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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2011 12:01pm-12:31pm EDT

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nato says it's not going to build a joint anti missile system with russia doesn't find it necessary to provide moscow with legal guarantees to shield targeting the country has plunged. into a stalemate. runs out of strike campaign over libya germany u. turns on its policy of abstaining from the conflict so it can deliver a. general recommend outages ejected from the war crimes court in the johnston not guilty plea. that it faces charges including genocide carried out in the balkans war. accuse the hague of one sided justice.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is good to have you with us this hour russia and nato have failed to reach a consensus on missile defense plans in europe with the standing firm on its position nato says it's against a joint shield and doesn't find it necessary to provide russia with legal guarantees that the shield won't be directed against it. because it has more from russia city of sochi where the talks have now drawn to a clue. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov described talks on a missile defense shield in europe as long and not going as smoothly as it was expected while speaking a separate press conference secretary general of nato rasmussen has said that nato never promised those stocks will simply happen overnight lover ups explains that the reason why a sectoral anti-missile defense shield with participation of russia is impossible is because nato cannot delegate the security of nato countries to
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a third party russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that if a sectoral and famous all defense shield is not a possible option and perhaps there are other ones. used we would like to reach an agreement which would allow us to work together without any additional risks and agreements that will strengthen strategic stability rather than undermine it we would like to have a guarantee that missile defense systems are not aimed against russia we're not asking for unilateral guarantees we would like all the members of the russian nato council to agree that missile defense will not pose any threats to the security of any of the participants. secretary general rasmussen has set out he sees no need of such a proof and once again try to ensure that i am dealing in here not going to be a threat to russia personally i don't think we need new treaty is what i think we need is practical cooperation and the best the best reassure.
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guarantee if you show wish that russia could get would be to cooperate activity we want to see two systems that would exchange information. to make that defense of nato territory and russian territory effect big part of russia will be covered by that and fire missile defense shield and russian president dmitry medvedev believes that that could be a potential reason for another arms race on the sidelines of the russian nato council and there wasn't anything within the russian president's new to me that if . the president of south africa now jacob zuma came to preserve and new ideas on how to resolve the conflict in libya their ideas were deprived from the recent summit of the african union and he was here speaking on behalf of the union now their ideas were her doubts but it seems that russia and nato are still not on
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the same page when it comes to resolving the conflict let's listen to what russian foreign minister lavrov had to say. we believe that the arms embargo that was introduced by the un security council is straightforward and it is captured this way in the resolution it applies to libya's entire territory therefore any arms supplies are violating this resolution as well as any attempts to send military instructors into libya to deliver military knowledge and know how all of these cases are covered by the arms embargo and this is our position and speaking of had all of this meeting with russia's and boy to nato admitted our voice and said that he fears that unknown ground operation is just around the corner and if that happens. the situation in the region will severely be worse and meanwhile today secretary general rasmussen once again try to reassure everyone that ground operation is not in the plans. with civilian casualties mounting gadhafi still in
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power and no into the conflict inside nato has yet another problem a crippling shortage of munitions you know answers appealed to germany which has previously resisted getting involved in the conflict to chip in. the going to go discover there are those who believe all too happy to get on board know there's a profit to be made. more bombs wanted just over one hundred days of airstrikes and with just over two thousand bombs dropped by nato allies on libya the mission has run into an unexpected problem a lack of sales to drop where there is demand there is supply in this case germany has agreed to provide the much needed ammunition previously berlin has abstained from voting in favor of the un security council resolution on libya a move that surprised some and angered others but it may now be backing out of a decision the germans may not want to participate but they have decided that the position does not preclude them actually sublime weapons in this case or systems
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some believe germany is under pressure from other nato members particularly the united states friends in the u.k. to take a more active part in the libyan campaign at first our you know ministries toward the foreign affairs minister don't go into libya it's a very bad conflict it was started by the cia and it's a dirty business don't go there so this is why you voted with russia and china now the backlash from washington is so tough that obviously we are under pressure to do something to make up for this decision aside from peer pressure germany may be alerted by the possible financial benefits of making its weapons available for natives use in libya probably germany will get paid for delivering these arms to other countries but that is normal practice between current he would be in nato countries. out of the twenty eight nato members only eight are actively
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participating in libya with civilian deaths to which nato recently admitted to a shortage of weapons in the ever relentless more market duffy still at the helm the coalition may be facing just the beginning of its problems. berlin is in a tough spot on the one hand it has. disappointed nato by refusing to support the mission and they being march on the other by agreeing to supply bombs it may now lose friends in all other high places and whatever the real reasons for its contradictory policy may be germany could find that by trying to please everyone it may end up pleasing no one it in a go. well to discuss the significance of germany's latest move we're now joined by middle east expert mccullough he's live now in madrid thanks very much indeed for joining us there on your web cam now germany maintains that it's staying true to its original stance of not getting involved in libya since selling bombs not
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dropping them what do you make of that argument. but i think that obviously and we've seen the here and even senator. feinstein in germany and this has been submitted a lot of pressure and has adopted this astounds that it's worst by far most of the. book to save the universe and this is how it came to us we should have a kind of i think of the idea divergence between what most of the western countries including also from western countries just through because our current you know any rate in the united arab emirates group and the fact that you're going to be on the sidewalk with me insist on kind of more principles but you know we did not manage to really insist on that cohesion of the western countries and this is how we came
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to the situation in which you don't just move it to the floor there when you want it to be kept taken into consideration by its allies have to use its stance and this is how we've seen disparate the books from the germany that was defending the guy and the tomorrow and the four ok just pretty quick to interrupt. not a brilliant line so i can pretty much make up most of what you're saying there make up what you're saying but in terms of germany now getting involved militarily does that mean that actually it's agreeing with everybody else now along with many others that the military action is the only viable option it's the only solution to bringing this conflict to an end in libya. rather than to say that there are political elements to intervene in the german decision and explain the german stance but you can always go to go on and leave i think that's your job and you
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have done this a long time who anyway couldn't be any military solution in. perspective but the problem is that it's your and you alone. nato member as well that. let's talk about russia's role in this from the onset russia was concerned that this humanitarian intervention might turn into a mission for regime change three months on now do you think that moscow's position has been vindicated that well i think that anyway when most go that it's sense. of the beginning it wasn't the right way because what we've seen we do the dance that needs to do and the western country think general it's right to create the un it's written by their own way or their own mandate and this is how i think that not all the rest of it was on the right but it was going to say that. for the tunisia to keep on its own stance its own but the russia doesn't agree with nato methods but
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it certainly agrees that gadhafi should go but who should replace gadhafi who with the opposition that well this is the most important question could we believe that the national transitional council has no legitimacy and no means to equals and you political configuration and to rule the poor. the future aspect. i don't think so and i'm going to post i also think that most of the nato members of congress to this point and this is how they're trained to deal with the situation that it's you know and. i would like to just quickly ask you one of one of our main stories of today is concerning nato and russia over the missile defense issue we're now seeing of course pressures between nato and russia building not only over the issue but also over the war in libya differences over syria what impact do you think this latest stress and strain between the two could have on other issues such as afghanistan. well i think that looking to the russian stance
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and looking also at what they're ready. that they need to as the general whether or in afghanistan what we can understand is that in the coming of the short run i can't see or i don't believe that needs to be really able. to move freely and to get russia. for its own stance i think that. the general indication that you can see what we can see is that neat least a certain degree and this is how we try to always hearts dance and some elements are arguments that will lead us to make believe that they're the right ones but i think that any way nobody can see that by all of what is going on we can see that anyway it very strong mistakes that played against the need those threats against any member as well interesting developments occurring at the moment thanks
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very much indeed for your input middle east expert thanks so much for joining us live from madrid thank you. nato has deployed commando units in libya to get rid of colonel gadhafi well that's the claim from one of his sons and this comes after another son saif gadhafi spoke exclusively to r.t. saying he believes the alliance wants only to feast on libya's riches. this country is a piece of cake rich full of guys oil and we have more than one hundred billion dollars deposits abroad so we have to share the skill that it. and you have to get mr gadhafi because the only obstacle between. and the cake is as simple as that you can check out the full version of this exclusive interview on our website www dot com. the hague
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war crimes tribunal has entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of former bosnian serb general coming out of the accused was ordered out of the court for interrupting the judge and speaking out of turn the former general ledger complained of having had trouble hearing previously the job refused to postpone the hearing at the request of another truth threatened to boycott proceedings he's rejected the legal team given to him by the court demanding to choose his own defense lawyers without a chisel cures of ordering the mass killing of thousands of bosnian muslims during the balkans war bothers. many international criminal court is only taking one side in the conflict. liquid little town of. me and herzegovina who looks it daily you houses are being built people go about their business and in the center of the town a mosque and a church sit side by side but this apparent unity is an illusion sixty years ago the entire region was trying to part by ethnic clashes during the yugoslav war and . became infamous when the united nations stated eight thousand muslim men and boys
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were massacred by bosnian serb forces today and immoral for the deceased sits in the grounds of a former un military base the sort of thing it's a memorial ground as well maintained and frequently visited by locals journalists and tourists who get boston from the bosnian capital of. what the tourist arm shown are the thousands of serbian graves that lined cemeteries all around the region. thousands of people were killed during the balkan wars of the one nine hundred ninety s. but cemeteries like these with entire families of murdered serb civilians only get visited by the very few remaining survivors but only comes here all the time his entire family lives here he says a bosnian muslim general is responsible so you know i was only nine years old when the us had already struck away everything i had and live first to kill my mother
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then my father and brother i was wounded and taken captive they held me for fifty six days and only god knows how or why i survived. but even though but on a survive his loss just like that of thousands of people here is being ignored. each was at the hague tribunal and i was supposed to be a witness in his trial but in the end me and about thirty other witnesses were simply cast aside they didn't call us didn't ask what happened to our families and the tribunal only gave him two years in prison. the balkan war so heinous atrocities visited on all sides and perpetrated by all players but the version most often propagated by western media is rather one sided in blaming the serves the purpose is to set the stage and create a rationale for so called humanitarian interventions which indeed occurred in considerable number of the math and it so that so-called
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precedent can be traced through the years and into today's headlines bosnia iraq afghanistan and most recently libya have all played unwilling hosts to nato troops and u.s. imposed no fly zones it is very important in the creation of the. scenario to make sure that in the minds of most people. was drawn aside which was preventable but for whatever reasons the so-called international community didn't do anything about it. some might say the journey from sibling needs it to benghazi via baghdad and kabul could now be traced as a kind of nato road map but as with any road paved with good intentions there is only one possible destination. castros are about r t bosnia and herzegovina.
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well coming up in a few minutes for you here on r.t. drawn out to drawdown despite barack obama's plan for a massive pullout from afghanistan next year experts claim america is stuck there for years to come and paying for the conflict with blood and money. organizers of appropriate. to defy greek sailing back and to push ahead with their humanitarian mission to gaza at all costs the statement came after a number of ships were found to be damaged with activists condemning what they said was sabotaged by israeli security forces the greek government offered to deliver be surprised. to live in turn as want to prevent the civilian fleet from reaching gaza a similar mission just over a year ago ended with nine people dead after israeli commandos stormed the. british campaigner david he's been involved in transporting relief supplies to gaza told r.t. how his own vessel was once attacked in the same way the full interview is coming your way in about ten minutes from now but here's
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a brief preview for you the meantime. we were trying to get to garza on the third day of the bombardment and inversion so-called operation cast lead and we were around at high speed about sixty six miles off the coast of haifa in the dark five thirty in the morning. at. cvs and i'm quite certain that the intention was to drown us i believe in speaking the truth about this war because we're dealing with people being tormented for sixty three years. insufficient medical help cause the death of a lawyer said to give magnitsky in two thousand and nine who is being detained by authorities at the time that's according to russia's investigative committee which having now finished analyzing the additional medical evidence the prison staff involved will face trial correspondent peter all over is following the case. the
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additional forensic medical examination into the death of surrogate magnitsky as now being completed a spokesperson for the the investigative committee said that medical examination revealed that magnitsky had a preexisting heart condition which had contributed to his death. he also went on to say criminal a criminal case has been opened and charges of failure to provide adequate medical care and negligence are to be brought against stuff at the detention facility where sergei magnitsky was awaiting trial where he's being held waiting trial for the charges of tax evasion this case the death of surrogate magnitsky in custody while he was awaiting the trial drew huge interest all around the world with many many human rights groups calling for a full investigation to determine exactly what happened that led to his death. well let's have a quick look at some other international news in our world update for female prime
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minister elect. has already announced plans to form a new five party coalition government this comes after her few tide party won by a landslide in sunday's general election taking a clear parliamentary majority the forty four year old is the sister of the country's asked. what toppled in an army five years ago. a south korean corporal in the armed forces killed four fellow marines and injured another at a base on the yellow sea close to the northern border a nineteen year old also wounded is now in custody his motive for what may have been a suicide attack is still unknown south korea stations marines close to the volatile border with north korea. barack obama has recently announced afghanistan's drawdown plan has been i should say the drawdown plan that he's announced as being slammed by republicans they say withdrawing thirty three thousand troops by the end of next summer is too much of a military risk but i do your list finds out that the talk of change may just be
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a symbolic gesture there's no end in sight to the u.s. presence in the country. the aftermath of a taliban attack in kabul. a luxury hotel frequented by foreigners earlier this year taliban gunmen wearing suicide vests storm a guest house used by u.n. staffers. last year another attack on hotels this is where every year. examples are strewn through the near decade war familiar aftermath we have any pay down here in the south only now americans heard this declaration before news of the blast we're starting this drawdown from a position of strength about u.s. plans to begin pulling troops out of afghanistan but there are declarations on the ground from afghan activists of military might that's look to different mark democracy never come by a democracy never come by military invasion democracy never come by cluster bomb by
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white phosphorus by muscle car by bumping our wedding parties and in washington talk of winding down war in one country does not wind down talk of tackling the global terrorist threat as the focus seems to shift to neighbors should be refocusing resources on pakistan yemen somalia parts of north africa and other locations i've always believed pakistan is more central to what happens in afghanistan a change in the guard at the department of defense with robert gates retiring and former cia chief leon panetta getting sworn in signals this change of course to critics i see no difference between and between him and robert gates and for afghanistan we now hear a presidential pledge to pull thirty three thousand troops out by september two thousand and twelve fully we're covering the surge i announced at west point well it certainly sounds like what the american people would like to hear for the first time ever a majority want u.s. troops out of afghanistan as soon as possible fifty six percent well thirty nine
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percent want troops there until the situation is stabilized you can see the trend is really flip flop. but what is the reality of obama's plans for troop withdrawal all that thirty three thousand he's calling for is a minority of the one hundred thousand american troops that are there that's not including another forty two thousand some nato troops and ninety thousand department of defense contractors meanwhile the u.s. has reiterated a long term commitment to the country there certainly has been an agreement that following two thousand and fourteen there will be some kind of continuing presence . of presence and financial burden some see as permanent observers believe u.s. bases are in the forever future loren mr r.t. washington d.c. . to see what it's like to be a soldier involved in that kind of conflict special report coming up in the next hour here on r.t. no it's time for the latest business news with korea.
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hello and welcome to business here in r.t. thanks for joining me russia is having to face up to its own banking scandal the former heads of russia's fifth largest lender bank of moscow are facing criminal charges after its huge bailout regulators discovered a third of the bank's assets or in bad loans or in acosta has the details. everything is sorted when v t v the over bank of moscow and discovered bad loans worth knowing a billion dollars which is about one third of the bank's assets but this isn't the first time the bank is involved in the scandal the all the one involved the building that you see it right next to me which is at the mayor's office and that was because the former had all the bank of moscow unviable to do was accused of shady loans to construction companies are run by the former mayors right now he has since fled the country and the warrant has been issued for his arrest the bank of
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moscow now getting fourteen billion dollars which is the biggest bailout of a russian history that will be given over a ten year period at an interest rate of half a percent now this amount as three times bigger than the capitalization of the bank and it's smaller than the amount that was given to all of the banks here during the financial crisis russia's finance minister has since called for a criminal investigation into the bad loans to figure out who was responsible and what happens. at examiner also from asia's b.c. says the bailout shows the state is expanding not reducing its dominance in the banking sector in accordance with the president's program. continue. to work from being concerned to water more and more but to reassert snorts but in significant the pension to due diligence before we do this kind of deals hoping that. shows where it's. right. in the in the to do food
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in the queue so for difficulties would go to help for them. to look at the markets now or has slightly retreated from early against the market digests contrasting day from the world's two biggest oil consumers on fuel demand prices are being encouraged by european policymakers approving an emergency ban out for greece but soft money factoring in from china and ongoing concerns over u.s. debt crisis are keeping traders cautious like sweets is trading at around ninety five dollars per barrel and brand at around one hundred and eleven. now u.s. markets are closed for public holiday independence day let's cross over to europe where stock markets edged higher on monday london's footsie ended just under half percent like helped by gains for john good group and british land vang's fell though after standard and poor's rating services warned on a rollover from greeks that. the dax finished point three percent higher with the drug giant pair of the top performer and gaining almost two percent and russian
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markets close in the black as well miles six at half a percent while the officer has climbed point six percent stocks were high after europe authorized a loan from greece easing speculation the country's crisis will derail the region's economic recovery now let's have a look at some individual sham moves on the rise next most energy majors traded in the black heavyweight b t v was putting pressure on financials of the bank for over a percent and then discount all with its newly bought bank of moscow after vos was up more than two percent on reports sales of lot of cars rose by a third in the first half of the year. that's the business news for now i'll be back with more and just on that one our. viewers.


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