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largest country in the world this is two days of. what had been. the dutch began a journey. where did it take them. welcome
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back to just joining us you're watching are two live from moscow these are the top stories germany wants the power of credit ratings agencies to her after moody's put portugal everest of a second bailout but as the new i.m.f. chief tries to prove she's prioritizing europe's debt drain the media circus remains transfixed by the sex scandal that toppled her producer. russia plans to formally ask the u.n. to redraw borders in the energy rich arctic region which for other countries lay claim to an expedition is now gathering evidence which might allow russia to expand its territory by temper sam. and the lands findings into last year's fatal gaza aid flotilla raid are due to be released by the israel refuses to apologize to
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turkey for killing nine of its citizens on board. up next the daughter off pioneering film genius charlie chaplin has the spotlight on her own acting and cinema experiences. hello again a walk into spotlight into the show. i'm now doing all day today my guest is geraldine chaplin. a granddaughter of the nobel prize winning playwright eugene o'neill and a daughter of charles spencer chaplin the movie genius she herself managed to achieve international arena and today she's often invited to be a member of the jury's tough international film fest to talk about cinema talk
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about a life to talk about the days she spent here in moscow my guest today is gerald the czech. chop and comes from the family of an actor who is a symbol of cinema itself she's the daughter of charlie chaplin and just like a father she's a brilliant actress she's ready to work tirelessly day night and own ways we can teach her smile probably that's why she's a frequent guest of different pastorals this year geraldine was chosen to head to moscow international film festival. and thank you very much for being with us on the show pleasure well russians are pretty critical self critical everything from weather to the government that football their movies what's your point of view how did you. would you estimate
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the thirty third film festival because the press was pretty lousy over the radio in the russian press and then were they oh. about this election you know about the first one self oh i thought i had the greatest time i saw brilliant movies we did. covered these three and discovered i mean that i discovered these three four extraordinary films. utter luxury of being in a hotel room where i open the curtains and there's the red square every morning i got to see that with this beautiful weather the absolutely charming more lovely people. so i can't find that. maybe this afternoon somebody who does what about the movies. or the chair of the jury so it was through the criteria you yourself introduced through for selection for judging no not at all i mean a diversion from it had to be. it's you can't really rationalize emotion. went
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through my eyes my heart my stomach my brain not necessarily in that order and then the amazing thing was that the jury we were all very very different and we were sort of avoiding each other at the beginning and thinking oh boy this is going to be such a battle and everything and hey came the reunion we had all picked the same film. we were all absolutely. and that was incredible i mean i had the matter of the night before i was saying ok i want number one to be the special prize the jury prize to be the story and i want the best directed to be from the chinese film which is the hong kong no one's going to do that out of criteria without coming you know and the only thing i
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can compare it to would be. say you're presented with this. chest the chest and is minutes full of treasures and you have all this wonderful jewelry and you take and there are this necklace and this necklace and this ring and this and this brace and it's all full of this treasure and suddenly there is this perfect pearl. and you take that out. and that is the film last all of us and then you take out. the amazing opulent full of jewelry magical really and necklace and that is the story and then you find this very strange but perfect design and you can some of the something exotic about but it's such the artistry is so amazing that's the chinese film there's no other criteria and then
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it doesn't mean all the rest are fake no we had a couple fakes there. but they were. comparing it to jewelry isn't that awful but you know what was their criteria. not surprised. because you do have a special feeling to spades everything spanish you can speak you speak spanish well i mean that in my local area oh no but but but what what's your opinion spanish cinema today is really as different a special a spanish football what we can say what makes spanish football different but what makes spanish cinema's so special. when good directors good directors under fortunately there's a severe lack of value of. a produces in the crisis there's very little money. well there's no money makes you think she's no then people go for something that they're
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pretty sure that they're going to get mum's on seats. for the first week and that's it. but this film is really such a jewel and the amazing thing is that that the free press he also gave that the first prize so it wasn't just because we spoke spanish and this is what's your opinion about the contemporary russians and which is which is also very much criticized by the russians say well these were the days when the soviet times when the russians did good movies what about today's russia is your personal do you see a lot of no i saw two the two that were in competition and they were both f. ing brilliant shop ito show which we gave the special jury prize to is a magnificent film it is well it is unbelievably funny it's very sad very russian it is incredibly intelligent it
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tells four different stories and it tells them from different different as not different point of view but you see what yes it is losing one story and then suddenly that story is in the other side of the story it is the beautiful images at one point you know the subtitles were very low and very tiny and suddenly the image didn't matter the images they completely took over and. it went out thing i want to work with this guy this is an amazing film it is amazing the other spanish movie heart of boomerang is very. very beautiful spanish version russian mission actually spanish. russian you know special feeling to. it you know it was. it's the story of a young guy twenty three year old he works on the metro and the doctor says to me
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at the beginning of the movie you know you have this heart problem and you could die any second and how everything suddenly is transformed but not in an obvious way he tells no one he doesn't tell his mommy doesn't tell his friends he doesn't tell his girlfriend he doesn't tell anyone but the filmmaker by showing it by staying a little longer than he should on this cup makes you feel that. maybe of course this guy and in two seconds they never see a cup again and the relationships change or become more feel that this man is looking at the last moments of his life you have to part you played in in the number of movies that were nominated different systems so you know this feeling of being judged of the way they were what's more difficult
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to to be judged or to judge for yourselves. can you compare there's any end again i'm not mad about the word i mean i think the prizes are often often in this case not but often the prizes are certain. compromise i mean i've been in a lot of juries where. part of the jury is passionate about one film in another part is passionate about another film and so one chooses for the first prize a film that sort of both people agree that they like and so and then after insisting you know that really doesn't get this consensus which is which is not good. in this in our case it wasn't like that we were all of the jury were absolutely passionate about these three films but in answer to your question. i don't know the festivals they're always when you go to a festival as a as a participant in the film it's just you're so overworked and it's so crazy and it's so you don't see and you don't don't get to see any movies all you do are
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interviews and selling the movie and you don't even have time to worry when people talk about sport this. isn't about selecting the best it's about selecting the winning naming the will will be the festival is about selecting the best movie or is it again about. who's won in this matter and it's just a certain thing that happens at a certain time i'm sure a lot of it has to do with what time the jury see the film how late they were up the night before. yes which none of us went to win two of them but no i don't think i don't think it's i don't think it's the best i don't think it's. those those words are all awful i mean we're looking for. movies and we're passionate about movies if you get into a jury have to because otherwise it's. it's an uncomfortable job as you say judging no and you see and you learn and you learn from every movie that you see is it fun
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being part of it is a good it's very hard work it's very hard work we saw. i'll tell you the number thirty four hours and twenty minutes of movies. which but working into they give you chills to to watch something on a d.v.d. and you hope solo no that wouldn't have everything that wasn't me that wouldn't be fair we have to be in the in the movie theater at a certain time and see it on the big screen with a public and i guess any action of the public yes yes prejudice react since i don't want to be able to sit down i don't think it is for me i think i'm going to get completely involved. in the film says children chaplin chair of the thirty third moscow it's national film festival spotlight will be back shortly after a break we'll continue to say to me so stay with us don't go.
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welcome back to spotlight i'll bring all of them just to remind that my guest on the show today is geraldine chaplin the famous actress and she came to moscow this summer to be the head of the jewelry international film. well we talked about a festival at yourself well bit well you actually started. in your acting career maybe a career but you learned. when you took dancing classes and. now i wanted to be a ballet dancer because i fell in love with my sister in law who was a ballet dancer and i thought she was the greatest thing on earth and so i wanted to do i wanted to have her hairdo and so i went into dancing and then i fell in
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love with ballet ballet with my feet and that was when you went to boarding school so it's a little know so it was later i wasn't you know honestly i wasn't boarding school but my parents live nearby and i go to the ballet class and you into the belly and i went to ballet classes and then i was a dancer then i was a professional dancer and then i worked for a while in the circus i trained elephants and then you train don't know then then i . not as romantic as it sounds and so i love it let's find a look for something easy it's interesting that you told me that because in some of your interviews i heard that you did spencer he was he was strongly against his children taking an acting oh yes and you started for of the verb for from a very early age being a ballet dancer the so what do you see that ballet how it was ok for him it was ok well he never thought i'd be that serious about it i was fourteen when i started which is a bit late now he wanted his children's to have his children to have decent professions like doctor lawyer dentists debts is
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a little bit of engineering would have been ok mark me tax would have been ok but actor no that's the pits and so i have left home i can did i leave home or was i thrown out i'm not quite sure i either left home or i was thrown away out of the seventy's and and went into ballet. school then became a dancer and although i danced really beautifully in my head. the body never falls. oh i was doing without a job and i thought well let's look for something easy with a name like kaplan hey i can get a job or not. you are through. we should watch the chaplain movie once again to see how it happened the question i want to ask you many people today they know your family they knew your father. from the film. i know anything about charles chaplin you played in them you played your grand so
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how quickly i love this movie myself but how adequate is the food from your point of view is chaplin himself adequate when you watch this movie was it really him if you want to you know. i thought robert downey jr was absolutely extraordinary but i don't know if that was daddy i was born when my father was already of white haired. i've got to know him when he must have been about sixty five or six and it was all you see you see. from a child the man the little tramp in the movies with this guy with dark hair when curly hair and it had nothing to do with my father my father was charlie chaplin and the tramp tramp and so i don't know if that's a good portrayal of not. but it's certainly a very attractive one it should have been longer the movie. because it was a long life. you played your first. mistake in line
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lines yeah it was a it was an extra yeah what was your first impression when you when you first came to know how it's made i mean back behind the wings of the i had no idea i was eight years old. i was just so happy not to have to go to school. and then we had to go to school anyway because that was a law that you had to move your classes but i so yes i still reconstruct in london and it was it was ok it was cool but it was nothing i wasn't old enough to really. be curious and appreciate just up. one of the greatest movies in which used on the was a was. told yeah marsh reefs wife in dr zhivago. really great movie but there were way later versions of the same movie and clued in the
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russian version we ever jealous to other versions of no i didn't know i didn't know i was. somewhere i can't we're coming aware and some journalist found when he sent hey you know they're making. a t.v. version of i think with keira knightley i'm not sure is that a great you know good it's a compliment if they're remaking it they're remaking it it means the story is still good and gives a chance to other people i didn't know there was a russian one oh interesting to see that. there's a lot of talk about the talkies killing in the. cinema do you do you share this opinion do you think. that the sound in the movies killed the whole era to which you were. not at all no i think that. my father was very brave he made city lights one sound and you know he really had one and. but. did destroy
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a lot of activists whose voices had nothing to do with what the public thought i mean there were the lucky ones that had been voices. and but it didn't destroy a lot of people's careers. your daughter also become become and what do you think about your children following you. know i'm indignant . i want them to have decent professions. lawyer. no no you really have you know that's what she wants but i'd said to her the first you know advice is you have to be able to take rejections. because if. if you're lucky and you go to if you go to one hundred auditions and you're lucky you're going to be rejected ninety nine times while you were you harbored the daughter of charles spencer chaplin and it's also the same for you you also go to
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you had to go to a good old girl i was lucky i was lucky the chaplin name opened every door for me i mean i was so of been so lucky all my life i can't believe it did you enjoy being his don't i loved it really i just i got so schooled you know i got to school i would make friends with this is awful i would make friends with the with the girl who was the head of the class size who was the cleverest and i'd say if you let me copy your latin exam i'll take you to my house and you can be charlie chaplin. and that's how i got through my studies that's why i'm totally ignorant i covered all the gear and my mother would say this very strange friends this is with the glasses the studios tells us they tell are that's how i got to school that's how i mean it's real life my father was so loved so well will you look he not because you go i think you're lucky because you managed to become something yourself not just being his daughter i hope not i have you know i've hoped that just because of the way
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you're also the granddaughter of a famous playwright nobel prize winner his name's o'neil. in this part of the world people usually ask you about. the united states then we know who those are chad when those he would ask you about only what is their true yes i mean they didn't happen but they're much more familiar with you know neal because everyone has studied him in school and because the one dollar stamp is eugene o'neill really i used to i used to collect instead of family photos family stamps i had it as a charlie chaplin there's a czechoslovak in is now. an english stand as i don't know and then eugene o'neill is the one dollar stamp in the states i said i open up my my little thing and i say this is my family they're all stamps it's not a stamp collection because you symbolizes the renaissance of cinema in the first steps of cinema the i mean you know that is no today you have to watch
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a lot of very modern and three d. . all those new technologies computer technologies and stuff what's your impression about these. new high tech technologies come and do they bring something good into the cinema or do they kill something good oh well i don't know i saw three d. for the first time here and musk a million transformers yes it's quite amazing i mean yes i think maybe oh apparently the vendors has done film about being about in three d. now that ought to be research alice in wonderland in three d. . as a matter of fact we right now are sitting in this bar it's a movie theater in the center of moscow where they have been showing soviet three d. movies for the last like thirty years one day three g. is is that it has a something new well i don't know standing it is a i think being a perfectionist i remember the three days oh you had you had one one last which was
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red and one was very and we even had snow movies where. the hero would be walking through a. field of flowers. and the sequel what about our i cloud boys movies . yes so so so do you think do you think movies need that. you can't believe you can be against new technology whatever i mean movie is. stupid to say the movies are movies only when they're done no way you know. i have yet to see a really good movie in the new technology but i don't go to the movies that often except in festivals thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest on the show was geraldine chaplin granddaughter of a nobel prize winner and daughter of a genius and that's it for now from all of us here will be back with more force than comments on what's going on in and outside russia and so then stay and party
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and take care.
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