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country in. this case it. was how did you train. to teach began the journey. where did it take. nato's a cooperation with moscow might be heading to a new level as the alliance its chief points to progress on the issue of a common a missile defense system in all of this is during talks in the russian city of sochi. meanwhile in germany agrees to supply the blocks forces in libya with war munitions drawing criticism for deviating from its original position on intervention all amid speculation that's been pressured by other nato members. plus a rough go blooded is removed from the un of war crimes court for destructing proceedings the former general is facing a genocide charges with your feet as to enter a plea following earlier threats of boycotts be hearing.
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here with r.t. live from moscow where it's now or just off that i'm a research a welcome to the program. chief hopes that russia and the alliance could reach an agreement on missile defense by next. russian scientists warn the dialogue is moving too slowly. but has more from the city of sochi where the talks are being held. it has been russia's concern for a very long time that russia doesn't want an arms race and if nato is to place its anti-missile defense shield in europe and then trying to sell defense shield that's going to be covering a big part of washington russia's territory and then of course an arms race exactly what's going to happen according to president if we could see it starting by as soon as two thousand and twenty russia and the united states have signed strategic arms reduction treaty specially for the purpose of preventing an arms race and this
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amzi seems to be an apple of discord that exactly going to do the opposite provoke it we never should. we watch a real mission to french over now it's even in a few months. this is true important for all of which at the least the gianluca may sound difference. or not as easy as many hoped it would last of listening summits however is going on and today we are talking about how russia sees further work in these fields and the rumor is that president is going to make a harsh statement today on nato slowing down the process of negotiations on a joint and say missile defense shield in europe russia and forty two may told me that i was in speaking i had over the nato summit has been saying that it's now time for our nato members to make suggestions when it comes to a possibility of a joint and for a missile defense shield in europe together with water as russia has already made
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steps forward in that direction but none of them seem to have been accepted of course and the issue over nature is operation in libya will also be rightly described to me that was it has been saying that he believes ground operation could be just around the corner in the corner in libya and that the operation will only prolong this conflict and really worsen the situation in the region in general and president good if he's meeting with president jacob zuma who on behalf of the african union will be discussing the problem of libya with the russian president as russia's position on how to bring peace to libya is much closer to the position of african union members than into the position of the nato countries. reporting that right there from sochi well the president was also attending a summit hoping to give some impetus to the talks will be crossing a lawyer for sochi in about an hour's time i waited expected for to speak. well
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as the russia and nato council discusses the action in libya the alliance is running short on bombs and it's germany which has agreed to make up the shortfall for the controversial worst drugs the move comes despite berlin and regionally backing the operation and some suggest of peer pressure has caused a shift in position and that is a really good reporter berlin's attempts to have its cake and eat it too may not be proving a very successful. more bombs wanted just over one hundred days of airstrikes and with just over two thousand bombs dropped by nato allies on libya the mission has run into an unexpected problem a lack of cells to drop where there is demand there is the lie and this is the only has agreed to provide the much needed ammunition previously berlin house of pain from voting in favor of the un security council resolution on libya and move that surprised and angered others but it may now be backing out of its decision the
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germans may not want to participate but are they have decided that the position does not preclude them actually subserve lying weapons in this case or assistance some believe germany is under pressure from other nato members particularly the united states friends in the u.k. to take a more active part in the libyan campaign at first hand. ministries toward the foreign affairs minister don't go into libya it's a very bad conflict it was started by the cia and it's a dirty business don't do this so this is why you voted with russia and china now the backlash from washington is so tough obviously we are under pressure to do something to make up for this decision aside from peer pressure germany may be lured by the possible financial benefits of making its weapons available for natives use in libya probably germany will get paid for delivering these arms to other countries but that is normal practice between crew. in nato countries. out of
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the twenty eight nato members only eight are actively participating in libya with civilian deaths to its nato recently admitted to a shortage of weapons in the everleigh a small market darth is still at the helm they call ition may be facing just the beginning of its problems. berlin is in a tough spot on the one hand it has disappointed need to by refusing to support the mission in libya in march and the other by agreeing to supply bombs it may now lose friends in other high places and whatever the real reasons for its contradictory policy may be germany could find that by trying to please everyone it may end up pleasing no one even goes quietly. what r.t.d. has spoken exclusively to colonel gadhafi his son who believes that nato just wants to feast on libya's riches. this country is
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a piece of cake rich kind of jazz or you know and we have more than one hundred billion dollars because it's abroad so we have to share this thing that it. should be purchased in a good as we because it is the only public to go between. us and i think. as soon as i do you can check out the full version of this exclusive interview on our website at r.t. dot com. well the judge of the hague tribunal has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of iraq. that's after the court refused to postpone the hearing at the request of the former bosnian serb general what it was then ordered out of the courtroom for all interrupting the judge and speaking out of turn here threatening to boycott the hearing complaining he hadn't been able to choose his own defense lawyer more than a month after his arrest was accused of ordering the massacre of thousands of bosnian muslims in the town it was. and it's up but that's covering us out of our
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imports there are many sobs you feel the international criminal courts only out to get justice for one side of the conflict. the crowd little town of slavery meets in bosnia and herzegovina who looks in jail if you houses are being built people go about their business and in the center of the town a mosque and church sit side by side but this apparent unity is an illusion sixteen years ago the entire region was trying to part by ethnic clashes during the yugoslav war and seventy became infamous when the united nations stated eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred by bosnian serb forces today a memorial for the deceased sits in the grounds of a former un military base so again it's a memorial ground as well maintained and frequently visited by locals journalists and tourists who get boston and the bosnian capital of what the tourists aren't shown are the thousands of serbian graves that lined cemeteries all around mr
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binnie to region. thousands of people were killed during the balkan wars of the one nine hundred ninety s. but cemeteries like these with entire families of murdered serb civilians only get visited by the very few remaining survivors but only comes here all the time his entire family lives here he says advise me a muslim general is responsible. but you know that i was only nine years old when last year all rich took away everything i had in life first he killed my mother then my father and brother i was wounded and taken captive they held me for six days and only god knows why i survived. but even though gonna survive his loss just like that of thousands of people here is being ignored or each was at the hague tribunal and i was supposed to be a witness in his trial but in the end we in about thirty other witnesses were
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simply cost a side they didn't cause didn't ask what happened to our families and the tribunal only gave him two years in prison. the balkan war so heinous atrocities visited an old sites and perpetrated by all players but the version most often propagated by buster media is rather one sided in blaming the serves the purpose is to. create a rationale for humanitarian interventions which. occurred in considerable number. of circuits that so-called precedent can be traced through the years and into today's headlines razia iraq afghanistan and most recently libya have all played unwilling hosts to nato troops and u.s. imposed no fly zones it is very important. the creation of.
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some are you for make sure in the minds of most people. was drawn a story which was preventable but for whatever reason. and for national unity didn't do anything about it. some might say the journey from simply needs it to benghazi via baghdad and kabul could now be traced as a kind of nato road map but as with any road paved with good intentions there is only one possible destination karina's are the r.t.e. button in herzegovina. try to pull ahead for you this hour here on our braced to breach the blockade we look at what's in store for the gaza aid flotilla after greece bans protesting not diversions from setting sail from its courts. and animal hogs saving human lives russian doctors giving new life to
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a young girl by and planting a unique artificial valve made from a pig's heart. well over one hundred forty activists will face trial in belarus after they were detained during an anti-government protest on sunday when it's a police used tear gas and beat activists as they try to round up the latest silent demonstration thing. he reports. sunday march twenty eighth independence day for bell it was but the celebration turned sour with several demonstrations of the opposition dispersed by the police were understand that there were several demonstrations all throughout the day and all of them were dispersed by the authorities sometimes using google force eyewitnesses say that the latest of those rallies in front of the central train station in minsk was dispersed using tear gas against the crowd when you stand several journalists were detained but were later released by the authorities and over one hundred forty people remain in detention
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this is of course not the first time this something like that happens in belarus for the past several weeks has used got used to these kind of protests these protests are not they don't have a political director political connotation people are organizing silent marches and the only thing they do to voice their protest against the government's actions is clapping. clearly this is something you see this form of protest was invented in the social networks on the internet but the government is now trying to do everything to fight these these protests were understand that the protesters are demanding that one of europe's. the longest standing leaders alexander lukashenko must stand down the crowd is unhappy with the government's actions in the latest financial crisis in berlin was i'd like to remind all of us that over the past two months bella was has been plunged into a deep financial turmoil with this currency devalued almost two fold in the space
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of just several weeks so the tension is clearly mounting in this post soviet state we're understand according to several bell russian bloggers that protest might die down for another month for three or four weeks or so but in august they are expected to intensify again and we of course be keeping track of all the details happening in this post soviet state. so i think the legacy of assisting reporting right now palestinian activists say they are determined to deliver humanitarian aid to gaza despite the greek government banning those ships from leaving port. the station a hunger strike and a protest rally against the building but also reportedly rejected a suggestion by the greek government to send aid it's gaza under un supervision israel has been warning against any attempt by the activists to break the gaza blockade a similar mission a year ago ended with nine people being killed him and attacked by israeli
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commandos british optimistic david helping who's organizing humanitarian relief efforts and guards are on several occasions called out see how his own a vessel experienced at the wrath of israeli forces in two thousand and eight is a preview of what's to come in about twenty minutes time. we were trying to get to garza on the third day of the blog and an invasion so called operation cast lead and we were high speed of about sixty six miles off the coast of haifa in the dark five thirty in the morning. and i'm quite certain the intention was to drown us i believe in speaking the truth about the small because we're dealing with people being tormented for sixty three years. it's now a quarter past the hour here in moscow barack obama was a recently announced afghanistan drawdown plan has been slammed by republicans they
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claim it's risky to pull out thirty three thousand troops by the end of the next summer but artie's lawrence reports yaz talk of change intensifies over america's military plan in the country many still believe that nothing will change or. the aftermath of the taliban. tack in kabul. a luxury hotel frequented by foreigners earlier this year taliban gunmen wearing suicide vests storm a guest house used by u.n. staffers. last year another attack on hotels is worth a year. examples are strewn through the near decade war familiar aftermath we have any takedown here in the south only now americans heard this declaration before news of the blast we're starting this drawdown from position of strength about u.s. plans to begin pulling troops out of afghanistan but there are declarations on the
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ground from afghan activists and the military might that's not a different mark democracy never come by a clinician the moccasin of a car by military invasion democracy never come by cluster bomb by wife phosphorous by my cigar by our wedding parties and in washington talk of winding down war in one country does not wind down talk of tackling the global terrorist threat as the focus seems to shift to neighbors should be refocusing resources on pakistan yemen somalia parts of northern africa and other locations i've always believed pakistan is more central to what happens in a canister a change in the guard of the department of defense with robert gates retiring and former cia chief leon panetta getting sworn in signals this change of course to critics i see no difference between between him and robert gates and for afghanistan we now hear a presidential pledge to pull thirty three thousand troops out by september two thousand and twelve fully we're covering the surge i announced at west point well
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it certainly sounds like what the american people would like to hear for the first time ever a majority want u.s. troops out about ghana's can as soon as possible fifty thinks percent while thirty nine percent want troops there until the situation is stabilized you can see the trend is really flip flopped but what is the reality of obama's plans for troop withdrawal now that thirty three thousand he's calling for. for is a minority of the one hundred thousand american troops that are there that's not including another forty two thousand some nato troops and ninety thousand department of defense contractors meanwhile the u.s. has reiterated a long term commitment to the country there certainly has been an agreement that following two thousand and fourteen there will be some kind of continuing presence . of presence and anshul burden some see as permanent observers believe u.s. bases are in the forever future lauren mr r. t. washington d.c. . just a little bit later here i was able to bring you the revelations of
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a military journalist who spent a year in iraq and interviewed hundreds of u.s. soldiers and got sent a special coming up in three hours time. who's been in the year in iraq is a military journalist. ways. there is to waste the time. you killed. the will. win seven days publicising invited. started the. truthiness we.
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are not twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow and with thoughts here let's check out some other world news for you in brief now in thailand a new five party coalition government has been formed which will bring the country's first ever female prime minister to power it's after the opposition won a landslide victory in sunday's general election obtaining a clear majority of seats in the parliament its leader a forty four year old young latina was is the sister of the country's exiled leader toppled in an all new crew five years ago it's hoped the election will end the country's long running political crisis. a major gas pipeline in egypt has been hit by an explosion and cutting supplies to is one of the. last to rock the facility just fifty kilometers from israel's border with point on the ones responsible to this at the time it's been targeted since an uprising toppled president mubarak in a rebel. failing
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a venezuelan president hugo chavez will not be able to work up to half a year he's likely to stay in that cuba folk until new cancer treatment. chavez's opponents have accused the government of not providing enough information about the president's condition pollutants illness has also raised questions about whether he will be fit to run for reelection next year. well it's a groundbreaking and heart fixing new procedure russianness surgeons are thrown a lifeline to a young girl who suffered from a rare heart defect they provided her with a unique transplant with a valve from a pig's heart in the first operation of its kind. has more on this. only chance for survival a renowned surgeon is implanting a groundbreaking artificial made for a big score into the chest of twenty four year old and has a rare and life threatening heart defect above invented by russian surgeons has
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never been used before of the three hours the operation is complete for political thirty because the ration itself is a success we need some time to see how the patient recovers but in any case her life before was unbearable. employed came from this farm outside of moscow earlier surgeons had to sort through hundreds of pigs and cows hearts to find one that can be used as a bio and was almost impossible to find the right tone of the new model so different a playmate solution even before each one of these cows was matched their particular patient who's waiting on a less than moscow now since then the way that they've been fed every single part of their lifestyle has been carefully monitored so what the time comes they become the perfect. owner alexander was a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. two years ago he sold all of his businesses and retired to the countryside to graze the most ecologically clean possible he gives
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away his animals for nothing this was the work that we were just silk road we were helping save lives i never. but we'll be doing this he knew that once the heart is removed from the animal it's taken for this hospital out here in the sterilized and all the parts of the valve also don't forget about biological bad luck often superior to traditional mechanical models and don't require the patient to take drugs for their lifetime. rector is hoping more successful employed small encourage health authorities invest more funds and i'm fortunate. that only two or three produces the biological valves in the whole of russia and it's not enough great no people here died before they can get the treatment two weeks have passed and the carrier is out of the emergency ward. it's just i feel wonderful i feel like i have a life and plan to return to my job and i want to have children. doctors say to
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tell you should be completely healthy in six months and hope she'll be the first of thousands to receive the lifesaving transplant you're abroad now have artsy moscow . right now after a short break it's the business news with here. those don't devote. little pellets the international sanctions those do take place in prose on july ninth in trance. this live introductions by russian designers to the most beautiful the city of central russia. business events live in fair children's functions show slum the sights of presiding over the festival. the fashion just leave your job business. plans of are one welcome to the business update russia has resumed electricity
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supplies to better was paid its energy bill in full color generator interop pulled the plug on the crisis hit brown was last seen with the country owing fifty four men and almost the company promised to restore supplies us so this is the money how we're going to enter wrong over a day towards you and she delivers to technical problems russia provides twelve percent of batteries and it just needs. and the world just seeing a major shift towards gas is the predominant fossil fuel a wound gasper maize uyghur rise in gas prices as a result of equal skills not capital sized the company would do well to use the spike to its advantage. i don't expect the gas price will be you know duplicating the hike in the crude price but he will probably reach as much as sixty or seventy percent of this price change so give the for example gas bromates a certain goodwill discount to west european customers not the discount but i'm
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saying not trying to keep up with the hype in the world natural gas but be a little bit once they're behind the strike it would be a good point for western parts to be like more more friendly i'm glued in new a new guest room about contracts and brushes getting access to one of the largest coal deposits in the world a consortium led by russian railways has won it tended to develop a vast deposit in mongolia proportions is expected to generate billions of dollars for the countries involved apart from russian railways the consortium includes firms from japan asked korea the decision is still to be approved by the main goal in parliament it's in line with the goal is efforts to export via russia's railways and puts. us take a look at the markets now oil has slightly retreated from makings the market
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digests contrasting data from the world's two biggest orders he was on fuel to norm's prices are being encouraged by european policymakers proving more should soon fail the breeze and high strung classical make data private but on the other hand soft none of that trend from china and one point concerns over europe's debt crisis are keeping trade just cautious thoughts which is trading at wrong ninety five dollars per barrel on branches at one hundred and eleven dollars. european stock markets not edging higher though most value consults a losing ground not stop just standards and pull search of bronzer rollover greek debt would likely be considered a selective default. and russia starts climbing for a fifth street. session that size world did offer to europe also rise alone payout for greece isn't speculation that huntress prices will derail the richest economic recovery led saw know how to check on some of the individual shermans from my six most energy may just down the solid counsel wrong or wrong to cause all dissent in
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the rest thank you stuart so for the suit under pressure with. dollars over the long stand up in the trunk is up to boss itself a little bit in a healthy sense but the sales of larger cars rose by a third in the past cost of a year. ok that's all we have time for now join us unless someone else knows more business stories here on r.g.p. and get more from our web site archie dot com slash business.
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morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. a giant corporations are on the day. culture is the same much of the definition is a shared mind mark left as realist artist military withdrawal from iraq what his fate hold for the kurds and if the kurds strive towards an independent state what is. playing live. bringing you the latest insight.


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