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twenty years ago largest country in. certain places. where did it take the. morning news today. if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. today.
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five thirty am in moscow these are your r.t. headlines greece grinds to a halt as a forty eight hour general strike takes effect erupts in violence where protesters voice anger at proposed cuts to secure e.u. bailout cash the strike was time to coincide with a crucial vote in the greek parliament on whether to accept brussels terms for financial aid this is china's prime minister offers a financial lifeline to the union during a visit to europe. french finance minister christine legarde becomes the first female head of the international monetary fund winning overwhelming support from europe russia china and the us the chief rival for the post was mexican banker augusten carstens who lobbied as a non european candidate better suited to the needs of developing economies organizations former managing director dominic strauss kahn resigned in may because
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of a sex scandal. r t is on the ground in the libyan oil port of brega this is tripoli rejects the international criminal court's demands for colonel gadhafi to rest and accuses it of doing nato's dirty work critics say the ruling makes a peaceful settlement less likely and only deepens the country's debt. up next we travel to the world's largest garbage village on the outskirts of cairo where a minority religious community manages to cherish its dreams despite the harsh realities of daily life or special report coming up. you know bill help me with this well i also need to put all my salts help me first lives of love. and not just just give me a hand i've already done one two zero zero. zero is.
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there a show. that you can donate loco place get. that on the market known food waste. and then you'd have a blast if you lived here i'm. never knew them out while cams. so on the coast as if to shame we don't live here that a lot of the shit on the lows for this country. but on that milk if we lived here
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we saw all the trash about the would you take goods for what i put them on. i'll save it for one look at home and know it was my gift to your. car. well if it stops so people can cross. this is my ferry favorite music. history is something. when you look at the current agreements to see. whether it's good for. britney lands we resign. but we hope to resign. this will take all.
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this is just respect. it's too. little out are they throwing this away. this should be recycled. and it doesn't matter if it's big or small if i'm in the office. this should be recycled. after me so this doesn't get recycled here. and people here's the technology but no precision. no precision.
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in the fun of. this thing works with me that's nice my brother come up with another one that has only one gary. and here is the gear stick and had it's great. one hundred much everything is already sorted. by they have a special system does the why don't we collect every item separately so i.
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there's no so. the waves are coming. we're stuck in the middle. of. the water surrounding.
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that is good evening. which kind of this story tastes aren't listening to send out of it so what do we do now while we're experts in the garbage that's the best time to demonstrate this let alone has a society needs that people need to seen that we are essentially in that there's a body that one must have a plan of action and shot was that we have to modernize our traditional what the what the. can say more about it because he travelled abroad. over there the trash system is advanced. we should copy them to implement source separation about if you have come here to visit everyone here know what source separation means as in their family first and you know this is a residence to dispose of their food waste from the separate from their known food waste and all of us my foreign companies get the trash was
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a bit emotional we can't collect any more this event end of the. yes this is a problem the guy must we must introduce this new concept. that we can carry out source separation the residents learn that we recycled all mellow everything my idea that i feel people will start to appreciate us. no one cares about us that. it was storage of all these you. might get to come see what they did. and
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my name is late this is carmen at. the best as we would like your cooperation with our project of source of peroration way of food waste is separated from your other trash and i. mean if so who will be collecting this separator trash . can even i mean we asked the foreign companies collector to keep the trash separate of the year and she's the one to the right question this way the trash stays divided obviously so we just need to throw it out into different bugs. one of the many night asking me to put it all to garbage backs i don't have the space in this misery for taking up your time for. i don't know why i'm doing that as long as my efforts aren't in vain. we have three more buildings and i. want.
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to get out garbage boy. and i shall you know and then i got a job as a janitor at the parish one i'm different than if i pick up the litter around the church. and that's what some visitors who come here make fun of me. for
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has been there so i started to feel inferior in people's eyes. all ali and i call me names like garbage boy. they're not as i see them but they rarely see me this as their own that's where few people see million of where there is no one them to understand me. i'm not bad like people saying well i'm a good person. it's just that people don't see me. not so i feel it with time people like me has been playing they are well off now the headline.
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was going join us. duties place i'm. sure they got there and these companies have big money the smallest foreign companies can invest up to one hundred million dollars pushing my luck again when i spend big money on equipment which i may sing machines a lot of their basic trunk costs two hundred thousand pounds on trucks are pathetic we can't even make up a hill design places for getting their foreign staff has experience they have pristine we have no nothing hell a machine and. a. little kids if you can't beat them join them. so i got a job with a foreign company. think
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where's the bill. both tell what's new you found in a bill name and how's your family coping lately had at that sort of thing i know that my first could begin to bash the foreign companies one what is it there's no money in trash i don't believe there's jobs for people like me i was an educated and illiterate and. this showed their bottoms all i know is how to fill up garbage sacks. i can't even read street sign of the sign says dog but i keep driving off the light as they take our jobs will modify my because they feel that we are back war it's as much we prove in this rome fighting that we have
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mastered computers and maps the remains i believe developed that none other but the english lit up that it's wishful thinking. oh my. goodness god's will but it is a dead end. if they don't acknowledge us. but they don't see us. is that they could care less about this apathy. business mistrust they don't see we're poor people don't want us good and living from trash.
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can't go without a foreign companies to show themselves from people's homes and their trash. just because it's not getting any easier for us because many of us are forced into scavenging in the streets for scraps we bought a lot ago because there's no got a border or for us my life has become inhumane. and we're trying to apply all projects of sorest separation. in that seat and it seems the residents were receptive because then you can use to live in i'm out of ten residents like the idea uncooperative but i've seen the bulk of the foreign company workers get a break up the trash in front of the residents. that people are realizing that the company workers that amateurs they are based workers to remain child project owners that i shouldn't mind if i mean if they get paid whether or not their trash is separated all of our own residents divided up these workers just makes it all back
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together all fairness the presidents are complaining about the. residents be. the way we collect wood from a dog willing people will speak out and ask for the zambelli to return. the thing that interested doesn't taste good and that mr made. it needs pepper and butter oh. i don't like this food. what can possibly be so bad. if you don't know enough it's disgusting. i know it isn't. but. oh. think the one hundred at this table takes me back to england. i got money for it
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was beautiful. my. studio and she plays this for on tape day and night. how i'm trying to improve myself but i can't. i can model below was god's will if everything is possible. but reaching the pinnacle is hard that one has to climb one step at a time. and then another one on my only wish to find
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a job that suits me and the family and then i this is my only dream now. and i can't wait to receive my uniform from the foreign company that. came in and is that i'm excited to wear it and be like the other workers. just as many then you will see the uniform and realize my true. and i feel great. as i'm happy when i. right on these trucks.
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and such and i was told on the my family felt broken with my dad was in jail. as of the now things are back to normal and i second. that was listening to some music. that some of. the other you had your founder was at not over the.
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plate already. but the sound of cheerios up. the down before you doing upstairs. building your new place. well you're not getting married. one of the most important things to travel. during the america. i want to work abroad. and i'll come back and apply everything i learned there. with the from other.
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guy over there waving the egyptian flag. that's pretty cool. that he's releasing his pigeons. it's a summer with some of it is traded on. a tight. ah oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh this is the best way to tell your trainer. it's a little bit of this. working for the foreigners they're. after studying with us for six years go and sell us out. down. over the.
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way you do there. you go there second i'm a collector sorry about that if you get a uniform well when we give you one you know i keep saying tomorrow. you've betrayed the sub ali and what it is now bill this is a traitor to be. and you. oh god approves of the hour. but they'll stand. up bar let's hope you keep brister although i know for someone of there's a lot of it. that only at life keeps getting harder for us but we must tell it all they.
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know we did him in minority students have grown up and some of the teachers that i was going. to see. in this new meaning that will continue to educate our youth pastor that are going to call a future day isn't think it's. what but it most people are pleased with me because i've kept my job. of talking on the album respect me for. all of them but i'm working on the other house and he.
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has assumed this and that and i feel respected when i wear my uniform. now that i'm employed i can propose to any woman that i. may have become a handsome young man in their. and then if they just need call girls they're all falling for me and then it's done one by one of the birth and then. wait i have become a real ladies' man. and . i'm still cutting cams.
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there's still not much garbage. and i don't have no choice but to ensure this. hell i can only hope the time comes change. that something needs to happen. but i can't keep living like this i still carry a dream. i want to open a can cutting factory. but i will use a machine that says there's. a few people around the world are starting to care about trashing. when there's some folks no respect. and i'm sure.
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that. my. feeling. where i feel like god is watching over us. actually certainly acknowledge as us will. coming to. an easy and they. come up. with a job. easy to put up a. little to be done to keep.
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the little. kids would keep plugging. wealthy british scientists on. sometimes. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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