ago largest country. where did it take to.
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welcome back here's a recap of the top stories on our team verging on the brink of default greeks go on strike with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to march against. what one as prime minister on tour through europe has offered to buy the embattled euro out of its troubles. prosecutors in the hague call on the libyans to turn over colonel gadhafi for allegedly ordering the killing of civilians but the country's leadership refuses to recognize the tribunals legitimacy labeling it and cover for nato's illegal actions going to be. activists say claims that a flotilla heading for gaza is carrying chemical weapons to use against soldiers are just attempts to undermine the mission. and coming up next we travel to the world's largest garbage village on the outskirts of cairo where
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a minority community manages to cherish its dreams despite the harsh reality of daily life.
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i once went into cairo to collect trash i realized everyone was well dressed i wasn't so what i was a bit upset. even but that's enough i'm off this city has three social classes will follow all the upper class without the middle class. then there's the nothing class. they need that's us if. they're the miscible in. this.
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through. when miss monday everyone here works in a garbage. can . be found anywhere like one big family.
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we understand one another again. everyone here knows everyone. but we'll watch out for one. group says in the day when i conduct my health visits. to say hey i'm a mix more than just my jobs and tiffany. young was calm passionate they mean the same old father would not be what you needed because you work with trash special you will go on the record that's what i like is going to get at that and that and all of that you know of. the other nice let's go don't discuss that not yet allowed out of the rough go ahead my arm today man that's
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exactly why you need for this but you did there you go to believe they were cut by glass and the first one gets injured walking and garbage so this will protect you from time to notice when lot of them that the most as a whole that is especially those hands me and use are a national. get it out. of here that it was in said alice and this you're not taking a shot. when i'm in the middle of two outs soak it in water this one was. so it. yes it was nothing but something. oh and i know what is a. solo stuff they wanted. my dad works in plastic recycling. always had most of them
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my father doesn't want me to work on job like this so why does one need to suffer like him. and still have the garbage work is dangerous work. how about learn how to enjoy change or go from one job to another how bushel went along and looking for the job which suits me the best her role i was a machinist a mechanic an auto repair man is that i was a carpenter's world that i worked earning close. when i was a salesman in a shoe shop. i don't have many careers. and some of them and.
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none of the sleazier started off full of joy. more full of happiness and goodness and of clear. could go on the sunday than it brought us bad luck. and there sure. was. more than one company cable from spain and italy by the way began
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to multiply. the expense of the time. they will take all our work for. what i've been in my foreign companies contract says that they own a bowl of garbage. more so than the city contract it was for in the waste disposal companies because they perceive the zabbaleen to be old fashioned. the same but they didn't come tell us which you need to modernize your ways wasn't a one simple numbers a name. that's obvious was all done behind our backs ok fine i'm sure it will replace. you with companies so we can be like to help countries.
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but let's get started it. guys we're facing hard times. we need to get through this is the use of this community have you must give it what we know this is right there's little cairo hide three foreign companies know my elders and they'll take all trash. disorders no longer want to contract with us. later so they don't recognize our expertise. and as this is a serious challenge for us you get them out and as of us all of this is easy means to understand that the foreign companies only recycle twenty percent of the lashon in familiar but we recycle eighty percent may have been at the earliest so you know . why didn't this work is all we know then you know by the then.
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we have been here for one hundred year. old garbage has always been a work. it's like gets taken from a salon and will be without our daily bread. and of course i'm furious that i went after them but we are the ones with the most experience and recycling my go to. the must have got in the move a lot and they can i look for the foreign companies can i dreamed of owning a can cutting factory. don and i learned. but we have less garbage now. and more income comes from recycling trash.
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in a that we recycle eighty percent of the trash we collected of. it but we have we turned garbage into raw materials but bottom of the garden. why then more than this then we sell it in egypt and abroad and i mean that one thing in the. uk that's the only thing we export to china belgium
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and france. then they get mad at them for i attended the recycling school but has kind of felt i was blind i found that and i finally learned to read and write. well i'm here to learn safe recycling practices up to no adults here and start counting. the totals four hundred.
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there were ahead of me. in this everyone is struggling and i'm involved with holmes and all garbage. and you know how things are i give you what do you think us almost makes the point i'm making it only one hundred pounds a week and i saw my columns last month that a child that you know was salma i don't know that's not that bad i use it no live one of them and this article i'm at the end of my rope. and responsible for a letter from the very image that if you are just lazy that. only lose my job to
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care much you will see what i want to be an altar boy. that is the way you want to be ordained and i want to turn my life around. really only here today and that part give me. ok. i've lived a lot better yet hope you rise up to it's mean and ugly as i need that the stuff. that was an older boy imitation is me i always feel that i'm changing. as i will feel it because i am wearing something worthy.
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in that god willing for everyone will respect me this year.
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it's light. one day on the west father is in jail. as he was building an apartment for me in the book without the proper permits. from the. office building up on a roof and then there's one of them here without an apartment a boy can't get married. air no one treats you like a grown man or unless you're married. to one i think of my father. i get sad. but i was there someone was playing play station and i started to think of him. i want to cry. i'm going to put on
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a new hit song. i said the head of our song goes it's not right to be a week. before dad went to jail i lived my life to the fullest and i was just chilling to them and i was just thinking about my future how the thought of him to go look. i had to support our family because in your responsibility for me on my first time as the main provider. in the times mom of course. and on and then with none of the other. this will immunize you yet larry and idea your next. to last.
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and again my left arm hurts how come. i got into a fight. of those miss laila my finger is numb they're why a man one hundred of them one bit. deal with the other girl she says to beat him real hard. she want crazy. she was still sleeping when he started to scream at her. he has no shame. his dad told him to be kind to her before he went to jail level drop the don't don't need to run the house and that was all yes you're the man of the house now i know but boys shouldn't hit girls this. well that's. what that. i mean subject myself to them the stuff. i hear i imagine how mr
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lee can't push a. button and i have an issue to get must develop trait for in him when our only chance is to prove that we can with the times in a mess them up and man a second. who couldn't name zoe establish the recycling school the one man we teach our kids to read baptisms and a computer is a musician who didn't find the initial read they learn how to run a business that's effective and yet so this is what contracts look like when teach them new ways of thinking and to be empowered unlike their parents last time any
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minute so i want. to must i want to let them know now children need to learn more and i about these companies from abroad in monterey behalf. of how to fix that but what time is the bus leaving yourself if you're late at home he looked everywhere for some or are. so out of that's it we're leaving. the question how can you as an into. national company not recycled plastic cardboard paper and all that is recoverable just out of how could you bury a fortune like this. is there an odor but in
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a field where are we. looking at what are we standing on. the nickel not a landfill and. what is it but what over there. mother earth a third lots of plastic here. the full. year. you will want but chair but i saw it first. and i have plans to open a business in my neighborhood in mobile. and that's a dream i have to abandon. but i no longer see
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a future for me here. that our school is trying to send us to see how our foreign societies work as. i imagine people in europe and america are pragmatic and i were vicious. on the work to succeed but if i desire this to. well for what. i made some money from from you then why don't do this to me again that saw before i lose my temper when i look at you i know why i need to. know i
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don't want to know. i feel. i'm forty doing making pastor. i wonder how i'm tellin mom. oh. go ahead tell him to build me. over never see this. so. it's hard to blow when it. obviously don't aren't you supposed to be a twerk. yeah i know there how come. we feel that alone already finished all i needed to do that. to that and i need me the rest you had last night and i didn't.
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and no one saw me or it's hard for someone like me from the lower class i went to get a chance to travel abroad. and. in one of them a big organization in europe sponsored kids from my school for a week to study the latest recycling methods. and then. i've always dreamed of traveling abroad.
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and now god gave me a chance like this. twenty years ago the largest country. to some degree to. what had been. began a journey. where did it take them. if .
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they want to order. this street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the truth to the soviet files on some. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are on the day.
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