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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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but going to be alone a show or look at the real headlines with none of the mersey i can live in washington d.c. now today will look over a greece or violence has broken out as protesters and riot police clash and they had a vote austerity measures to keep the country from defaulting but is greece just the tip of the iceberg what does that mean for the u.s. a look at the future of the war in afghanistan who's going to be in command of the war effort and what does an attack by the taliban in kabul today really mean then why ask if obama has finally turned in to dick cheney and his legal battle against
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reporter james rise and or have all that and more parade united but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has missed. you know we've done quite a bit of trash talking on the show about the mainstream media's coverage of the casey anthony trial it's been incessant it's been over the top it's been quite ridiculous to say the least but today's coverage i think takes the cake every single cable news network for at least two or three hours this morning we told her in our office had nothing on it screens but the casey anthony trial they discussed every piece of evidence every little minuscule piece of paper every question and answer i mean it was non stop it was kind of like the rest of the world stopped by casey anthony was the only thing going on. you can believe this but what's happening now george anthony is on the stand and he's being questioned about his relationship. did he have some kind of inappropriate relationship with one of the
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searchers and the first time that they searched your home they left a search warrant that your home on just summer eleven yes no sir did they leave an inventory sheet telling you what they have confiscated no sir they. sure you remember approximately half of store from the age of the room but. those are. you know boggles my mind most is why c.n.n. and this n.b.c. and fox supposedly hard hitting news networks are covering this h l n tru t.v. those things exist for a reason but the people who want to watch mindless melodramas unfold the castle news should also exist for a reason maybe they should have run a few hearings on capitol hill today and dissected every word of those where obama's legal advisers are being grilled about their unexplainable explanation for why the war in libya doesn't count as hostilities or the hearing where the new
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commander of troops in afghanistan and the new head of special operations are testifying or maybe maybe they should remember the seven year anniversary of a story that used to make the news. much of the world was caught off guard today by the handover of political power by the u.s. to the new iraqi government it was scheduled for wednesday even some members of the iraqi cabinet didn't know that iraq was about to become a largely suffered nation again in a room that had been some police officer only a few minutes earlier the iraqi leaders said this was an historic day and the u.s. had not shed blood. for. you. that's right seven years ago iraq was handed over its sovereignty by of course the occupying force of foreign militaries and was supposed to become an independent post saddam country that represented democracy in the region i don't think anyone really believe any of that crap but they sure reported it like they did it and
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guess what seven years later we're still in iraq we saw about fifty thousand troops there have been reported by the mainstream media last september seems like they really believe that when obama said the cop combat operations had all come to an end they went all out they said every reporter they had ought to be on the ground for this big moment there are four hundred and forty american troops in this convoy traveling in sixty. today's big. i think you get the point right so what happened to all of that kind of bear is saying now when you realize that if defense secretary robert gates gets his way our troops are staying there maybe not all fifty thousand go believe we are permanent presence at this point is just the reality so much for handing over that sovereignty so much for ending combat operations but even worse is of course that this is the war that everyone forgets or even fighting anymore try to tell that to the families of the troops that are continuing to lose their lives this month alone eleven u.s. soldiers have died in iraq including today and i make of the deadliest month there
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since two thousand and nine but those deaths no longer get reporters on the ground the whole war doesn't disappoint a headline or a quick video here and there so the mainstream media chooses to miss. greece once again about that in violence today as protesters throwing rocks clashed with about three thousand riot police tear gas now it's the first of a two day strike as the great parliament is set to vote tomorrow on a new five year austerity package of spending cuts and tax increases and the bill is expected to pass but if not greece is going to run out of money within weeks the tensions across europe are mixed our british prime minister david cameron pleaded with his country for people not to protest french president nicolas sarkozy said that an agreement on greek austerity had been reached and that caused us stocks to
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rise of optimism but what is austerity really going to look like for greece compared to a default i will placing a band-aid on this wound only highlight those elsewhere like portugal and spain it's been reported that in a stress test you come out soon one hundred six european banks i said to fail well the u.s. congress is entrenched in its own debate over budgets and faults and we look to europe as an example where the us is with me as anthony rand director of economic research for the reason foundation and the thanks so much for being here tonight well for starters everyone is just waiting on pins and needles to see what actually happens they're saying if we go is expected do you have any insights there is as to what could be done i think will be seven am eastern time fortunately i don't know really in the parliament to get a good sense of what's going to happen but i do think it's going to pass with a good general sense of reporting coming out of greece is that it passed because it has to pass really is no alternative if they don't i mean in theory they could one of the both the next day but they were as you just mentioned they've got
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a couple weeks of basically just at the end of the summer and so they have no money and then they're going to wind up having to do all this stuff anyway because i don't have any money to run the services in the first place that they really are they have no other choice do you think that at the end of the day no matter what it's still better to enact these austerity measures you know perhaps to raise taxes than it is to just allow them to d. fall and start a new because that's the language that we're starting to hear here at home here in the u.s. when it comes to the debate over raising the debt. i think from the american perspective we actually shouldn't have anything to do with this i think it we should in the united states should not be involved in trying to save greece or from an american policy perspective if leaving them alone just means letting the default and let it sort of self are things that bad best what i think we should do leave anybody alone in today's economy it just doesn't work that way we're not also isolated will be the people who should be if they need to build them out fill them out or the european union the eurozone which they are largely driving this effort the i.m.f. is involved which means the united states is involved but this is truly being driven by france and germany because they're afraid of how this is going to impact
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their banks if thought what that means practically speaking is one going to be able to borrow money for another ten years a good example of that is argentina which defaults to thousand and one and stools very difficult for its power and money but it means that to greek banks. banks european banks particularly intermediate france are going to have their credit worthiness downgraded and that's going to cause a lot of problems in europe but it also means that the other countries portugal and ireland and italy and spain they could look to this and say i will this is kind of what happened greece has already defaulted this is already destabilized the euro we're just going to go that same route and that creates even more problems for those banks is the euro problem is not a united states problem but at the end of the day i mean let's face it right if greece already fall on its debt this would trickle down to the united states somehow this would affect our economy it's certainly would impact our economy in some respects we have got american companies that are over there we know the european economy is certainly and so there's less people buying our products that
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step in the case but that doesn't necessarily mean the united states needs to be the lender of last resort for everybody in the world well i think you know you bring up the i.m.f. and so of course today there is the news and i am happy christine legarde has been chosen france is a former finance minister to take over here but of course there is a lot of a lot of discussion after her and strauss kahn lack as to whether it's time for some new leadership maybe doesn't have to be europe anymore and we actually have an interesting sound bite here this is our reporters from moscow did an interview with jim rogers who thinks that maybe china needs to have a greater role in italy. they will come to save europe they become the largest creditor for europe they're going to have a very major seat at the table and it's going to improve their position in the i.m.f. it's going to produce improved position with the world bank it's going to improve their position if you win because you know the europeans are going to have to be more and more friendly to china there's china stating america not cannot say. what you think is the other point that everyone's going to happen start being real
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friendly in china is next time you need a bailout that's going to help it's possible we don't know really that much i think honestly about the future of china a lot of people there's a lot of speculation a lot of people have lots of opinions but the information that comes out of china is often very sketchy in terms of how real we realize it is how much is really being gamed so it could be that over the next ten twenty years china actually is going to rise to the place as a lot of people think they are where they are going to be the next level below us or could be that so the trying to miracle is somewhat of a myth and actually they can't sustain eight percent g.d.p. growth over the next five and ten and fifteen years and that they're going to become like any other emerging market nation which is slowly rising to being like many other developed countries i do think though that china having more of a role in how the i.m.f. works is important because it is the international monetary fund and at this point there is sort of a gentlemen's rule that european runs that i think that having another person step
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into that role other than christine lagarde would have been important whether it is somebody from china or even somebody from turkey i think that just handing it off or somebody else from france doesn't necessarily signal towards the future that europe wants to play ball with the rest of the g twenty and some of these other nations that are rising to the forefront of the global economic salary cap and some people out there are not happy about that less likely back to the u.s. to the budget negotiations now the president is leading because eric cantor and john peter david bellamy don't lie anything to do with it i mean it's really becoming as absolute mass. and so you know what do you think is going to happen when it comes down to august second do you think a patient allowed the u.s. to default or one on august second even if we don't raise the debt ceiling doesn't mean that we automatically default means that we have to start choosing between whether or not the united states defaults or if we're going to cut back spending another service what you think of it which was very well i i really honestly think that's what we're going to slow down payment of some still security or medicare funds or something else or whether even defense money before we let the united
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states government default so that means that basically in order to keep the u.s. government afloat in order to try to tell people that hey we still are reliable you should still buy or treasuries that we're just going to make everyone else the older people or perhaps those that need the welfare we're going to let them suffer it's not it's not a good situation the other thing we can do is we can actually put in place some serious long term spending reforms and then that could mean increasing taxes that could mean you know cutting too true unfortunately it's actually going to hear the very very you know it is don't always don't want to listen to it i don't think you want to still be hopeful but there are the things that we can do and i think that the administration would prefer to put in place a plan that allows for say two trillion dollars in cuts over the short term period of time and then figure out how long term budget looks like before we do i don't think they would do they would prefer that but then where is it that we're hearing these voices you know i don't necessarily think the republican leadership wants the us to default on
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a debt they definitely want to happen they don't want to get hurt they don't want wall street banks to get hurt but then we're hearing this from some of these tea party politicians do they actually know what that would look like how many people would suffer i mean i feel like they're not honest with america i don't think that no one really no one really knows what it looks like so there is a challenge when we talk about this apocalypse if we if we default and what that actually looks like and the fact of matter is we're not really quite sure it could be that we say to certain bondholders actually we're going to say we're going to hold off on the money that we give you and no one. freaks out i know everybody just recognizes ok well united states isn't paying right now but we're pretty sure they're good for it so it's months down the road or it could be that everybody starts roaring you know. the united states government just completely stops how that trickles down to the actual real economy or to main street is going to take a little bit of time we don't really know what it looks like so if you're in the tea party you know that you've got your principles that you believe in so that's what you're going to stand firm on because you think that's the best way that it's
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going to work out and i don't think that we should be spending any more money than we should be but i also think that the the most practical way to get out of this is to raise the debt ceiling for a short term period of time up until the end of this budget year because we have to figure out fiscal year two thousand and twelve budget after this that's what art is all about as we figure out this debt and then we have this other thing called our budget next year we didn't pass a budget last year he'd be president if we didn't do it two years in a row so we start to figure it out put in place something practical like ending for any mae and freddie mac. in exchange for raising the debt ceiling just of the september and then we could have the two thousand and twelve budget discussion which we need to be having now we're wasting time we can have that discussion and that's going to put in place ten years spending in terms of projections and we can figure out the debt ceiling as part of that thing and that all sounds really nice but i feel like you have been taking a look around at washington lately of the of the notion of a practical a logical discussion or debate here is just mind boggling especially with the fact that we have got a presidential election coming up i don't think it's going to go anywhere but you
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know it's interesting because we've seen some polls that show that a lot of americans actually wouldn't mind then the u.s. defaulting on its debt but i feel like that's because no one's being honest with them that this could indeed be a catastrophe thanks so much for joining us. and start a company change we be able to track you'll keep us out of lawrence pointed out to answer that question how the war in afghanistan is going to be general or a change in command on the ground actually make any difference in america on what happens. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly please you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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we are broke. and yet. fuck fuck fuck. fuck. if we.
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want to. we never got that says here safe get ready because freedom. the supreme court has agreed to take up a case to decide whether or not it's illegal for police to attach g.p.s. devices onto a person's car without first obtaining a warrant at the government's urging the supreme court finally gave the ok on monday to hear this case after federal courts throughout the country have all given several conflicting rulings now a case that's going to take center stage at the highest court involves a drug dealer who was tracked without his knowledge before being arrested and when
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the u.s. court of appeals overturned the drug dealer's conviction due to not having a warrant for the g.p.s. device it further fueled the debate about the government's ability to use this technology without first getting permission from a judge b.c. it's all part of a larger issue that we've brought up several times in the past where individuals who aren't necessarily what you would call suspicious characters find themselves being tracked by the feds and on this program we interviewed yasser afifi he found a g.p.s. device on his car during an oil change and he said that he thinks he was being targeted because of his muslim heritage makes me feel like they're treating me the way a terrorist or criminal and there are giving me my rights as an american citizen i was born and raised here so i feel different and to start a nice feeling. now we also told you got activists who found these devices stuck under their cars without ever interacting a face to face with any federal agent and despite the fact the feds say that they can go into your driveway to actually attach these devices to your vehicle but also
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completely overlooking an individual's ability to consider any area immediately surrounding their home to guard their privacy legal term called curtilage now critics like the a.c.l.u. have been attempting to tackle this method of tracking had they say that it's a complete violation of your fourth amendment rights which states that you're protected from unreasonable search and seizure and require that law enforcement must obtain a warrant from a judge with probable cause not completely bypassing that need for a warrant opens the door for law enforcement to track and keep tabs on anybody that they deem suspicious. even if there is no justifiable reason even though there is plenty of president that g.p.s. tracking without a warrant violates our fourth memorize the obama administration is moving full speed ahead to make sure that it isn't a problem in fact the government said that there needs to be a prompt solution of this conflict because it's a critical element for law enforcement efforts throughout the country and you know what the government is so in favor of this unconstitutional use of technology why isn't there a bigger outcry of americans if team obama gets its way that means that all
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americans are subject to being under the magnifying glass without any discussion from a judge so given police across the country a blanket out already to spy on people with g.p.s. is something that i think we should be wary of after all we've told you about several instances where police abuse their powers make mistakes or just maliciously choose to follow people who really should never be suspects and surely there are just as many instances like these that have been reported so not only is obama once again let his voters down by being pro warrantless wire to excuse me g.p.s. tracking but he's opening up another level for police to invade your privacy and singlehandedly stopping on the fourth amendment crucial piece of the bill of rights so it looks like the supreme court is now going to have the power to say goodbye to that privacy and hello to more government surveillance or to stand up to the obama administration on this important issue. now the president obama has announced a withdrawal of the troop surge in afghanistan by summer of two thousand and twelve and now the general david petraeus has been approved by the senate intelligence
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committee to take over the cia what's the next year and even more actually going to look like in afghanistan who's taking over what strategies are they going to employ well today marine corps lieutenant general john allen and vice admiral william mcraven both testified in front of the senate armed services committee to answer those questions and if confirmed also likely the answer is yes allen will be the commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan but it seems like the man with the real power from here on out will be the one who is losing any numbers mcraven is going. to be leaving his post at the head of j. sachs fresh off a successful raid to kill osama bin laden to lead all u.s. special operations command so we expect more night raids drone strikes and killing rather than be friending and does not mean that counterinsurgency as a strategy instead of discuss this with me as lawrence korb senior fellow at the center for american progress points thanks so much for being here i will be here before we get into some of these personalities is going to be taken over let's talk
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about something that happened in kabul today there was a terrorist attack at the moment the numbers are very sketchy we don't know if there were two people or six militants that entered started shooting we know there was a blast that went off at the intercontinental hotel now this is a place where mostly foreigners visit or reside this is a place where reportedly there may have been a meeting between afghan and western officials today so what does that tell you i mean is that really bad news that they got into kabul they went specifically to the internet continental well it tells you two things no one the insurgents the taliban whatever you want to call it would have switched their tactics because it's very hard. to undo the gains that the nato forces have made over the last year particularly the southern areas so they're resorting to the suicide attacks which get a lot of attention to the other is the insurgency if you will where people not how with the government. but when they did go away everybody so they were able to
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use these people who theoretically have been cleared or war supposedly. good people to go we through. secure facilities and this is how people over the country how do you think of this is trying to send more of a message specifically to foreign troops especially if they go to the intercontinental maybe the foreign troops but foreign diplomats anyone who was there well i think when you go to hotels like you to carve out a little surreal or which are heavily guarded. and basically all the places where visitors think these are is not common ordinary people are trying to send a signal because most of those people have troops in afghanistan that they had to security is not getting any better because this gets more more attention than say a taliban attack if you know one of the southern provinces well especially if this gets a lot more attention than let's say if there was an attack where civilians for entails
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or even unfortunately i think if if a number of u.s. troops were killed i mean how would that change things how do you think people would receive it if some high ranking member was to get injured but don't forget this is a battle if you will. the perceptions and what the taliban the insurgents are trying to show is look even though you're claiming you got all these gains are you taking over those terror people are not any more safe you are we'll show you will go after your people you know your people who are georgia so it's psychologically very similar to what would be a. good he. got a few sixty eight the tet offensive you know where they got close to the american embassy and people said wait a second i thought we were winning this war actually it was a military defeat for them but it was a psychological effect for one of the things that general petraeus at least tried to be good at or i think maybe did have congress convinced maybe not myself was being able to really spin the war and to give a good perception when he came home and try to you know tell people what do you
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suppose it gains look like now general petraeus is heading over to the cia so let's talk about these two characters we have william mcraven and we have lieutenant general john allen who do you think is really going to have more power here the commander of the troops or the one that's ahead in charge of special operations well basically the commander of the troops of the area he generally will have altered command obviously if there's an operation involving special operations forces there you're going to have the head of the special general you think. we're going to start seeing a lot more operations with the special we were talking of course as a circle you're seeing that response for example that you haven't and obviously pakistan along the pakistan afghanistan border counterinsurgency is not something we do well it's not something that the american people have a great deal of patience for it doesn't play toward technological strength so yes you're going to see as we call it counterterrorism we're using special operations
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people forget you know iraq you had awful lot of special operations going on while we were talking about travel insurgency and even when we had this counterinsurgency strategy how did all of the lot of counterterrorism operations were to go well you'll hear from some of the biggest advocates for counterinsurgency that it just didn't get enough time that you know that we spent two years perhaps in afghanistan that we shift our focus to iraq and then we had an eight year hiatus or a counterinsurgency was implemented properly and they're trying to sell it a strategy like it still works but do you think that it's do you think that you're on capitol hill all eyes are to turn again well i think it can't work unless you're a lot of reporters and question because even if you called it quote win the hearts and minds of the people when you leave will they support the karzai government we see in iraq now ok they have to expend a tremendous amount of blood and treasure we call the violence the hell do you rocky's was supposed to make the political compromises they did make up so you have trouble that only you see water problems with iraq vengefully it's got to be
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a government but the people support they're not going to support a former government now and its hearings so far both dalia mcraven and general allen didn't have any hard for it's to say for the obama administration's plan for drawing down the troops actually they are there they're putting on a face like they support it but do you think they really mean that that's right you know what i think it's interesting because mcgrady basically said that he's not being a fact that none of our special ops guys one of the most elite units are leaving it's general allen's going to leave and losing thirty thousand so we're going to be losing battle. yeah it's just as what you're talking about are you talking about military police or you're talking about you know infantry or special forces are you talking about people who you will it's very construction for about five people i think that was general allen look even after these thirty three thousand troops are withdrawing which is going to be at least a year before they are all out you could still have twice as many troops as you had when obama came into office so the idea that somehow you're quoting
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a broad ego believe me just true i know the other hand you are as i was general allen points out you're sending a signal to the afghan government you just can't lay back you're going to have to you know start getting your own security forces your own have to go out there as general allen kind of getting the short end of this general petraeus gets to leave i know the war well i think it's going to be difficult for general allen like it was difficult but yet although there are only a few general petraeus left iraq to really do the hard work of seeing this breakthrough it's very easy to commit if you get a lot more troops to make temporary gains the real question do you make durable goods and i thank you very much for joining us thank you. for. all our tuesday edition of show and tell is just ahead and last last week we told you about an alpha let's you record the police as a major ok to that story of getting around that may come back also ahead has president obama turned into dick cheney that's the argument being made over how the obama administration is handling the case involving reporter james risin and his
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confidential source as i think back to mr simone. into that only the military making it seems to do the work to bring justice to accountability. i have every right to know what my government's doing you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize the bottom line as the charismatic solution of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.


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