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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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lots of spending cuts that screw over the middle class is this good for america scientific data says no this is center for american progress is no states that have cut their budgets have seen negative economic growth and job creation states that have actually increased spending we've seen positive economic growth and job creation as far as taxes go take a look at this chart he clearly shows job growth is at its weakest when tax rates for the rich are very low as they are now and when tax rates on the rich are raised guess what jobs are created this goes over a fifty year period so given all this information republicans just dumb when it comes to economics or are they lie and just trying to crash the economy to make president obama look bad it had a two thousand and twelve well i know i haven't seen this chart before it is from the center for american progress not known as a nonpartizan it's a story of the sure of labor statistics and i don't know i don't know what i gathered but let's us let's let's say this that the speech that president obama gave today a press conference where he wanted to rail against this class warfare thing about
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the corporate jet tax bill that was in his stimulus plan and it was in there to stimulate. keeping the steady supply was there by democrat manufacturers the workers there it wasn't to help help people that fly jets it was to help the people that make jets so i don't know why he was bringing these up just merely to create a class warfare here which is not the way this is that was the thing that caused eric cantor to walk out is when they said we're going to we're going to do away with the exemption on the tax break apparently that was given during the during the it's likely to be it was just a matter of over the over the jets that's why he was allowed i think he was going to go with it here was the maybe it was tax private jets what there are a lot of here i somehow i doubt that this was the you produce that drove him out tom so you asked whether the republicans are lying or they're dumb both first of all but i think you're missing the point i think i think. the president today talked about raising taxes and reason. debt ceiling these are both measures that
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were voted on by congress individually and that both when congress decided the opposite of what the president's pushing for under democratic congress they they kept the tax rates the same which president obama wants to change and now and under the bush tax rate that was just keep the tax rate i would argue that is that that was not the democrats' idea the democrats wanted to extend unemployment insurance and the only way the republicans would go along with that is if they also extend the bush tax cuts and we all know there are various yes there's not a hollow as about a dollar you make congress does a budget i mean is that under democratic legislators this is what happened this is the end result that we have the bush tax cuts which are now i don't know why they're not called the obama tax cuts so obama wants to change that and then the second thing is this wants to raise debt and now the democrats are going for a long time that we just need a clean vote on the debt ceiling obama got his clean vote on it that's going to happen miserably so what does he what he's offering these ludicrous positions that
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aren't tenable and that will not be accepted by congress who is he trying to appeal to it doesn't make any sense so you call you call the republicans dumb and the lying but it is not relieving in this not living in this room this isn't where the debates that debate is what to cut and how much to cut spending and president obama's trying to keep the can down so you guys are absolutely content with mellon's advice to hoover you know liquidated all cut it all your fifteen seconds you think that that's the solution i think that the solution i think that i've said many times it's battle if you pass paul ryan's plan includes a raise i don't see anybody there raise the raise of the debt ceiling that seems like a pretty good solution once again this week in another five to four ruling the right wing of the supreme court corporations other big victory this time the high court struck down an arizona law that provides public financing of elections the law was intended to level the playing field between people with high huge fortunes and rich friends and just average folks for. and for office i supply matching public funds
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to candidates who are being outspent by private money i made sure that electoral politics in arizona wasn't a whoever has the most money when the sort of game that the court ruled on monday that was unconstitutional so the limiting public funding for elections good for america are just good for the republican party that wants the millionaire and billionaire buddies to dump hundreds of millions of dollars of corrupt of corporate cash into our elections to ensure one party rule in america for america it's good for both parties republicans and democrats was the correct decision and they did the right thing look this is not about republicans or democrats if anything the democrats have more of these they have more friends on wall street and that's where they get more money from wall street than the republicans i think you know position should be having friends on the on the notion if you're going to the arizona law you think but what i'm suggesting is that the the premise of your question was faulty i think i think the point is a good substitute the word democrat that's fine with me yet so i don't like how we're going to get corrupt money. and i think i think this is about freedom and i think if your book state of really really should giving money because not just the
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rich donate can donate money what happened here is only when this law went into effect in arizona they they went from zero to seventy percent of their candidates taking public financing and they had in the last less six years in arizona they have had more average working people housewives people you know just a whole range of people run for and successfully when political office then in the history of the state but then you hear that also a tea party support in a variety of other this is not that's always right the idea that only the rich candidate always wins it doesn't happen like that always as you look at the republican nomination two thousand and eight john mccain was in the doldrums and he had he was it spent you know but he was getting i'm talking about the primary he was getting no money at that time and he ended up because he threw his own hard work in campaigning in new hampshire coming in winning the republican nomination one while he wasn't. going to all and he's not going to see it and then there were there was a there was a real straw in the look within that all. so you can already see we get all these
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tea party candidate is a lot of them weren't particularly well funded joe walsh of illinois it was not well funded but he ended up winning but you don't just because you have the most money doesn't mean you end up winning people give candidates usually people give to candidates and america is because they support the candidate because you like the person or for whatever reason you want but either way it's a form of speech it's a way of saying that's what i suspect you do not what you do when speeches when we talk money talks no i'm on that's a cliche this is this is a doctrine that the supreme court has with buckley vs the way back in the one nine hundred seventy or eighty eight and it's a it is a modern kind of art that if the founders would have been horrified they would not be horrified at the idea of someone being used keep those e-mail like using it if they're not the richest people there are limits to what they're not throwing out the limits or limits the amount of money because it was a very easy only we know it's never going to be horrified not to be fair they would not be horrified by the idea that someone who's wealthy spending their own money to get a message that they want out they were not you have a story one of them that is something that they would have supported it's in the
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essence of federalist papers over time where there would be factions factions promoting their different messages change medicine federals that were sent was begging us not to fly in fact he would have thought that it was a salute and as the great accomplishment that it was going to cause a that's wrong that was the solution to to to the idea of of creating a republic frag which is almost as a matter of survival for political parties at that time there were no political parties he was saying you know we've got to get out was the solution that was his solution and federal summertime due to the problem going to go back and reread it is the do it i agree with you there's a lot of facts very isolated very i stand by that was very good on the air and let's have a debate about private matters and everybody let's go back to america what is good for you back even further the enron trial you're out of time let's not work for this bag of merica is about this is the first big bank to get hit in the pockets for the role of the two thousand and eight financial crisis and bank has agreed to pay out an eight billion dollars settlement to more than twenty investors who allege the bank fraud. them with junk investments during the housing bubble the
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only problem is a lot of that settlement is our bailout money so now that we know that the taxpayer bailout of banks there is only help for the street and did nothing to stem the foreclosure epidemic or stock our economy from hemorrhaging jobs on main street is it fair to say that bailouts aren't the way to go in the future and the next time that the wall street crashes or our economy which will likely be soon because republicans are killing the financial reforms one by one should we do it europe did or at least sweden in england and do what ronald reagan did in the one nine hundred eighty s. with the s n l's and just nationalize the banks break them up. i'm with reagan well i'm usually with her you know i mean i think nationalizations is in almost all cases a bad idea worked there were there were some people serious economists for instance nouriel roubini who was one who predicted what would happen one of the few economists who called for nationalizations early on he still is i haven't i haven't seen a reasonable behavior well maybe it is news that he very well may be i don't think nationalizations are generally
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a good idea for almost anything so i stand for freedom and the government out of business i will say this tom you know there's a lot of republicans on the hill who would be with you they didn't like carp if it was a terrible idea they did not nationalize the banks but they would be supporting a bailout of the banks i on the other hand i think that in that crisis something had to be done so the banks would have a massive collapse which would dry up all liquidity so i think it was a necessary move at the time but the big problem with the banks going bust was not that the banks themselves would go bust i don't think you i don't think you'd find too many people who are too sympathetic to the bankers the big problem is that we're all so reliant on the banks and the banks. because of the way the economy is now structured stocks and bonds and threw away money is won't average americans in the subprime you know to just regular people living in des moines iowa or you know fairbanks alaska it doesn't it's all sharks in such
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a way that to let them go bankrupt would have just killed everybody's bank account if this were you know out of everyone this would not but i don't think that therefore that the opposite is then to say all right what to nationalize the banks let's take it let's take this step for the government programs have their own thoughts i think perhaps it's a policy to be considered but there aren't that many it's going to happen there is making many people making this argument this couldn't have happened in one nine hundred ninety nine before before it was passed in and the glass steagall act was was blown up and before the commodity futures modernization act was passed you know phil phil gramm wendy gramm were. working you know as a lobbyist for enron brought us these things and the banks went from zero c.e.o.'s to nine hundred. trillion dollars nine hundred trillion dollars the g.d.p. of the world was sixty five trillion nine hundred trillion dollars in two thousand a high germany that's what was crashing. we should be good yeah we so you're in favor of government regulation along with me always i should have said no banks shoes i mean a very good paper rating more b a a again i'm going favor of separating the banks
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a bit what that is a government regulation forces the separation i mean there is no there are several regulations that if we had if we'd had that we wouldn't be in this mess but we got a nice mess now that is the system monitor that's the trillion dollars of the bad pay that's the problem to something that we wouldn't be in this mess if that if that weren't if we weren't from one hundred thirty to ninety to one hundred eighty to two thousand and eight was the first time in the history of the united states we went more than fourteen years without a major bank collapse first time it was because the glass steagall was surprisingly good pushing this argument well i think a lot of democrats actually are but i think there's actually very much it's very much about it as a democrat there is a democrat through it isn't afraid of money on wall street is as the republicans are maybe i don't know maybe well you know democrats are getting more money from the wall street than the republicans i know well maybe we'll see how they play hard into both as a lection had two guys no as of right residential this year one hundred thirty five thousand arizona will likely lose their medicaid coverage thanks to governor brewer's five hundred million dollars that critical health care program for the
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poor one case now getting the attention of the state is that of steven stevens who had to quit his job because of a heart condition and now is on social security to make ends meet but the social security payments disqualify him from medicaid because he apparently now earns twelve dollars too much to apply because governor brewer changed the threshold meaning he's no longer covered for life saving hearts or at least two people have already died in arizona when they were denied life saving medical procedures as a result of brewer's medicaid cuts so is this the replace we've been waiting for in the republican pledge to repeal and replace health reform just. off all the poor the sick after all the sick people are left to die but health health care costs drop. how many people this is the nature of our of our debt crisis at this point if you do nothing with the debt crisis many more people will die because there won't be any money to give anybody any taxes on millionaires and billionaires you ever heard of a for the problem is when you raise taxes people for instance in new jersey one of the problems they have found there is when you raise property taxes people move out
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of the state they go somewhere else i don't agree that is not property taxes and by the way the state that was it is a same thing with other people losing a same if you personally well what do you. mean it is a matter that proxy forces like the tourism to populated because there's no jobs it's got nothing to do it's axis actually because if you if you are a neighboring state it's more it becomes a burdensome to be in that state because the taxes are onerous and the neighboring state has lower taxes it is worthwhile moving there people have done it they they do it they notice that in places like new jersey i thought it would be this is typically a lot of work i lived in portland and in southern washington right across the river at cheaper property but i was always a london. international going to when i was in london even and you're lloyd webber the great musician but we were raising taxes there and he said that he had other people of talent that are producing things if they keep raising taxes they'll just move somewhere else it will tell us who are making obscene amounts of money it's this guy stevenson in arizona he's it's a sorry case but i really has
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a big to draw any sort of conclude that the conclusion that you're drawing down the exception that proves that this is one guy it's not it's an unfortunate situation but there is a larger story here and that is the crisis that the states are facing in it's the same thing as the federal some works of the federal and what we've seen is that though in those twenty five states that have increased spending increased taxes they have actually seen their g.d.p. go up and their unemployment would go up in the twenty three states that have cut spending and cut taxes we've seen that's not true if you look at oklahoma if you go oklahoma for instance where the. where unemployment is now at five point one percent were found over the last year and a half there are three cases literally hundreds from those numbers north dakota because it's got its own bank out of the situation oklahoma has made it has for the first time republican governor probably couldn't legislature for both houses and now they've made it pro-business pro who basically really doesn't even though there is a no it's it's it's because of their new policies and what they're doing why didn't
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that work for the other twenty five because they lowered taxes and that it in turn increased revenue i'm not sure what what which other states and which was if i don't see how they're going to be there that are that i could show that there are many examples there are many examples of where reaganomics has words will continue to work and where i have the average working people not seeming crease in their paces things you know that's this is a problem but why i mean why is that when reagan this doesn't work one provide is it that the there were hundred richest people in america have more wealth than one hundred fifty million bottom but that's first if you notice it doesn't matter how much wealth they have had a matters how much things have risen for everyone just because someone has more every want to gap one may well disagree but it's time for michele bachmann officially jumped into the race for the white house this week and so far aside from embarrassing gaffes she's got a pretty good start in the important primary state of iowa polls show bachmann running in a close second the front runner mitt romney so in two sentences or less quick fire
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here has michael does michele bachmann actually have a chance to win this thing i don't believe so especially if rick perry jumps it would show bachmann has the best queerish chance of winning of any republican in the field if you look at mitt romney how is he going to win the first few states might win new hampshire he's probably lose i would probably lose south carolina probably michele bachmann she could win iowa south carolina nevada that's one of the three of the first four she can she has the best clearest path to victory i don't know what it should win a lot. can change a lot will change i will not i will not underestimate michele bachmann i think that she has there's a very good chance that she'll be the vice presidential ticket i don't think under oath probably my guess would be run because he's got the machines got the money and don't ever underestimate or organize more that's going to what they did in california with the gay rights these gaffes are going to help or she's going to get a ton of attention it depends it all depends on the next month how she plays it and
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she plays herself as the victim she's going to be her she's going to be her people might feel sympathetic to her but they don't want to but i think she is who they're sympathetic to i think i think so it all depends on how she plays it in there nobody will change your mind right jill and i think i've been saying and i think she hasn't she doesn't have a very good shot to win the nomination she can win some of those states she could do well and i would but i don't think she'll win it and he said never trust organized mormons but i don't think we should assume that not all mormons have the same i did say what it was that i said don't underestimate arrowsmith did have the same have the same political motives they are by the way there's two mormons in the race here on principle point being a helper to anyone still thinks. after the break do you want your campgrounds taken over by ronald mcdonald in tonight's daily take i'll tell you how republicans are trying to turn our grounds for profit centers just the latest bad idea the great so often.
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let's not forget that we are in a park right. i think. we have the government says they're pretty safe if you can give them free. our. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. it's a good or bad of a very very good dear i believe we got up
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a good priorities usa action the progressive organization is launching a ad and ad campaign targeting the republican agenda take a look back we are america we know right from wrong and we know the end swinging president obama for the economy our politics at its worst the republicans have proposed economic reforms a good return an only have a plan that would essentially end medicare for future retirees so ensured you can while giving huge tax reach to big oil in the world we can't rebuild america if they tear down the middle class yet is running into an important battleground states like florida virginia north carolina and colorado it's essential we win the messaging war against republicans heading into the twenty five elections and priorities usa like a good start the bad. poll and take on fire. so-called news the republican presidential candidate who's probably actually running for vice president went on
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the attack against climate change saying evidence supporting it is bad science the science is faith and it's in great dispute do you believe that there is no such thing as global warming i think that's trumped up by people out there who want to get on the green agenda but i'm old enough to remember brian that when people were predicting there was going to be the next ice age so there is climate change there's always been climate change but until recently people weren't as much about global cooling so there is climate change but the reality of it is the science indicates most of it if not all of it is caused by natural causes and as to the potential human contribution to that there's a great scientific dispute about that very issue since actually there's no dispute ninety nine point nine percent of all climate scientists say manmade climate changes happening right now basically every scientist who doesn't get a check from big oil believes climate change is real and that humans are responsible for lunch he also went on to bash the cap and trade plan that he supported as governor of minnesota but now thinks is a bad idea that now that he's
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a republican candidate for president one clear one poll and he will disclose how much money big oil through his campaign to get him to change his mind and the very very ugly iowa select farms one of the nation's largest hog producers was caught red handed performing ghastly abuses against odds by undercover video video shows pigs confined in crates barely larger than their own bodies pigs being thrown across the room being beaten and mutilated and pigs suffering from rampant infections and the employees that i was like for him seem to think that it was that all their actions were justified. for we were like. the. bouncy better cover video can see the scene on you tube right now although it is very graphic so graphic in fact that we would. couldn't show you any of it on the air unfortunately this is what the drive for profits in corporate agriculture gets us
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some of the most inhumane treatment of animals you've ever seen and that's very clearly. everybody camping sat at night looking up at the stars here in the symphony of the natural sounds echoing around the trees and having that spiritual feeling of what it's like to connect with nature and thought at that exact moment of in life and that the only thing that could possibly make this experience any better is a mcdonald's you haven't. well for those of you who have who are you are florida governor rick scott he is looking out for you as the florida pet is reporting governor scott is telling his state's department of environmental
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protection to draw up plans to sell off huge chunks of fifty six florida state parks to private corporations and as you can imagine corporations don't really give a damn about the metaphysical experience you might enjoy while camping you care about the bottom line and what can be built on campsites to meet the most profit as in let's give smokey the bear a break from patrolling wildfires at campsites and put him in charge of the would be out of mcdonald's got to make sure that the deep fryer doesn't catch on fire this is a governor scott plans to deal with his state's budget shortfall a budget shortfall that was partly created by massive tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires and corporations that rick scott himself pushed through as his first priority when he took office at the beginning of the year plunging his state's budget into the red his rationale the republican rationale for selling off america to u.s. and foreign corporations we're broke. but it's a lot the truth is the united states of america like florida isn't broke we have
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plenty of money we're very rich the republican governors around the nation don't want you to know that that's why they've manufactured state budget crises to justify selling off huge chunks of their states to their buddies to run private corporations they want you to think that the united states of america the richest nation on the planet is fallen on such hard times and we need to visit the local pawn shop in all our stuff. you know it's the same old starve the beast agenda that ronald reagan brought to america in the one nine hundred eighty s. cut off government revenue create the debt crisis and then use that crisis to tear apart social safety nets and over our commons to corporations to carve up for profit and the latest victims of the republican starve the beast economics florida campgrounds but this isn't exclusive to florida utah governor gary herbert with the support of republicans in congress has proposed a fire sale of public lands in utah to help pay down the nation's debt we all know
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a governor of michigan michigan governor rick snyder's financial managers will take over financial struggling cities and sell their public parks and best lands to snyder's business buddies it's disaster capitalism is naomi klein cause and it's gone international these are the same solutions i.m.f. banks fears of suggested degrees so off the acropolis in the coliseum to transnational corporations to pay back the gangsters what we're forgetting each step of the way of this great sell off of america is just how valuable and irreplaceable our commons are how do you put a corporate price tag on your somebody's national park or the grand canyon you can't the republicans aren't interested in the spirit of these natural wonders thinking about the money we're seen the great sell off of america but never before in our nation's history if we don't put an end to it soon going to just
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a matter of time before you can enjoy a grand a proper cino something on top of half dome mountain in yosemite park or you can visit mt rushmore and see iconic presidents and ronald mcdonald you can always shop at low prices we're checking out old faithful it's our obligation frankly to leave the commons that we've enjoyed our lives in fact so future generations can enjoy them as well. let's leave the strip malls and fast food joints on main street and keep our commons especially our state parks free from corporate takeover that's the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we've visited. you covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and dot com also check out our two youtube channel is there a link that's on our this entire show is also available as a free video podcast and i tunes and we have a new free thom hartmann i phone and i pad app at the app store you can send us
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feedback at twitter at tom underscore harben on facebook at tom underscore our on our blogs message boards the telephone comment line at samarra the dot com and don't forget democracy begins with you you show up and get active it all happens your it. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images seen from the streets of canada. hope for asians rule the day.
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