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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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our lines want to thank you very much for joining us tonight you probably. well our tuesday edition of show and tell is just ahead and plus last week we told you about an alpha let's you record the police well there's a major update to that story we'll give you more on that when we come back also ahead has president obama turned into dick cheney that's the argument being made over how the obama administration is handling the case involving reporter james risin and his confidential source i've been to that in just a moment. twenty years ago in the largest country. to some degree to. what had been true. gender just. where did it take.
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seven thirty am in moscow these here are to you headlines greece grinds to a halt as a forty eight hour general strike takes effect while athens erupts in violence where protesters voiced their anger at proposed cuts to secure e.u. bailout cash the strike was timed to coincide with a crucial vote in the greek parliament on whether to accept brussels terms for financial aid this as china's prime minister offers a financial lifeline to the union during a visit to europe. french finance minister christine lagarde becomes the first female head of the international monetary fund winning overwhelming support from europe russia china and the us her chief rival for the position was mexican banker augustine carstens who lobbied as a non european candidate better suited to the needs of developing economies organizations former director dominique strauss kahn resigned in may over
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a sex scandal. r t is on the ground in the libyan oil port of breda this is tripoli rejects the international criminal court's demands for colonel gadhafi is arrested and accuse it of doing nato's work critics say the ruling makes a peaceful settlement less likely and only deepens the country's deadlock. time now for part two the alona show stay with us here on our team. ok it's time for show and tell on tonight's program the last time we mentioned a segment from the daily show with jon stewart where he question a few numbers which showed us how both the u.s. and greece are facing serious debt problems however people who agree seem to have better options for themselves like lower retirement ages and benefits all the u.s. is stuck paying debt on all of its wars abroad so which countries got more for its money let's go to producer patrice in ascending to find out what you have to say.
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since we're both buried in debt the question is who's gotten more bang for their buck the u.s. or greece well there's nothing like go right to the source for a quick comparison. you can see for yourself greece is going through a tough time i mean check it out ok well now let's take a look at the u.s. human business as usual. well let's remember the symbol for american freedom is lady liberty and like some women america they know how to spend expression on credit i mean just yesterday we told you that the u.s. spent twenty point two billion dollars and iraq in afghanistan last year just on air conditioning now let's see who our viewers think is the winner of this losing spending spree between the u.s. in greece told us americans are half asleep assume what's going on while greece is actually confronting some of the problems zach said he thought greece had been getting more for their money until the collapse of the financial markets john
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conrad on the other hand he doesn't seem to care who gets more stuff out of the debt he just wants it all to stop his recommendation how about not spending more than you could afford dennis came back and said u.s. congress will never have the courage to cut as deeply as the greek legislature but as we all know greece is being forced to cut pensions and benefits increase taxes and bump up the retirement age all while losing jobs but the u.s. has yet to do the same and the reality is in this race to the economic bottom the u.s. it's not far behind so when the and our viewers they don't seem to care who has more stuff your real concern is how are we going to pay for it all. well thank you for giving us your input and here's our next question for you we just told you that the supreme court is taking up the case of warrantless g.p.s. tracking so we want to know you think should the feds be able to attach a g.p.s. to your car and track you without
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a warrant you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows your response it just might make it on air. now just yesterday we brought you some of the biggest tax conducted by law before the group disbanded and one of their last notable attacks was against arizona's department of public safety is their way of protesting the state's papers please immigration law but in the dump of data from this week we also learned. cops are very well aware of police monitoring apps that have been popping up on their smartphones see a document labeled law enforcement sensitive specifically it tells cops to look at a risky as an heiress days cell phone to see if they have any apps that quote target the police that alone is surprising but they actually list a few key apps to keep an eye on trapster and police alert are designed to show users the location of speed traps although most users complain it's not really all that good at updating on the hotspots call id faker that was designed to give users a chance to make spoof calls and alter the caller's voice which apparently is
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a bit of a problem when it comes to prank nine one one calls now they're also weirdly concerned about an apple feature called find my i phone that was designed to wipe all of its data from a remote location if something happens like a cop sees a phone with some incriminating information on it now for most people i think that's just used to race your info if your phone is stolen i guess lastly police are in the know about the cop recorder that's the after we told you about last week that will make you be able to record the audio from an encounter with the police and then upload it to a web site with your encounters over reopen the application by clicking on the icon again it will now give you the option to upload the media to our servers describe the recording and then press upload to send to our server. all right now the department of public safety as information has been hacked reports are saying that cops are going to great lengths to protect their identities over those people who think that it's illegal for cops to search your phones california supreme court has
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already ruled that seizing your phone without a warrant is fine because cops are allowed to take anything that's found on the person being arrested so just keep all of that in mind keep in mind the police are clearly paranoid about these apps and the fact that they've directed police to search for these programs on your phone i think that's just another indication that the police are feeling the heat of technology. and we're taking a break but just ahead all liberals hate god that's a quote from a g.o.p. congressman and tonight we have some fun with him an arch will time segment and then stick around for happy hour texas takes on the t.s.a. and should be banned from tanning beds one of the story for you interest in minutes .
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if. you want to. see. this is true still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal visions of the soviet files on the ati.
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all right it's time for tonight's tool time award and it goes to missouri g.o.p. congressman todd akin he jobs trying to make a name for himself in his home state and he's already announced that he's running for senate next year an attempt to unseat democratic senator claire mccaskill so obviously the best way to get attention is to make crazy comments to the media you might recall more than a week ago and b c caused a controversy after cutting the words under god from the pledge of allegiance during its airing of the u.s. open golf tournament well congressman akin said a few days later on a conservative radio show i think n.b.c. has a long record of being very liberal and at the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for got to believe that government should replace got so all liberals hate god who knew now since his comments many religious leaders in his home state have called for an apology but i don't know yesterday congressman akin's actually doubled down on his comments on a different radio show. forgot i was talking
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reference to. work. but no. i'm not going to call a judge for what. i'm doing i'm trying to take god out. so it sounds like the congress some believe that because he's a republican he has the upper hand with god so if he's actually correct correct and that's a big if then one of the things you liberals hate and what they love you know you could call me a liberal and i'm going to use for that ridiculous thought process of conservatives that just because i believe in something or i critique a policy it means that i automatically hate something else but here are a few examples of that it's an oversimplified approach that makes our political system unable to function you know we've heard the argument over and over before that apparently liberals hate babies almost all liberals are for abortion rights so so that just has to be true pro-life advocates they like to call bush and
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supporters baby killers so i guess that means liberals must love promiscuity right sexual freedom is so have we believe in equal rights in and out of the bedroom for everyone to go get your freak on we also know that liberals hate oil big oil's always a favorite target of democrats why are just blame actually almost every single problem in the world big oil plus oils need to drive s.u.v.s and my liberal friends and i are just so not into owning cars it's bad for the environment but we do have bicycles have you seen the bike share programs in major liberal cities they're very thoughtless and they're very trendy now another items that liberals supposedly have a problem with is money money corrupts people causes major problems and that's why we need a government safety net so if we hate money then we must a love tax is taxing the rich of the corporations i'll take it all and we will squeal with delight now as many of you are aware liberals are also not really big fans of national security we don't. on our civil liberties trampled on all the name
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of that security and we don't think the fighting endless wars around the world is a good idea so for that reason well we're always called terrorist lovers how many times have we heard the g.o.p. call democrats terrorist lovers for opposing some war in a foreign country and we all know that liberals apparently. hate fat people so we are. drinking go to the gym five days a week liberals we like to brag about our work or workouts on facebook and twitter so fat people well they just they just kind of make us uncomfortable but we do love the whole foods the market just the latest where else can you spend a hundred bucks for just six items plus you have to get dressed so cute just to go shopping so you can be seen by other elite it's really good times all around and that's just a quick lesson on what liberals love and hate you know if you can tell i'm obviously joking here but this is honestly the type of logic that makes you question what the hell is wrong with the country over that reason g.o.p. congressman todd akin who believes in that logic and who wasn't joking when he said liberals hate god that's why he's tonight's tool time winner. now if you're
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frequent viewer of this show then you know that we've been documenting the obama administration's war on whistleblowers from bradley manning and wiki leaks to the case of thomas drake amongst others but today let's take a good look at what this administration is doing to james rise of the award winning new york times reporter who they're trying to force to reveal his source as a case carry over from the bush administration and in an affidavit affidavit excuse me that rise in filed last week he knows that he was told by reliable sources that former vice president dick cheney pressure the justice department to personally target him because cheney was unhappy with his reporting and wanted to see him in jail now the reporting in this particular case refers to a chapter in his two thousand and six book state of war the secret history of the cia in the bush administration in that chapter he described a cia effort to thwart iran's nuclear ambitions by secretly providing them with faulty blueprints but it was more than just that rising reported on the waterboarding of detainees in iraq he broke the story of the n.s.a.'s warrantless
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wiretapping program he also said in his affidavit that he was subject to government surveillance and harassment during the bush administration but that he feels of the obama administration is just continuing the effort of intimidation so why pursue him so vigorously and as our guest today wrote in doing so has obama finally become dick cheney joins me to discuss this is conor friedersdorf sociate out of there at the atlantic carter thanks so much for joining us. first starters what do you mean when you say that barack obama has finally become dick cheney. obviously hasn't morphed into an old man with heart problems what i mean particularly is that on this issue he is taking the bush cheney position that james rosen should be jailed if he doesn't reveal his source. and it's particularly galling because president obama relied on the reporting of james rosen in particular in
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making a lot of very solid critiques of the bush administration so it's disappointing to see him take the position of dick cheney on this particular issue what would you say that james risin actually helped get obama elected. i would say that i think that if not for reporters like james rosen and james rice and in particular we wouldn't know about the illegal acts that the bush administration committed in the name of the war on terror we wouldn't know about the illegal wiretapping that the n.s.a. did we wouldn't know about the illegal torture that was done to detainees overseas and so there's just all sorts of critiques that president obama made during his campaign that are a direct result of james rosen doing this reporting at the new york times and i think that we can throw in this case with with a larger war on whistleblowers that the obama administration is waging but i mean which one of those cases would you say is the worst of course there's the case of wiki leaks of bradley manning the thomas drake case mysteriously most of those
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charges were actually dropped but here risin is being asked to reveal one of his sources that's pretty damaging for journalism. but it would be damaging because all of these cases that we've been talking about that were so important to expose during the bush administration and the reporting couldn't have been done without reporters granting immunity to sources and if james rosen were to reveal the source in this case he couldn't go on to get these kinds of scoops in the future and what some of us in journalism fear is that the obama administration now that it's in power and now that it doesn't want its secrets spilled across the front pages of the new york times. that it knows this all too well that is trying to prevent that kind of thing from happening in the future but why would they go after the bush guys and right we know they have gone after the bush administration for actual you know you could say war crimes or for bringing torture into into the american you know the history here when it comes to our war on terror you can say that they
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obviously haven't gone after wall street for some of their biggest prize but now they want to go after a guy left over from the bush administration that apparently dick cheney had a personal problem with just doesn't make sense. well by obama's own admission he isn't going after the bush administration for some of its lawlessness because he says that it would it would harm the country's ability to look forward and to implement some of the things that he wants to do during his term he doesn't want to have these backward looking fights. it in this case you know someone might say well well then barack obama why are you looking backward to something that happened during the clinton administration this this case of iranian spying gone awry and you know why is it appropriate to look backward and prosecute rise and well you know maybe the answer is that a guy like risin or investigative reporters generally in some ways make it harder for presidents to operate in some ways make it harder for them to. help the government to escape scrutiny and embarrassment and just as that applied to the
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bush administration it applies to president obama it's consistent with his logic of i'm going to do what i want to do in order to forward the agenda that i want to push let's be honest here right this didn't all start just with the bush administration and just be continued by the obama administration have always seen a trend or at least records of. presidential administrations trying to intimidate and put pressure on journalists in the past but absolutely in fact one frustration of journalists is that every administration that gets into power tends to talk about government transparency before hand and then once they're the ones that would be subject to that transparency you know they talk a good game but in fact when it comes down to it they want to keep secrets and prevent these things from getting out and president obama is particularly disappointing because it's hard to think of any president that before he was elected talked so much about transparency and the importance of whistleblowers and protecting them and so it's just a particular disappointment to see him do what
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a lot of other presidents have done before alan he definitely topped a big game here right there and you know i was one of the things that we hear used often is the excuse is that this falls under the banner of national security and that's what they try to claim with wiki leaks as well but i don't think the rise in reporting has actually damaged our national security. i've seen no evidence that it's damaged our national security you know you know it's been several years since the bush administration claimed that what he reported damaged our national security and yet i've never seen anyone from the bush administration come forward and say look here are the effects of this this guy died abroad and it's because of what jane tries reported or this terrorist attack happened and it's you know we can trace it back to what james rosen reported it's never happened and i would encourage americans to you know of course sometimes there are things that the government should keep secret things that would damage our national security but we've seen so many assertions that things have damaged our national security and it seems that eventually you should be able to point to exactly how that happened and i've never seen any allegation with that sort of specificity with regard to
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anything that arise and is reported in certainly not something that happened way back in two thousand during the clinton administration have all definitely other example and other scary example of what i think is really a silencing campaign intimidation campaign by the obama administration eric our thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks for having me. for a happy hour tonight and joining me this evening as our team producer jenny churchill and mike regs assess the at the reason magazine and reason dot com thanks for joining me everybody how we all the wing. for starters ok so we've obviously been doing a lot of hacking stories on this show as all of our viewers know followed anonymous before last fall like it's god but apparently anonymous is still
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around and they're actually going after florida and l for going after the food not bombs people do we have a clip from this one as well ok let's play the clip the public space being used to peacefully offer them food is a human right you must not interfere with anonymous. as reasonable we are not here to harm but to help we will there and not of this sex it up with the female voice that's never been a lady before what do you say i found it kind of creepy and now i'm glad you're doing this to be completely honest i mean like i was there's the anonymous has done a lot of stuff over the last year where i felt really conflict as like i feel like they're acting like probably in the best interests of like being a liberty friendly person somebody can certainly was it wiki leaks you're conflicted about but but you know supporting people who are clearly breaking ordinances on purpose to get press is totally cool you know it's i was the opposite it was the opposite like i was i like some style like their support of wiki leaks i
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didn't like the attacks on paper because i think a private company should be able to like who wants to withhold service and withhold service well i think they went after a paper on the aftermath to cry because yeah i doubt that people in the government were giving them little phone calls of right right but then again i was like of mascots right service an answer to the city of orlando is doing is like so grossly inhumane it's like beyond the pale this law enforcing an ordinance so you have an issue with the actual or you obviously are baiting the forbidding the feeding of homeless people is just disgusting it's appalling and there's absolutely the whole reasoning that orlando's doing this is because like they've got this idea that they're downtown which is kind of like crappy and sparsely populated is going to become this great place if they just make sure the bums can't get anything to eat and so i don't know i do you really disagree with larry i mean i think this is i have an issue with people who go out and routinely regularly break laws or ordinances for price and they're like oh my god i don't know why i'm getting arrested let's is also a look at the oppressors i have
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a problem with because they are because they disagree with the law or the ordinance in the first place so they do it to draw attention yeah right but i mean if you actually if you go screaming and crying about it afterwards already knowing that's what was going to happen to you then that's where i find it to be a little bit annoying but if you just acknowledge it and say i'm just trying to bring light. this issue because it's a stupid ordinance and you can't feed homeless people but i think they don't actually i mean the food not bombs you go like they just go out and do this like every week they do and you know we can we cower i think it's like a great public service i think the city of orlando is like they have absolutely no reason whatsoever. to buy these kind of funny tom petty has apparently or is reportedly going to issue a cease and desist letter to michele bachmann because she was one of his favorite songs take a look. you could see you know. you
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know i just kind of love that i love when artists get involved or like you know i don't agree with their politics i don't like you don't you think you can start using my songs where ever you want i don't want american girl representing michele bachmann if i don't like michele bachmann i think it's totally an artist's right to do that and i like it when he said yeah i mean this is this is like this is seems like it's a trend now david byrne from talking heads when after charlie crist for and using his music and in fact i think that is still ongoing i don't even think he dropped the you know he barely did it before even with george w. bush ok or what was it won't stand down well back to back down again but i mean yeah this is going to trying he clearly doesn't want to songs he is through these purposes and i don't know why these artists as artists is what was going on holiday i don't know why these politicians continue to use these songs you know it's interesting choice you know one song popular i heard think the reason she chose the song is she's trying to send a subliminal message to the burghers like i mean american girls i mean not the guy with the can you know you know that kid i hadn't thought about could have been the
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same kind of bad preparation that got her to say that john wayne was born in waterloo and the only john wayne who's ever been in waterloo is john wayne gacy the serial killer so i don't know i just maybe like disorganization i'm part of a team like nobody requesting artists rights to me as a reminder that she's an american girl because she just keeps forgetting things you know especially important. the name is mary pointed out to the artist so that's only of years far liz mair pointed out to that that song appears in the movie science of the lamb right before the iraq and i've got to know maybe it's like a serial killer truman not a not well i'm just saying maybe it's for shadowing for when the g.o.p. gives her the axe i don't know that it's just dark but so annoying and creepy let's . run through it next story of barely twenty two states are now considering legislation to ban indoor tanning for people who are under eighteen even with parental consent and of course there are a lot of bad effects from tanning here's a clip that shows some of them indoor tanning before age thirty five raises the
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risk for melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer by seventy five percent the indoor tanning association maintains the decision should be left up to a teen's parents they released this statement if such a law were to pass a seventeen year old could drive a car get married have children go off to college join the military and not be allowed to suntan indoors. you know i kind of always agree with that like i think that it's so ridiculous you can't drink until you're twenty one be fighting a war when you're eighteen so if you can do all those other things why can't you just suntan if your parents say you can't i think it's cool or running out of like korbel things to tell people not to do like genuinely bad things like we've already kid tuberculosis and polio you know there's all kinds of great cancer and hiv research going on it's like we have this giant public health apparatus in this country that gets billions of dollars a year simply to tell people how to live like a sort of ideal life and they're running out of like obviously bad things to do so
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now it's like you don't eat for growth you know like don't smoke in public parks don't use i mean what are they going to understand to be warned i mean what you're going to start like regulating who plays out on the beach like you've been down here for an hour and what i say going to break your injuries you know i heard snooki is just devastating. all right lastly so we've talked about tax this is a t.s.a. groping bill that they tried to pass and that they were even threats that if it did pass they would have a no fly zone over texas guess what they did it very proud of them yeah i think this is fantastic well there you go you look at the ranch they wanted it down so much that it actually accomplishes nothing so i don't know how anyone can be really excited about it's much just it's grandstanding by politicians but what i think what's also significant is like the argument the t.s.a. and v.h.s. have been making from day one is that we cannot alter these procedures at all we cannot change them at all we cannot roll them back at all we cannot reveal our strategies at all the church will have won if texas pushes that back just
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a little bit if they change just a few things and there is no nine eleven and houston or you can point but apparently it's just criminalizing the intentional and inappropriate touching which there's things like sorry it's my job well except i got to wrap it up you guys because we're out of time but thanks for joining us and i and you thanks for tuning in and make sure that you come back tomorrow and despairing from the young turks coming back on the show the meantime don't forget become a fan of the ilona show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights the cameras catch it on you tube dot com slash they won't show up next is that impersonator.
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our. culture is the so much better than the huge musician about the final five in the market for freedom flotilla two point zero four thousand folk hours to be an activist from twenty two countries for such a joint freedom flotilla two in a.


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