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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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germany agrees to supply nato forces in libya with more munitions drawing criticism for deviating from its original position on intervention and speculation it's been pressured by other alliance members. meanwhile the last cooperation with moscow might be taken to a new level as discussions on a common missile defense system in europe are expected to dominate the russia nato summit in sochi. plus former general rocco alloted plans to boycott the u.n. war crimes horror fearing work in faces charges of genocide serbs the loss of their families during the bosnian war say justice is totally one sided.
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and i am in the russian capital you're watching r t with myriad joshie welcome to the program germany has agreed to supply munitions for the nato air strikes in libya the move comes despite berlin never originally backing the operation and some suggest peer pressure has caused a shift in position as ours is really go forwards berlin's attempt to have its cake and eat it may not be proving successful. more bombs wanted just over one hundred days of airstrikes and with just over two thousand bombs dropped by nato allies in libya the mission has run into an unexpected problem a lack of stealth to drop where there is demand there is surprise and this is their only has agreed to provide the much needed ammunition variously berlin house of
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pain from voting in favor of the u.n. security council resolution on libya a move that surprised some and hurt others but it may now be backing out of a decision the germans will not want to participate but are they have decided that the position does not preclude them actually subs applying weapons in this case or systems some believe germany is under pressure from other nato members particularly the united states france and the u.k. to take a more active part in the libyan campaign at first hand. you know ministries toward the foreign affairs minister don't go into libya it's a very bad conflict it was started by the cia and it's a dirty business don't do this so this is why you voted with russia and china now the backlash from washington is so tough obviously we are under pressure to do something to make up for this decision aside from peer pressure germany may be
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lured by the possible financial benefits of making its weapons available for natives use in libya probably germany will get paid for delivering these arms to other countries but that is normal practice between countries even between nato countries. out of the twenty eight one thousand members only eight are actively participating in libya with civilian deaths to which nato recently admitted to a shortage of weapons and the ever relentless more market duffy is still at the helm the coalition may be facing just the beginning of its problems in fact what we see here is that deliberately the country is be. destroyed which is by far by far transgressing the decision by the security council and that's a very bad story right now berlin is in a tough spot on the one hand it has disappointed nato by refusing to support the mission in libya in march on the other by agreeing to supply bombs it may no lose
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friends in all other high places and whatever the real reasons for its contradictory policy may be germany could find that by trying to please everyone it may end up pleasing no one even a ghost courtsey brussels r.t. has exclusively spoken to colonel gadhafi son who believes nato just wants to feast on beating his riches. these country is a piece of cake rich and of jazz all year and we have more than one hundred million dollars deposits abroad so we have to show you the street. i don't have to get up that way because this is the only i will to go with the. value version of this interview on our website r t v dot com. for a bosnian serb general rock n lot it is planning to boycott his second hearing at
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the hague tribunal he claims he doesn't yet have his own defense lawyer more than a month after he was arrested a lot of he's accused of ordering the massacre of thousands of bosnian muslims and the town of seventy but as a country because our reports there are many serbs who feel the international criminal court's only out to get justice for one side and the conflict. this liquid little town of student needs in bosnia and herzegovina who looks it jilek you houses are being built people go about their business and in the center of the town a mosque and church sit side by side. but this apparent unity is an illusion sixteen years ago the entire region was torn apart by ethnic clashes during the yugoslav war and seventy eight said became infamous when the united nations stated eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces today and the moral for the deceased sits in the grounds of a former un military base the serbian it's
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a memorial ground as well maintained and frequently visited by locals journalists and taurus to get boston and the bosnian capital of. the tourist armed shell and other thousands of serbian graves that ryan cemeteries all around us are being it's a region. thousands of people were killed during the balkan wars in the one nine hundred ninety s. but senators like these were entire families of murdered serb civilians only by the very few remaining survivors running comes here all the time his entire family lives here he says the bosnian muslim general is responsible for you because you know that i was only nine years old when naseer all rich to kuwait everything i had are like the person who killed my mother then my father and brother and i was taken captive they held me for six days and only god knows how or why i survived.
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but even the on a survive his loss just like that of spouses or people here is being ignored or each was at the hague tribunal and i was supposed to be a witness in his trial but in the me in about three other witnesses were simply cost to side they didn't cause i didn't ask what happened to our families and the tribunals only gave him two years in prison. the bulk of your story is the trustees visited an all sides and perpetrated by all players but the version most often propagated by western media is rather one sided in bringing the serbs. to the stage and create a rationale for called. occurred in considerable number. so that so-called precedent can be traced through the
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years and into today's headlines bosnia iraq afghanistan and most recently libya of all played on really hosts to nato troops and u.s. imposed no fly zones it is a very poor. creation of the. scenario for me in the minds of most people. was a drama side which was preventable but for whatever reasons. and for enough and it didn't do anything about it. some might say the journey from sibling need such a big azealia baghdad and kabul could now be traced there's a kind of nato road map but as with any road paved with good intentions there's only one possible destination carriers are about r t bosnia and herzegovina. a chance for a breakthrough on a common missile defense system is up for grabs today for nato the alliance had
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anders fogh rasmussen is in russia's city of sochi for talks on the missile shield is something that's guaranteed to be brought to the table and he isn't are now going to joins us live from. so how crucial is about the two sides reach an agreement on that. of course it is very crucial it has been russia's concern for a very long time now russia doesn't want and the arms race and if nato is to place its anti-missile defense shield in europe and then for a missile defense shield that's going to be covering a big part of washington russia's territory then of course an arms race exactly what's going to happen according to present the great if we could see it starting by as soon as two thousand and twenty russia and the united states have signed strategic arms reduction treaty specially for the purpose of preventing an arms race and this seems to be an apple of discord that exactly going to do the opposite . and russia's envoy to nato would be speaking i had over russia nato summit
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has been saying that it's now time for nato members to make suggestions when it comes to a possibility of a joint and missile defense shield in europe together with washer as russia has already made steps forward in that direction but none of them seem to have been accepted of course the issue operation in libya will also be widely described to you that i was and has been saying that he believes and the ground operation could be just around the corner in the corner in libya and about the operation will only prolong this conflict and was severely worsen the situation in the region in general but of course russia and they do have some common goals such as fighting terrorism and drug trafficking and they are also on the agenda they will be discussed. all right and so i think very much indeed for bringing us to some data will surely be crossing back to you some more on this reporting from such a. so i had for you this hour here in our team chances for change after ten years of the u.s. campaign in afghanistan please bring you an expert opinion on what the new patent
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on chief has to do finally to stop bloodshed in the region pledge and animal hard saving human lives russian doctors give new lives to young girls i'm planning a unique artificial valve made from pig's heart. and then in the year in iraq is military journalist. some ways to go in the u.s. contractors there's kind of wasting their time trying to get killed for you. i thought oh he was willing to do stuff leave it out by from a. huge leave a twenty seven days going to publicize it if you invite the right who believes he's
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started to be have a dialogue with his. troops in the slowly nurse review some of these homes he's. led. for. mine. right and if you move from phones to the pressure.
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starts on t.v. . watching r.t. live from moscow pro palestinian activists say they're determined to deliver humanitarian aid to gaza the spy the greek government banning their ships from leaving ports. they staged a hunger strike at a protest rally against the ruling you've also reportedly rejected a suggestion by the greek government to send aid to gaza under un supervision israel has been warning against any unauthorized stand by the activists to break the gaza blockade a similar mission a year ago and it was nine people being killed and in
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a tab by israeli commandos british activist david helping has organized humanitarian relief efforts in gaza on several occasions told r.t. how his own vessel was once attacked by israeli forces. we were trying to get to gaza on the third day of the of bombardment and invasion so called operation cast lead and we were at high speed about six and six miles off the coast of haifa in the dark five thirty in the morning. and i'm quite certain that the intention was to drop this i believe in speaking the truth about this war because we're dealing with people being tormented for sixty three years. and will bring you this interview in about fifteen minutes time here in r.t. stay with us for that if you can i mean time you patted on chief leon panetta is capable of reaching a breakthrough in the tan here campaign in afghanistan all he needs to do is to
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change the u.s. policy completely so says archie's military contributor in his latest video here's a look. now when their own time and a bead are reviewed jeff cheap to his former associates at central intelligence agency and has assume the mantle of the pentagon chief has a unique opportunity to reach a synergy effect from his previous position as the u.s. intelligence czar and he is current top job as the military boss your own finance it as a new secretary of defense should resist any pressure from the white house from the congress to do more or less of the same regarding the u.s. policy in afghanistan and pakistan now he has accumulated big good we'll from the highly successful joint operation between u.s. intel and special ops professionals at a lot of nitrate he should regain any shooting from the white house decision makers
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and promote unconventional brand new u.s. approach towards a discount trees and to shift their focus from afghanistan to pakistan only plan after right now has such a unique capabilities to shoot the u.s. policy from the unilateral troublemaking in afghanistan and pakistan to comprehensive regional policy we have shanghai cooperation organization as being the true and reliable partner for the united states instead of nato that who would provide a good brand new opportunities both for united states pakistan and its neighbors to jumpstart totally new regional security policies that will benefit to all parties concerned. now let's take a look at some of the stories from around the world. efforts are underway in thailand to form a new coalition government which will bring the country's first ever female prime
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minister to power that's after the opposition party won a landslide victory in sunday's general election taney a clear majority of seats in the parliament its leader forty four year old. is the sister of the country's exiled leader toppled an army who five years ago it's hoped the election and the country's long running political crisis. the ailing venezuelan president hugo chavez may stay in cuba for cancer treatment for up to half a year it's already almost a month since he arrived in the country and underwent initial surgery to remove a pelvic abscess he admits this week has since had a tumor removed job as his opponents have accused the government of not providing enough information about the president's condition leaders illness is also raise questions about whether he will be fit to run for reelection in two thousand and twelve. it's
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a groundbreaking and heart fixing new procedure russian surgeons have thrown a lifeline to young girl who suffered from a rare hard defect they provided her with a unique transplant with a belt from a pig's heart the first operation of its kind. of has more. only chance for survival i renounce surgeon is implored seeing a groundbreaking artificial valve made from a pig's heart into the chest of twenty four year old. has a rare and life threatening heart defect the valve invented by russian surgeons has never been used before of the three hours that operation is complete probably because it was going to be negotiation itself is a success we need some time to see how the patient recovers but in any case her life was unbearable. he has employed came from this farm outside of moscow earlier surgeons had to sort through hundreds of pigs and cows hearts and wonder can be used as
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a bio and was almost impossible to find the right tone of the new model so they found a tailor made solution even before the age one of these cows was matched the particular patient who's waiting on the list in moscow now since then the way that they've been fed every single part of their lifestyle has been carefully monitored so what the problem comes they become the. owner of the farm alexander was a multimillionaire entrepreneur with two years ago he sold all of his businesses and retired to the countryside to graze the most ecologically clean farm possible to give the way his animals hard for nothing this was a way that we were just so proud we were helping save lives i never thought we'd be doing this he knew that once the heart is removed from the animal it's taken place hospital out here at the sterilized and all the ports of the volga together biological valves are often superior to traditional mechanical models and don't require the patient to take drugs for their lifetime director is hoping more
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successful employments one coach of the florida keys invest more funds in the course of this. produces the biological valves in the brush and its will to not break no people here died. well they can get a treatment two weeks of. the year is out the damage and the war this is just a few wonderful i feel like i have a wife and french are trying to my job and i want to have children. to get my doc to say that but that you should be completely healthy and six months and hope she'll be the first of thousands to receive the lifesaving transplant. eliason business is coming our way next year in our. interest payments wealthy british style sun. times such.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our. nation's three couldn't take three months for charges free. range sunscreen risk free the stereotypes free. download free broadcast live video for your media projects a free media dog cart tom. more
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news today violence is once again flared up the phone saying these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after a. chunk operation today the. the . hello and a very warm welcome to the business update russia has resumed electricity supplies to belarus off the country fully paid its energy debts russian poet generator interop call into the global crisis hit belarus last wednesday with the country owing fifty four million dollars the company promised to restore supplies as soon as it got the money however it took him to run over a day to resume energy delivers due to technical problems russia provides twelve percent of the been a russian interests to demand and the world is seeing a major shift towards gas as the predominant also fuel and gas from is eyeing
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a rise in gas prices as a result but not in the region called scale of north capitol says the company would do well to use the spike to its advantage. i don't expect the gas price will be you know duplicating behi can the crude price but you will probably have to reach doesn't wash just sixty or seventy percent of the sprite price change so if the for example gets bromates a certain you know goodwill discount to west european customers love the discount but i mean i'm saying not trying to keep up with the hike in the world's natural gas but be a little bit one step behind this hike it will be a good point for western. parts to feel like more more friendly i'm including new new best from out on drugs. let's have a quick check on the markets oil is moving high off the euro zone policymakers
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approved an emergency based on the phrase the sentiment is also supported on stronger as mama data comes fears a week into months in the world's largest oil consuming knots which is trading at around ninety five dollars a barrel and branches that's wrong one hundred and eleven dollars. coming on to measure here stocks of bonds us they were supported by some of the trust fund factual data on zafar that using the concerns of the police and colleagues on the main game is only came with show your job alone helps us and from the up three percent banking and knowledge of stocks on the rise in hong kong with bank of china up two percent and line of over three percent. and on here in moscow the markets will start trading in two last time both are just in the wise it's closed strongly in the black on friday across the screen is supported by financial ant and just. oh no michael starting from scratch
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a expects that which he wants to do the whole of the season and lots of domestic things. we expect that we should be a bit quieter than last week given that we're now in the summer season monday is of course i july fourth the markets will be closed in the united states this week investors will pay as usual close attention to external factors including our inflationary data coming out of both the euro zone and united states and also keep an eye of course on u.s. jobs data in russia there are very few big events are scheduled one notable event takes place friday when the x five will release their second quarter operating update. michael stein from a person of his analysis of what we can expect from the coming week and that wraps up the business because i'm joined in less than forty five minutes for another business updates and if you can write you can log on to a website archie dot com slash business.
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twenty years ago in the large this country is the biggest surpluses of.
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one hundred million the beach began a journey. where did it take the. wealth of british soil. sometimes it's right. up to the top of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on. the the for .
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soon which crisis if you knew about someone from phones to impressions. for instance on t.v.
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don't come. in viet nam oh she's available in international her tone for china annoyed photo for some photo going through photo intercontinental hanoi westlake hotel shirt in hanoi hilton hello oprah someone said grant hello sedona sweet annoying. book royal so i don't kowtow caravel hotel shirts and so i go in hotel and time still hotel so i go in the leaves ots available in the lot and result in spawn of a failed state this is not a provocation but a warm up. before that i'm sure the first step is are you sure it is a quick futurist because they have no idea about the hardships to face. i wanted to says it all took two minutes and for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world.


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