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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2011 9:01pm-9:31pm EDT

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top stories done all i need is its european partners in that shot again visa free zone reintroducing the border controls for the first time infuriating germany where a minister as i was told today made his boy called it's a selfie of the abandonment of a good name the start of more trouble over three hours to come else way indeed. a dutch court has rules the netherlands responsible for the deaths of three muslims in this room bernie some months ago nineteen ninety five after the country's peacekeepers pulls them out of eighty one protected compounds into the hands of both me and said troops compensation is to be paid to relatives with some continuing need to luncheon against the immunity held by the u.s. which critics say should have been on trial instead. of the libya claims to have been deceptive to brussels with weapons intended for the rebels saying nato is
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breaking the u.n. involved in sending arms to the country the official said the weapons came from qatar with france up to now the only country old going to be reaching out supplied to insurgent forces. as headlines up next the light. talks to russian human wife daughter before he's meeting with president medvedev in the caucuses discussing civil liberties and terrorism stay with us. hello and welcome to. the show on t.v. on the. prisoner. with human rights act this is taking place and. it's aimed
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at. contact between. rights activists at first. but what else on the agenda. we'll hear about it from the head of the presidential council it's. moving the council meeting out of moscow allows those involved to take a closer look at local problems because he complains of misunderstandings because as he says locals often speak with their hearts and officials with the red tape and regulations that's why he calls finding a common language crucial first dialogue especially in such an unstable region as the russian told us it's. also think style is the only possible way to finding common ground because as he puts it when people talk they don't shoot.
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thank you very much for being with us. regarding the upcoming meeting with the president why did you start organizing these meetings out in the region. better or more convenient for you. by holding those meetings outside a mosque or you're not just meeting with the president but you also get to meet with representatives of civil society in the corresponding region and learn about their. ideas and problems and then to present those ideas to the president those representatives could travel to moscow he they're interested in the meeting. that's what we did last may. we invited representatives of numerous n.g.o.s from the north caucasus to come to moscow to meet with president medvedev moscow thought when you're in fact only two members of the council. in
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the soup line and ganesh cannot you are a famous human rights activists were present and that meeting. is with other council members who weren't at that meeting with the president. at the three issues because again. here in berg on the contrary it was only council members that participated in the meeting with the president on february first. but prior to that meeting. we met with there is representatives of civil society in the year old's school which is also it is possible to invite several people to moscow for a meeting with the council members that there were thirty days. which you can bring a whole full of people bringing several hundred people for a meeting with a total of only forty council members who would be strange to see what sort of q. and you couldn't hear them all in moscow either conyers issue thirty one of them
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was certainly besides there is another very important point the way president that it was in the crown when using a very different from the way he's say in your concern berg is really i had the opportunity to make this comparison to the cuban i don't know yet how our meeting instead of apollo is going to be well of course i hope it will be the same way with it but i know that. in your concern berg we had a lot more time for a free conversation with the president during our meetings in moscow but he said them also you know the kremlin is very. and it makes people tense and nervous. there is something in the air. i believe something should be done about this place. perhaps transfer the country's leadership somewhere outside of moscow. actually present in
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the dead of express this idea not long ago he proposed moving government offices out of moscow or is my school to think he's berg no just outside the city limits just build a satellite town for governmental officials somewhere outside moscow but then the road to moscow will always be jammed on the contrary there will be no traffic jams as officials would stain that town all the time. that was it would. mean they will live and work there it sounds a lot like a leper colony you know i think it's rather like the city of london there is great a london where people live in the city where they were so they keep these two things separate it's more like you have something similar. it would be great if it works are really alike there's a deal which in that this will create a new environment new atmosphere. more new government. then the
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president's arisen and will reflect the president's ideas. which are we were like this idea. but we're going to. let's go back to human rights you had a meeting in the north caucasus in june there was a meeting. and then the other one is coming up. does this mean that the north caucasus is the most troublesome region of russia from the point of view of human rights. well i wouldn't put it this way. he said he wants to be closer to people in their problems certainly this means they're all in the caucuses well prior to that we met in the year olds does this mean that the urals region is the most troublesome no he treats and has its own human rights related problems which have to be resolved. this which is the reason we are going
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to the carcass is not just to chad cole local problems after we're gone there to tackle russia's problems and in fact international problems. discussing the issue of civil societies involvement in fighting terrorism pretty example and terrorism unfortunately is an ailment over large number of countries today which. will also discuss the she'll of civil societies involvement in consolidating the inter afaik and interests faith harmony. these issues are relevant not only in the north caucasus at the same problems exist for instance in the cold media or in boreal which is. the bottom. and in moscow. therefore these are not strictly the problems of the caucasus rather us these are the issues of the entire russia. as i've said we're going into the caucuses
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such as it is very important for us first to meet with the representatives of civil society there any other human rights activists in the region and then we meet with the president. we've had a meeting with civil society in douglas stan and today we're meeting with the president. also in the north caucasus. in the north caucuses human rights violations in even a violation. so the russian law are often justified by local traditions what do you think we should be colognes for local traditions or the russian law should be strictly applied throughout russia. well actually this is one of the issues that we are going to discuss with the president . and with you with mr pyne the shadow of our working group you know we have
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thirteen working groups all together in our council and all of them have been working very actively each in its own area so there is this one group that works on developing ethno cultural communities. and professor emil pyne with harry now and expert on the ethnic policies he's ahead of his career by. so. mr pinewood we'll talk to the president in presenting his working groups view on various problems in ways of resolving them. and you put stuff and he's working group has quite a number of experts including some specialists from the north caucasus which. would surely say so mr pyne will tell the president. that relying on local tradition
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is actually a good thing. it is not like it's something bad is it are a lying on prominent local leaders. or elite troops or a tribal leaders old local clans good kilometer you know we often say that plans are terror both because it but when they were be say that we should always make it clear that what we actually mean is criminals clams mafia clans that we call every if it's just death family. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that don't let them play it says that new head of the presidential council on civil society and human rights spotlight will be back shortly to break we'll continue this interview in less than a minute so stay with us delco. twenty
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welcome back to spotlight i'm just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is. the head of the presidential council on civil society and human rights. to go to your meeting with the president scheduled for july fifth will be held as part of a project titled civil society for modernization of russia. is that true. well actually it's not quite so because civil society for modernization of russia these impact programs for the council's visiting sessions so while meetings with the president are something different and they're simply our main form of work in europe will start with money i have a question there's a government project called civil society it's not a government project. is it your project it is our project the council's broad.
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you meet the president and you somehow discuss this matter with him all of us perhaps including you have a feeling that it is mainly the government that is developing civil society in russia it is mostly the president and the prime minister promoting civil society and my rights if that's so then it's wrong. well yes yes of course it's true to some extent and naturally it's wrong. naturally civil society should grew up bottom up. but if we wait for it to grow from the grassroots like in western europe say or in north america where civil society really brought a mob but that process took several centuries and we don't have the time for this natural growth. that's why we are trying in a sense to apply more than technology and accelerated look we don't like eating
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food produced by growth exhilarating technologies genetically modified products do we kill in this case is very important that they should be genetically modified in a proper way of course so that some really autonomy and independence structures of civil society could emerge that they shouldn't be artificial organizations controlled by the state governments or any governments create anything they would not control that well the state is not supposed to create these structures what the state should do is create conditions for these structures to emerge in the regions . is this you mean concerned this is our main task and we're absolutely not interested in creating artificial non-government organizations please and i can tell you that we are preparing
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a surprise for our upcoming meeting with the president i think it's a bill on citizen oversight as a corner because you see we already have a number of laws related to citizen oversight including a law on public oversight commissions in prisons for example and this law has been working. for several years now and it is currently being revised there is also a law on the public chambre it has also been working for several years and it needs to be modified. but we don't have a framework law for all these forms of citizen oversight. for what is it that you want to money to or is it a premier law enforcement option and not necessarily what about citizen oversight in the army really needed. our council believes that we definitely need it. there
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should be a citizen always always knew the new law on police does have some provisions about citizen oversight but we don't have a framework law what that would define general principles of citizen all oversight and i was there so this is going to be our proposal to the president and if he accepts it then it will certainly draft this bill and i will submit it to the president. i have read that your counsel is about submit a preliminary report on the need ski case can you tista disclose part of its conclusions have you seen the report yet you know i haven't seen it but i know that it's going to consist of three parts. one port will be devoted to the circumstances that led to the death of said game other meets in prison. there are questions related to medical care in prison whether
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a dead teenie can apply for medical examination and if he is seriously ill he should be in hospital rather than. moreover he should be in a regular hospital because a prison hospital may not always have the necessary conditions for treating his disease when the markets because you know there is a great variety of diseases and there are various clinics to treat them like a prison cannot have many different clinics that's simply impossible. so that's the first group of issues and actually serious progress has been achieved on this issue and i'm not to referring to the fact that some prison officials who were fired. also changed the regulations on keeping people in pretrial detention facilities. so that's the first part of their report. then
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the second poured concerns and the criminal case against me. was we're doing yoga little new deal with. this is perhaps the most important part yes there are important issues whether the criminal case was initiated lawfully whether all the statutory requirements were observed in during the criminal investigation and there are questions about the term of detention appeals and so forth at the. there are questions related to the investigation and the court rulings based on requests by investigators to do so and that's the second part and specialists in criminal procedure. dealt with this board it's hard for me to say anything about this as i'm not a specialist on criminal procedure and i'm not familiar with all the provisions of
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law that they refer to. and finally and the third bar is about the allegations that actually led to this investigation the allegations that cause dean investigators to open a criminal case against. you mean that he accused them of corruption in the arrested him for that yes i'm referring to those allegations of corruption so that's the third part of the report that we are going to submit to the president. is this report going to be what they call a bombshell. around up and get ready for a sensation. yes well i think that if our report says that the case was opened quite lawfully and the investigation was carried out by. captain cheryl absolutely cording to all the rules and regulations that he was
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rendered all necessary medical assistance. then why make this report. then that would be a bombshell i see you're right but i think the public is expecting a different report and the report will be based on what the experts are saying not on what people are expecting to hear. one more question this one on the case within the next few months will produce an independent report on the second case against you cause. why was it necessary to be via an independent report does this mean you think the court's ruling was unjust which it. then why are you doing it's going to put the independent report. in each and every case it's like after we have talked i will instruct my editors to check every word you say you're welcome to do this you may check it i don't mind. you see some cases are high profile
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they get a lot of attention. so in some instances he is necessary to carry out a public examination of such cases. however we should take into account two points. first this is a non government initiative and second it is purely legal in other words we're not asking our experts if there is a political aspect to this case because otherwise these questions should be addressed to political analysts not lawyers but that was the background and frankly i don't know how to conduct a political examination. but i can't comprehend this. i do know how to carry out a legal examination. a legal expert myself so why do we think it is necessary. but first of all it was our initiative we told the president that we
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would like to carry out such a nongovernmental legal examination that this was during our meeting in your concern berg on the february first. and then the president told us that since he was not an expert in criminal law because he's an expert in civil law and family law. he said he was not competent enough to best judgment on this situation. he's just not a specialist in this part of the law. so he said i'm not a specialist in criminal law and criminal procedure so it would be interesting for me to know what experts in criminal law and criminal procedure say about this case emerge so we found such specialists and actually not only from russia about half of them all from abroad including the united states canada the netherlands finland
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germany and many other countries all of them specialists in criminal law criminal procedure sation and so forth and what's important there are acts ports in russian law not that of their respective countries. so we hope that by early fall we will get older and conclusions and after that you will pass them on to the president. we won't edit it down we won't make any conclusions instead of the experts we need with we want this examination to be absolutely into. when you would you ideally it should be totally free from any kind of influence. and the experts who are taking porches in that examination should confirm to us that they have nothing to do you
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and i have never had anything to do with a case of hot or coughs. up what would deal so it will really be. absolutely independent examination of them. thank you very much and just sort of like that my guest today was the head of the presidential council on civil society and human and that's it for now to probe all the spotlight will be back with more. comments on what's going on in and outside and so let's stay a party and take care as. it's
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been in the year in iraq is military journalist. some ways to go in the u.s. contractors there's kind of wasting their time trying to get killed. i thought all along the length of the. five hundred. to be about twenty seven days going to publicize it invited. by the. people who started the bait have a dialogue with just. changing the slogan when. it seems to. me
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